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Exile Chapter 21

Su Qingbai came out of Jiang Mao’s house with a satisfying belch.

He walked out shyly, and Jiang Mao pulled the handcart behind him.

Su Qingbai stopped after another belch. He turned to Jiang Mao and said, “You don’t have to send me off. Go back!”

Jiang Mao handed him the handlebar of the cart. “Be careful on the way.”

On the street, Su Huai waited for Su Qingbai while eating wonton. After he ate three bowls of wonton, Su Qingbai still had not appeared.

With a wipe to his mouth, Su Huai didn’t intend to wait any longer.

He hadn’t come very often to this county, and he’s not very familiar with it, so perhaps Little Uncle had gone back another way. He knew, little uncle was usually home by this time.

Su Qingbai did not go home directly after he arrived in the village. He went to the field first.

Today, he ate a lot at Jiang Mao’s house, so he didn’t have to go home for lunch before going to the field as he normally did.

Su Qingbai worked in the field until it was dark. At this time, Su Huai was painstakingly scratching his heart and lungs waiting for Su Qingbai at home.

Su Lingchuan led along Su Caicai, who had begun to walk these days and saw Su Huai coming back from nowhere. On his return, he went straight to Su Qingbai’s room, so Su Lingchuan called, “Su Huai, what are you doing in your little uncle’s room? Your little uncle hasn’t come back yet.”

Su Huai was stopped by the call and turned around. He was trying to fool around for a reason, but then he inadvertently sweeping a glance at Su Caicai’s little face and at once he was being attracted to it.

Remembering the man at noon today, Su Huai felt he had found something terrible.

So he felt like scratching his heart and lungs even more.

When Su Qingbai came back, Su Caicai was learning to walk. He hugged Su Lingchuan’s leg and turned around. After a lap, he would fall ten times in squatting position but then was quickly picked up and let go by Su Lingchuan.

As usual, Su Qingbai hugged Su Caicai and kissed him twice and praised a few words.

Once Su Qingbai finished his teasing and kissing, Su Lingchuan took Su Caicai over. “By the way, Su Huai went to see you in the afternoon and is still waiting in your room right now.”

Su Qingbai nodded, saying that he knew, then washed his face, took a steamed bun, and slowly walked into the house.

“Why are looking for me?” Su Qingbai sat on the heated brick bed, found a comfortable place to lie half down, ate the steamed bread and then asked.

“Little uncle…”

Su Qingbai looked over.

“I saw you in town today.”

“Pfft ――” Su Qingbai’s steamed bread burst out of his mouth.

Feeling guilty? Upon seeing this, Su Huai’s heart was more convince of Wonton uncle’s statement.

“You, what do you see?” In retrospect, he and Jiang Mao did not seem to have acted excessively, and so Su Qingbai forcefully calm down.

Su Huai looked out of the door and approached Su Qingbai. “The man with you is my little aunt-in-law… no, little uncle-in-law?”

Su Qingbai couldn’t sit still and threw the steamed bun at will. “What did you say? Don’t talk nonsense.”

Su Huai looked at him. “Don’t want to admit it yet? I’ve seen it all. You both are holding hands. The uncle who sells wonton said that the man came to you every day and even hugging and embracing you.”

Hugging and embracing? Su Qingbai was shocked. That uncle’s gossip was too dangerous. When did they hugged and embraced? At most when he’s tired, Jiang Si would hold him up or wipe his sweat.

Su Huai continued, “And that man really looks like Caicai…” After thinking about it, Su Huai looked at Su Qingbai. “No good! I have to tell Grandpa, as to not let you be deceived when the time comes.”

Although Su Qingbai was his little uncle, he was extremely unreliable from small to big mostly. Su Qingbai was supposed to be the little uncle, but for Su Huai, he’s just like his little brother.

This little uncle had done a lot of ridiculous things even when Su Qingbai had made some progress during this period. His impression by what Su Qingbai did in the past was too profound that Su Huai still felt that little uncle was unreliable.

Su Qingbai grabbed Su Huai. “Don’t talk nonsense.” He and Jiang Si had no relationship at all, and if his dad knew it, his dad must be looking for that person. How embarrassing it would be then! “Don’t talk nonsense, there’s nothing between me and him at all.”

Su Huai turned around. “So why is his face so like Caicai’s?”

Su Qingbai was tongue-tied. He really couldn’t explain that.

Su Huai patted Su Qingbai on the shoulder. “Little uncle, you’re still young, you don’t even know that people outside are evil…” There were words that Su Huai didn’t have the heart to say: that man is beautiful, and you are not as pretty as a fairy. With no look, no personality or talent, why would he like you?

Most likely, it was a scheme.

After that, Su Huai was about to go out.

Su Qingbai was desperate, when Su Lingchuan’s voice suddenly sounded outside, “Qingbai――”

Su Qingbai gave Su Huai a warning look and said, “Don’t talk nonsense!” Then he rushed out.

He saw Su Lingchuan was looking helplessly at Su Caicai on the cart.

Su Caicai faced his butt toward his Grandpa and gnawed at half a pig’s head in his hand.

Su Caicai had already lessened on milk drinking, and he had tasted something else. Now meat was on his lips. Although he was small and inexperienced, he could also judge that it was edible.

Su Qingbai took a look. Half of the pigs’ head was bathed in Su Caicai’s saliva, which was horrible.

Not only that, but Su Caicai also held a large piece of meat in his arms.

Su Qingbai was stunned and recognized at a glance that it was the half-boar Jiang Mao gave him yesterday. At that time, he refused because he was afraid of wasting it. He didn’t know when Jiang Mao stuffed the half wild boar back again.

Normally when he sold vegetables, for fear of the vegetables drying, he took a clean cloth to cover them. Su Qingbai did not find out when Jiang Mao had stuffed meat under the cover of the cloth.

Not only that, Jiang Mao had also made pork head into pork head meat. In addition to pork head, the rest had been processed by Jiang Mao. It was cooked and the smell of the meat was like a fragrance of silk in recent years.

“Oh~ this is precisely the man…” Who knew when Su Huai came out, pointing to the meat while saying that but he was interrupted by a shoe thrown at him by Su Qingbai.

Su Qingbai jumped on one foot, picked up his shoe, stared angrily, and looked like he wanted to throw the shoe at him again.

Su Huai, upon seeing his little uncle looking fierce, he swallowed and dared not speak out.

Su Qingbai watched Su Huai leave, then put on his shoe and coaxed Su Caicai for the meat in his arms.

Ultimately, Su Qingbai got the meat coaxed out of Caicai.

“Qingbai, where did this meat come from?” Su Lingchuan looked at the two pieces of meat, which looked to be about ten catties and had been processed.

Su Qingbai’s heart skipped a beat when he heard this, then he went to hold Su Caicai and pretended to be careless about it, “Well, my friend gave it to me.”

Su Lingchuan looked at him, then he didn’t ask any more questions.

Because the price of meat in this town was so high, Madam Su, who hadn’t eaten much meat for a long time, looked at the salivated pork head eaten by Su Caicai and refused to throw it away. She flushed it slightly with water, cut it into pieces and put it on a plate, then poured a little vinegar, and served it on the table.

In the end, the meat was eaten by Su Er-sao alone. Su Er-sao felt that after all, she was pregnant and should eat more meat. It’s even rare that Madam Su who did all that didn’t feel angry.

Su Qingbai, Su Huai, Su Lingchuan, and Madam Su all silently drank porridge, remembering the tragic situation in which the other meat was eaten by Su Caicai.

After dinner, Su Huai went to Su Qingbai’s room again.

“Little uncle, you won’t let me tell Grandpa, alright. But you have to let me see that man to see what his character is like.”

He would go to investigate first, and then told Grandpa if there were any problems.


Exile Chapter 22

Su Qingbai felt powerless. “I really have nothing special with him.” At least not now.

Su Huai turned around. “Then I’ll go and find Grandpa.”

“Wait…” Su Qingbai gritted his teeth and looked at Su Huai.

Su Huai looked at him.

“I have nothing to do with him but friends… But if you want to see him, I’ll take you there.”

The next day Su Huai got up early in the morning with Su Qingbai.

With a steamed bun in hand, Su Huai stood at the entrance, gnawing bun, and saw Su Qingbai pulling the cart over.

“Let’s go, little uncle.”

Su Qingbai looked at him. “What’s the rush?” After that, he stopped at their house’s entrance.

Su Huai swallowed the steamed bun. “Little uncle, let’s go quickly. You can’t get away with it.”

“Who said I was going to get away with it?” Even with that in mind, Su Qingbai firmly refused to admit, “I’m waiting for someone.”

That’s true.

A few days ago, Su Ni’s legs gradually improved, and she insisted on carrying a basket of vegetables to the county. Su Qingbai could not bear to see it, so he pulled the vegetables together for Su Ni, which was also a reward for her help before.

Yesterday and the day before yesterday, Su Ni’s mother went to look at marriage partner for her and did not let her out.

Two days later, Su Ni wanted to go to the county to sell vegetables as usual, and Su Qingbai figured that the marriage might not have been negotiated.

Seeing Su Ni, Su Huai felt uncomfortable. He pulled Su Qingbai aside. “Little uncle, how could there be a girl?”

Su Qingbai ignored his discomfort, pulled Su Huai and said to Su Ni, “This is my nephew, and your peers. He’s older than you, so regard him as is your Zu-xiong.”

[Zu-xiong = elder brother by extension of social group]

This young lady Su Ni was a little embarrassed. Through the moonlight [not yet dawn], she looked at the tall and handsome Su Huai in front of her eyes. Then she quickly lowered her head and whispered to call him Zu-xiong.

Su Huai was uncomfortable.

Su Qingbai also introduced Su Ni to Su Huai.

After saying their greetings, Su Qingbai caught a glimpse of Su Ni’s legs trembling under the pressure of the basket on her back and said, “Quickly put your vegetables on the cart first.”

As soon as Su Qingbai spoke, he saw his nephew put the steamed bun into his (QB) hand which he had just gnawed and showed an unmatched eagerness to take over the girl’s basket and put it on the cart.

Su Ni whispered thanks.

But Su Qingbai understood his nephew. Although Su Ni was not particularly good-looking, she still could be considered a beauty in this town.

Along the way, Su Huai spoke to Su Qingbai with a rare gentleness. He grabbed Su Qingbai’s handcart and said, “Little uncle, you’re short and not very energetic. Let me do it.”

Su Qingbai heard this and his face blacken. He stuffed half of the steamed bun Su Huai had just put in his hand into his mouth. Finally, he clapped his hands in disgust and said, “There is saliva on the steamed bun.”

Although Su Qingbai was reluctant to admit it, it turned out that Su Huai was taller than him, and stronger than him. Without notice, they arrived at the county soon.

Su Huai saw Jiang Mao was absent and looked at him suspiciously. Did little uncle give the man a tip? That’s why the man didn’t come.

Su Qingbai, of course, knew what he was thinking. He felt helpless. “Don’t look at me. I really don’t know why he didn’t come. Maybe something happened. Besides, him and I have no relationship, where would he have so much leisure time to accompany me every day to sell vegetables?”

Su Huai looked to be incredulous. “I’ll come back tomorrow.”

Su Huai then sent Su Ni to the place where she used to set up stall, and he didn’t come back.

When would Su Qingbai have seen that boy’s thoughts at that time, but he still couldn’t help muttering that Su Huai was really unfilial. He left his little uncle behind when he saw the young girl.

Su Qingbai was depressed, and then saw Jiang Mao arrived late with food.

Jiang Mao handed him the food. “Why did you come so early today?”

Su Qingbai nodded. “My nephew accompanied me… eh, today’s breakfast is different from then, no steamed buns?”

Jiang Mao smiled and handed him the water. He could drown people with his gentle eyes. “I’m afraid you’re tired of eating steamed buns, so I made some myself.”

Perhaps Su Qingbai was influenced by Su Huai’s words, so he was very sensitive to their contact at the moment. Jiang Mao wiped his mouth after he took a sip of water and he blushed.

Jiang Mao took a sip at the same place where he had drunk the water and then pinched his face. “Why is this face so red?”

Su Qingbai had something on his mind, so he didn’t know how to answer it for a moment and kept nibbling at his breakfast to hide his discomfort.

Jiang Mao didn’t care. He just felt that Su Qingbai’s face was tender and soft, and he could not help pinching it a few more times.

Su Huai sent Su Ni over there when he thought that the man didn’t come today and so he didn’t go back to Su Qingbai. He helped Su Ni sell out the vegetables on the excuse of being idle.

After he helped Su Ni packed up the stall and came back to Su Qingbai, he saw Jiang Mao beside Su Qingbai, and his eyes lit up.

Su Huai neglected Su Ni for a moment. He only had Jiang Mao in his eyes. He wondered how to test him later.

As he approached slowly, suddenly a man dressed as a bailiff rushed over. “Sure enough, cheap girl, you indeed fooling around with men.” That’s what was said to Su Ni.

Just the next moment, he rushed up to strike at Su Qingbai.

Jiang Mao was the first to react, kicking down his great deal of bailiff with one foot and taking some effort to restrain him.

Looking at the stick in his hand, Su Huai felt worried.

“Cheap girl, you dare to hang out with other men behind my back.” That’s what was said to Su Qingbai and Su Ni.

“Don’t talk nonsense. I’ve no relationship with you. Don’t bother me anymore.”

Turned out, this man was called Chen Da, a bailiff of the county’s government office. Su Ni sold vegetables here. Chen Da, who came to visit, took a fancy to her and wanted to marry Su Ni.

Su Ni didn’t want to. When Su Ni’s mother heard about it, she rushed to find her daughter’s a household to marry into, but she was disturbed by Chen Da.

Su Qingbai touched her slightly because her feet were inconvenient at this moment. This was seen by Chen Da and he noted the hatred down in his mind. Seeing Su Ni seeking out Qingbai again today, he finally couldn’t help it.

After telling the whole story, in the end Su Ni felt guilty and said, “I’m sorry.” Not only did she apologize for this, but she also used Su Qingbai to escape Chen Da on the day she lost her footing.

She knew she was a little unkind, but she was really at a loss.

Su Qingbai frowned and thought it was a bit difficult to deal with. The man in front of him was a bailiff. He was afraid of some trouble. But his nephew had taken a fancy to Su Ni, and he couldn’t ignore it.

Jiang Mao’s eyes darkened, remembering of the day he chased Su Qingbai and had seen the scene, then he looked back at Su Qingbai, he found that Su Qingbai, though worried, was not at all relieved because of his affection for Su Ni.

Finally, Su Qingbai asked Jiang Mao to release the man. After all, the other party was a bailiff while he was a commoner who was carrying crime onto his being. At the beginning of each month, his Su Family would have to go to the government office to sign in, so it’s not good to offend this person.

Before he left, Chen Da said ruthlessly, “This is my place, with me here, see who dares to buy your vegetables in the future.”

Su Ni felt even guiltier.

The others were somewhat sullen.

“My house is near here. It’d better go to my house and rest first.” Jiang Mao invited them.

Although Chen Da interrupted him in the middle, Su Huai never forgot what was happening today. When he heard the words, he looked over, and agreed before Su Qingbai refused.

When they arrived and Jiang Mao opened the door, he took Su Qingbai’s cart and said softly, “I’ll put it away first. You’ll treat them first and pour them a cup of tea. Tea, you know, is in the same place. I’ll come later.”

Just like a pair of people that had been living their days together.

Su Huai fiercely stared at Su Qingbai.

Su Qingbai’s scalp felt numb. He wanted to cry. Was Jiang Mao really not intentional? Knowing that Su Huai was his nephew, but he still said so ambiguously in front of Su Huai.

Exile Chapter 23

Su Huai didn’t say anything in front of Su Ni, but he was staring at Su Qingbai with bulging eyeballs.

Su Qingbai didn’t want to accompany Su Huai who was staring at him,so he excused himself in pretext of helping out Jiang Mao.

Su Huai was really surprised to hear that Jiang Mao cooked for them in person. At first glance, the temperament of this man was not like that of the street vendors. Jiang Si was a little less smooth and a little more relaxed than those people. As if he disdained to compliment them for life, indifferently he really didn’t care about other people or things, except… his little uncle.

Jiang Mao was stir-frying inside while Su Qingbai stood outside the window and went to help him open some old wooden windows. The too much of kitchen fumes were dispersed.

“Jiang Si.” Su Qingbai suddenly leaned over the window and called Jiang Mao.

“Hmm?” Jiang Mao kept moving, but turned his head and looked at Su Qingbai with a smile.

“I find that you cook faster and more skillfully.”

Jiang Mao smiled and looked at Su Qingbai without blinking. “I haven’t cooked by myself for a long time. I usually eat out. It’s only recently that I picked up the cooking. At first it was a bit awkward, just take some time.”

Why not continue eating outside? Why did you bother doing it at home?

It’s for Su Qingbai, of course.

Su Qingbai also knew this, and he blushed.

Jiang Mao looked at him helplessly. “You always refuse to spend my money or go outside with me. I have to do it myself.”

Su Qingbai was a little embarrassed and felt that he was making some unreasonable trouble. But… He really couldn’t spend Jiang Si’s money.

It suddenly occurred to him that Jiang Si had not been given any money today. He thought about it then grabbed a lot of copper coins from his pocket and said, “Here, thirty-two coins are for you.”

Jiang Mao never refused Su Qingbai’s money. He nodded and said, “You help me put it in the cupboard near my bed. Here’s the key!”

Su Qingbai took his key and went away. After a while, he ran back. “Done.”

Jiang Mao nodded and said nothing.

Su Qingbai stood at the window and did not enter. He asked, “How can you put all your copper coins in the cupboard? It’s so convenient to change it into silver tael!”

Jiang Mao said with a smile in his eyes, “Those are all you gave me. I need to keep them well.”

Su Qingbai covered his face and blushed, thinking Jiang Si would be a real charmer.

Next, neither of them spoke any more, but warmth spread between them.

Looking at Jiang Si’s earnest face while cooking, Su Qingbai went silly. Sometimes he thought that if Jiang Si could treat him so well all his life, it would not be impossible for him to endure a few beatings from his Lao Zi.

But when he thought about it, he immediately denied his dangerous idea. He looked at Jiang Si with some hatred. Although this grandson (JM) sometimes performed well, he was not so reliable.

What’s the use of saying so many good words? Even the most basic names, Jiang Si had lied to him.

The more Su Qingbai thought about it, the more suffocated his heart had become.

Suddenly, Jiang Mao called him, “Qingbai.”


Jiang Mao stretched out his arm to him. “You help me pull up my sleeve. It’s not convenient for me to cook.”

Su Qingbai ran over obediently, but refused to talk to him more.

Watching Su Qingbai bowed his head and murmured to help him roll his sleeves with seriousness and looking lovely, Jiang Mao suddenly felt touched in his heart. He took Su Qingbai into his arms, approached him and kissed his side face. “Really, sometimes I can’t help it. I know you don’t feel it. When will you stop torturing me? I really want to…” Rip your clothes off, ruthlessly…

Looking at Jiang Mao’s lustful eyes, Su Qingbai was initially shocked and slowly calming down after he was gently kissed. In the other hand, he was secretly cursing in his heart, and inwardly thinking: this fellow is a real beast, who could have estrus while cooking. At the same time, he was fired up by the words spoken, “Blame me? Clearly you are not honest yourself.”

Jiang Mao came out of his delusion and looked at Su Qingbai somewhat inexplicably. “Where am I not honest?”

Not that he boasted, but he thought he was too honest. There were many good-looking girls and young women who came to buy vegetables in the street every day but he didn’t look at them.

“Jiang Si?” Su Qingbai had been holding back for a long time. Today, when he rushed to speak, he simply said, “Do you think I’m a fool? Don’t you know how to be careful by make up a pseudonym?” Sometimes when he called Jiang Si’s name, Jiang Si didn’t respond at first using the name.

Jiang Mao touched his nose. He didn’t realize that he had kept it secret for so long that it would be torn down like this.

Upon seeing him not saying anything, Su Qingbai seethed. Fine, this is tacit acknowledgement?

He turned around and was about to leave.

And only then did Jiang Mao reacted by taking the man into his arms. “I didn’t mean to. Listen to my explanation.”

Su Qingbai was held in his arms and could not move. His eyes were shooting flames. “Lies ah, lies, I see what you can make up.”

Jiang Mao held him in his arms and did not let him go. He was afraid that he would run away. He slowly said, “The first time I see you, I want to tell you, but Su Ni was next to you. When I was chased, it’s not convenient to say that. Later…” Later Su Qingbai made no secret that he hated Jiang Mao. How would he dare say he is Jiang Mao?

These words, Jiang Mao couldn’t say it.

Su Qingbai looked at him. “What happened later? You continue talking about it.”

Jiang Mao felt that he had just been impulsive. The later words he had not said were bound to be trouble.

After thinking about it, Jiang Mao looked at the direction of the central room, where Su Huai and Su Ni were sitting. He whispered, “Tomorrow, okay? Tomorrow you will come alone, I will inform you, all of them.” He didn’t mind telling Su Qingbai his identity, but there two other people in the house. Should he said his name, it would trigger Su Qingbai meeting his personal enemy, which he couldn’t help making a fuss about, and let the two know. Wasn’t this the way to lead the assassin here?

Delaying again?

Su Qingbai looked at him, decided to believe him once, and then broke away. “Fine, I’ll wait for tomorrow. Don’t talk to me any more unless you say it tomorrow.”

Then, as he walked out, he shouted for Su Huai.

Su Huai rushed out, followed by Su Ni. Su Qingbai shouted, “Let’s go home.”

Su Huai was a bit confused. Didn’t they were invited to eat? Why were they leaving?

But looking at Su Qingbai’s angry appearance, he could not say anything and went out.

The next day, Su Qingbai got up early to come to the town, but Su Lingchuan stopped him and gave him Su Caicai. “I’m all idle at home. I’m planning to teach in the village. I’m going to talk to your great grandpa today. You look after Caicai.”

Su Qingbai was going crazy and looked at Su Caicai, who grinned at him. Su Qingbai was discouraged at once and took him out to slip away.

On the third day, Su Qingbai got up and ran in the dark.

Exile Chapter 24

After a day’s delay, Su Qingbai couldn’t make any money and wondered if Jiang Si would be worried.

There’s only one way from their village to the town. Su Qingbai was on the way. There weren’t many people on the way. It might be assumed that because he did not dragging vegetables this morning, so he walked faster and came early.

On one side of the town was the barren neighboring country, so the gate closed every day. It closed early in the evening and opened early in the next day.

He did not expect as he was walking to the gate, it was as lively as anywhere else.

Su Qingbai looked across the crowd and saw nothing.

“Ouch!” An old man who carried a load was almost overwhelmed by the crowd. Su Qingbai gave him a hand and waited for him to stand up. Su Qingbai asked him, “What’s happening, uncle?”

The uncle thanked him and said, “A young man with two horses and a seriously injured man were blocked in front of the town gate.” After saying that he even comforted him, “But it’ll be over soon, they won’t be blocked for too long.”

Su Qingbai smiled and nodded, and it wasn’t long before a man came in with two horses, with one of them carrying a man lying on its back.

Su Qingbai was in a hurry to meet Jiang Mao. He didn’t pay much attention, but he didn’t expect as soon as the blocked crowd dispersed, someone called him, “Qingbai? Su Qingbai!”

Su Qingbai turned around and was surprised to see the holler. “Zhang Su? How did you come here?”

Zhang Su, the man with two horses, upon seeing Su Qingbai, his frown suddenly eased out. “I’ll talk to you it later slowly. You come first and give me a hand.”

Su Qingbai ran to help him lead one of the horses while Zhang Su took after the one with a man on the horse’s back.

“Qingbai, where are you from? Take me there as soon as possible.”

Su Qingbai looked at the man on the horse, who was obviously injured, and nodded busily to lead them away.


As they passed the vegetable market, Su Qingbai and Zhang Su saw Jiang Mao from afar, who was pleasantly surprised, shouting and running over quickly.

Su Qingbai pursed his lips. He wanted to explain what happened yesterday, but he saw Zhang Su took a step from forward him and exclaimed, “His Highness Yue Wang?”

Su Qingbai paused and looked at Zhang Su. “What did you say?”

At this time Jiang Mao approached near and Zhang Su again said, “Your Highness Yue Wang…” It was interrupted by the cough of the man on the horse’s back.

Yue Wang, Jiang Mao.

He knew the name well enough, but he didn’t realize that it would someday be associated with Jiang Si.

Jiang Mao ignored Zhang Su, and Su Qingbai knew it.

He looked at Su Qingbai nervously.

After a while, Su Qingbai digested the fact that Jiang Si was Jiang Mao.

Jiang Mao seldom looked like a child who had done something wrong. He looked helpless, his face was panicky, and his lips moved like he wanted to explain but didn’t know how to explain it.

Su Qingbai stared at him fiercely, then stopped caring about him and ran to check on the man on the horse’s back.

The man on the horseback never spoke so Su Qingbai thought he was still unconscious. When he looked over, the man had opened his eyes and leaned against Zhang Su’s while weakly coughing.

Su Qingbai shoved the reins of the horse into Jiang Mao’s hand and said to Zhang Su, “You hurry and carry him on your back and follow me.”

Zhang Su nodded, picked up the man and followed Su Qingbai to the hospital.

It’s half a day to find the doctor and settled in a place.

Zhang Su almost couldn’t stand, so he held onto Su Qingbai’s shoulder. He couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief when he heard the doctor say that the man was alright.

Su Qingbai was thinking about Jiang Mao, and plus, he didn’t know what the man had to do with Zhang Su. He did not know how to comfort him, so he patted him on the shoulder and sat on the nearest stool.

After half a day, Su Qingbai had also completely accepted Jiang Mao’s identity.

At this time, Jiang Mao had put the horse away and went to the hospital.

When Zhang Su saw Jiang Mao, he immediately remembered that he had not finished the salutation moments ago. Facing toward Jiang Mao, he started his salutation. “Your Highness Yue…”

Before he had finished, Su Qingbai jumped on him and covered his mouth.

He had heard Jiang Mao said that he was hunted down.

At the moment, there were more than a few of them in the hospital. The small hospital was crowded with many people. Zhang Su’s fancy clothes were very eye-catching. If he saluted another person, everyone would know that there was a Yue Wang here, and the assassin would know that.

“What do you think you are doing in this sort of place?” Su Qingbai stared at Zhang Su. As for Jiang Mao’s identity, he had too many interests involved. Whether there were assassins or not, it was not wise to make unabashed salutes in this chaotic border town.

Only then Zhang Su realized. He slapped his head and apologizing, “Stupid me…”

Jiang Mao could not care about Zhang Su’s salutation at the moment. He looked at the two people in front of him with a cold face. Su Qingbai was shorter than Zhang Su, when he had jumped up too quickly, he almost jumped on Zhang Su. From Jiang Mao’s point of view, Su Qingbai jumped up and hugged Zhang Su tightly; hugging each other’s neck intimately.

With one hand, he pulled Su Qingbai down. With a black face, Jiang Mao reprimanded him, “What do you think it look like to hug and embracing in broad daylight?”

Su Qingbai was speechless. Jiang Mao dared to reprimand him here? He also wanted to find Jiang Mao to settle accounts.

Jiang Mao did not care whether Su Qingbai was angry, he went to Zhang Su and left his address, then took Su Qingbai out.

Su Qingbai refused to obey him and as a result, he was half-embraced and carried home.


Exile Chapter 25

“You dare to cuddle with other man in front of me.” Jiang Mao complained.

Su Qingbai stared at him, feeling incredible. He pointed at him, “Do you still have the face to say that to me? JIANG! MAO!”

Listening to him calling his name, Jiang Mao knew it was too late to hide.

Thinking of this, he didn’t like that Zhang Su for a little bit. It was different in nature to say it on your own initiative than to be debunked by others.

He had planned to be honest, but he didn’t expect to be exposed by Zhang Su halfway.

With this in mind, looking just like a newly wedded wife, Jiang Mao walked up to Su Qingbai and looked down. “I was going to tell you yesterday, but you didn’t come…”

Su Qingbai didn’t ease up because of his remark. Jiang Mao helplessly said, “Look, it’s not that I don’t say it. You will ignore me if you know it. Where can I dare say it?”

That’s what Jiang Mao said, but when he thought about it, he still gave his identity, family background and finally added, “That cousin of mine, I haven’t see her before and I don’t know how the rumor came out.”

“Tut-tut-tut!” Su Qingbai was dripping with sarcasm, “That cousin of mine? But addressing her very intimately.”

Jiang Mao put his hand on his forehead. It really offended him (QB).

In spite of this, Su Qingbai’s attitude had eased a little. Although he had not yet lost his temper, he still remembered some things. “What’s about when you say someone chases you down?”

“I can’t figure out specifically who it is, but it must be those runaway brothers of mine.”

Su Qingbai was a little nervous and angry. “Somebody’s chasing you down, and you go to the vegetable market with me every day to sell vegetables, where people come and go. If…”

Jiang Mao smiled and stretched over the hand under his armpit to grab Su Qingbai’s waist, held him face to face, he put their whole body together, and then he rested his chin on Su Qingbai’s shoulder. “You can rest assured, I will be fine.” Looking at Su Qingbai’s bulging cheeks and still staring at him with round eyes, Jiang Mao explained, “They’re looking for me, so they’ll not looking at the vegetable market.”

Jiang Mao didn’t care about it at the moment. What he cared about was, “Are you worried about me?”

When he learned that Jiang Mao was fine, Su Qingbai was too lazy to pay attention to him. He did not deny or answer what Jiang Mao had asked. He just looked at him sideways, thinking that this man was not at all honest and so he needed to observe him more.

Somehow, after a noon, Su Qingbai was now commanding Jiang Mao particularly in confidence, the kind that not afraid of owing him.

Su Qingbai refused to acknowledge him. Because Jiang Mao explained the details clearly, he felt that the man really could not run out of his palm, so he had the courage.

Directed by Su Qingbai to cook, Jiang Mao was still giddy, became even happier.

Su Qingbai looked at Jiang Mao and wondered if it was his illusion. He had thought Jiang Mao was silly today.

The injured man soon woke up when they came to delivered Zhang Su their meals with lunch boxes.

Zhang Su introduced the man, “This is Xu Qian.”

When Su Qingbai heard it, he scrambled forward, touched the messy hair and stared. It was true.

No wonder he just looked familiar.

Su Qingbai knew him. It’s not a beautiful memory. He had a bad blood with this man.

Jiang Mao made him wore a green hat was the shadow of his life and Xu Qian was also the shadow. He remembered that Xu Qian always teased a group of people about him wearing a green hat.

Speaking of it, Su Lingchuan and Xu Qian’s father were colleagues and had a good relationship, but somehow, Xu Qian always looked down on him.

The bad blood between them was more than this. For many years, the events had been piling up until it was no longer unclear.

Xu Qian was awake all the time, but he didn’t say anything. He’s now in dire straits, in the hands of Su Qingbai. It was really intolerably for him, who loved to save his face.

He sensed that Su Qingbai looked at him like he was sizing something, and with dislike in his eyes. He was suddenly too embarrassed and looked up to give him a fierce look.

Su Qingbai smiled when he stared at him like this. “Still too arrogant.”

Zhang Su helplessly watched Xu Qian, who was about to be vomit blood because of anger. He quickly distracted Su Qingbai and changed the subject. “What meal did you bring me?”

Su Qingbai did not speak but opened the lunch box to show him.

Zhang Su took a bite and said in surprise, “It’s the dish of Xianghuazhai in the capital city.”

[savory vegetarian dish]

He looked at Xu Qian and knew that besides Xu Qian being a menace and lecherous outside, he was also suffering.

The fragrance of wine and vegetable filled the room. Su Qingbai let in a young waiter from the shop to give Xu Qian a bowl of plain porridge.

Xu Qian’s injury would be healed in a few days.

Su Lingchuan had taught Zhang Su for several days. He was regarded his teacher. With that reason, Zhang Su wanted to go to visit Su Lingchuan.

Zhang Su went without Xu Qian.

Su Qingbai wondered if he thought too much about it. When he took Zhang Su to his house, Xu Qian seemed to look like he was abandoned and looking at Zhang Su piteously.

Without Zhang Su being there, Xu Qian stared at him as if he had robbed his wife.

Xu Qian and Zhang Su?

Su Qingbai felt that he must have thought too much. It might possibly because there was a Jiang Mao, whenever he saw anybody, he would have wrong thought.

He still remembered that Xu Qian was cheap person when he was young. He always liked to gather in front of them when something happened, and he always liked to provoke them. For those, Zhang Su’s response was he pulled Xu Qian from the people he provoked to a place where no one was there to beat him up since small to big. From small to big, Xu Qian was a cheap person.

When Su Qingbai returned home, he thought about buying a bag of sugar. The other day, his Lao Zi went to his great grandfather’s house with Su Caicai in his arms. It happened that his great grandfather’s grandson was drinking with a bowl of sweet porridge. Su Caicai was a glutton. He just stood at the table and stared at the kid without blinking. It was embarrassing.

His great grandfather liked children, and Su Caicai was very beautiful. In a fit of cherish, his Great Grandfather made his granddaughter-in-law cooked a bowl for Su Caicai.

Never thought, after the bowl of porridge was served, Su Caicai would stick to his house. Every day, he would take the eggs from the chicken nest to exchange it with a sweet porridge.

If he was not granted, he would roll around on the ground.

Su Qingbai happened to see him like that once. He pulled down his pants and just gave him a spank on the butt.

Su Caicai then rolled with discontent, holding the eggs and tearing down.

Su Qingbai couldn’t bear it.

In fact, it was not that he was reluctant to buy Su Caicai the sugar, but Caicai was still such a small person, that he could not eat too much sugar.

But Su Qingbai finally compromised. He bought a small bag of sugar and decided that he would give Su Caicai put a little in it for dinner in the future.

“Da~” upon seeing Su Qingbai, Su Caicai, who was placed at the door, shouted at his Dad.

Su Qingbai was overwhelmed by the flattery and honor that he rushed to embrace him into his arms. When he left this morning, this little son was still angry with him, ne.

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