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Chapter 1720 - The Eight Winds remain motionless

"Go alone?"

"Absolutely not!" The grandma immediately said.

"Sovereign, this is not a joke." Mu Bing said worriedly.

"Are you going to die by yourself?" Lu Qin said very straightforwardly.

No matter what, Long Fei was still a part of the Goddess Sect, and it was obvious that some people were still worried for him.

Long Fei's heart was also warm as he said, "Don't worry, I won't care about a mere East Sky Gate Tribe."

"In addition!"

"Granny, my mother left some secret arts in the secret room for them to train in." Long Fei said. There were some high level techniques in the secret room, but none of them were suitable for Long Fei.

Since he was now the Sect Master of Goddess Sect, he had to do something for the Goddess Sect.

The old granny said, "Young Lord, that was left for you by the old master. You..."

Long Fei said, "I am the Sect Master now, I have the final say."

The surrounding female disciples were inexplicably touched.

At this moment.

Long Fei laughed sinisterly: "In any case, you are my women, so cultivating your own family's secret arts is naturally fine, hahaha …"

He laughed and left.

"I knew it!"

"I knew he wouldn't be so kind."



"Grandma, you can't just let him go like this. You should discipline him a bit."


The old granny glared fiercely at them, and the surroundings instantly quietened down.

The old granny followed Long Fei out.

"Senior Sister Lu, should we go in and select a cultivation technique?"

"That's right, Senior Sister Lu, do you want to go?"

They had always desired to be able to enter that training room, and the strongest sword technique in the Goddess Sect. As long as they could cultivate it, their strength would increase by a large amount.

The secret room was too tempting for them.

Lu Qin lost to Long Fei. She held back her anger as she thought to herself that she must get back at him for this humiliation. Clenching her fists, she gritted her teeth and said, "Come in!"


A female disciple said: "Senior Sister Lu, if we go in, it would be equivalent to admitting that we are all his women, is, is this really okay?"


"I don't want to have anything to do with that pervert."

"I don't want to either!"

Lu Qin did not care about all that.

She had to defeat Long Fei!

And then …

Lu Qin stepped into the secret room.

Mu Bing also walked in.

Then, a few more disciples followed him inside, and finally, everyone followed him. They also desired to become stronger!

… ….

The old granny followed behind Long Fei, and said slightly: "You said it so unkind on purpose, can you be sure that they would go into the secret room to choose a secret skill?"

Long Fei smiled confidently: "Definitely, because they are unwilling to accept it. If they are not convinced, then they will enter even more."

Everyone in this world wanted to become stronger.

They all want to be at the top of the food chain.

Men and women are the same.

No one wanted to be stepped on by others. Lu Qin did not want to, Mu Bing did not want to, those female disciples did not want to.

This was the Devil Island!

A world where strength was king.

… ….

After walking through a long underground corridor, Long Fei stood on the ground.

In the distance.

Sand and dust rolled about. Dust filled the sky and rumbled. The entire valley shook violently.



The roars of demon beast s sounded out without restraint, causing people's hearts to tremble. They couldn't help but feel fear.

The old granny looked fearful as she said lightly, "Young Chieftain, you'll be behind me in a moment."

Long Fei's life would always be at the top of the list.

She would never let Long Fei take the risk.

Long Fei was secretly moved. Looking at the old granny, he couldn't help but think of his grandfather, and said: "Granny, keep watch by the side. I will make sure that these people don't dare to violate the Goddess Sect again."

And then …

Long Fei took a step forward.

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With a loud sound, a towering tree was uprooted and smashed down from the sky.

"Hualala …"

"Hualala …"

The strong wind raged and was incomparably arrogant.

The old granny reminded him, "Be careful, Young Lord."

The corner of Long Fei's mouth raised, revealing a faint smile, and he stood in place without moving.


The towering tree crashed to the ground and constantly rolled up the shattered stones. The broken rocks flew out like shrapnel, and one would definitely be injured if they were shot.

However, Long Fei still stood there, unmoving.

Somewhere in the dark.

All of the female disciples were dumbstruck as they looked at Long Fei who stood there without moving, "What is he doing? Why didn't you dodge? "

"Does he want to die?"

"He must be scared silly."

All of the female disciples picked out the cultivation technique from the secret room. The moment they sensed Long Fei's presence, they relaxed when they saw him standing motionlessly at his original position.

Because …

Long Fei the pervert was about to die.

Mu Bing muttered, "Don't you guys feel that he's very handsome?"

All the female disciples looked at Mu Bing.

Mu Bing's eyes were a little infatuated, and said: "The Eight Winds aren't moving, and look at him without fear, and look at his eyes, as if he's looking down on the world. He's really handsome."

"Junior Sister Mu Bing, you wouldn't really have been …" Lu Qin said unhappily.

Mu Bing replied: "Not really."

Lu Qin said: "I really did not know that place was handsome, if we were to talk about handsome, I think later on he will probably die a very handsome death, his body will even be beaten into a sieve."

"It's still the commander of the Senior Brother, tang lie."


"Only Senior Brother would be considered handsome, blocking over a thousand demon beast by himself, and scaring away all those people from East Sky Gate Tribe, that's what he calls handsome."

Several female disciples said.

When tang lie appeared, he coincidentally helped Goddess Sect to survive a crisis.

They would never forget that scene until now.

It was exactly blocking a thousand demon beast by himself, while also causing the disciples of the East Sky Gate Tribe to be scared sh * t out of their wits, which was a huge impact to their minds.

That's what you call handsome.

Long Fei is not handsome, this is suicide!

Mu Bing did not explain himself, but quietly looked at Long Fei.

At this moment.

Long Fei still did not have the intention to move, he stood at his original position and quietly looked at the towering tree that was charging towards him.

Shards flew everywhere as Strength Stripes s flew out, their penetrating power was extremely strong.

He was like an arrow shooting forward.

Long Fei sneered, "God's armor!"


The God's armor's defense was activated.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

Just like a machine gun, he heavily smashed onto Long Fei's body, but he did not receive any damage, the ten thousand points of defensive armour was not blown out.

These stones could not harm Long Fei at all.

The surrounding people were all dumbfounded.

The Eight Winds really did not move. There was nothing to fear.

How cool.

As the rocks fell, the towering tree also instantly smashed towards Long Fei, but he still stood in his original spot.

"Kacha kacha …"

"Kacha kacha …"

The towering tree that was charging towards Long Fei stopped right in front of him, as if everything was fine.


Mu Bing cried out, "What do you mean handsome? That's what you call handsome, too cool! You calculated your strength perfectly."

"Too cool!"

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