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When Lin Jie got home, his parents were already asleep. Only his sister, Lin Xiaoxue, was still holding her cheeks and staring at the moon out of the window with her legs hanging over her bed.

"Brother, are you back?" Lin Xiaoxue blinked her lovely big eyes. Because it was late at night, Xiaoxue's clothes were quite casual. Her pink pajamas wrapped her tiny and lovely body. Her hair fell from both sides of her face. She was probably very popular in school.

Lin Jie nodded and sat beside his sister's bed. He caught a glimpse of her cell phone hidden at the head of the bed and smiled. "What's on your mind?"

Xiaoxue shook her head, and her black hair moved like waves. "What would I have on my mind? What did you do tonight? Why didn't you buy me anything to eat?"

Lin Jie laughed and said nothing. Did he have to say that he had gone to find her future sister-in-law?

"Alas…" Xiaoxue sighed and stopped trying to speak. Finally, she summoned up her courage and said firmly, "Brother, I want to learn drawing."

"Drawing?" Lin Jie was stunned as it seemed that his sister had never talked about it in his previous life. To be more precise, at that period, he had been fooling around in Zheng Zilang's house, not caring about his family at all. They had even less connection after his sister had started college.

Xiaoxue nodded earnestly and quietly took out a picture from her bag. It was a handsome boy in a white shirt, waving in the playground in the sunshine.

"Well-drawn." Lin Jie took the picture and nodded earnestly, "I agree with you to learn drawing."

Xiaoxue's eyes lit, but she lowered her head. "Brother, in order to learn drawing I need to pay 7,000$. I… I'm embarrassed to talk to our parents."

Lin Jie smiled and touched her sister's head and whispered to her ear, "Brother will handle this. I'll transfer the funds to your account tomorrow."

"Really?" asked Xiaoxue excitedly.

"Yes, but I have one condition." Lin Jie thought for a moment and said seriously, "Before graduating from high school, you are not allowed to be in a relationship! At least you can't start one."


"I mean, if you like a boy, you have to make yourself good enough for him to like you. But let's have a deal. He cannot be less than 1.75 meters tall or have poor grades. It's better for him to be from Jiang City…"

To Lin Jie's surprise, the more she listened to the happier she was. She even snapped her finger at last and said with a grin, "Don't worry brother, I will take him down!"

Lin Jie was dumbfounded.

Xiaoxue realized that she had spilled the beans. "Brother, you're the only one that knows this. I've fallen in love with a boy, but I will respect our agreement and make him fall for me!"

Lin Jie took a deep breath and stretched out his finger. "You know what I'm going to say…"

"Cannot affect study!"

The two said in unison.

"Hee-hee, brother is the best!" Xiaoxue hugged Lin Jie's waist.

Lin Jie rubbed her hair fondly but looked at the boy in the picture. He knew that boy. He was called Zhang Peng. He was a big boy whose family was poor but optimistic and cheerful. He was very sensible. Most importantly, he was rendered by the family environment and insisted on not falling in love.

It was foolish to stifle adolescent boys and girls emotionally. It was also a good motivation for his sister to simply guide him.

In high school, the graduation season was the breakup season, so he did not think there would be any spark between them.

Back in the room, Lin Jie took out 7,000$ of the 200,000$ cash from the Demon Robes' investment in Brotherhood and transferred it to his sister's bank account. His sister's academic performance was very good, and scholarship was common every year. As such, the family had set up a private account for her.

'Life will become better and better with hard work! Come on, the real world is also developing in a good direction.' As for Bu Yi, Lin Jie really did not want to push it because he did not have enough strength to protect her yet! It was better to go with the flow. Anyway, it was good now, right?

Lin Jie took care of his personal hygiene and then got rid of all kinds of distracting thoughts. He wore the helmet and went online!




Lin Jie's communication device kept ringing.

"Boss, Boss, the Kingdom of Glory is cleaning us up!" Seven Ears said eagerly, "The members I recruited for you are about to go back to reach the Beginner's state!"

Lin Jie was shocked and asked what was happening.

Since the War of Muddy Swamp, Eighteen Massacres had angrily issued a slaughter warrant; as long as the lone wolves bought from Sky Provisions Shop, they would be rounded up and killed. This group of lone wolves had low levels, coupled with no organizational cohesion, they could not fight back at all!

Upon opening the Brotherhood channel, Lin Jie noticed that the mission "Sky Slaughter" was at the top of the list. The reward was generous, and the exchange of cash was allowed, which attracted many powerful players. For a while, the Sky Provisions Shop's trading volume had dropped sharply.

"Kingdom of Glory is asking for it!"

Lin Jie, with cold eyes, issued a mission to kill Eighteen Massacres of the Kingdom of Glory in the Brotherhood with a reward of 30 gold coins. Kill once and get rewarded once! One gold coin for the coordinates of the Eighteen Massacres!

As soon as the mission was out, it drew the attention of all members from the Brotherhood.

30 gold coins! What did that mean? It would be hard for big guilds like the Kingdom of Glory and Triumphant Midnight.

Suddenly, even the players that were hiding their strength had come to action. Middle-level players were taking their chances everywhere. Only those at the bottom were still fighting hard to kill the members of Sky Provisions Shop.

This kind of thing could not be controlled!

Recalling back his previous life, Lin Jie remembered that the training ground for Eighteen Massacres had been exposed. Leaders of each guild usually trained at highly efficient maps. There were thousands of such places in the land of The New Age. How could Lin Jie find it?

At this time, the Brotherhood's long-established good workstyle was reflected. Members consciously shared information: nothing in Southern Beach; nothing in Irish Logging Site…

"Activities of the Kingdom of Glory found in the Anchilo's Hill!" A Bandit suddenly received a reward.

"Is the information reliable?"

"Can't you tell? I'm right here."

"Brothers let's go! 30 gold coins per kill!"

Lin Jie's eyes lit. 'Anchilo's Hill? Let's go!'

Anchilo's Hill was located one and a half hour away from the City of Light. Teleportation was not available, and thus players could only go there by foot. Only Forward Charge Paladins who had passed the Difficult-level Trial could make use of mounts and increase their speed.

The journey took a long time. But as their target was expected, Lin Jie should make it in time! The Anchilo's Hill spawned a Dark Gold Boss called Wild Mage·Winter. Bosses with titles and names were powerful and had unique stories behind them. They had a chance to produce character cards.

In Lin Jie's previous life, when the Mage had been killed, it had dropped a shard of Dark Gold equipment.

After 90 minutes, Lin Jie finally reached Anchilo's Hill. Continuous heat waves were present due to the numerous skills far away.

Kingdom of Glory consisted of 40 people standing on branches. Spells bombarded the ragged mage in the middle. It had a grey-black piecemeal robe and a half broken helmet but wielded a wand full of evil fire in his hand. That was the Wild Mage.

Due to the strategy that the Kingdom of Glory had adapted, the boss' health bar was dropping steadily. It was almost below 30%.

Lin Jie stood on the tree, looking around for traces of Eighteen Massacres. There was no reason he would not want to gain the experience of a Dark Gold Boss!

Not far ahead, a paladin in black armor sat beside Shallow Smile, with his legs hanging smartly and his long spear on his side. He looked very handsome.

It was Eighteen Massacres!

Lin Jie's eyes emitted a cold light and he wore the Lone Wolf Helmet. He walked slowly to the tree. Heavy armor on warriors provided tremendous defense, but it also brought a lot of inconvenience to their movement. For example, bandits, mages and so on could easily climb trees, but warriors were different, they would break the branches.

Shallow Smile used Arcane Blast and attacked Wild Mage times after times. She spotted the warrior below with her eyes and said with a cold face, "Who is it?"

Feather Drop Spell!

Rocket Launcher!

Lin Jie became light all of a sudden while the rocket launcher on his waist exploded. A hot wave pushed his body, and his body rose instantly. The cold eyes under the wolf helmet gazed at the black-armored Paladin, and he took out the Withered Leaf Sword. The image of Eighteen Massacres was reflected in the sword.

"Wanna die?" Eighteen Massacres made a low voice and picked up his spear with his right hand. Sounds of metal clashing were suddenly everywhere.

"Stop pretending." Lin Jie sneered, a stream of blood shot from the Withered Leaf Sword and surged up.

Weakness Exploit!


Eighteen Massacres' long spear seemed to have eyes itself, and it accurately parried the attack of the Withered Leaf Sword. Lin Jie was in the air at this time. It seemed like Lin Jie was at a disadvantaged position.

At this time, an inexplicable force pushed the handle of the sword. The Withered Leaf Sword made a circle in the air and cut Eighteen Massacres helmet from top to bottom.


That was one of Bersekers' basic transfer skills - Ultimate Strike!

Eighteen Massacres' body shook, and he balanced himself on the branch. With his spear, he stabbed Lin Jie in the chest.

Forward Charge!

Lin Jie's figure flew fiercely and stood beside Eighteen Massacres. The branches were overwhelmed and broke.

"Feel the anger of Winter Castle!" The mage roared, and a huge elemental fire was summoned, like a fiery, active volcano, and huge fireballs erupted wildly!

Eighteen Massacres stood firm and attacked with his long spear!


Lin Jie's Withered Leaf Sword blocked the long spear casualty. Eighteen Massacres sneered unexpectedly. The tip of the spear suddenly changed into a brake knife-like weapon, and chopped at Lin Jie's neck!


The huge number of damage jumped, and Lin Jie was shocked. He had a shard of the Sub-Legendary armor Flame Walker Pauldron, and yet the damage was that high?

Eighteen Massacres was even more shocked. The weapon in his hand had not dealt more than 100 damage? And didn't the other party's health bar seem incredibly long!

Looking at the spear, Lin Jie slowly remembered about it.

That spear was a shard of a Dark Gold weapon. It belonged to the top tier of the goblin's heavy weapon, the Seven Style Spear. In Lin Jie's previous life, that spear had reached the level of Sub-Legendary.

"You are asking for it!" Eighteen Massacres pointed his spear at the ground. The tip of the spear transformed into the shape of a sword, releasing a metallic sound.

Lin Jie smiled and said, "This mission is not challenging enough for me."

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