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Chapter 464 - Ji Ru Mang

"Little brother, then I'll be frank."

In that instant, Xing Meng revealed a smile and said slowly, "A few years ago, a traitor of my Tian Clan appeared. When that traitor escaped from my Holy Spirit Continent, not only did he take away a large amount of Saint Ranked Demon Essence Stones, he even stole away my Tian Clan's sacred artifact, the 'Heavenly Core Pearl'. That traitor is a Stage Nine Law Saint, so after all the experts of my clan failed to catch him, Clan Elder Mu Qing personally made a move. When he found him in Origin Continent, he had already been dead for a long time, and was even killed by someone. "

"Heavenly Core Pearl?"

Tang Huan's heart skipped a beat, he immediately thought about the mysterious bead that was first absorbed by the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace", and then absorbed by the spirit pellet.

Moreover, what Xing Meng said was basically the same as what he knew.

It just so happened that my master met a Law Saint of a Tian Clan in the Sword Crafting Valley area, and killed him. Then, she left his "Sumeru Magical Ring" inside the Forging God Cave, which was obtained by Tang Huan after he entered the Forging God Cave.

Now that he thought about it, that pearl should be the Tian Clan's Sacred Artifact "Heavenly Core Pearl" that Xing Meng had mentioned.

"The 'Heavenly Heart Pearl' is incomparably marvelous. If you bring it with you, it can completely conceal your presence, making it impossible to track. Especially since it can make it so that wood element magicians are unable to track you with the help of plants and vegetation."

Xing Meng explained slowly, "At that time, there was a mixed bloodline child called Lin Sen in the Origin Continent who tried to track little brother, but failed because of this. After Elder Mu Qing interrogated Lin Sen, he concluded that it was highly likely that the 'Heavenly Heart Bead' was with you, little brother.

After Tang Huan heard this, he looked at Mu Qing in realization.

At that time, when he had been assassinated, Mu Qing had also appeared outside of Crescent City. If the old fatty had not suddenly appeared and activated the "Flowing Rainbow Spear" Spear Intent, Mu Qing might have already grabbed him.

"Outside the Crescent City, Human Clan Ye Chongshan suddenly revealed himself. Elder Mu Qing was cautious, so he did not appear to ask the little brother."

Regarding the situation at that time, Xing Meng did not hide anything, "Little brother, after you returned to the Furious Waves City, Elder Mu Qing also followed you. Initially, I had intended to ask little brother about it, but never would I have thought that during little brother's advancement to Stage Seven Martial Master, he would fuse the 'Heavenly Heart Bead' into a Spirit Pill. "

Xing Meng stared at Tang Huan, as though he wanted to verify his judgement.

"Senior Xing Meng, Great Elder's guess is correct. That 'Heavenly Heart Pearl' has indeed been assimilated into the spirit pellet."

Tang Huan laughed dryly twice, "When this junior was training in the 'Sword Crafting Valley', I picked up a ring. From it, I found a few Saint-rank 'Demon Essence Stones' and a pearl." As he spoke, Tang Huan took out that "Sumeru Magical Ring" from his bosom. In order to prevent the Tian Clan Rankers from finding him and thinking too much, Tang Huan had taken him down when he was near the Spirit Cloud City. If he had known earlier, there was no need to hide his identity.

"It really is that traitor's' Sumeru Magical Ring '."

With just a glance, Xing Meng, Mu Qing and the black clothed female nearly nodded at the same time.

Tang Huan said somewhat helplessly: "At that time, this junior did not know that it was the Tian Clan's sacred object, the 'Heavenly Core Pearl'. When I took it out from the storage ring to play with, it actually fused with the junior's Dantian, and when it was promoted to Stage Seven Martial Master in the future, it became one with the junior's spirit pellet."

"Little brother, are you saying that when you were promoted to Stage Seven Martial Master, the" Heavenly Core Pearl "was already in your body."

Mu Qing could not help but ask as his eyebrows showed a little surprise. Shock was also flickering in the eyes of Xing Meng and the black clothed female. Just like Mu Qing, they also thought that Tang Huan had always carried the "Heavenly Heart Bead" with him before he was promoted to Stage Seven Martial Master.

But from what Tang Huan said, the situation was obviously different.


Tang Huan nodded.

Xing Meng, Mu Qing and the woman in black exchanged glances, their eyes filled with suspicion.

After a while, Xing Meng could not help but frown and mutter in confusion: "It's really strange, the 'Heavenly Core Pearl' is a sacred object of the Tian Clan, when it is being promoted to Stage Seven Martial Master, fusing with a spirit pellet is already strange enough, but before it was able to condense a spirit pellet, it had already been assimilated in?"

When he had been promoted to Stage Seven Martial Master, Tang Huan still did not know the reason behind the fusion of the "Heavenly Heart Bead" and the spirit pellet. However, before the spirit pellet had been condensed, the "Heavenly Heart Bead" had been absorbed into his body, and it was obviously because of the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace".

Suddenly, Tang Huan couldn't help but ask: "Senior Xing Meng, Great Elder, what exactly is this' Heavenly Heart Pearl '?"

"The 'Heavenly Heart Pearl' is a treasure left behind by a Lord of our Tian Clan. As for its specifics and how it was formed, we do not know either. However, that Lord left behind a line, and that is to possess an extremely pure Tian Clan bloodline, in order to fuse with the 'Heavenly Core Pearl'. "

Xing Meng let out a faint sigh, and said, "Throughout these countless years, each and every outstanding expert of our Tian Clan have attempted to fuse with the Heavenly Heart Bead, and from generation to generation, no one has been able to succeed. But who would have thought that you, little brother, would actually be able to accomplish something that so many of us from the Tian Clan are unable to do. "

"Little Brother is from the Human Clan and doesn't have the bloodline of the Tian Clan, but you were able to fuse with the 'Heavenly Heart Pearl'. It is truly strange." Mu Qing shook his head and laughed bitterly.

"Could it be that the words that the senior from our Tian Clan passed down was wrong?" The woman in black couldn't help but ask.

"Only with an extremely pure Tian Clan bloodline can one fuse with the 'Heavenly Heart Pearl' …"

These words flashed in Tang Huan's mind, but his heart was in turmoil.

After a while, Tang Huan was no longer able to suppress the urge in his chest, and uncontrollably asked: "Senior Xing Meng, may this junior inquire about a person?"

"Little brother, who do you want to know?"

At this moment, not only was Xing Meng a little surprised, Mu Qing and the woman in black also stared blankly, as if they did not expect that Tang Huan would suddenly say such a thing.

"Ji Ru Mang!" Tang Huan practically spat out these three words word by word.

"Ji Ru Mang?"

Suddenly hearing this name, Xing Meng seemed to be shocked, and the same expression of shock appeared between the brows of Mu Qing and the girl in black.

Catching the expressions of the three of them, Tang Huan could not help but feel joy in his heart. They obviously knew of his mother.

"Little brother, how do you know this person?" Xing Meng came back to reality and looked at Tang Huan, his eyes revealing a deep doubt.

"She is actually the mother of this junior." Tang Huan slowly said as he forcefully suppressed the excitement in his chest.


Xing Meng, Mu Qing and the black clothed female actually exclaimed at the same time. After that, Xing Meng's figure flashed, and he was already very close to Tang Huan, his face full of disbelief, and his voice also became somewhat anxious. "Little brother, is Ji Ru Mang your mother?"

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