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Chapter 1526 - Explosion!

The sea of infinitas s were extremely terrifying.

The terror came from an unknown ancient monster at the bottom of the sea. This giant squid was one of those giant creatures.

The weight of the aircraft carrier was a machine's terror.

However …

Its power was enough to drag the aircraft carrier down.


"Boss, what do we do?"


The Three Great War Beasts looked at Long Fei, waiting for his orders. In the blink of an eye, more and more tentacles were pulling on the ship's hull crazily.

It won't take long for the aircraft carrier to be overturned.

Long Fei grinned, "I want to see how strong your boss is."

"Get in the water!"

With that, Long Fei jumped down.

The three beasts followed closely behind, and jumped down following Long Fei.

And then …

The seabed world was even more terrifying than what Long Fei had imagined. The instant they entered the water, "Swish, swish, swish …"

Water splashed everywhere, blocking their line of sight.

Without waiting for them to react, a huge lantern shaped fish opened up its blood bowl, its sharp teeth were longer than a human's teeth, and fiercely swallowed Long Fei.

Long Fei floated motionlessly in the water.

The god's war beasts shouted, "F * * k your grandpa!"

"You dare to touch my boss?"

The god's hammer struck down, and with a strike of its hammer, the lantern fish's head split open. Fresh blood spurted out as the lantern above their heads was extinguished.


In the murky sea water, the smell of blood was enough to stir everything.

In just a few seconds, the body of the lantern fish was quickly torn apart, leaving only a string of bones. This speed …

This was too crazy.

Long Fei frowned, "Even cannibal fish aren't so fast."

"Boss, up ahead!"

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A completely golden coloured shark shot towards Xiang Longfei like a bolt of lightning.

Long Fei squinted his eyes as he moved the Demon God's Nine Tribulations Sword in his hand, and said in a deep voice, "Even you dare to act tough in front of me?"

Long Fei moved.

They collided into each other.

In that instant, his body slightly lowered as the Nine Tribulations Sword in his hand fiercely thrust upwards.


Before the Golden Shark could open its mouth, it was stabbed to death!

Instant kill!


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Golden Shark' for obtaining 50,000 experience, 3500 Holy Source points, and 1 Energy Values point."

At this moment.

Long Fei looked at the giant squid that was coiled under the aircraft carrier. It was shining with a golden light as the corner of his mouth lifted, "It really is a BOSS!"

Ancient Sea Beasts, infinite cuttlefish.

"Make way!"

Long Fei shouted.

The three warbeasts immediately charged forward.

Long Fei did not make a move again.

The Magic Body and his Real Face were completely different. The Demon God carried a cold arrogance, that kind of aura of a king, that kind of contempt for low level sea beasts.

Standing in front of the infinite cuttlefish, Long Fei said coldly: "Have you finished?"

His voice carried the might of a demonic god.

The squid glared with both eyes, but was not afraid. One of its tentacles had attacked Xiang Longfei silently.

Fast, accurate, ruthless.

In this sea, it had never been afraid of anyone, let alone a human.


An incomparably thick antenna pierced towards Xiang Longfei like a sharp arrow. Long Fei's eyes trembled slightly as he coldly shouted out a single word, "Die!"

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The Nine Tribulations Sword in his hand moved but he did not control it to attack his tentacles. Instead, he charged towards the head of the infinite cuttlefish.

Competing in speed?

The infinite cuttlefish revealed a cold and contemptuous smile.

Comparing speed with him in the sea?

Isn't this courting death?


When approaching him, it was as if he was courting death. The tentacles loosened and began to wildly dance about, not a single one of them reaching a length of several thousand meters. When dancing in the sea water, it was like a fiendish demon.

The tentacles wrapped around Long Fei like they wanted to kill him.

As long as they were caught by him, they would definitely die.


No fear!

The Magic Body was very rampant, disdaining defense at all and charged straight at the infinite cuttlefish.

At this moment.

Suddenly, a figure rushed out from the bottom of the sea and shouted, "Brother, be careful!"

There was someone at the bottom of the sea?

Long Fei was not in the mood to care about all these. The Nine Tribulations Sword in his hand moved slightly as bursts of light shone out, "Explode!"

In the crevice.

The sword pierced through.

That sword … It was so fast that it made it hard for people to breathe, and it suddenly appeared behind the infinite cuttlefish as though it had just flashed by.


The ancient squid's head issued a cracking sound, and all of its tentacles powerlessly hammered down. Its eyes were wide open in anger, and it didn't even know how it died.

He looked like an idiot.

This strike …

It dealt over 90 million damage.

It was shockingly high.

Long Fei's heart secretly tightened, "The Magic Body's power is far stronger than what he has imagined, far more powerful than what he has in Real Face."

When the god's suffering force was formed, his strength could be imagined.

If it was a competition of aptitude and potential, even if Long Fei's aptitude were to increase by 108,000 times, it would still not be comparable to the Magic Body's aptitude and potential.

This was why his strength was so explosive.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'infinite cuttlefish' for obtaining 120,3022 experience points, 100,000 Holy Source s, and 1 Energy Values."


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'infinite cuttlefish'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Tentacle Souls Technique'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining the ancient spiritual artifact 'Black Dragon Tendon'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining …"

A series of notifications sounded.

Other than the ancient spiritual artifact being absorbed by the golden cudgel, everything else was exchanged for points.

However …

The last item to explode caused Long Fei to be slightly stunned, "Limitless Fragment?"

"What is this?"

A black fragment that was half the length of a finger with a few lines on it, just like broken porcelain. The key was that this item did not have any description on its attributes and could not be used to pay any points.

Long Fei glanced at the Space Ring.

With the death of the infinite cuttlefish, the sea beasts quickly fled.

At this time.

The person who made the sound just now was a very special person. His appearance was somewhat different from ordinary humans. His nose was almost flat, his nostrils were small, and his body was relatively light.

"Wow, killing a infinite cuttlefish with one sword strike, how powerful!" The young man looked at Long Fei with excitement in his eyes.

Respect for the powerhouse.

Long Fei looked at this special person in front of him and asked: "You are?"

That person hugged his hands and said: "We are the murlocs clan of the sea of infinitas, my name is A Feng."

"murlocs clan?"

Long Fei shuddered, looking at the Fishman in front of him, he could not help but ask, "You live at the bottom of the sea?"

A Feng laughed, "We Murlocs are different from you humans. For us to be able to be like fishes at the bottom of the sea, we can take a breather for a few days."

"Oh yeah, can you give me the infinite cuttlefish you hunted?"


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