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"You …" The Armored Immortal retreated backwards with a pale face. Just now, when Wei Suo had used the multiplication sound to kill Adept Wu Feng, he had felt a peerless aura.

The aura being emitted from Wei Suo's body made him tremble all over, and an indescribable terror seeped into his bones.

He was, after all, a grandmaster of the Aurous Core stage. At this point in time, the only person on the Dugu Family's side who could react was him.

"You can be considered to be the culprit behind all of this. Killing your own brother and immediately killing you, this is too easy of you."

Wei Suo's eyes focused on the golden-clothed "Seventh Uncle" with a deathly pale face as he calmly spoke.

It was as if countless buddhas were chanting scriptures in the sky, and countless magic wheels were spinning. An indescribable power caused Seventh Uncle to spray out blood from his mouth.

At the same time, Wei Suo did not hide his spiritual sense. Rolling spiritual sense pressure instantly covered an area of over 100,000 feet.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" All of the cultivators, including the retreating figure of Spiritual Master Escape, as well as Ling Xi Guang who had just rushed over and still hadn't realized what had happened, felt as though they had fallen into an icy cave. The vast majesty caused the sky and the minds of everyone to freeze, making them unable to breathe.


"A thin streak of fiery light shot out from Wei Suo's fingertip and fell on Seventh Uncle's body, which was spewing blood wildly from his mouth." "Ahhh!" With an earth-shaking scream, Seventh Uncle's entire body was thoroughly set ablaze. He twisted and fell through the air, but didn't die for a while.


At this moment, the patriarch of the Dugu Family, Dugu Yuyun's older brother, was shouting crazily with a pale face.

At this moment, Wei Suo didn't use any escape techniques. Relying only on the vibrations of his Quintessential Essence, he took one step at a time through the air. With one finger, he ignited Seventh Uncle's entire body, causing Wei Suo's gaze to immediately fall on him.


A dozen or so Dugu clan members barely managed to make a single attack. A dozen or so beams of light covered the sky as they shot towards Wei Suo.

"I gave you a chance."

Wei Suo calmly proceeded forward and with a wave of his hand, a gigantic white Godly Mt. Xumi appeared out of thin air. All of the incoming brilliance and magic treasures were shattered into pieces.

"You killed your own father, and even more so, you can't die that easily."

When Wei Suo took a step forward, Dugu Yuyun's big brother, who was so scared that he couldn't even make a sound, had already spat out a mouthful of blood as his body trembled in the air. One of the black demon claws grabbed through the air, directly bringing the person in front of Wei Suo.

Immediately, Wei Suo stretched out his hand and a few rays of green light landed on the person's body.


This person let out an earth-shaking scream. His skull suddenly flew away, and a three foot long green flame shot out from within. It was as if all the fat in his body had gathered onto his brain, and then ignited, using his brain as the wick.


Wei Suo stretched out his hand and released a wave of power, locking this person in the air and igniting them like a heavenly lamp.

"What? You still want to run?" Wei Suo said calmly towards the distance.

A cultivator from the Dugu Family who was the fastest to escape, Dugu Yuyun's eldest uncle, was already several hundred thousand feet away from Wei Suo. However, when Wei Suo spoke, this person suddenly shouted, and discovered that he was frozen in mid-air by a powerful might, unable to move. Following that, a powerful killing intent instantly pressed down on his body, causing his heart to feel endless fear.


This person with the highest cultivation in the Dugu Family was directly smashed into pieces, and a large amount of blood blossomed in the air.


The Armored Immortal was so shocked that his heart nearly burst open. With a flash of light, a suit of armor suddenly appeared on his body.

This pair of armor was very simple and unadorned. It was covered in a light green copper and green color. There were many precious stones embedded on its surface, rippling with astonishing spiritual light.

"Silver Star Stone!"

The green-robed old man in Wei Suo's arms suddenly let out an extremely surprised shout, "Kid, his armor is inlaid with Silver Star Stones, don't break it!"

"Silver Star Stone? This piece of armor is actually inlaid with one of the materials that can make the old man in green condense it? "

Wei Suo's eyes flashed as he took a step forward. The sun seemed to have risen around him.


All of the cultivators from the Dugu Family felt the end of the world approaching, and their bodies trembled uncontrollably.

With just a single step, Wei Suo appeared behind the Armored Daoist Master. Without using any sort of technique, Wei Suo only threw out a single hand, and with a flash of silver light, he shattered a magic treasure taken out by the Armored Daoist Master and the spiritual light around him. He immediately grabbed the Armored Master by the throat, lifting him up into the air.

The grand sect head of the Immortal Armor Sect, an Aurous Core stage cultivator, had been directly lifted up by someone without any ability to resist!


What made all the cultivators's hair stand on end was what was even more shocking was that with a "ka" sound, the spiritual light that had emerged from the armor was also crushed by Wei Suo. All the bones in the neck of the Armored Ruler had been completely shattered, and there was no life left.

Judging from the spiritual light and energy ripples emitted by the armor, it was definitely a middle-grade Dao level magic treasure. However, the power of mid-grade Dao level magic treasure was actually unable to even resist the physical strength of one's body.

"You can't kill me!"

Ling Xianzi, who had just arrived, was scared out of her wits. She desperately tried to escape and screamed like a madman.

After killing the Armored Immortal, Wei Suo released several dark golden sword lights, chopping down several cultivators from the Dugu Family from the sky. No one could stop Wei Suo's attack, and within a breath's time, several cultivators from the Dugu Family were all killed, causing blood to spray into the air. At this moment, this cultivator discovered that Wei Suo's gaze had already gathered on him.

"Oh? Why can't I kill you? " Wei Suo was originally prepared to kill this person in one move, but when he heard this young Aurous Core stage cultivator's loud shout, he asked this question with great interest. He extended his hand and shot out a dark golden sword radiance, chopping down another cultivator from the Dugu Family.

"Do you know who I am!?" I'm the personal disciple of the Void Sect's Sect Leader! Furthermore, I have already married the Void Shattering Sect! Do you dare to become enemies with the Void Walk Sect!? " Ling Xianzi roared hysterically.

However, Xu Qiuyan, Lin Taixu, and Huangpu have all been killed by me. It's just some marriage of a sect that is ranked amongst the top ten strongest sects in the Profound Sky Continent, but doesn't even have a Divine Profound Realm, what would I be afraid of? " Wei Suo looked at the young Aurous Core stage cultivator and said.

"You... You are actually … " Ling Xianzi suddenly reacted as if she had seen a ghost. Her entire body was covered in cold sweat, and even her lips had turned dark green.

"I've already given you a chance, but people who think they have a big backer are usually even stupider than pigs." Wei Suo shook his head and glanced at Ling Xianzi.


Ling Xi's body was torn apart as blood splattered in all directions.

Wei Suo shook his head. This kind of person who dared to rush here after suffering such a severe injury was already used to being arrogant and domineering. He didn't know that due to his reverence, death wasn't enough.

"Don't kill me!"

"Let us go!"

At this moment, all the remaining people from the Dugu Family had no thoughts of resisting. They had all reacted to what kind of steel plate they had kicked and what kind of god of death they had hit. The news of Wei Suo killing Huangpu peerless, as well as killing countless sect heads and ancient characters in the Searing Qi Sea had already spread to the Profound Sky Continent long ago. In the eyes of Aurous Core stage cultivators, Wei Suo was like a god or devil, only appearing once every tens of thousands of years.

However, Wei Suo did not hold back at all. He slowly walked through the air, emitting sword lights one after another, killing everyone one by one without leaving a single person behind.

Previously, when these people had surrounded them and he had spoken out to give them one last chance, he had carefully observed every single one of them. Previously, when these people had surrounded them, he had said that he would give them one last chance.

In just a moment, other than Dugu Yuyun's brother, who was still emitting a green light and twitching his body without being able to make any sounds, the rest of the corpses were all put away by Wei Suo. The entire sky returned to silence, and only faint traces of blood remained.

Looking at the miserable state of Dugu Yuyun's big brother, Wei Suo slightly sneered.

He knew that if the outside world were to find out that so many people from the Dugu Family had died in his hands, they would say that he was cold-blooded and bloodthirsty, as if an ancient god of slaughter had descended.

"Let's go."

Wei Suo didn't bother about Dugu Yuyun's elder brother, who was still suspended in midair. After nodding to Ling Long Tian, Ye Guwei, and the others, he continued with his original plan and set out for Pan Wang City. Wei Suo prepared to return to the Vault of Heavens, retrieve the water type beast cores that Manager Sun had helped him collect, and then head back to the Cloud Spirit Continent.

Moments after Wei Suo and the others left, Dugu Yuyun's big brother, who was frozen in mid-air, fell from the sky. His entire body turned into a ball of green fire, turning into ashes.

Not long after, many cultivators found out that there was a magical battle going on here and hurried over.

Very soon, the shocking news spread. All the important figures of the Dugu Family, the sect head of the Immortal Armor Sect, Daoist Master Wu Feng, and even the genius cultivator of the Void Prying Sect, Ling Xianzi, had all been killed.

This news immediately caused a huge commotion. Countless people were guessing that the Lingxu Sect had even set up an astonishing bounty of one million spirit stones, saying that they would take revenge for their genius disciples.

"These people are really courting death …" Upon hearing this news, the knowledgeable Manager Sun could only bitterly smile. If the Lingxu Sect knew the true name of the person who had killed Ling Xianzi, they would probably be so scared that their legs would go limp. How would they dare to openly mention revenge?

"As expected of Heavenly Mystery Palace, one of the top ten great sects in the Profound Sky Continent that have accumulated for thousands of years …"

Just when the Lingxu Sect was about to issue a bounty of one million spirit stones to track down the whereabouts of the person who had killed Ling Xi Zhe, Wei Suo and the rest had already arrived in front of the entrance to the Wuji Heavenly Palace.


(It is still only one nose, 50% skill, tomorrow I will try to recover a little more than 5 noses, and recover to 75% skill …)

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