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Qin Chao's fist landed squarely on Yu Dehai's face.

Qin Chao had already held back, otherwise, his eyeballs would have exploded from the impact.

Even so, Yu Dehai was still in a miserable state.

Although he had just used his Essence to cover his head, barely blocking Qin Chao's punch.

However, this fist that contained a Nine You Large Elephant s, how could it be blocked by Essence with unstoppable force?


Yu Dehai's body, was immediately pulled around by the head, continuing to spin at 3600 degrees in the air, constantly spinning, and finally smashing into the fish tank behind him with a bang, he fell to the ground.

The face of this short man was extremely frightening. Blood was flowing from his eyes, ears, ears, nose and mouth.

The fact that his head did not explode could already be considered Qin Chao leaving some face.

"The Sect Leader of the Hua Mountain Sect is only mediocre."

Qin Chao held his hands behind his back, with a domineering look, "Anyone else who wishes to seek guidance, I will accept them all."

Those people that were righteous all looked at each other.

How did he offend that evil star Qin Chao!

The plan to siege the devil sect was f * cking wrecked by him!

Dammit, why isn't this guy going to die!

Why didn't anyone dare to stop him?

"I'll do it!"

In the end, it was still Kunlun's Elder from Heavenly Fire Pavilion. Huo Yan couldn't hold back his temper anymore and walked out from the crowd in large strides.

"bloke Qin, don't think that just because you have a higher realm, you are invincible in this world! [I am cultivating the Heaven Flame! This body of yours, will be transmigrated by my Heavenly Flames! "

As he spoke, his hands began to burn with purplish blue flames.

The moment the two balls of flame appeared, the entire hall felt a burning sensation.

"Sky fire?"

Qin Chao raised his eyebrows, took out a cigarette and tapped it lightly, "I'm just qualified to light a cigarette for me."

"Brat, I think you're courting death!"

Huo Yan glared at him, looking extremely terrifying.

Qin Chao couldn't help but think of the fire dragon he had encountered underground in the Darkness Court.

The two of them seemed to be in the same boat. They all thought themselves to be very powerful, with a domineering temperament that was as if they were the most powerful in heaven and earth.

"Hehe, you are just a small elder and I am the Patriarch of the Rakshasa School. In terms of status, I am more noble than you. You called me a brat the moment you came up, and now you still want to call me arrogant? Huo Yan, I think you must have lived past the age of a few hundred years to become a dog. "

"You, you, you're courting death!"

"Please, can you change the line? For example, son of a bitch, or Cow Dirt etc., you have the same intentions as me. "

"Vulgar, vulgar! It's simply vulgar! "

Huo Yan shouted three times, and the two balls of flames on his palms became even hotter. Many cultivators could not help but break out in sweat.

What a terrifying Sky Fire, it is worthy of being Kunlun's strongest Heavenly Fire Pavilion.

"What's the point of wasting so much time on nonsense? Let's do it."

Qin Chao was too lazy to continue talking to him, she held onto her cigarette, and hooked her fingers with the old man's.

"Brat, you are courting death, you can't blame me for this!"

Huo Yan's temper was rampant, both of his hands formed a seal and shot out a rocket from his mouth. No one knew how much more powerful it was than Tian Danzi.

In terms of realm, Huo Yan had actually already surpassed the Tian Danzi. This was because ever since the Tian Danzi gained the position of Sect Leader, he had always been worried about his sect's matters, and had delayed his cultivation.

Huo Yan had been cultivating hard all this time, and was now an expert at the eighth level of Gold Body Realm that was about to reach the ninth.

With his powerful cultivation coupled with the might of the heavenly fire, it should not be a problem to suppress a demonic cultivator!

Huo Yan thought, and at the same time, shot towards Qin Chao's face.

"Good job."

However, Qin Chao lazily reached out his waist, and then, his body slightly shifted to the left, unexpectedly dodging the incoming rocket.

At the same time, he handed over the cigarette in his right hand and lit it with the help of the Heaven Flame.

"Bro, thank you for the fire."

Qin Chao lit up the cigarette, put it into his mouth, and laughed.


Huo Yan was so angry that golden stars appeared in both his eyes.

"Do you think you can dodge just like that!?" You're underestimating Kunlun's fire magic too much! "

As he said that, both his hands continued to form hand seals, flying towards the back of the Rocket, and suddenly turned back, aiming straight at Qin Chao, then shooting towards his back again.

"Oh, you even have a pair of electronic eyes."

Without even turning his head, Qin Chao knew that there was danger behind him.

A pair of black arms shot out from his back and grabbed the whistling rocket.

"Hur Hur Hur, he's simply acting recklessly."

Seeing this, Huo Yan could not help but laugh coldly.

Just as Qin Chao's Rakshasi grabbed onto the Rocket, the Rocket suddenly burst into flames.

In an instant, the bluish-purple flame moved along the black colored arms and spread onto Qin Chao's body, igniting his entire body.

"Do you think that this Heaven Flame is an ordinary flame?"

Seeing Qin Chao's surprised expression, Huo Yan laughed complacently, "This is Sky Fire, it is an extremely strong flame that I have cultivated for hundreds of years. As long as you touch a little bit, it will burn your entire body. bloke Qin, although you are a genius, it's a pity that you are standing in the wrong place. Let the Heaven Flames burn away your everything. "

Everyone watched as Qin Chao was engulfed in flames.

Heavens, could it be that the geniuses from this region had died just like that?

These people's eyes were all wide open.

Too terrifying, as expected of an elder of the Karakorum Heavenly Fire Pavilion, his power was not something an ordinary person could match up to.

Qin Chao was a genius, encountering him, could only be considered bad luck for Qin Chao.

"Qin Chao..."

Hu Jing was also stunned, she did not expect Qin Chao to be killed like that.

If he died, Lili would definitely not forgive his mother, right?

"Don't worry, he'll be fine."

Only Shan Sao said with a faint smile, "How could such a small flame be able to do anything to him?!"

Would the reincarnation of the Ying Tian be so easily killed?

These righteous thoughts were all too natural.

"This is not a small flame."

Huo Yan had obviously heard Shan Sao's voice, and he said arrogantly, "This is a heavenly fire, a flame refined using heavenly lightning. With this sort of flame, not to mention humans, even stones would be burnt to ashes. "

He pointed at Qin Chao whose entire body was ignited with blue and purple flames, and laughed heartily, "Do you see that? He will be refined by my flames in a short while more!"

Indeed, Qin Chao's body was burning hot.

But for the time being, he had no problems with the Diamond Sutra and the Nine You Ying Fire.

Originally, Qin Chao wanted to use this opportunity to absorb the heavenly fire to become his last type of flame, but he was stopped by Luo De.

"What's so good about this little Heaven Flame?" bloke Qin, your current realm is still not enough. Once you truly reach the Thunder Doom Stage, I will bring you to the Sky Fire Cave and absorb the Nine Heaven Doom Fire that I left behind all those years ago! That was the true strongest flame in the world! Your final type of flame should not be wasted on this kind of third-rate flame. "

If Huo Yan were to hear that the flame had trained so hard for was a third-rate flame, he would probably go crazy from anger.

But no matter how crazy he made it, Qin Chao had already started to get rid of the Heaven Fire Burn on his body.

"Vajra Wielding Axe!"

Qin Chao who was inside the Thunder Doom Stage, unleashed his current strongest ability, the King Kong Vajra Scripture.

Large expanses of Buddhist golden light burst out from his body, instantly dispersing the flames on his body, causing all the cultivators to be dumbstruck.

Even the heavenly fire could not harm him!

"How, how could that be!"

Huo Yan himself had also widely opened his eyes, looking at Qin Chao who was completely unscathed within the heavenly fire with disbelief.

"A small Heaven Flame can hurt me?"

Qin Chao laughed out loud, retracting the buddhist light on his body, and said, "Huo Yan, oh Huo Yan, I think, it's you who's being too arrogant!"

"This is so infuriating! Heavenly Flame True Body! "

Huo Yan was enraged, and unleashed his strongest move.

A bluish-purple flame instantly ignited around his body.

The flames continued to twist and devour his entire body.

In the blink of an eye, it had turned into a three-meter-tall flaming person, aggressively looking at Qin Chao.

"Brat, I'll let you know the power of my Heavenly Fire Pavilion's techniques!"

The fire man opened his mouth and said.

It was still Huo Yan's voice.

"Oh, he's getting uglier and uglier."

Qin Chao touched his chin, and could not help but say.

"Go to hell!"

Huo Yan knew that he wouldn't be able to defeat Qin Chao in words, so he extended out his flaming palm and smashed it towards Qin Chao.

"Is it really that great to be on fire?"

Qin Chao took a few steps back and dodged the giant flaming palm.

With this slap on the ground, a flaming handprint appeared on the ground, burning the ground black and creating a deep crater.

Qin Chao looked at the deep pit and sneered, "I'll let you know how water and fire work once, right?"

As he spoke, his body emitted a blue light.

"Nine You Summon Method? Possession! "

The power of the Nine You Demonic Dragon was summoned.

This was the first time Qin Chao began to use the Nine You Demonic Dragon's Summon Method in all directions.

In the past, he had only borrowed power in a hurry. This was the first time he was going to borrow power in such a formal manner.

A cooling energy instantly flowed through Qin Chao's body.

A silvery-white armour was also covered.

In his hands, there was a handful of big halberd.

Qin Chao's current attire was like that of an ancient white horse general, extremely valiant and formidable.


Qin Chao waved the big halberd in his hand, and instantly, a water shield rose up and crashed into the fire man's body.

"Hiss hiss!"

White smoke continued to fly out from the fire man's body, causing Huo Yan's body to contort in pain.

"Damn it, do you think you can defeat me like this!? "Try my magic!"

Huo Yan wailed as he clenched his teeth and used a spell.

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A fire dragon suddenly emerged from beneath Qin Chao's feet, and almost knocked his body flying as well.

"Damn, what a brutal move!"

Qin Chao was knocked back two steps by the fire dragon, and the silver armor made of water particles blocked the attack for him.

"The fire is not effective against me."

Qin Chao said, then waved his big halberd, "Try one of your own! Water! "


A stream of water shot out from beneath the fire man's feet, immediately knocking its body into the air and then slamming its head into the ceiling above.

"Die for me!"

Qin Chao's figure turned into a curtain of water and disappeared. Then, he instantly reassembled under the fire man's body.

At the same time, the big halberd in his hand pierced towards the fiery man's abdomen.

If he stuck it in, this Huo Yan would be considered crippled.

Water and fire were eternal and immutable truths.

"Don't you dare hurt my elder!"

Just then, the figure of another fiery figure appeared, and at the same time, a palm the size of a palm-leaf fan struck onto Qin Chao's body, sweeping him away.

Qin Chao landed on the ground and took a closer look.

"Elder Huo Yan, are you alright?!"

Tian Danzi supported Huo Yan down as they stood in the hall, causing the temperature of the hall to continuously rise.

"I'm fine, I can still fight!"

Huo Yan stared at Qin Chao as if he was looking at his enemy, and said while gnashing his teeth.

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