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Chapter 525 - Azure Flame Emperor Dragon Aroma

The Infernal domain was smaller than the oasis that Tianshui City was located at, but it was still around ten li in radius. Within the oasis, there were even a few hills that were rolling up and down.

After only circling around the Demon Area for half a circle, Tang Huan's eyebrows were already filled with joy, and a touch of gold in the distance had actually entered his line of sight.


Tang Huan suddenly accelerated, and after a moment, he stopped at the edge of the oasis closest to the gold.

Looking over, he saw a half meter tall plant standing proudly a few dozen meters away. The plant's trunk was as thick as the bottom of the plant, and it seemed to be spiraling upwards.

From afar, it looked like a dragon head that had shrunk countless times. That plant also looked like a small dragon with its tail supporting on the ground, its body twisting around, its head raised and roaring. Its entire body was shining with a golden light.

The most amazing thing was that apart from the main trunk, the plant did not even have a single leaf. At the end of the plant were a few thin branches that dropped down like willow branches, like dragon whiskers. There was a radius of ten meters around it, but no other plants could be seen. This made it very eye-catching.

"As expected, it's the Blue Flame Emperor's Dragon Fragrance."

Tang Huan was ecstatic, his nose twitched a few times, and indeed, he smelt a faint fragrance, intoxicating. Not only that, it was said that although this "Blue Flame Emperor's Dragon Fragrance" looked golden on the outside, its juice was said to be as red as fire, and contained an astonishing heat.

Ordinary "Blue Flame Emperor's Dragon Fragrance" was only about a foot tall, but this stalk was half a meter tall, so it would definitely be able to treat the arrow wounds on Xiao Budian's wings.

However, the biggest problem now was how to pull it out.

The reason why it could grow to such a height was likely because it was within the Demon Area. Otherwise, it would have been pulled out long ago.

Tang Huan frowned, and started to have a headache. Unfortunately, Yu Feiyan and Feng Ming were not present, otherwise, he could have discussed this with them.


The moment the two people appeared in his mind, Tang Huan's expression changed slightly as he exclaimed in a low voice.

At this moment, he realized a situation that was even more unimaginable than he had imagined. It was that Feng Ming was very likely to be in the Demon Area.

The connection between their souls allowed him to sense Feng Ming's approximate location.

Before this, he had always felt that Feng Ming was in the north, but now, he realized that while he was circling around Feng Ming outside of the Demon Area, he also seemed to be circling around him.

"Feng Ming was actually brought into the 'Infernal domain' by the violent sandstorm?"

Tang Huan was in disbelief.

In the next moment, he pushed his speed to the limit. Like a black ray of light, he continued to circle around the oasis. The sound of his clothes slicing through the air could be heard. After a short while, after circling the oasis once, Tang Huan returned to this place.

At this moment, he had completely verified his judgement.

After circling around the Infernal domain, he had also circled Feng Ming once. There was only one explanation for this situation, and that was that Feng Ming was in the Infernal domain.

"It seems like this Infernal domain is not a land of death. At the very least, it will not be devoured, and its soul will immediately dissipate."

Tang Huan's thoughts quickly turned, and his brows furrowed even more. This discovery didn't seem to be of any help in obtaining the "Azure Flame Emperor's Dragon Fragrance."

After pacing back and forth for a while, Tang Huan's eyes moved slightly. The Blood Flower Sword appeared in his hand.

"Awoooo —"

Amidst the deafening howl of the wolf, the figure of "Blood-eyed Fire Wolf" appeared from within the sword. After that, he opened his mouth and a ball of golden and red Qi shot out from it, causing Tang Huan's body to be slowly surrounded. It was the souls of "Three Heads Dragon-Wolf" and "Xuan Ming Ghost King".

Immediately, Tang Huan slowly stepped forward.

He wanted to use the soul of the "Blood Eye Fire Wolf" to test the suction power of the Demon Area. Only then would he decide what to do next.

At this time, Tang Huan had already stretched his arm forward, and the blood flower sword in his hand had also reached its limit. On the sword blade, the "Blood-eyed Fire Wolf" bared its fangs and brandished its claws.

After walking forward only a few meters, Tang Huan felt the blood flower sword in his hand suddenly sink, a tyrannical suction force swept over from the surroundings, enveloping the sword body.


The "Blood-eyed Fire Wolf" let out a heaven shaking roar. The body that was formed from its soul had already stretched to an extremely long length. The wolf head that was originally in front of the sword tip had already been pulled a few meters away.

Tang Huan's expression congealed, his arm exerted force, and the Blood Flower Sword suddenly retracted.

After an instant, the longsword had already left the range of the Infernal domain. However, the body of the "Blood Eyed Fire Wolf" that was originally seated on the sword had been absorbed by the Infernal domain.


With a weak ringing sound, the soul of the "Blood Eye Fire Wolf" reappeared, but it was only a faint shadow. As soon as the Bloodrose Sword came out from the Infernal domain, the "Blood-eyed Fire Wolf" lost at least eighty percent of its soul force. If it wasn't for it being fused with the Bloodrose Sword, its entire soul would probably have been sucked away by the Infernal domain.

The result of this test did not seem to be very optimistic, but the bottom of Tang Huan's heart had become lively.

From the situation just now, it should be possible to guess that the deeper one went into the Demon Area, the stronger the suction force became. Furthermore, the suction force at the edge of the Demon Area could be completely endured by the Stage Nine Rankers, otherwise, what would have been sucked in would not have been the soul of the "Blood-eyed Fire Wolf", but instead, the entire Bloody Flower Sword.

Looking at Xiao Budian, Tang Huan's mind raced, and after a moment, he had already made his decision.

No matter what, he had to try his best. As long as he could obtain the 'Azure Flame Emperor's dragon fragrance', it wouldn't matter even if it was absorbed by the Infernal domain in the end.

"Hold on tight!" Tang Huan patted Xiao Budian's head and suddenly shouted.

"Yiya!" "Yiya …"

As if he understood what Tang Huan was trying to do, Xiao Budian shook his head like a rattle drum. It was obvious that he didn't want Tang Huan to enter the Demon Area to take the risk.

Hearing his shout, Tang Huan's mood did not waver in the slightest.

In between their mind instructs (in a second), the Bloodrose Sword had already been kept within the "Sumeru Magical Ring", and the vigorous Genuine Qi had already surged outwards, forming a layer of Genuine Qi barrier over their bodies, enveloping both Xiao Budian and himself inside it. After that, Tang Huan activated both the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" and the "Five Colors Spiritual Pills s," and his entire body seemed to have become one with the surrounding world … Once everything was ready, Tang Huan did not hesitate anymore and stepped forward.

Almost as soon as his feet landed on the ground, Tang Huan once again felt that terrifying suction force, and his entire person seemed to be about to float.

had long been prepared for this. Inside the Spiritual Meridian, the Genuine Qi was like a violent and turbulent wave that surged crazily. The layer of Genuine Qi barrier that covered Xiao Budian and his body also fluctuated rapidly like ripples.

At this moment, Tang Huan's confidence rose greatly.

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