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Chapter 555 - Consecutive Phantom

At the southwest edge of Furious Billows Castle, in a place called inside the cave.

The Eight Remoteness Dragon King closed his eyes and quietly sat in a small pond with a radius of a few meters. The pool's dark red, blood-like water violently fluctuated and had already covered his neck. A cold and gloomy aura continuously rose from the pool, as if turning the small cave into an ice cave.

After escaping back to the Furious Billows Castle, not long after, he quietly came to this place to recuperate.

This pool of blood-like liquid was a heavenly treasure called the "Blood Spirit Dew." He had found it in the depths of the Strait of Two Realms Plain about half a year ago. After he had secretly transported it back to Furious Billows Castle, he had used this "Blood Spirit Dew" to refine his body, and the results were pretty good.

In this intense battle with Tang Huan, although he managed to escape, not only did his internal organs receive heavy injuries, a lot of the power of the Spiritual Fire had also seeped in.

It was easy to heal the injuries of one's internal organs, but the power of the Spiritual Fire was a headache.

The reason why he came here as soon as he returned was because he wanted to use the "Blood Spirit Dew" to suppress the power of the Spiritual Fire. As long as he could control the time, it would be enough for him to rush back to the Tranquil Continent. As long as he could see the Demon Lord, he believed that there was a way to expel the power of the Spiritual Fire.

What made him even more glad was that as the cold energy was continuously absorbed into his body, the burning sensation had dissipated quite a bit.


Suddenly, the entrance of the cave was pushed open, and a burly figure appeared at the entrance. It was actually a bear-man with a large build. From the accessories on his waist, he was obviously a Demonic Commander of the eighth step.

"Lord Dragon King, Lord Dragon King …" The Class 8 Bearman hurriedly entered, his voice was filled with panic.

"What is it?"

Eight Remoteness Dragon King suddenly opened his eyes, anger surging within them.

"Lord Dragon King, Human Clan has trespassed into the Furious Billows Castle!"


Eight Remoteness Dragon King was shocked, he sprung up from the pool like a spring and said in disbelief, "How is that possible? The four entrances to the Furious Billows Castle were completely sealed off, how could the Human Clan outside break in? Did some bastard break Ben Wang's orders and open the north gate? "

This time, he was the one leading the many experts of the Demon Clan out of the north. When the matter was defeated and he fled back, in order to prevent the patrolling Martial Warriors s from discovering the abnormality, he had already given the order to completely seal off the north passage. As for the remaining experts of the Demon Clan, he did not care about that anymore.

If those experts of the Demon Clan discover that the passage cannot be entered, they would have to think of a way to protect their own lives. The safety of the Furious Billows Castle is most important.

"No, no. The north door and the other three doors have never been opened." The stage eight bear man hurriedly said.

"This is strange, how many Human Clan's entered the Furious Billows Castle?" There were only four channels in the Furious Billows Castle and the four doors were not even opened, so how could the Martial Warriors break in? Could it be that there was a fifth passage within the Furious Billows Castle?

"I only temporarily know of two Human Clan s, one of them seems to be a Stage Nine Martial Saint of the Human Clan. Strangely, that person actually has wings like the people of the Tian Clan." At this point, the werebear added, "Right, they were the first to appear at the 'Shocking Waves Hall'."

"Stage Nine Martial Saint..." Hearing that, Eight Remoteness Dragon King's heart could not help but beat as he anxiously asked, "Then what does Stage Nine Martial Saint look like?"

"According to the people from Shocking Waves Hall, Stage Nine Martial Saint is a man. He looked extremely young, wearing black clothes, using a spear, and seemed to be carrying a small package. The one who barged in with him is a woman, wearing red clothes, and a veil on her face." The werebear spoke extremely quickly.

"Tang Huan! It's actually Tang Huan! "

Eight Remoteness Dragon King clenched his teeth as he roared in anger.

The black clothed man who used the spear was without a doubt Tang Huan, while the other red robed woman was the other Peak Stage Nine Martial Saint who was chasing after him. He had originally thought that he would be absolutely safe once he hid in the Furious Billows Castle, but he never thought that Tang Huan and Yue Yang would actually chase after him like ghosts.

"Tang Huan?"

After a moment of shock, the werebear's expression changed.

Although he had not participated in the assassination attempt on Tang Huan, he knew that the operation this time around had failed. Even the Eight Remoteness Dragon King was injured by Tang Huan, but now, Tang Huan had actually entered the Furious Billows Castle. It was obvious what kind of harm an enemy with such tyrannical strength would cause.

With a quick thought, the bear-man became even more anxious: "Lord Dragon King, what should we do? With this Stage Nine Martial Saint here, the southern and western gate could be forced open at any time. At that time, the Human Clan's army can follow the passage and charge into the Furious Billows Castle.

Even the Eight Remoteness Dragon King had lost to Tang Huan. If Tang Huan wanted to open a tunnel, who could stop him?

"It's not one Stage Nine Martial Saint, but two Peak Stage Nine Martial Saint!"

The Eight Remoteness Dragon King clenched his teeth, the current situation in the Furious Billows Castle was more dangerous than the Bear-man had said, if he was careless by a bit, his soul would leave his body, and all the Demon Clan in the castle would be annihilated.

Hearing his words, the Bearman of the eighth step was dumbstruck. He was extremely shocked, not only was Tang Huan a Martial Saint of the Peak Stage Nine, but the woman was also?

"Do you know where they are now?"

"After that woman left the Shocking Waves Hall, she had already disappeared without a trace. That Tang Huan first went to the Heaven Seeking Tower to kill someone, and asked for the whereabouts of Lord Dragon King. Afterwards, she also disappeared without a trace." The Stage Eight Bear Man snapped out of his daze and subconsciously shook his head.


The Eight Remoteness Dragon King sneered, "Tang Huan's goal is to kill this duke. There is a great army of the Human Clan guarding outside the west gate and south gate, if this duke wants to leave, it is absolutely impossible for me to enter the west gate and south gate. I can only choose the north gate and east gate, so one of them must be at the north gate and the other at the east gate."

"Lord Dragon King, then we …" The werebear's eyes were filled with unconcealable fear.

"We must leave the Furious Billows Castle immediately. Otherwise, we will be captured by the Human Clan's army in one fell swoop."

The Eight Remoteness Dragon King's tone was gloomy, "Tang Huan is right, the west gate and south gate is not something we can go to. If we choose the east gate, as long as the Human Clan army has one on each side, even if we rushed out in the end, we would be driven into the sea. So, we can only go through the north gate, as long as we have a chance of survival."

On the south side of the castle, not only were there a large number of troops stationed outside the south gate, there were also many troops guarding the southeast coast. However, there were no Human Clan's army stationed at the northwest corner. If one walked through the north gate, they could quickly move along the coast and enter the vast grasslands. One might even be able to find a way to survive.

"Immediately send out a signal to gather all the tribesmen. Open the north gate and charge out. After that, head west into the plains." "As for the Peak Stage Nine Martial Saint s that are guarding there, leave them to this king. You just need to leave as fast as possible."

"Yes sir!" The Class 8 Bear Person was finally able to calm down and he quickly rushed out of the cave.


The entire Furious Billows Castle was like a pot of boiling water as it boiled. The entire place was in chaos as the people of the Demon Clan were like headless flies that were scurrying around.

Finally, an earth-shaking bell suddenly rang out. There were four consecutive chimes that echoed in every corner of the castle. The people who heard the bell immediately began to head towards the north as if they were listening to an imperial edict. Everyone in the Demon Clan knew the meaning of this bell sound. As soon as the bell rang, it gathered at the east gate. The second bell was the south gate, and the third was the west gate. As for the fourth, it was the north gate.

But just as everyone was rushing towards the north passage of the castle, at the southwest edge of the castle, the Eight Remoteness Dragon King's sturdy figure borrowed the cover of the houses to head east.

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