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Chapter 1325 - Enlarging and Thick golden cudgel

There were too many unknowns in the Great Wilderness Land. Due to the harsh conditions here, very few people dared to set foot in.

The Fog Land was a dangerous place.

Unable to leap, they encountered all kinds of vicious demon beast in the fog.

Polar Mantis.

One of the ferocious demon beast in the fog.

The mantis' blade was faster than a hurricane. Its body charged forward and retreated. The mantis extended and contracted both of its arms, perfectly combining them together to form a powerful attack.


Long Fei had never been afraid of getting into trouble since he was young.

The stronger you are, the more I will trample on you!

The clothes on Long Fei's body had a few cuts on it, the anger in his heart was rising, his fists sunk, "Magma Explosion Fist!"

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With a flick of his body, his entire body shot out explosively.

The Polar Mantis crossed its arms and blocked, and its legs slightly sank.

Its steel winglike wings suddenly flashed and charged forward, colliding head-on with Long Fei.


"You still like the front, right?"


"I'll just see who has tougher teeth." As his fists surged, magma burned even more fiercely, and the moment he collided with the magma, it was as if he had been struck by a raging inferno.

His right fist sank.

Qilin arm.

The punch landed heavily on the point where both of their arms were crossed.


The Polar Mantis slightly lowered its body. Its arms cracked a little, but it only cracked a little.

Long Fei's right arm went numb, but... "Let's see how many moves you can take!"

"Meteor Fire Rain."

"Ten Thousand Punches!"

"Ahh …"

Long Fei roared in anger, his fists shot down like meteors, striking a specific point, "Strong? "Let's see how strong you are!"

"Bang, bang, bang …"

His fists were like a storm.

He completely did not give the Polar Mantis any chance to retaliate, "Come on, come on, let's attack again."

The ten thousand fists descended.

The blood groove on the top of the Polar Mantis' head had reached the bottom, and its body was also immediately set on fire by Long Fei. With a 'bang', all of it shattered.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Polar Mantis' for obtaining 100,000 experience, 10,000 Holy Source s, and 1 Energy Values."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Mantis Blade God'. Do you wish to cultivate it?"

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Polar Mantis blood vein'! Do you wish to fuse it?"

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining the 'Polar Crystal Core'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining …"

The system sounded out one after another.

"Just a little bit!"

Long Fei laughed excitedly, "The little BOSS has dropped pretty well."

"He actually dropped a god-rank cultivation technique!"


After finishing off the Polar Mantis, he stopped for a while and continued to walk forward. He was unable to determine direction in the dense fog, so Long Fei could only walk forward using his senses.

Afterwards, he met a few Polar Mantis in succession, all of them were killed by Long Fei.

After walking for more than half a day, Long Fei returned to his original spot.


"Wall-Hitting Ghost?"

Long Fei muttered in his heart. He clearly remembered that this was the first time he had hunted this mantis.

"There's something strange about this fog!"

Long Fei let out a small sigh.

And then …

The idea in Long Fei's heart sank, and linked to the golden cudgel, said: "Monkey, let me borrow your Fiery Eyes of Truth to use!"

The power within the golden cudgel began to surge.



Long Fei closed his eyes and suddenly opened them. His eyes became a ball of flame and fiercely shot it out, instantly seeing something hundreds of miles away.

A gush of water!

Evil spring!

All of the dense fog came out of the evil spring and the surrounding area of the evil spring was filled with all kinds of bones.

At this moment.

With the Fiery Eyes of Truth able to see through all evil, Long Fei quickly advanced!

The fog grew thicker.

Sounds rang out.

"Stop him!"

"Stop him!"

"Boom, boom!"

A few demon beast rushed out of the mist and heavily struck Xiang Longfei.

Long Fei clenched his right hand, and golden cudgel appeared in it. "Stop me? All of you, get on the ground! "

The golden cudgel swept across, "Boom!"

A demon beast was swept flying. With the support of the golden cudgel in Long Fei's hand, his body flipped and swiftly rushed several thousand meters forward, leaving a group of demon beast behind.

It was not that Long Fei did not want to kill the demon beast, but it was because he had to first get rid of the evil spring and solve this fog. Otherwise, Long Fei would never be able to walk out and be manipulated by the fog.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

His footsteps were like thunder as he rapidly advanced.

Seeing Long Fei getting closer and closer, the evil spring became more ferocious, the gushing spring water also started to roll upwards, as if it was an evil eye that had popped out.

"Stop him! Do you hear me? Stop him!"

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Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The demon beast released waves of roars, and crazily chased up to him. However, Long Fei coldly laughed, and said: "It's useless, no one can stop me."

As soon as his voice faded …

Long Fei floated in the air and landed on the head of the evil spring.

At this moment.

The demon beast that were rushing over stopped in their tracks, and did not dare to get any closer.

Long Fei slightly smiled, "You should be the one behind the Great Desolate Mist Formation, right?"

If he did not have the power of the Fiery Eyes of Truth, it would be impossible for Long Fei to find this place.

Xie Qin's ice-cold voice resounded, and said. "So what if I know? Do you think you can escape from here? "

"You can't escape?"

"Do I have to run?"

Long Fei looked at the evil spring and said: "If you kill you, how would I leave?"

"Lowly human, you are courting death!"

The evil spring was enraged, and the dense Qi within the spring pounced towards Long Fei who was in mid air like a violent tide.

It was extremely fast!


The moment the evil spring made a move, Long Fei also did not stay idle. The idea moved, "Shura's body, open!"


The power of his divine body exploded forth.

Long Fei took the golden cudgel and viciously threw it down from the air, "Go straight for the Yellow Dragon!"

The Xiu Luo divine body released all of the evil spring's energy.

The golden cudgel smashed down heavily.

The evil spring's voice sunk, "No matter what weapon you use, it will all be swallowed by me. Seeing that there are no bones around, I can still swallow the bodies of these powerful demon beast.

The evil spring was very deep, and if he were to swing the staff, he would not be able to penetrate through to the end.


Long Fei's body bounced, and suddenly moved further away. He did not grab the golden cudgel back, but instead coldly smiled: "An iron rod?"

"Then I'll show you how fierce this iron rod is!"

Long Fei's idea connected to the golden cudgel and growled, "golden cudgel, he wants to eat you. Can you let him eat you?"

"Increase in size, increase in thickness, explode it!"

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Amongst the evil spring.

The golden cudgel moved at lightning speed, becoming thicker, larger and longer. It suddenly came out from the deepest part of the evil spring.

What is it?

He is a main artifact!

Want to swallow it?


The evil spring began to get unaccustomed to it, and started to gush forth with water like crazy, shouting angrily: "What exactly is this thing?"

"Are you feeling bad?" Long Fei laughed disdainfully, "You said it, it's an iron rod!"

"I'll stab your iron rod to death!"

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