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Chapter 472

There was only one city gate in the Martial Ancient City and many people were also crowded around the city gate, waiting to leave.

These people were the weaker ones. Now, they did not dare to capture Qin Yun. They all wanted to get out as soon as possible.

Now, when they saw more than ten heads flying over, the hairs on their bodies stood on end as their hearts were filled with fear!

Even powerful bloodline martial artists had their heads taken off by Qin Yun, not to mention them!

In the distance, a black shadow appeared! Taking a closer look, it was a black Heavenly Lion!

Qin Yun rode on the Nether Realm's Heavenly Lion and looked at the terrified group. He said with a sneer, "You have been looking for me for quite a while, right?"

When the crowd saw Qin Yun approaching, they retreated. Leaning against the city wall, they watched in horror as Qin Yun approached.

"Qin Yun, don't get carried away! You are only a martial artist at the third level Martial Dao! There is even a cultivator of the ninth level Martial Dao Realm here!" An old man shouted.

"Everyone, don't be afraid. If we join forces, we'll definitely be able to take him down!"

"Right, we have a few martial dao realm ninth level here, there's no need to be afraid of him!"

Many people began to shout out that they wanted to unite.

Qin Yun said with a laugh, "A Dao core of mine can send all of you to heaven!"

As soon as he said that, the group of people scattered in all directions.

The hearts of these fleeing figures were filled with extreme terror.

Qin Yun's words frightened them to the point of running away. It was clear how afraid they were of the explosion of the Dao cores.

When the Martial King outside the city gates saw Qin Yun appear, he immediately hovered in the air. Separated by the transparent but powerful barrier, he looked down at Qin Yun.

These Martial Kings could not wait to capture Qin Yun!

Especially those Bloodline Martial Kings. They wished they could swallow Qin Yun alive!

Not mentioning the people from the Bloodline Aristocrat Clan, many of the people present wanted to eat Qin Yun's flesh and blood raw whenever they thought of how strong his Heavenly Lion bloodline was. This was so that they could obtain the powerful Heavenly Lion Legacy.

"Qin Yun, the strongest martial arts practitioner of our Totem Pavilion is already on his way. It's best if you escape quickly. He has never been defeated!" The old man from Totem Pavilion smirked.

Qin Yun had also heard of how powerful Gao Shilong was. When the head appeared, some people thought it was him.

Xiao Yuelan did not reveal herself, she hid herself. It was she who had asked Qin Yun to come over and take care of this group of people. She would make her move in the dark.

She hated this group of people who were chasing after her husband. She clenched her jade fists tightly as she stared at those martial artists at the ninth level martial dao.

Qin Yun had given the Xuan Royal Cannon to her in order to let her attack ninth level martial dao cultivators from afar.

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan knew each other's strength, so they were extremely confident that they could join hands to deal with a martial artist at the ninth level martial dao. Therefore, they were not afraid of this group of people.

"You want Gao Shilong to capture me?" Qin Yun laughed.

"Qin Yun, you are of the Martial Dao Realm! I think you also want to defeat Shi Long!" The old man from Totem Pavilion laughed, "The totems on his body are all innate totems. If you defeat him, you will also be able to obtain those totems!"

Qin Yun said slowly, "I can't stand his trash totem! My Heavenly Lion Totem, compared to those trash totems are ten times or a hundred times stronger!"

The reason why Totem Pavilion had provoked Qin Yun was to stall for time. They wanted him to stay here and wait for Gao Shilong's arrival!

"Qin Yun, Hong Mengshu was taken by Gao Shilong! He was the one who had wounded Hong Mengshu! Don't you want to take revenge?" The old man was dark

He laughed loudly: "Right now, he is not only looking for you, he is also looking for Hong Mengshu! Because he was in a rush, he had no time to kill Hong Mengshu...Hehe!"

Qin Yun slowly took a deep breath and clenched his fists. He said coldly, "Don't worry! I will wait here for Gao Shi Long, and let you see him die in my hands! "

"Boasting shamelessly!" The old man laughed.

Not long later, a violent and cold gale suddenly attacked.

Everyone suddenly looked towards the distance. A handsome man with long hair flowing in the wind and an evil aura emanating from his body was walking through the air.

Gao Shilong had appeared!

When everyone saw Gao Shilong arrive, they heaved a sigh of relief. That was because once Qin Yun was dealt with, they would be safe.

Qin Yun looked at Gao Shilong's eyes and glabella. It was where the dual totem was.

Gao Shilong was also looking at Qin Yun as his eyes glowed. He licked his lips as though he was looking at a delicious herb.

"Your bloodline and totem are mine now!" Qin Yun frowned and said with a sneer, "Why should my blood and totem be yours?"

Gao Shilong sneered coldly: "Firstly, you are not worthy of possessing the Heavenly Lion Totem and bloodline! Second, you are strong! Third, Totem Pavilion has the right to strip you of your totem! "

"Our Totem Pavilion's goal is to not let a mysterious totem fall into the hands of a weakling like you!"

Qin Yun was secretly infuriated as he said expressionlessly, "Ridiculous!"

"Also, if you have Hong Mengshu to hand her over! I like to beat this woman. I like to see the look on her face when she suffers. It's very hard to find such a strong woman who won't even cry out after being beaten!"

Gao Shilong's face revealed a sinister smile and his expression also became somewhat sinister.

Qin Yun said angrily with a deep voice, "Gao Shilong, I will make you pay a hundred times the price for the pain you've inflicted on Mengshu!"

The moment he released his aura, the intense Heavenly Lion's rage immediately spread in all directions like a gale.

"Hahaha, you are really arrogant!" Gao Shilong laughed loudly. His body exuded an evil aura as well as it clashed with Qin Yun's Heavenly Lion Aura.

Everyone held their breath in surprise as they retreated.

Gao Shilong's evil aura was just too terrifying, as if it was filled with the anger and resentment of countless evil spirits, bringing with it a bitter smell of blood.

Just from it's aura, it was clear he was superior to Qin Yun!

Outside the barrier, the people from Totem Pavilion nodded their heads in admiration. Gao Shilong's strength did not disappoint them.

Qin Yun struck out a Body Securing Talisman but he did not expect Gao Shilong to react so quickly. With a flash, he was several hundred meters away!

Qin Yun hurriedly controlled the Body Securing Talisman as it chased after Gao Shilong.

"An insignificant skill!" Gao Shilong was in the distance and with a wave of his palm, he unleashed a black Qi ball that destroyed the Body Securing Talisman.

He had already prepared himself. He would never give Qin Yun the chance to be determined!

"This fellow is quite capable!" Qin Yun summoned the Nether Realm Lion back and took out black broadsword. With a flash, he slashed down, using the Six Style Wind Slayer.

The moment the large blade fell, black lightning shot out from the blade. With an explosive sound of thunder, it chopped down ruthlessly at an extremely fast speed.


When Qin Yun's broadsword came crashing down, it was blocked by the trident that Gao Shilong was wielding!

The blade of the knife hacked at the fork, causing a violent collision, causing a large impact

Many of the fragments on the ground jumped up in shock!

"Die!" When Gao Shilong struck out with his palm, the thick black gas looked like a struggling fiendish demon. It transformed into an energy palm with a howl like that of an evil ghost as it charged at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun could only feel his broadsword being sucked in by the trident. It could not be retracted, so he had no choice but to strike with his Extinction Dragon Palm!

The pitch-black Extinction Dragon Palm transformed into a roaring lion head. The Heavenly Lion totem and the bloodline of the Heavenly Lion were completely unleashed!

The might of the Heavenly Lion Extinction Dragon Palm was unleashed with shock. That aura that came from it was enough to cause one's heart to palpitate!


Two loud explosions sounded out and waves of inky black gas surged out in all directions. Accompanied by furious winds, they wreaked havoc on the ground!

After Qin Yun and Gao Shilong clashed, they were sent flying a hundred meters back from the shock!

"Primordial Dao Force, Primordial Dao Body! This level of Primordial Force is not something that can only be found at the fourth level of the Martial Dao. Have you stepped into the fifth level of the Martial Dao?" Blood trickled down the corner of Gao Shilong's mouth as he said in surprise.

The crowd in the distance immediately let out cries of terror!

Qin Yun's cultivation was not at the third level of the Martial Dao realm but at the fifth level of the Martial Dao!

When Inscription palace abandoned Qin Yun because he was going to be stuck at the second level of the Martial Dao.

But now, he had broken through so quickly and became a martial artist at the fifth level of the martial dao!

Even a martial artist with a single martial spirit would find it hard to achieve such a speed! As for Qin Yun, he had dual dao cores and black martial spirit!

"As long as you are willing, it is not difficult to break the Black Soul Curse and you can advance by leaps and bounds!" Qin Yun said coldly. The black aura he emitted was the aura of a black martial spirit.

The black qi of the Gao Shilong was a very evil demonic qi!

Qin Yun held onto his broadsword and looked coldly at Gao Shilong. The power of the Heavenly Lion bloodline in his heart suddenly surged as it constantly boiled in his body, increasing the strength of his physical body!

When he was young, he didn't have the strength to protect his spirit vein, resulting in him being deprived of it!

But now, someone wanted to take away his Immortal veins and totems. He definitely wouldn't let them succeed!

Qin Yun deeply valued his bloodline and totem. That was because they were friends that had grown up with him, bringing him great strength!

He had worked hard to obtain the recognition of his bloodline and totems, obtaining the strength they bestowed. Then, he would protect them!

"We'll fight side by side!" At that moment, it was as though Qin Yun had a connection with the Heavenly Lion Bloodline Totem. He could hear the blood roaring in his body and the totem surging in his body.

Gao Shilong laughed sinisterly: "That's great! I was worried I wouldn't have a good time! Now, I will use my totem power to defeat you!"

Gao Shilong suddenly let out a sharp shriek that seemed to pierce through the heavens and earth, causing everyone to feel uncomfortable!

He released his totem power and two black vipers appeared in his eyes. On his forehead was a tiny black bat, puffing out poison gas!

"Bat totem and Snake totem!" What he has released are totem souls!" Mo Mo said.

Qin Yun's totem power was also boiling as the Heavenly Lion arm suddenly swelled up!

The black blade in his hand began to tremble slightly as it was hit by the wave of energy!

The trident in Gao Shilong's hand was a Dao weapon as well. With a sharp cry, it suddenly flashed behind Qin Yun. Two venomous vipers shot out two streams of black gas at Qin Yun!

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