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Chapter 1263 - The Ability of Reshaping Pill

When he could finally raise his head, the man who had pierced his wrist with a neutral pen was already in front of him.

At the same time, he sent a flying kick towards his own forehead.

Suddenly, his vision went black, and he didn't know what was going on.

Qin Chao looked at the assassin who was kicked unconscious, and turned to ask the staff behind him who were hiding and trembling.

"Has anyone called the police?"

"I, I'm calling the police …"

A bespectacled female clerk raised her hand timidly.

"Very well, let's wait for the police to arrive."

Qin Chao nodded and continued to carry Su Fei into the elevator.

"Is it over …?"

Su Fei heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Qin Chao.

"I guess so..."

However, Qin Chao said, "It's just that I'm fine for now. Who knows what kind of attack will be waiting for you …"

"Who is it that wants to kill me?"

Su Fei felt weird, "Recently, I don't think I have such an opponent."

"It's not necessarily your business rival."

Qin Chao thought for a while, "It might be someone you know … "Think about it, back then, who hired skeletons to kill you."

"I really don't know about that..."

"I know."

After Qin Chao took in the skeleton, he had a clear understanding of the skeleton's former employer.

At that time, he was also very shocked. At the same time, he felt that Su Fei and Su Ji had actually made this judgement in their hearts.

It was just that they subconsciously didn't want to admit it.

"You know, you know …"

Su Fei did not ask, "There's nothing wrong now, it's good enough …"

"En, don't worry. With me by your side, nothing will happen to you."

Qin Chao consoled.

"Hmm …"

Su Fei felt extremely warm.

Only in his embrace would it be so warm …

It seemed that in this embrace, even if the sky collapsed, it didn't matter anymore …

The elevator doors slowly closed, and after a slight tremble, it descended.

However, the moment the elevator door completely closed, the elevator suddenly turned into a ferocious beast and crazily fell down.

Out of control.


Because in the intense fall, Su Fei was so scared that his face became unkempt and he screamed repeatedly in Qin Chao's arms.

Qin Chao, on the other hand, frowned.

Did the killer do something like this in the elevator?

He must have used some small explosive device to break the rope on the elevator...

The two of them fell from the 15th floor along with a large piece of iron.

Under such a gravitational acceleration, the elevator would collapse into a pile of scrap iron, and the two would undoubtedly be killed first before being smashed into mincemeat.

What a miserable way to die …

For some reason, when the elevator fell, Su Fei felt relieved from fear.

Would she die together with him?

This result should be quite good...

He had been such a strong woman for so long. He was really tired …

Since he couldn't be with him while he was alive, then after he died … Perhaps he could be her companion …

He didn't know if the legend of the soul was true.

If it was true, that would be great …

Su Fei secretly prayed in his heart. He wasn't praying for the two of them to survive, but praying that he would be able to transform into a companion soul after Qin Chao died …

Sometimes, the thoughts of a woman were really strange.

But Qin Chao did not want to die just like that.


With a loud crash, the elevator finally crashed to the floor.

Su Fei's heart tightened and he instantly fainted.

Qin Chao stretched out his right hand and covered the top of his head.

The iron plate that was being pressed down was suddenly forced open by his arm.

In the space squeezed into a ball, there was still the place where Qin Chao and Su Fei lived.

Outside of Su Fei's body, there was a thick layer of vitality being wrapped by Qin Chao.

His body was made of copper and iron.

According to the acceleration just now, the moment Su Fei landed on the ground, his frail body would undoubtedly have been cut into two halves by his own arms.

By using her origin energy to wrap around her, she would be able to use it as a cushion. With this, she wouldn't fall and be sliced by her own body.

The elevator door in front of him was also extremely deformed, but it was not difficult for Qin Chao.

He carried Su Fei and sent him flying with a kick.


The door flew out and crashed to the side.

Qin Chao walked out with large strides, breathing in the fresh air outside.

Fuck, the oxygen in the elevator is running low.

If he stayed any longer, Su Fei reckoned that he would suffocate.

Qin Chao carried Su Fei and walked out, leaving a few people outside who were looking at the two of them in fear.

"Oh my god, he didn't die even like this."

"Too terrifying... "Could it be that he's a superhuman …"

"A miracle, a miracle has happened …"

Qin Chao was too lazy to explain to these people, he carried Su Fei and walked to the side of the carriage outside.

Su Fei was still unconscious, and he must be really scared.

Qin Chao opened the back door and threw Su Fei in.

Then, just as he was about to head to the driver's seat, he suddenly had a bad feeling.

"What's going on? All sorts of feelings are running wild today."

"Aren't you being too sensitive?"

Luo De said, "How is there so much danger?"

"That's not right. Cultivators have a feeling for danger. Definitely, there's no problem."

As Qin Chao said that, he placed his palm on top of the carriage and refined the carriage into a magic tool.

"This way, I can feel more at ease."

After saying that, he went back into the driver's seat.

"You really are a good bodyguard."

Luo De could not help but ask.

"Of course, I have a lot of professional ethics."

Qin Chao spoke with Luo De as he started to drive the car.

"Oh right, how are your preparations on Misty Treasury's matters?"

Luo De seemed to be very concerned about the matters of the Misty Treasury.

"How would I have the time to prepare? Besides, I don't even know what it is. How should I prepare it?"

"The Misty Treasury is a treasure trove left behind by the Immortal Piao Miao."

Luo De was quite familiar with all this, "That Immortal Piao Miao was the founder of the Misty Mount, when we were in the sky, I saw that guy, you don't have to say, he was very strong, when I talked to him, I understood that the Misty Treasury was filled with treasures and things like that, do you know how mystical Reshaping Pill are?"

"I don't really understand … I've only heard that it can help roaming immortal to break through his shackles. "

Qin Chao thought about how the people of Kunlun were extremely anxious to get their hands on this pellet.

"That's right. According to what I know, in the Misty Treasury, there is more than one Reshaping Pill …. Furthermore, this Reshaping Pill could not only help the roaming immortal break through his shackles … This kind of miraculous pill can even wash the bones and cut the bones, and recreate the body … "

Luo De's words immediately reminded Qin Chao.

"You mean …"

Qin Chao thought about the reason Luo De had attached herself onto his body.

"That's right... If I ingest the Reshaping Pill, I can reconstruct my body and once again become the unparalleled Devil God of the past. "

"This, is worthy of my interest …"

Qin Chao asked, "Then what do I need to do to prepare?"

"Get ready to open the door …"

Luo De thought for a while and said, "According to what I know, the moment the Misty Treasury opens, the roaming immortal s would immediately sense it. Let alone them, when the Misty Treasury opens the door, such a huge commotion would probably be detected by all the other roaming immortal in the world. At that time, it would truly be a good show."

"There's more than one Reshaping Pill in there. When the time comes, I will join hands with the roaming immortal of Karakorum."

Qin Chao laughed, "The key is in my hands, what do I need to be afraid of."

"Don't just be the one who opened the door, the cheap ones ended up getting taken advantage of by others."

Luo De reminded.

"Don't worry, when the time comes, I will bring Luo Rumeng with me."

"That girl... She may not necessarily be interested. "

Luo De said worriedly, "She can continue to break through her cultivation level, and she does not need Reshaping Pill s."

"I told you, her big brother needs Reshaping Pill to reconstruct his body, how could she not agree?"

"Eh …."

Luo De seemed to be imitating Qin Chao, rubbing his nose, "Then she will definitely go."

With the help of an expert from the Golden Immortal Stage, I have much more confidence. Furthermore, I am now at the roaming immortal level after using the Nine-dragons Armour s, so I can give it to my senior sister, Hua Niang and the others as a release technique … "A bunch of roaming immortal, plus people from Karakorum, I don't believe that we can let those jealous fellows off."

"Fortunately, your cultivation has advanced by leaps and bounds in this period of time."

Luo De couldn't help but say with a sigh, "Otherwise, it would be really difficult to snatch Misty Treasury away from you."

"There's nothing I can do. Maybe it's because I'm too handsome, so my luck is good."

"... I find that you are becoming more and more shameless … Forget it, I need to continue cultivating my spiritual energy. Otherwise, when my body is reconstituted, my spiritual energy will be insufficient … "

With that, Luo De no longer made a sound.

Qin Chao laughed. This old man's wish was finally going to come true.

However, he had to release a peerless.

Forget it, this old man was no longer the same as before.

He used to be a complete devil.

Now he looked more like an old rogue.

Qin Chao retracted his consciousness, and almost ran a red light.

Relieved, he parked in front of the red light and waited for it to turn green.

Su Fei, who was lying in the back seat, still had not woken up.

Let her sleep for a while longer. She must be exhausted from being so busy every day.

He could take advantage of the time and rest a bit longer.

Very quickly, the traffic light turned green, and Qin Chao started the car once again.

Not long after he left, the back of the car suddenly shook.

Then, a violent explosion came from the back of the car.

The entire car was blown up into the air by the explosion.

The surrounding pedestrians were all flabbergasted as they watched the black SUV continuously spin in the air and release intense red flames.

Qin Chao sat in the driver's seat, holding onto the steering wheel with one hand and the other hand at the back, using his will to stabilize Su Fei's body.

Man, that killer even put a bomb under the car.

Damn it, if not for the fact that he had used his Qi to temper the carriage, Su Fei would have been dead by now.

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