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The three-meter-long sword shone brightly. It felt like Mount Tai on his head. The Sword Qi cut up the eaves of the shack and went straight for Xu Qingfeng under the eaves.

Under the Sword Qi, the tiles and beams were broken into powder, flying like a snowstorm in all directions!

This was a sword where Li Ye used up all his Spiritual Qi. Sword light shone brightly and even lit up the peach blossoms near the shack.

With his robe flying, Xu Qingfeng raised his head under the eaves. His gaze was fierce and his face was calm. As the master of Sanqingguan in Level 5 of Qi-refining, even if he was seriously injured, he would not be like a lamb to the slaughter.

He stretched out his hands and his sleeves billowed like lanterns. At this moment, Xu Qingfeng's pale face appeared a sick red. He put his two fingers together and took them as a sword. He pointed at Li Ye through the air and shouted, "Just in Level 3 of Qi-refining, you dare to wield your sword against me. You reckless man!"

Two waves of cyan Sword Qi shot from his fingers went straight to the Luke Sword, the size of a snake.

Besides the Luke Sword, there was a row of three-meter-long sword light. The cyan Sword Qi cut through it like it was tofu.

The sword light cracked!

The cyan Sword Qi hit the blade directly.


Li Ye's wrist trembled and he could not hold the Luke Sword anymore. It flew out of his hand!

Li Ye's intestines churned and a mouthful of blood spurted out. His body also flew backward in the air.

He did not fall but did a backward somersault in the air. Then he landed with his knees bent. After sliding back three steps, he finally stabilized his body with his hand supporting on the ground.

The Luke Sword flew over the peach trees and cut off a few branches. Sword Qi shattered countless peach blossoms which were falling like rain on Li Ye's shoulder.

Li Ye, who exhausted all his Spiritual Qi, raised his head and stared at Xu Qingfeng. His eyes were still too deep to see any panic. His expression was far from placid, but it did not change much. He himself was like a cold iron sword, and at this time, only his Sword Qi was still fierce.

The middle eave of the shack was collapsed and broken. Xu Qingfeng stood in front of the corridor with his hands behind his back. He looked arrogant and it seemed like he did not get hurt. He was composed and solemn. He said calmly, "You are defeated."

"You shit, stop pretending to be a master!"

Li Ye turned his head to spit out a mouthful of blood. He stood up from the ground and rushed towards Xu Qingfeng like a lion.

Though his Spiritual Qi had been exhausted, his physical strength had not, and he could still fight!

His speed was not as fast as it had been, but he could still run as fast as an arrow through the air.

The peach petals on his shoulders fell backward, the soil under his feet splashed backward, and the blood from his wound was dripping down, but he kept going forward.

Seeing Li Ye rushing towards him, a bit of surprise flashed in Xu Qingfeng's eyes. Under the surprise, there was a bit of panic that was well disguised.

He was like a spent arrow. Just now he had forced himself to fight, and he had already squeezed out all his Spiritual Qi from his Ocean of Qi. If not, how could a person in Level 3 of Qi-refining withstand the full strike of Level 5 of Qi-refining?

Xu Qingfeng hoped that Li Ye would be afraid of his attack and confused by his demeanor of a master, so he would quit.

He did not expect that Li Ye would not buy this at all!

"Doesn't he, the master of Sanqingguan, have any deterrence at all?"

Xu Qingfeng did not believe that a cultivator in Level 3 of Qi-refining could see through his disguise.

What was even more unbelievable was that a pampered Grand Prince would even want to have his last stand with his physical strength when his Spiritual Qi was exhausted!

"A Grand Prince, doesn't he know how to cherish his life?"

Xu Qingfeng hoped that Li Ye would cherish his life. In that case, if it was delayed for a while, perhaps disciples of Sanqingguan could get here. Then he would be safe and Li Ye would die.

Xu Qingfeng was disappointed.

But he had no time to be disappointed because Li Ye was already coming to kill him!

Li Ye could not know all of Xu Qingfeng's thoughts, but he knew that he could fight with Xu Qingfeng.

If Xu Qingfeng really still had the power to knock him down, he wouldn't have watched helplessly as more than a dozen disciples of Sanqingguan were killed.

Li Ye shouted in a low voice and punched Xu Qingfeng in his face fiercely, as if he wanted to kill a tiger!

Xu Qingfeng bent his arm to fight and sank his waist to lower his center of gravity. Meanwhile, he punched Li Ye's cheek with his right hand.

Unexpectedly, Li Ye's fierce punch, however, was of ordinary force, because his second and third punches had already been thrown one after the other with extraordinary speed.

"Bang." Xu Qingfeng's fist had not yet hit Li Ye, but Li Ye's second straight fist punched his nose, sending his head backward with blood spurting out from his nostrils in an instant!

With his nose being hit seriously, Xu Qingfeng's mind went blank for a moment.

Li Ye took a step forward. His hands clasped Xu Qingfeng's head to his chest fiercely, and then he bent his right knee to hit Xu Qingfeng heavily!

Xu Qingfeng's arms crossed in front of his chest, blocking Li Ye's first knee hit. However, Li Ye's second and third knee hits came constantly.

"Peng." Li Ye's knee broke through Xu Qingfeng's defense and hit his face directly, knocking off a few of his teeth!

Xu Qingfeng felt especially uncomfortable because of his nosebleed mixing with the blood in the mouth. He shouted in a low voice and pushed Li Ye's chest away with his hands, desperately trying to jump backward.

Before he could jump away, Li Ye's whip leg swept over and hit him on the forehead.

Xu Qingfeng snorted because Li Ye's whip leg was powerful. His body fell to the side violently, hitting the doors and windows of the shack, and the doors and windows cracked.

Li Ye jumped a step to move forward, and then he put up his right elbow to heavily hit Xu Qingfeng's head when Xu Qingfeng hit the door frame!

This time, the doors and windows completely collapsed and cracked. Xu Qingfeng fell into the shack and Li Ye followed. Unexpectedly, Xu Qingfeng punched Li Ye's face when he fell!

Li Ye's body shook and he stood unsteadily. He threw himself down with his heart sinking. Grabbing Xu Qingfeng's arm, who was struggling to get up, he rolled on the ground and threw Xu Qingfeng with his shoulder!

"Bang." Xu Qingfeng knocked down tables and chairs and could not help spitting blood out of his mouth. He climbed up from the ground in a rush with his face black and blue.

Xu Qingfeng stared at Li Ye. When he wanted to fight, Li Ye had already run two steps and jumped up. Li Ye's flying knee hit him in the chest, which made him spit out blood and fly backward!

Xu Qingfeng knocked down another wall of the shack and fell out of the house and under the peach trees. He put his hand over his chest and felt that his ribs were broken. His guts churned for a while. He managed to open his swollen eyes, trying to make out his opponent's figure.

He made it out.

Li Ye rushed out of the shack straight to him.

Xu Qingfeng felt extremely unhappy. Being a master in Level 5 of Qi-refining, he was beaten unexpectedly by a cultivator in Level 3 of Qi-refining with a mortal Warrior Master's fighting tricks, which made him undignified!

Unhappy! Angry!

In the daytime, he was still instructing Xu Fengzhu to kill this man, so as to add weight to their scheme. At that time, he did not put this Prince An in his eyes, and he was indifferent to this Prince An's death, treating him just like an insect.

At that time, he could not have imagined that he would get his teeth beaten out by this guy in less than a day!

Ashamed! Resentful!

Xu Qingfeng almost wanted to flee!

But he could not do that.

That was because Li Ye's fists arrived like a storm!

Xu Qingfeng, screaming like a mad wolf, also punched at Li Ye regardless of his life!

"Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!"

The two of them got many punches from each other instantly!


The two people spurted out a mouthful of blood at the same time!

At this moment, Li Ye found the right time to grab Xu Qingfeng's arm.

He twisted his back and threw Xu Qingfeng with his shoulder once again!

"Bang." Xu Qingfeng's body was thrown towards a peach tree by Li Ye!

His face had hit the tree trunk, with blood flowing immediately!

"Ah!" Xu Qingfeng screamed out!

Before he could get up and fight back, Li Ye grabbed his hair with one hand and slammed his head against the peach tree!

Once, twice, three times!

The peach tree trembled, the branches and leaves fell in droves, and the peach blossoms fell on their shoulders all around.

Four times, five times, six times...

Li Ye's eyes were calm and deeper than that of the clear pond not far away. Even if his wounds were constantly bleeding and his breath was as heavy as a cow, he still looked the same and only concentrated on the things at hand.

When Li Ye released Xu Qingfeng, he was completely unrecognizable. His nose was not a nose, his eyes were not eyes, and blood was all over his face.

Xu Qingfeng fell down under the peach tree with a weak breath, and he felt that his body was empty with no energy left.

Being beaten was also a matter of extreme physical exhaustion.

Xu Qingfeng's breath was weak and he felt fear and cold. He faced Li Ye and struggled for mercy, "Your Highness Prince An... Your Highness... please forgive me..."

Li Ye's manners were as usual, but the wound on his face seemed larger. Actually, his situation was not much better than Xu Qingfeng's.

However, Li Ye still walked firmly onto Xu Qingfeng's back. Ignoring his weak and trembling cry for mercy, Li Ye pressed on his head with two hands and twisted it with a clicking sound. Xu Qingfeng's neck was broken and slanted to the ground. He died silently.

The peach tree was no longer trembling, and the last peach blossom petal fell on Li Ye's nose.

Li Ye did not pay attention to that petal, because he already had no extra energy.

Firstly, he found his Luke Sword in the bushes.

Then he walked step by step to the end of the bamboo bridge - a pond where lotus flowers were grown next to the deep pond.

He knew that he would be exhausted.

In fact, he was already exhausted and he had lost too much blood. He could only move forward because of his resolute will.

But he was aware that he could not fall here.

The fight of Niushou Mountain had not stopped yet, and the fighting sound from the mountainside was still fierce.

Li Ye did not know why there were so many people still fighting there.

He remembered Xu Fengzhu's words, "Master was badly injured and dying. Having no time to consider any big plans, we should take the lotus bud to save the master's life first..."

Since the lotus bud could save Xu Qingfeng's life, perhaps it could also heal his injuries.

Li Ye, who trailed blood along the way, walked steadily into the lotus pond and sat cross-legged. Blood dyed the pond red and spread to the budding lotus.

At this time, Li Ye, of course, did not know that Li Jing'an and Li Guanshu appeared together in the ruins of Sanqingguan.

Li Jing'an was free to move, his face was ruddy, and there were no signs of being controlled by others.

Behind him, the woman, who followed him, looked the same.

In contrast, Li Guanshu was a bit anxious. He frowned and looked around as if he was looking for someone.

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