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It’s Purely an Accident to Love Again – Chapter 2

Tao Xinya always remembers that day, she hid in the tree, no matter how the servants looked for her, she was willing to stay in the tree and let everyone can’t look for her.

She doesn’t like this place. She doesn’t understand what they say. She wants her mommy.

She has always lived with her mommy, but one day, her mommy has disappeared, and Auntie said that her mommy went to heaven.

Where is heaven? Why didn’t mommy take her?

She didn’t understand, just crying for her mommy, then an uncle held her, saying that he was her daddy, a little brother holding her hand and saying that it was her brother.

Then she was taken to a big castle by her daddy and brother, who said that it was her home there.

She doesn’t like this house. Although this family is very big and beautiful, except for her daddy and her brother, she can’t understand what other people in the family was saying.

The voices of those people are chirping and buzzing, so noisy!

But daddy and her brother can’t stay with her all the time. Daddy wants to go to work. Her brother has to go to school. During the day, she always stays at this house alone.

She hates them, she wants her mommy.

Taking care of Mary, she ran out of the castle, she didn’t want to stay there, she wanted her mommy.

But she doesn’t know where her mommy is, how can she go to heaven?

There was a big tree in the yard, she climbed the tree. She climbed up mischievously. After a long time, her mommy would appear, and she would stare at her, saying that she was not being good, then opened her hands and told her to come down.

She hid in the tree, waiting for her mommy to appear, but she waits for a long time, and her mommy didn't appear.

“What a cute kitten, how can a little one hide in the tree?” The tone of a smile is very pleasant to hear, like the sound of her mommy playing the piano.

She looked down and looked curiously at the big brother under the tree, then blinked.

Big brother looks good, and she can understand what he said.

“Little kitten, come down will you?” The big brother extended his hands to her.

“No.” She shook her head and pouted her mouth. “Yaya is not a kitten. Yaya is waiting for mommy.”

She is mommy’s baby, little Yaya, her mommy always calls her that.

“Yaya, it’s a really cute name.” The boy smiled and his hands were still holding up. “Yaya, it's dangerous on the tree, comes down, okay? Brother will accompany you to wait for your mommy.”

After a pause, he added another sentence. “If Yaya falls and gets hurt, your mommy will be sad.”

The last sentence of the big brother made her hesitate, biting her small mouth, and she gently asked, “Will mommy really come?” At a young age, innocent and simple, but vaguely knows that.

The smile on the boy’s face remained the same, but it was more soft because of the timid expression on the little girl’s face.

He knows the girl’s thing. She is the little daughter of the Zhongsi family. She used to live with her mother in Taiwan. However, the mother of the girl died a while ago. Uncle Kurt went to Taiwan to bring the girl to Scotland. He has been listening to Haier these days. His sister is so cute and so lovely.

He has been very curious about the little sister in Haier’s mouth. He finally had time to come to Haier’s house. He just stepped into the garden and he saw a white shadow on the tree. He curiously stepped forward and didn’t expect the tree to hide a cute little princess.

The small white dress, the wavy jet black hair is tied with a lace hair band. When the blue eyes see him, they are not afraid of life, they’re only curious. When it comes to mommy, the little face shows an attachment that can't hide, and asks him, “Will mommy really come?” with the loneliness of those beautiful blue eyes.

Although the girl is still young, the sensitive heart is faintly aware of what makes people feel pity and distressed.

He thought of Haier's words that show off ——

“Ah-Rang, if you see Xinxin you will love her. She is such a cute little thing.”

He always hated children but he finally agreed with Haier's words. He smiled at the girl and his voice was soft and firm. “Brother will always accompany Yaya.” He thought that it wasn't bad to have a younger sister.

The big brother's smile is really beautiful. Tao Xinya was conquered by the boy’s smile, and finally, she was willing to come down from the tree and jump into the boy’s arms.

The ten-year-old boy is four or five years older and easily catches the girl and kisses her forehead. “Good Yaya.”

Tao Xinya touched her forehead, and the big brother's kiss was warm. She smiled and kissed the boy's face. She hugged the boy's neck and curiously asked, "Who are you, brother?"

Now she wants to ask who he is. What if he is a bad person? The boy couldn’t help but laugh. “Yuan Yurang. Yaya can call me Brother Yu.”

Brother Yu…… Since then, she has more of him in her life, and Brother Yu's family is nearby, it's bigger than her family and more beautiful.

Listening to Mary, Brother Yu is a young man and no one in the UK in the upper class doesn't know the Young Master of Yuan. The Yuan family ancestor once married the Princess of the imperial family and has a good relationship with the British imperial family. They have a hereditary title, and Brother Yu will grow up to inherit the noble title.

She also heard that in addition to the noble family, the Yuan family also runs a large consortium. The Zhongsi family has known the Yuan family for a long time and has a very good relationship.

After she was a little bigger, she knew that her mommy would not come back. From the large population, she knew that daddy and her mommy had divorced after she was born. She was taken to Taiwan by her mommy. After her mommy passed away, daddy took her brother to handle mommy’s funeral and took her back to Scotland.

She is still from her mommy’s surname, still called Tao Xinya. Daddy said this is to commemorate the mother because the name is taken by her mommy.

She is the most favored little princess of the Zhongsi family. Although the wealth of the Zhongsi family is not the same as the Yuan family, it's also a rich and well-known name in Scotland.

She often went to the Yuan house to play, Yuan Father and Yuan Mother like her very much, especially Yuan Mother. Yuan Mother came from Taiwan and was her mommy’s school sister. The two had a very good relationship. Yuan Mother always said that she looks like her mommy and accepts her as an adopted daughter of the Yuan family.

She often sticks to Brother Yu, always following, and Brother Yu doesn’t bother with her. He dotes on her more than everyone else. Even if she is willful, Brother Yu always smiles, but if she is too capricious, Brother Yu will be angry.

Brother Yu anger was very terrible. At a time like that, she would be very well behaved to apologize and ask Brother Yu to forgive her. Even her brother said that her brother has none of this treatment.

Then, she would hugged Brother Yu and humph from her nose and say, “Brother Yu is different.”

In her heart, Yuan Yurang is not the same. The Maiden’s heart naturally falls for him. Her Brother Yu looks handsome, also intelligent, also a good person, and also dotes on her. In her heart, no one can compare to Yuan Yurang.

“Brother Yu, Yaya must marry you in the future!”

She always hugged him from behind and said tenderly and softly to him, he would smile and rubbed her head.

Every year on her birthday, she receives gifts, and also her most love jasmine flowers plus Starry Sky. Brother Yu will also make a special order of her favorite strawberry cake. He will tell her: “My little princess, happy birthday.”

(T/N: I think Starry Sky or Stars is a shop name of the cake, but I could be wrong. Maybe it's not. Oops haha. And I have no idea what it is.)

In this last wish, she always makes the wish, must marry Brother Yu, to be always with Brother Yu.

She always thought that the days would be so happy, even if her father passed away, and she was crying, Brother Yu would hug her and said softly: “Yaya, if you're so sad, Uncle Kurt will be sad, don’t cry. Have you forgotten that you still have Haier? Also, you still have your godfather and godmother who are doting you, and me. Brother Yu will always be with you.”

She remembered his words and decided that he would always be by her side. When she grew up, she would marry him and be with him forever.

However, when she was 18 years old, he brought Yi Lianna home. He said that this is his girlfriend.

She looked at the beautiful and generous Yi Lianna and looked at the love from Brother Yu's eyes when he looked at Yi Lianna…… That’s the look of a man looking at a woman.

That's not her Brother Yu.

She couldn’t accept it and desperately destroyed him and Yi Lianna. Yi Lianna's just an ordinary girl, how can she deserve to be with her Brother Yu? Brother Yu is her!

Her raucous made Brother Yu wrinkled his eyebrows, but still tolerate to rubbed her head, and his eyes were still with favor and dote…… but it's different. She didn’t want him to look at her with that kind of sister-loving eyes.

She rejected Yi Lianna, always causing her trouble, wanting Brother Yu to break up with her, who knows that they did not break up, but decided to get engaged.

No! How can this be?

She is going crazy, Brother Yu is her, she can't allow Brother Yu to marry others, the person Brother Yu wants to marry must be her, the bride of Brother Yu can only be her.

She lost her mind and finally betrayed him.

She took the medicine, set him up, and let her godfather and godmother think that Brother Yu was drunk and forced her then forced him to break up with Yi Lianna and force him to marry her.

She remembered the unbelievable look when Brother Yu was sober, and she lowered her head in fear, dared not look at him.

She also remembers her brother’s distressing reprimand, but she still looked at her brother in a stubborn manner and asked, “What’s wrong with me? I love Brother Yu, what's wrong with the pursuit of my love? I’m not you! You obviously like Yi Lianna but love is not allowed, dare not say. What's wrong with struggling to get something so tiny?"

Her brother was red-eyed and staring at her angrily. She wondered if he was saddened by her stubbornness or the anger of being dismantled. From then on, the brother and sister broke and the brother who loved her no longer care for her.

It doesn’t matter, she thinks that her brother who has always been pampering her will always forgive her, just like Brother Yu will fall in love with her one day soon.

She got her wish and married Brother Yu.

She knows that Brother Yu is angry with her, but Brother Yu has always doted on her, and he will not be angry for too long —— Tao Xinya thinks innocently.

However, Brother Yu’s indifference for her lasted for a long time and he hadn't separate from Yi Lianna. Yi Lianna, who is his secretary, lived with him day and night, and his wife was alone in a quiet and empty house.

She couldn’t stand it, quarreled with him, asked him to leave Yi Lianna, and ran to Yi Lianna to tell her to get lost…… She did everything that a bad woman would do, and then she got ridiculed by everyone.

In the end, her godfather and godmother also knew that she set Brother Yu up and were disappointed in her.

She is no longer a little princess who is pampered, but a ridiculous but unsympathetic woman, because everything is her own fault…

Tao Xinya stood in front of the tombstone. This was the first time she came to her grave. After she came back to life, she decided to forget the past, so she never saw it even if she knew where she was buried.

She completely isolated everything she used to, never touched it. She just saw Edward's magazine in the chair in the morning and saw the man who was buried in the depths of her memory. Everything in the past drifted into her mind and when she returned to her sense, she found herself going to the cemetery.

When she was about to return, she didn't expect to see him.

At that moment, she really turned around and wanted to escape, but she suddenly remembered that she was not the Tao Xinya, so it was strange to escape in a panic.

So she calmed down and pretended to be herself to worship. She lowered her head and her hands clenched into fists were faintly tremble.

She doesn’t know how long she stood, she knew that she should leave, but her legs couldn’t move. She could only stand with him like a fool.

It was getting dark, and he finally left.

Tao Xinya sighed and moved her legs and walked to her grave. It's strange to look at her own tomb like this.

Pulling the corner of her lower lip, she crouched down and touched the cake, it’s frozen.

She looked at the frosted jasmine again. There are two bunches of flowers and two cakes.

She thought the other one should be from her brother, right? She doesn’t know if her brother is doing well, had he married a wife? Or was he still secretly like Yi Lianna?

She hopes that her brother will not be too blind. After all, without her hindrance, Brother Yu and Yi Lianna would be happy together, right?

“Tao Xinya, this is the best ending.” She pushed aside the snow on the tombstone, she smiled and her voice was soft.

It was unknown whether this sentence is telling her former self or is it her now?

It's that girl!

Yuan Yurang was surprised to find that he actually remembers the EAstern girl he saw in the cemetery the day before and even recognized her at a glance.

(T/N: oriental got changed to eastern now……. ugh I don’t know anymore… T.T)

This is a French restaurant with a reservation system. You have to reserve at least two months before you can enter to dine, but some privileged people don't.

A year ago, Yuan Yurang bought this restaurant and became the boss behind the scenes. He temporarily got notified to come over, even if there is no seat, the restaurant manager will also try hard to find.

It didn’t take long before Yuan Yurang got into a seat. He saw the Eastern girl, probably because Eastern people are rare, the girl is too conspicuous.

She is petite, less than 160, wearing a restaurant uniform — a white shirt with a black tie and a black skirt, black pantyhose and black low heel shoes under the skirt, and the hair is simply tied with two small braids. The rich little face is smiling.

The appearance of the girl doesn't look like an adult. Even if Eastern people is small, she seems to be under 18 years old.

When did they allow child labor? Yuan Yurang frowned, his eyes still staring at the girl.

The conspicuous reason is the smile of the girl. She smiles and her cheeks will reveal two dimples. Her eyes are round, and she is as cute as a doll.

Not only did he notice her, but many guests also looked at her intentionally or unintentionally. When she poured water for her guests, she also asked if the meal was appetizing. The friendly service attitude and sweet smile made the guests very fond of her.

“Yu, what are you looking at?” She found her male partner’s absent-mindedness, and Yi Lianna opened her mouth.

Yuan Yurang retracts his eyes and smile. “It's nothing.” Then he lowers his head to cut down a piece of roast sheep and discharge into his mouth. The attitude was consistently elegant, but also with an intangible alienation.

Since two years ago, he has been like this.

Yi Lianna stared at the wedding ring on Yuan Yurang's finger, and the silver glow stabbed her eyes under the light.

The girl left, but she and Yuan Yurang have been unable to return to the past, they were clearly so in love but was destroyed by the girl.

The girl ruined her marriage and forced Yuan Yurang to marry her.

Yi Lianna is not reconciled. She loves Yuan Yurang, she was attracted to him when she first saw him at the university.

She likes his calm and restrained, decisive but humorous and courteous. He has no shelf and no contempt for anyone from the nobles. He is gentle but not close to others. Only the person he approves can get his true tenderness.

Her family was ordinary, she entered Shigeweier by scholarship, and she met Yuan Yurang and Haier. The three of them became good friends, and then she and Yuan Yurang started to date.

(T/N: I guess from now on I will leave the college name "Shigeweier" as it is in Chinese. I don't even know if that's what it means in English from my previous chapter haha)

In the mouth of Haier and Yuan Yurang, she knew that they had a little princess who was loved by them but didn't expect that the little princess became her nightmare.

Because of her, Yuan Yurang canceled their engagement to marry the girl, Yi Lianna was angry. She doesn't want to give up on Yuan Yurang, then she entered the Yuan family group and become his secretary.

She knows the personality of Yuan Yurang and knows how the girl forced him to marry her. No men can bear to be set up, let alone Yuan Yurang. He seems to be gentle but never allowed anyone to deceive him. It's absolutely impossible to forgive the girl with the pride of Yuan Yurang.

She can wait. The girl is more troubled, and will only make Yuan Yurang impatient with her. One day, Yuan Yurang will not be able to stand it.

Who knows that day waiting for didn't come, but wait for the news of the girl’s death is.

From that day on, Yuan Yurang changed.

He became silent, and his attitude towards her became alienated. The wedding ring on his finger had not been pulled out. It was obvious that the girl had left, but Yi Lianna felt that the distance between her and Yuan Yurang are even farther apart.

Drinking a bit of red wine, Yi Lianna felt bitter.

How can she win over the dead? Even if Yuan Yurang just feels guilty, but that guilt has pushed the distance between them.

Yi Lianna still doesn’t want to give up. She always loves Yuan Yurang and does not want to give him to others. What’s more, it's still a dead person.

“Yu, are you going to give a speech at Shigeweier?” She was looking for a topic.

When Yuan Yurang picked up his glass and was about to open his mouth, there was a loud sound rang in the restaurant.

“Xinxin, please be my girlfriend!”

A big boy holds a large bouquet of roses, knees on one knee, holds the rose high, and looks at the Eastern girl with deep affection.

At this moment, the whole restaurant was quiet.

Yuan Yurang's hand tremble slightly and the red wine in the cup almost sprinkled.

Xinxin — these two words are Chinese.

“Oh, young little schoolboys are so cute.” Yi Lianna looked at the excitement in front of her, chuckling.

Yuan Yurang lifts his gaze toward the little man and woman, not only him, but also the people in the restaurant were watching them.

Tao Xinya was in the same place. She didn’t expect Allen to do this kind of thing. This is where she works…… Heavens, the manager’s face is green.

Her head began to hurt, and Allen was still engaged in romance.

“Xinxin, please promise me!” Allen pursued Tao Xinya for a long time. This beautiful Oriental Doll is an attractive presence in Shigeweier. How many people want to be her boyfriend, but Tao Xinya is always cold and indifferent. She is polite to everyone but never accepts anyone’s pursuit to become a pair.

Half in a month will be the Christmas party. A bunch of people is rushing to grab Tao Xinya as their female companion. There are so many competitors, so he decided to do it and show his love in the public. He didn't believe in such a romantic move, Tao Xinya will not move.

Tao Xinya was not touched at all. When she saw the manager’s stern eyes, she was afraid that she would be fired today. Damn, the job is very good.

She really had the urge to kill Allen, taking a deep breath, Tao Xinya forced herself to smile and reached out and took the rose from Allen’s hand.

He thought that Tao Xinya had promised, and Allen was happy to hug her. Who knows that Tao Xinya took a step back and touched the rose petals.

“This rose is so beautiful, but it’s a pity that my favorite flower is jasmine.” She pulled out a rose and handed it to a lady next to her, “Beautiful lady, this rose is suitable for you.”

“Thank you.” The lady took it with a smile.

Tao Xinya looked at Allen, blinking with two pairs of big eyes, innocent and cute. “Allen, do you mind if I give these beautiful roses to the beautiful ladies in the restaurant?”

Allen stared stupidly, confused by the attitude of Tao Xinya, but also fascinated by her lovable expression, he replied like a fool: “Er, don’t mind.”

“Thank you.” Tao Xinya smiled and the dimples on the cheeks were very sweet. “And, thank you for liking me.”

She bent over and kissed Allen’s face gently, and this twirling and unharmable refusal let the people in the restaurant clap their hands.

Yi Lianna looked at the Eastern girl with appreciation. “Yu, this girl is really interesting, you say……” Turning her head, but see Yuan Yurang staring at the girl, the fingers holding the wine glass were tight, and the wine was spilled out, dyed the white tablecloth red.

She gave a fright, “Yu, what’s wrong with you?”

Yuan Yurang did not speak, just looked at the girl, in his head were her words —

This rose is so beautiful, but it is a pity that my favorite flower is jasmine.

Fortunately, she was only trained by the manager.

The Tao Xinya that still has her job is relieved. She put on her coat, put on her scarf, wear her knitted hat, and walk out of the restaurant with the old Danny’s lunch box.

Old Danny is the chef of the restaurant. When she gets off work, she always makes her supper. She was embarrassed at the beginning, refused the supper and Danny was angry. She shouted and said that even if she didn't eat, it will also be thrown away. She dared to waste food and just try it.

In desperation, Tao Xinya had to accept it.

Smell the smell of meat in the lunch box, she opened to take a looked inside. It's orange sauce roast duck, this is one of the old Danny’s specialties, Tao Xinya smiled with squinting eyes. Old Danny’s cooking is first class, otherwise, how can the restaurant business be so good?

The scarf was gathered to block the cold wind. Tao Xinya shrank down the shoulders, speeding up the pace, preparing to catch the last bus, but only a few steps away, it was blocked.

She frowned and looked at the man helplessly. “Allen.” She didn’t expect him to still not leave.

“Xinxin.” Allen smiled happily at her. “It's so late, are you hungry? I'm taking you to eat, okay?”

“No need.” Tao Xinya shook her hand at the lunch box. “I have supper.”

“Then I will send you back.”

“No, I will take the bus. I'm leaving first.” She bypassed Allen, but Allen still didn't give up and grabbed her hand.

“Xinxin, don’t always refuse me.” Allen pleaded to see her. “Xinxin, I'm serious, I really like you.”

Tao Xinya sighed in her heart and refused again.

“Allen, I said, I want you as a friend only.” She had to pull back her hand, but Allen caught it tight. “Allen, let go.”

“No! I won’t let go!” Allen simply hugged her, and the pampered young master’s mentality made him unable to listen.

“Xinxin, I like you very much.” He grabbed her and wanted to kiss her, but his calf bone was kicked hard. “Ow……”

He was so painful that he hugged his calf and wept.

Tao Xinya's face was cold, and Allen's move really angered her. "Allen, don’t make it impossible for us to be friends." She turned and left.

Allen still didn't give up, reaching out to grab her, “Xinxin—”

“The young lady refused, the young master of the Clayton family. And entangled is not a gentleman’s way.” The tall figure came out of the dark, the man spat lightly, and the cold amber eyes looked faintly at Allen.

He didn’t expect there to be anyone, Allen was startled, especially to see the other appearance is even more shocking.

“M-mr. Yuan!” No one in Scotland didn’t know Yuan Yurang. Allen was dragged by his father to greeted Yuan Yurang at a banquet.

Thinking of his own entanglement was seen, Allen couldn’t help but blush, looked at Tao Xinya, and finally left.

And Tao Xinya was stunned when she saw Yuan Yurang, how could he be here?

“Are you alright?” Yuan Yurang looked at her, his expression was still cold, but the light in his eyes were deep.

“Er……” Tao Xinya lowered her head and pressed down her nervousness. “I’m fine, thank you…… I have to catch up with the bus, I'll go first.”


As she turned around, he suddenly spat out this sentence, and Tao Xinya was stiff.

“Is this your name?”

Tao Xinya bit her lip and couldn’t ignore his question, just answer it stiffly. “……Yes.”

“What about the full name?”

Tao Xinya suddenly hated their names for being exactly the same, hesitating, she turned to look at Yuan Yurang, let out a doubtful expression that has been prepared for. “What are you going to do to ask so much for? Besides, how do you know that I'm called Xinxin?”

Yuan Yurang pulled the corner of his lips slightly. “The restaurant’s confession was really good.” (tenderflower: LOL wth I didn't expect him to say this haha)

Tao Xinya's eyes were round, he, he saw it? Then she thought of what she had said, and her little face was slightly white.

“Do you like jasmine?”

“Yes.” Tao Xinya's palms were slightly sweated, but didn’t avoid the man's eyes and looked directly at him. “What’s wrong?”

“A girl I know also likes jasmine. Once, she was confessed by a boy in front of everyone. She also said like that.”

This rose is so beautiful, but it is a pity that my favorite flower is jasmine.

However, her next move was to throw the flowers on the ground, arrogantly laughed and snorted, and again said ——

Also, I only accept flowers from the man I like.

Tao Xinya felt that her throat was a bit dry, she barely squeezed her smile and pretended to be surprised. “Is that so? What a coincidence.” Then she looked down at the watch on her wrist. “Sir, I am sorry, I have to catch up with the bus, I will not talk to you anymore. Thank you for your help, goodbye.”

Watching the figure of the girl hurriedly away, Yuan Yurang's eyes drooped, his expression was cover by cloudy smoke.

He remembered that the girl later plunged into his arms, clinging his arm, looking at him with her beautiful blue eyes, and said softly –

Brother Yu, I only accept the jasmine you sent.

365 days.
Today is the first anniversary of my marriage with Brother Yu. I put a day off for my maid and prepared everything myself. I put the last dish on the table. I sat quietly in the empty room. I was alone, waiting alone.
The bell rang, and the first anniversary passed, I was still smiling.
Don’t cry, Tao Xinya, don’t cry.

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