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Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er did not know how much wealth he had, but they believed that it would be extremely difficult for him to buy precious medicinal herbs from the large-scale auction.

The auction started, the locations were the thirteen and fourteenth floors of the huge Dan Fragrance Pagoda, a combination of two floors, there weren't many people there, only five or six thousand, but those who could come here were not ordinary people, this large-scale auction would only invite people with a certain status and wealth, if they wanted to participate, they would have to pay a very high entrance fee.

If he had an item for auction, he could enter the auction as well. It was very quiet in the auction and these people were all very polite. They didn't make any noise as they all sat quietly in their seats.

There were a few private rooms here as well, and those were the ones with the most authority in the Chen Martial Continent, thus the entire auction house was enveloped in a very serious atmosphere. The Leader, no matter how much they tried to restrain their Qi, would occasionally release a bit of mental pressure, causing some weaker cultivators to feel very uncomfortable.

Chen Xiang, Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue were in the same private room. Chen Xiang was covering his face and restraining his aura, so waves of consciousness would occasionally sweep over, making both Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue a little unhappy.

"Sister Hua, is my Leader here?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Other than the Leader s, the leaders of the eight great upright sects have all come. Many famous clan leaders have all come." Hua Xiangyue said. She was in charge of this entire place, so she knew it very well.

Chen Xiang looked at the group of people sitting at the auction center, and actually noticed Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and Xv Weilong.

"Little Scoundrel, don't use your own voice later, don't expose your identity! "Those fellows all know that I'm with Xiangyue. If they find out that you're with us, it'll make them suspicious." Liu Meng'er said.

Of course Chen Xiang understood that after thinking about it with Su Meiyao, he had improved a lot in the area of Qi restraining, he had to rely on Long Xueyi. At this moment, Chen Xiang's ability to conceal himself surprised them, they were no longer able to sense the situation in Chen Xiang's body like before.

The auction started with the hosting of the Mrs Li. After a round of pleasantries, they started to auction the first item. This was actually Chen Xiang's Zhuji Dan.

"Ten Zhuji Dan s appeared so many at once. This is a situation that has never happened before in an auction, all of you can understand it. I will stop talking, the starting price is two million Spar and the auction starts now." The Mrs Li said.

Two million Spar were just a small sum in Chen Xiang's eyes, but that was only the starting bid. He would slowly add them in, especially since Zhuji Dan were few in number in the Chen Martial Continent, they were rare and precious. If someone really needed them, a low-grade profound level pill could be auctioned off at a very high price.

When you auction it, you can normally use Spar to compete for it, and when you deliver it, you can choose to use Spar s or Zhenyuan Dan s.

"Two million two hundred thousand Spar!" Chen Xiang did not think that this grand nephew was so lacking in Zhuji Dan. He was secretly happy in his heart, he would be able to mature a lot of Qingprofound fruit after he goes back, and at that time, the Zhuji Dan would definitely come crashing, so he was not afraid of this stingy grand nephew.

"This guy only added two hundred thousand Spar once. How stingy. Last time, he asked me to refine a flying disc and haggled with me for more than half a day." Liu Meng'er's voice was filled with contempt.

"That's right, when I came to the Dan Fragrance Pure Land to buy medicinal pellets, I actually earned myself a lot of money. Hmph!" Hua Xiangyue similarly looked down on Gu Dongchen.

Chen Xiang laughed secretly, he never thought that his grandnephew would be such a stingy guy.

Not only was the great sect fighting for the Zhuji Dan, even the clans were fighting for it. Very quickly, it rose to seven million, which was equivalent to seven hundred thousand Spar, but Chen Xiang did not expect it to reach this price.

And prices are still rising.

"Seven million six hundred thousand Spar." Gu Dongchen's heavy voice transmitted over, causing him to be even happier.

The entire hall went silent. This was almost the limit of the price.

"Seven million seven hundred thousand Spar." This was the patriarch of a family. To be able to buy these ten Zhuji Dan, he had to pay at least two True Martial Realm s, which was worth it.

"8 million." Gu Dongchen shouted again.

Chen Xiang secretly clenched his teeth, he had previously sold the five hundred thousand Spar to Gu Dongchen, so he was extremely regretful now.

"Eight million two hundred thousand."

"Eight million three hundred thousand."


With the Zhuji Dan, only some talented disciples could quickly step into the True Martial Realm. Forget about the families, even within the big sects, there weren't many disciples in the True Martial Realm s.

"15 million!" Gu Dongchen's voice came out. Along the way, there were many people who argued with him, but in the end, he was still defeated. It was clear that Gu Dongchen cared a lot about the Zhuji Dan.

After a moment of silence, Mrs Li shouted, "Fifteen million going once …"

Seeing that, Chen Xiang anxiously shouted: "Elder Sister Meng'er, add me, if you are the one who bought it in the end, it doesn't matter, I will return the Spar to you anyway."

"Brat, that guy is your Leader." Hua Xiangyue was surprised, but he fully supported Chen Xiang's actions.

"Hehe, of course I know!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"15 million twice!" Just as Mrs Li finished shouting, Liu Meng'er said softly: "Sixteen million!"

Gu Dongchen clenched his teeth. He could tell that it was Liu Meng'er's voice and was considering whether or not he should add it.

"Sixteen million two hundred thousand!" Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming calculated for a while, and decided to continue fighting.

The Spar would still return to her hands anyway, so Liu Meng'er casually made his offer, let alone raising the price with the stingy Gu Leader.

"18 million!" Liu Meng'er's gentle and beautiful voice made Gu Dongchen want to vomit blood. If he knew that Chen Xiang had purposely raised the price for him, he would definitely vomit blood.

This was considered a violation of the rules, but Hua Xiangyue only turned a blind eye, because Chen Xiang was also considered one of them, but she never thought that Chen Xiang would be brave enough to be so ruthless to her own Leader.

Liu Meng'er kept looking at Chen Xiang's gestures and added them all the way …

"Eighteen million five hundred thousand!"

"Nineteen million nine hundred thousand!"

"20 million!" Gu Dongchen's voice was incredibly heavy, and there was even a hint of anger in it.

Liu Meng'er rolled her eyes at Chen Xiang. She was going with Chen Xiang's plan to raise the price.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, and laughed: "It's about time, after he buys it, I'll tell him that it was I who used it to auction, haha … It will definitely be great when the time comes! "

Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er were extremely impressed by Chen Xiang's methods, they thought about Gu Dongchen's reaction back then and couldn't help but to giggle.

Liu Meng'er did not increase the bid again.

Hua Xiangyue scoffed, "Gu Dongchen, that bastard, didn't he just add five million Spar? "He actually got angry just like that." ~

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