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The next day, Lin Fan and the others went online very early. After all, today was the day of the semi-finals, so Lin Fan and the others had no choice but to get up earlier.

in order to get yourself in the best condition.

"Today is a tough battle!"

Today, they were going to deal with the team led by the Shooting Sun in the sky, the Heavenly Bow Shooting Sun, and not just anyone of them. Furthermore, there was more than one expert standing beside the Shooting Sun in the sky, and almost all of them were not ordinary people.

It was strange that the Assassin, Quiet Night, had an extremely strong defense, the heavy armored warrior, Huan Yu, Xing Tian. The Priest was Lonely Girl, and the Knight was alone. The four of them weren't easy to deal with.

Facing such a lineup, Lin Fan and the others couldn't help but feel their spirits rise.

Very quickly, the match was ready to begin. Today, it was still the gorgeous mature woman who presided over the match. As soon as Lin Fan and the others teleported in, they were pulled up onto the stage by the gorgeous mature woman.

"Hur hur, I didn't think that we would bump into each other!"

A smile appeared on that incomparably handsome face as he looked towards Lin Fan.

"Pretty boy, I never expected that the first strong opponent I would meet would be a pretty boy like you!"

Chaotian laughed and looked up into the sky at Shining Sun. "If only I was in reality, I would definitely leave a few scars on your face!"

"Who told you to look more handsome than me!"

"Brother Chaotian, you must be joking!"

The Shooting Sun didn't get angry as he listened to the argument. Those who knew Chaotic Heavenly Dipper knew that this fellow had kept his mouth shut and could say anything unpleasant to the ears. It was better not to lower himself to his level.

"No wonder, why don't you introduce the others to me?"

Shining Sun's eyes swept across Mo Feng and the rest beside Lin Fan. A trace of curiosity appeared in his eyes. He had seen the three of them before and he was glad to say that they were not ordinary people.

This was especially so for the fat man. As he looked at Mo Feng, he could not help but feel a chill run down his spine. He could not help but think to himself, "Let's get rid of this fatty first. Otherwise, I'll have plenty of scruples!"

If he accidentally stabbed into a crucial part of his body, he would really lose his face. After all, just as the competition had ended yesterday, this fatty and that black arrow had already become world-famous, and he did not want to become the second black arrow.

"Today's match will continue. Because a certain player did something inappropriate in the battle yesterday, we decided that we don't want to attack those places!"

"Even if the attack hits, the system will treat it as an invalid attack."

The gorgeous girl looked at Mo Feng, her eyes full of smiles as she spoke. When she thought of the battle yesterday, the gorgeous girl couldn't help but blush slightly as she watched Fatty Mo curse the hoodlum before starting the competition.


Hearing the gorgeous girl's words, the people from Shooting Sun and the others felt more at ease. After all, they would not be in such an embarrassing situation like the black arrows, and would be able to save some face for themselves and the others.

Mo Feng did not have any objections. After all, he had a grudge against the black arrows, but he did not have any grudges with them. Even if it was his opponent, he would not resort to such vulgar methods.

As soon as the battle started, Lin Fan immediately released his Spirit Slave. Then, seeing the figure that was charging towards him, his expression became slightly cold. He immediately ordered the Silver Behemoth Young Beast to charge towards the Illusory Feather Punisher with the intention of directly killing it.

The three people of Chaotic Heavenly White, Mo Feng and the other two also moved together, rushing towards the other side's base. As for Quiet Night, he also disappeared without a trace.

Apparently, he had also entered stealth.


The sun directly shot an arrow at Lin Fan, the arrow carrying a multicolored glow, causing Lin Fan to furrow his brows. He immediately activated the Fire Ring Technique to dodge the arrow, before using a Spirit Destruction Art to shoot at Lin Fan, but was also dodged by the sun.

At this moment, the troops were clashing down below, and in this collision, the eyebrows of Shooting Sun in the sky furrowed together, and they were completely at a disadvantage. Besides the chaotic sky, the rest of the people were also vicious characters, and the fatty moved as fast as lightning, directly charging towards the Illusory Feather God, and together with Lin Fan's Silver Behemoth, directly forcing the Illusory Feather heaven to dodge.

It was even more dangerous.

The enemy's Paladin, Bai Chen, had more than ten thousand HP. He was simply a moving Boss, and even though his attack power was average, he was still able to solo a pot of wine with his iron tower defense.

"Pretty boy, don't look at others. You have to watch out for yourself!"

Suddenly, a sinister voice resounded in the sky beside the ears of the Shooting Sun. Immediately, the face of the Shooting Sun in the sky slightly changed. It was the voice of the Chaotic Sky.

"821!" A huge damage value suddenly rose up from the Shooting Sun in the sky. Immediately, the Shooting Sun's expression changed slightly. A shadow in the sky had been snuffed out; it was actually this powerful.

However, to Luan Tian's surprise, the Shooting Sun was still alive and unharmed, and his HP had only been reduced by a third. In other words, this fellow's HP had exceeded two thousand and five hundred.

As an archer, he was too terrifying!

"Rain of arrows!"

Following the cold shout of the sun, a Six-Pointed Star appeared on the ground. Immediately, several arrows of cold energy shot out from the ground and ruthlessly assaulted the sky, turning the still Six-Pointed Star into a hornet's nest that immediately lost its life.


Lin Fan smiled bitterly as he watched Chaotic Sun being killed by the Shooting Sun in the sky, muttering to himself helplessly. Obviously, Shooting Sun in the sky had expected Chaotic Sky to intercept him, and had already set up a trap like skill around him.

"However, do you think you can get up happily?"

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes slightly and let out a cold laugh. The Medusa Staff in his hand pointed slightly and shot toward the sun in the sky. The petrified gaze that came with the Medusa Staff hit the sun in the sky and fixed the sun at its original point.

Soon after, Lin Fan directly shot out a Spirit Burst, quickly shooting towards the lonely lass. Before the priest could react, he directly killed her. Only then did he turn his gaze towards the petrified sky and shoot the sun.

"Fire Dragon Technique!"

With a faint smile, Lin Fan raised his hand and activated the Fire Dragon spell. The enormous phantom fiery dragon suddenly flashed, directly exploding a dragon flame at the Shooting Sun in the sky, knocking the petrified sky back several steps and also pulling it out of its petrified state.

Seeing that his HP bar had been reduced to a third of its original size, Shooting Sun's complexion became ugly. Especially when his Priest was still being killed by Lin Fan, it was even more difficult to deal with.


Abruptly, Hua Feng's miserable shrieks rang out from behind Lin Fan. Lin Fan quickly turned his head and saw the scene of the Shadow Wraith knocking Hua Feng down.

"Ice Wolf Explosion!"

Seeing this situation, Lin Fan couldn't help but reveal a dignified expression. He directly rushed forward with the Ice Wolf Blast and dodged to the side.

"Water Binding" sneered, and Lin Fan once again used a binding technique to control Dark Night.

Seeing this, Mo Feng immediately threw down his Illusory Feather Xingtian and quickly rushed to the bound Shadow Nether Luo. He stabbed with his longsword and killed the defenceless Dark Nether Luo.

"Piercing Arrow!"

All of a sudden, a rainbow light shot towards Mo Feng. The instant Mo Feng flashed to Dark Shadow Yin Luo's side, the sun in the sky shot towards Mo Feng like a rainbow arrow. Before Mo Feng could react, the arrow pierced into Mo Feng's body, causing Mo Feng to take a few steps back.

However, Mo Feng only had around 300 HP left. He wouldn't be able to take another arrow from the Shooting Sun.

He hurriedly dashed off into the distance.

"Corrosion Devil Flame!"

Lin Fan suddenly turned around when he saw this scene. An Corrosive Devil Flame shot out and hit the Shooting Sun in the sky. It directly corroded the Shooting Sun in the sky and reduced its HP once again.

At this moment, Mo Feng had escaped with his Silver Behemoth and killed the Illusory Feather, but Mo Feng's HP was only a sliver of blood. He was only a hair's breadth away from dying.

Lin Fan wasn't too worried about this. At this moment, the entire match was completely locked onto Lin Fan and the Shooting Sun in the sky. As for the others, they weren't able to shorten the match at all.

At the same time, the Shooting Sun also flew into the sky, opposite of Lin Fan.

The others could not help at all.

At this moment, the two of them were continuously dodging each other's attacks with high difficulty. They constantly turned around to attack, and for a moment, neither of them were able to do anything to the other.


Staring at Mo Feng and the Silver Behemoth, he let out a furious roar and quickly turned around, using a vicious spear to send Mo Feng, who didn't have much HP left. However, he was also killed by the Silver Behemoth and Bai Chen.


Bai Chen saw Lin Fan and the Shooting Sun flying in the sky, continuously attacking each other. Bai Chen immediately released his mount, and a Scarlet Sun Fire Bird mounted on top of the Flaming Sun Bird, flying towards the Shooting Sun in the sky.

"Dammit, this guy has a mount!"

Seeing Bai Chen dashing towards him, Shining Sun's facial expression changed. He hurriedly pulled his bow back, preparing to shoot Bai Chen.

"Break through the spirit!"

Seizing the opening of the Shooting Sun in the sky, a Spirit Burst shot out, directly piercing into the body of the Shooting Sun in the sky. Immediately, the body of the Shooting Sun in the sky stiffened and its eyes dimmed.


The Shooting Sun fell from the sky. Under the effects of Lin Fan's Spirit Shattering spell, the originally low health Shooting Sun died.

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