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"Ah! You bitch!" High-pitched screams nearly blew off the ceiling of the washroom.

Someone outside the door knocked impatiently. "What are you guys doing in there? Open the door! Being a dog in the manger 1 , you must be crazy!"

An Xiaxia taunted Jian Xin'er and the other two with a face, then opened the door and directly trotted out.

The girls outside the door didn't understand what was happening, but when they came back to their senses, their eyes fell on those inside the washroom and they burst into laughter.

"Hahaha, what are these girls doing? Taking a shower in the washroom? Why, even their clothes are completely soaked!"

Hearing their laughter, Jian Xin'er and the others were so furious that they stomped their feet.

An Xiaxia, you better remember this! We won't let you off so easily!

An Xiaxia's maneuver was a success, and the optimist felt that she had been very awesome just now.

Once again, the facts proved that the saying "extreme joy begets sorrow" was true.

As she ran down the hallway from the washroom, she stumbled and fell with a splat onto the ground!

The weirdest thing about it was that she actually ended up kneeling on the floor!

The people coming and going in the hallway slowed down like a slow-motion movie picture.

Someone said in a sweet voice gingerly, "Uh… An Xiaxia, you don't need to show us such huge courtesy when you see us."

Wait, why does this voice sound so familiar?

An Xiaxia looked up and she wished she could pass out right there.

Oh god! Who could tell her why the Starry Night trio would show up here?

She remained in her kneeling position on the floor, looking completely stupefied.

Chi Yuanfeng looked at her with a shocked expression while He Jiayu revealed a friendly smile and said mildly, "The floor is too cold. You better get up."

An Xiaxia felt very embarrassed and scrambled to her feet. The searing pain in her knees made her grimace.

Sheng Yize revealed nothing on his face. His gaze then moved from her swollen knees to her upper body.

Messy black hair framed her innocent small face, giving it a seductive look. Her shirt was wet from her shoulders down to her chest and he could faintly make out the white bra underneath.

He frowned. "What happened?"

An Xiaxia obviously wasn't that stupid to tell him everything. After all, she owed him a lot of money. At that moment, she only wanted to hide as far away from him as possible, so she stubbornly shook her head and said, "I'm fine."

But she couldn't leave as a pair of hands blocked her way.

She turned and looked confusedly at He Jiayu, who was blocking her way.

He Jiayu smiled warmly, making many girls standing in the hallway cheer in unison.

That smile could cure all misfortunes.

"Take this." He Jiayu took off his own school jacket and handed it to An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia glanced down at her clothes and her face became red in an instant.

No wonder so many boys had ogled her as she walked down the hallway! Damn it!

She knew that now was not the time to be pretentious, so she accepted the jacket and politely nodded her thanks. "Thank you… I'll wash it before I return it to you."

"Alright." He Jiayu smiled and headed in the direction of the washroom with Sheng Yize and Chi Yuanfeng.

The boys' washroom and the girls' washroom were next to one another, so when the three arrived, Jian Xin'er and the other two girls were embarrassedly coming out.

Encountering their three Prince Charmings, the three girls became even more aggravated.

Jian Xin'er wasn't thinking and actually cried to Sheng Yize in complaint, "Captain Yize! Are you seeing this? An Xiaxia is such a vicious woman! It's all because of her that we look like this right now. Don't let her fool you!"

An idiom to mean holding onto a post but doing nothing

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