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Faced with the White Tiger Grand Sage who pounced towards him, Lin Feng smiled slightly and shook his head. He pointed his finger at the Saros Magical Tree once more. The originally dark gold light from the tree branch suddenly became cloaked by a black and white light.

The Saros Magical Tree, bolstered by the Holy Light of Creation, shook in the void. It may appear small, but once again it was able to block the White Tiger Grand Sage's Destruction Death Star.

At the same time, Lin Feng sent another blast of his Heaven-Destroying Sword Qi, which was also reinforced by the Holy Light of Creation, at the White Tiger Grand Sage, forcing him to retreat.

With that, he stabbed the already-severely injured Xiangliu Grand Sage with another blast of his Heaven-Destroying Sword Qi, making him roar in desperation and pain.

"The Golden Cicada Master said before that while all his disciples may be Undying Demon Soul Third Level demons, none of you is capable of interfering in the matters between me and him," said Lin Feng factually, "That is correct, but it's not precise."

"For my affairs, if you have yet to complete your Cardinal Tribulation, yet to ascend into the Vipralopa stage, or if you simply don't possess that amount of power, then you should not interfere at all."

The blurry sword radiance burst open in the body of the Xiangliu Grand Sage, tearing his serpent body into pieces and sending chunks of flesh and blood flying everywhere.

In the cloud of black blood, one could only hear Lin Feng's voice as he said, "If not, you are simply courting death."

When he said that, regardless whether it was the White Tiger Grand Sage, or the Azure Sky Dragon King who was protecting the Earth Dragon King, all their pupils shrunk slightly.

Even the Lu Yuan Grand Sage, who was battling Lin Feng's Thunder Dragon Avatar, and the Cang Heaven Spell Blade fell silent.

The White Tiger Grand Sage took in a deep breath and his eyes lit up once more. He continued to pounce towards Lin Feng as he gave off an earth-shaking roar. In that roar, he appeared to have summoned up the power of the squalls in the sky, which sliced through the skies.

The originally, shapeless, formless squalls appeared to have turned into power, divine soldiers. They took on shape and form and shone with an eye-dazzling golden light.

The dragon calls upon the cloud while the tiger calls upon the wind. With a tiger roar, he was able to summon the wind.

This was another attack of the White Tiger Tribe, the Nine Heavens Holy Wind Dark Gold Sword Squall!

By cultivating the Nine Heavens Formless Squalls and combining it with one's own demon powers, it would make it both ferocious and brutal. The combination of these powers would summon about a heaven-slaying and earth-splitting wind.

The White Tiger Grand Sage revealed his true form and used all his powers. This squall was vicious and terrifying. In terms of offensive powers, it was even more powerful than the Tiangang Swordmaster's Tiangang Ancient Sword of the Mount Shu Sword Tribe.

Wherever the squall touched, there appeared to be distortion in the pitch-black space. It was as if a painting had been sliced into many pieces and then separated from one another.

"Not bad, you are brave," said Lin Feng as he nodded his head. Then, he shook his head and said, "However, it's useless."

With that, he straightened his right index and middle fingers like a sword and another blast of blurry sword radiance sliced past. As a black and white holy light shone, it completely decimated every single sharp squall in the sky!

It was as if an indestructible, divine sword had sliced the many other swords coming towards it into bits.

Afterwards, Lin Feng slammed his hands together and activated his Two Elements Origins-Returning Mystic World Spell, enveloping the White Tiger Grand Sage who tried to pounce onto Lin Feng after he had used his Nine Heavens Holy Wind Dark Gold Sword Squall.

When the White Tiger Tribe revealed their true forms, their close combat physical prowess was legendary. For them, it was not just a matter of pure strength, but it was also because their bodies boasted extraordinary endurance. Regardless whether it was attack or defense, they were exceptional either way.

Right now, pinned by Lin Feng's Two Elements Origins-Returning Mystic World Spell, the White Tiger Grand Sage struggled to break free despite his powers.

In the time it took Lin Feng to open and close his eyes, a colorful light came down like a cover. Where the light touched, time appeared to have stopped.

The White Tiger Grand Sage was now trapped by both the Two Elements Origins-Returning Mystic World Spell and the Heaven Extreme Universal Light. Now, even the thoughts in his mind and his demonic energy came to a standstill.

Lin Feng pointed with his finger once more and another blast of the Heaven-Destroying Sword Qi came slicing down.

The White Tiger Grand Sage could feel a strong sense of danger. A look of resolution appeared in his eyes as he opened his blood-red mouth. One could suddenly see flashing starlight in his mouth.

Under the cover of the Two Elements Origins-Returning Mystic World Spell, only Lin Feng, who was battling against him, saw it. This, however, caused a look of surprise to cross his face as he said, "I didn't expect this."

The dots of starlight turned into a light shadow. As the starlight shone, it was as if a star was drawing nearer and nearer and yet, impossibly far at the same time. The change of time and space became hard to track and was unpredictable.

However, to Lin Feng, who had experienced the Ten Crucibles Spell Formation formed from the Mountain and River Void Crucible and the Nine Familial Green Bronze Crucibles of Emptiness, as well as the Ancient Desolate Galaxy, he was able to clearly identify what exactly the light shadow was in the void.

It was the Starry Sea, one of the Grand Celestial Seven Seas!

The Ten Crucibles Spell Formation was only able to call up a projection of the Outer Realm instead of an actual path into the Starry Sea.

However, the dimension of stars the White Tiger Grand Sage revealed was an inter-world passage into the Starry Sea.

The Grand Celestial Seven Seas were the most mysterious places of the Grand Celestial World. Every single one of them was unique in their own, special ways and the way to enter any one of them was different from the other.

The inter-world passage between the Ancient Desolate Galaxy and the outside world was not stable. Instead, the position of its entrance varied.

When the door was opened, one could go through it to enter the Ancient Desolate Galaxy. When the door was closed, it did not mean that its position would remain fixed. Instead, the door could move along with whoever possessed it, just like a magic treasure or an item.

After the last War of the Two Worlds ended, with the fall of the Hades Emperor and the disappearance of the Hades Tribe, the entrance into the Ancient Desolate Galaxy was occupied by the most powerful forces in the demon world.

However, no one would have thought that the White Tiger Grand Sage would be able to possess one such entrance.

Not even the demon of the Barren Expanses knew about this, much less the humans of the Divine Land.

However, this was within reason as well. If he had not kept this secret, even a demon who was past his Cardinal Tribulations Beginner Stage like the White Tiger Grand Sage would be unable to maintain his possession over the door for long.

Today, if he had not been forced into a corner by Lin Feng, it was unlikely that he would reveal this too. If not for the fact that he was cloaked by the Two Elements Origins-Returning Mystic World Spell, the attractiveness of the White Tiger Grand Sage to the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage, the Heavenly Master Grand Sage and the other demons was no less than the Earth Dragon King or the Golden Cicada.

Furthermore, as he was slightly weaker, he may even be of more interest.

The gaze of the White Tiger Grand Sage was icy-cold as a light flashed in his eyes. The door to the Starry Sea in his mouth opened a vast amount of starlight, which appeared to have come from an infinite number of stars, poured out. The vast power within it shook the Two Elements Origins-Returning Mystic World Spell as he tried to break free from it.

Lin Feng looked interestedly at the scene and nodded his head slowly, "Interesting."

He pointed lightly at the Saros Magical Tree and a dark gold tree branch, bolstered by the black and white Holy Light of Creation, came forth to block the starlight coming from the White Tiger Grand Sage's mouth.

The White Tiger Grand Sage was only able to use a tiny bit of the Starry Sea's power. Its power was incomparable to that of the real Starry Sea.

Against the defenses of Lin Feng's Saros Magical Tree, the starlight was unable to do much harm.

On the other hand, Lin Feng continued to increase the power of his Two Elements Origins-Returning Mystic World Spell as he sought to further weaken the White Tiger Grand Sage.

At the same time, the Heaven-Destroying Sword Qi hacked repeatedly at him. Even with the legendary defenses he possessed, the White Tiger Grand Sage was still hurt.

As his wounds worsened, the White Tiger Grand Sage was unable to resist for long. Unwillingly, he could only close his mouth, closing off the entrance to the Starry Sea.

Lin Feng clapped and the Saros Magical Tree fell once again into the Two Elements Origins-Returning Mystic World Spell. The spell and the magic treasure worked in conjunction as the tiny tree branch suddenly expanded massively and turned into a humongous tree with sprawling tree branches.

The Saros Magical Tree squashed the severely-injured White Tiger Grand Sage, preventing him from moving.

When the cloud and smoke had cleared, everyone watched as Lin Feng subdued the heavily-injured White Tiger Grand Sage with his Saros Magical Tree.

On the other hand, the Cang Heaven Spell Blade and the Lu Yuan Grand Sage were beaten back by his Thunder Dragon Avatar.

As for the Golden Cicada, he was unable to do much in the face of the monkey's assault.

As the monkey roared, he waved his Malleable Holy Metal around as he tried to turn the heaven upside-down.

The Golden Cicada's true form turned into millions of smaller cicadas. He was an ocean of bugs and around the ocean of bugs, a round plate shone with light as it tried to protect the many cicadas. even so, many of them were beaten to death by the monkey while some escaped.

Looking at the round plate, most did not react, except the Heavenly Master Grand Sage, whose eyes shone with light. He was itching to act.

The Golden Cicada chanted in a low voice and the round plate split open. Its many fragments flew in all directions.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and he was able to catch onto a fragment. The Heavenly Master Grand Sage was able to do so too. However, what made him unhappy was the fact that other than Lin Feng, the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage and the Golden Roc Grand Sage each received a piece too.

The red in the Heavenly Master Grand Sage's eyes grew massively as he stared darkly at Lin Feng, the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage and the Golden Roc Grand Sage.

On the other side, the monkey did not appear to care at all. His gaze remained fixated on the Golden Cicada. As he somersaulted in mid-air, he continued in his pursuit of the Golden Cicada. As one demon sought to escape, the other demon sought to catch him. The two of them soon disappeared.

After the monkey left with the Golden Cicada, Lin Feng did not give chase. Instead, he stared calmly at the Heavenly Master Grand Sage.

The Heavenly Master Grand Sage's face was heavy as his two eyes blazed with a cruel, vicious, red light. He stared intently at Lin Feng and the demon power in his body was evidently restless.

However, finally, he calmed himself down. His figure shimmered as he flew after the monkey and the Golden Cicada.

As the Heavenly Master Grand Sage left, the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage and the Golden Roc Grand Sage both fell silent.

The situation before them was clear. It was impossible to kill Lin Feng!

The Golden Roc Grand Sage flapped his wings and turned into a ray of golden light. He too went after the monkey and the Golden Cicada.

Looking at the situation, Lin Feng smiled slightly.

If the Golden Cicada could survive, it only meant that he was lucky. Lin Feng had captured the White Tiger Grand Sage, slayed the Xiangliu Grand Sage. Right now, there were only only two dragons to deal with.

Lin Feng's gaze turned towards the Earth Dragon King and the Azure Sky Dragon King.

The Azure Sky Dragon King, who was protecting the Earth Dragon King, looked at Lin Feng. Then, he looked at the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage who did not move. An ugly expression crossed his face.

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