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One Piece Bounty System Ch 26

Chapter 26: The Shock of the Navy Headquarters

When they heard the whistling sound of Tianlei, Yuxi, Kobi, and Alvida thought that something had happened. They immediately flew to the captain's room of Tianlei and found that Tianlei is fine, and they could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Tianlei looked at the three people, smiled, and then looked at Yuxi: "You should have a phone bug of Marshal Sengoku!" It's only now that he found that he himself have no phone bug to call his Uncle, Admiral Akainu, so he can only call Marshal Sengoku.

Yuxi immediately took out a blue phone bug: "From the beginning of this journey, they assign me a phone bug that can directly contact the headquarters!"

Tianlei: "Then you can help me call Marshal!" In fact, Tianlei was quite speechless, and then he discovered that he would not use the phone bug at all.

Yuxi did not suspect it, and immediately dialed the telephone worm of Marshal. It connected, and the voice of Marshal Sengoku was heard in the phone. Tianlei looked at it and found that this phone bug and the mobile phone of previous life are similar!

Phone bug: "Hello! I am a Sengoku, who is it?"

Tianlei immediately said to the phone worm: "Good Morning Marshal, I am Tianlei!"

Sengoku: "Oh! It's a Tianlei! It's a good time! Have you not find some pirates in East Blue Sea, that remember me! What's the matter today?"

Tianlei: "There are a few things happened today, so I have to report to you something! The first one, please ask the headquarters to arrest Colonel Monka."

"Why?" The words of Sengoku were full of doubts!

Tianlei: "Because yesterday, Kuro has killed by me."

After a pause, he went on to say: "When I first entered the East Blue Sea, I met other members of the Black Cat Pirates, the hypnotist, Buji and Sam! They are already in Louge Town prison. I got the information from their mouth that Kuro is still not dead. I thought they were cheating on me. But just in case, so I try to verify it. I didn't expect that Kuro really hid in the Syrup Village in the East Blue Sea."

Tianlei compiled a reason. After all, it's a trouble to tell them the reason about information that Kuro is not dead. Fortunately, I met other members of the Black Cat Pirates group before, just take them as backup.

The phone bug turn silent for a while, and once again sent out the voice of Sengoku: "I know, I will send people to arrest him! You say there are a few things! What else, let's listen!"

"There is, I battled with Kuro yesterday and awakened Armament Haki, and now I can barely use it on my double fist. When I came out, I forgot to ask the phone bug number of my uncle, so I can only ask Marshal, to send me the method of cultivation of Armament Haki and other Haki as well, so I don't disturb you everytime I awakened it!"

Phone bug: "What?"

Phone bug: "What?"

Phone bug: "What?" ~~~~~~

Because the phone worm can only pass one person's voice at a time, so he kept saying the same sentence with various expressions and tone.

Tianlei looked at some funny expression on phone bugs. There must be some other person with Sengoku right now!

After the phone bugs were messed up, he turned silent for a while. Once again, Sengoku voice came: "I will send people to the Louge town with the Cultivation method of Armament Haki and it's various uses."

"After reading them, immediately destroy it, understand? And you should not walk away from the phone bug. After a while, I will call you again."

Tianlei couldn't help but smile. It seems that this time Sengoku is also shocked. Think about it too. A person who has been practicing for less than a year, awakened Haki. In the entire Navy, he is pretty unique!

Kobi and Alvida asked with a puzzled look: "What is Haki?"

But Yuxi knows! This is a symbol of Rear Admiral. Of course, it is not that all the Rear Admirals have Haki, but that they may have awakened Haki or at least have the strength of Rear Admiral.

Yuxi knows that the strength of Tianlei itself has the strength of Commodore. Of course, it belongs to the younger Commodore. But now it is not the same, Tianlei awakened the Armament Haki, the attacking power immediately increased, and the iron block in Navy six styles that Tianlei is good at, the defense power is also greatly increased. His strength is almost equal to a new Commodore but now it definately have the strength of new Rear Admiral.

Sengoku, on the other side, also began to discuss, and the nature of discussion is also Tianlei. Of course, he is discussing with Vice Admiral Garp, Vice Admiral Tsuru, Admiral Kizaru, and Vice Admiral Mole. They are the one that just exclaimed.

Sengoku said to the four people: "You know the talent of Tianlei. He just has also realized Haki and also brought the East Blue sea to calm. Pirate now became more obedient in East Blue. The strength, qualifications, and merits are all three there, but now we have to give him a better military position? Let's talk about it!"

Garp didn't said anything and just eat his doughnuts!

Admiral Kizaru is just lazy and drinking coffee. Today's coffee is really good! There is quite a kind of rack to fight with coffee in the end, so it's just like he did not hear the words of Sengoku and continue to drink his coffee!

Mole is not a fool, Tianlei is as abnormal as Akainu, if he suggest to give him much higher position, it's just like he is holding the thigh. If he suggest to give it a low position, he will definately be considered as an enemy by Akainu and Tianlei. He still wants to live a better life for a few more years! So such a troublesome thing, naturally, he do not participate in the good! Therefore, Mole very carefully wipe the sword in his hand as if it will become new after he wipe.

Sengoku saw this and turned quite speechless. Why didn't you share your opinion about one person? In the end, I can only look at it, and there is no sound of Tsuru as well. She doesn't have so many concerns like Mole, after all, she is the same generation as Sengoku and Garp! Moreover, her relationship with Sengoku and Garp is extraordinary.

Tsuru thought about it: "With the current strength of Tianlei, it is also possible to directly promote his to Rear Admiral, but his qualifications in the Navy are still somewhat shallow, and the merits are only a bounty of 16 million. This kind of meritorious promotion is still lacking some of the basic background! But if you promote him to Commodore, his strength will be perfectly match with it! I think the promotion will be just right! As long as he makes a few more achievements, he will be perfected, and others will not complaint about it."

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