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Chapter 1267

The people of Long Family would never retreat.

Although he was in a different plane of existence, the blood that flowed in Long Fei's bones was still that of the Long Family.

So what if he lost his powerful strength?

So what if he faced a powerful enemy?

In this life, one must live more brilliantly.

Brother is by my side.

The woman was by his side.

In his previous life, Long Fei's wish had been fulfilled, he wanted to go berserk with his life on the line!


Without the power of the holy buddha Demon, couldn't he crush the Black Flag Army?


These Black Flag Army s all had the experience of elite monsters. Just two and a half seconds ago, Long Fei had obtained more than eight million Experience Points.

It was too fast!

With all these combined, it was even more so when he needed to do everything!

Li Yuanba became excited, clenching his fists tightly, "Hehe... That feeling is back! "

While they were talking …

Li Yuanba looked at the other King Kong.

This feeling was very familiar, very familiar, as if they had returned to the god's martial continent and fought side by side with Long Fei.

Everyone's blood boiled.

He wouldn't be afraid even if he died.

Li Yuanba let out a loud roar, placed the Giant Spirit Axe on top of his shoulder, swept his eyes, and said: "So what if you're a Black Flag Army of hell? "Let's do it!"

As soon as he finished.

Li Yuanba was the first to rush out.

The Heavenly Spirit was followed by the Fatmen Chen.

Black Knife, Descending Dragon, Arhat, Lin Yousheng also rushed out.

Ao Ya looked at Long Fei and gave a light smile, her ice-cold face revealed a smile. She was smiling so happily, so blissfully, for her, there was nothing in this world more blissful than seeing Long Fei again.

Thus …

At this moment, even if she died, she would not even bat an eyelid!

Eight King Kong rushed out.

Long Fei clenched his fists tightly. With the Xiu Luo machete in his hands, he rushed forward the moment they rushed out. He shouted, "Kill!"

One of the leaders of the Black Flag Army laughed coldly, "You overestimate yourself."

"You're courting death!"

"Kill them all!"

The order was given.

Black Flag Army surged forward like a tide, and in practically an instant, he engulfed all nine of Long Fei's group. Split all nine of them up!

He slaughtered with all his might.


It was as if their power was useless. They had clearly already killed them, but these Black Flag Army s had instantly crawled up from the ground and didn't die at all.

However …

The nine of them had no fear at all. They were able to fight together with an excited smile on their faces.

… ….

Within the auction house.

Xiao Yao president said: "Kunlun Zi, you want the life essence?"

Kunlun Zi regained his senses, looked at Xiao Yao president, and frowned slightly. He said: "Xiao Yao president, it can't be that you want me to become his slave, right?"

He looked at Xiang Longfei.

Long Fei had already fallen into a deathtrap.

Even if a Great Firmament Deity came, it wouldn't be able to save them.

No doubt about it.


There were too many Black Flag Army, even if it was the two of them weren't his match, not to mention the fact that these Black Flag Army possessed the Immortal Body.

How could he be an opponent?

Without waiting for Xiao Yao president to speak, Kunlun Zi slightly said: "Even if I were to take action, I wouldn't be able to save them."

Xiao Yao president said, "How would we know if we don't try?"

"In addition!"

"With just the two of us here, I'm not afraid to tell you that the life essence was created by him, and the God-disappear Powder was also created by him." Xiao Yao president did not hide from him.

Kunlun Zi's eyes suddenly darkened, his gaze once again looked at Long Fei who was in the crowd.

The Xiao Yao president said slightly: "If this kind of person can live on, how many people would want to become his servants?"

"How many Emperor List that are reaching the end of their lifespan are trying to curry favor with him?"

"How many of the top powerhouse on the Heavenly Emperor List want to curry favor with him?"

"Being his servant is an honor, and … I believe that he will definitely enter the tower question of god. " Xiao Yao president said with complete conviction.

He had seen too many impossibilities from Long Fei.

Xiao Yao president slightly said: "Kunlun Zi, are you still hesitating?"

Kunlun Zi sank into deep thought.

He was betting his life!

They would either follow Long Fei and rise to greatness, or they would be chased and killed by the Hell Gate, bounty gate, and Ten Thousand Alliance Sect, and even more forces, and hide away for the rest of their lives.


He would die under the Black Flag Army right now.

How to choose?

Kunlun Zi couldn't hold it in for a while, and seeing that more and more Black Flag Army s were pouring out, he shook his head and sighed, saying: "There are too many Black Flag Army s, I'm also powerless."

The Xiao Yao president did not give up and said, "As long as you use your sacred art, you can bring them out."

Kunlun Zi's eyes shook as he said: "I have thought about it too, but... "There are a lot of people in the Black Flag Army, even if we succeed, we won't be able to escape too far."

"In the end, he was still hunted down!"

"It's useless!"

Kunlun Zi smiled bitterly: "I want to help him too, but I'm really powerless."

No one would interfere with something that they knew would result in death.

"What if there are fewer people in Black Flag Army?" The Xiao Yao president said lightly.

Kunlun Zi looked at Xiao Yao president, exhaled deeply, and said: "If the number of Black Flag Army s decrease, I can give it a try."


"Xiao Yao president, you should know about Black Flag Army's Immortal body, their numbers shouldn't decrease."

The Xiao Yao president smiled lightly, and said: "There is no such thing as an undead body in this world, it's just that we did not discover their weakness."

In that instant.

Xiao Yao president walked out.


An ear-piercing sword hum resounded from deep underground.

Ao Ya's face darkened. Beside her, the sword spirits were also trembling rapidly. "What powerful sword intent."

Long Fei also felt it.

He turned around to take a look.

Long Fei was startled, "Xiao Yao president!"

In that instant.

Xiao Yao president's figure moved like an illusion, his hands reached towards the ground, "Weng, weng!"

A red and a purple colored longsword flew out from his hands, and in the next moment, his silhouette danced crazily in the air, with half of the sky filled with his figure.

It was like a powerful move that was like a hurricane.

His figure was dancing wildly.

The sword intent was arrogant.

One red, one purple, it covered half the sky.

At the same time.

Xiao Yao president sent a sound transmission to Long Fei, saying, "Long Fei, bring your people and quickly retreat to the auction venue to look for Kunlun Zi."


"I must pass the tower question of god's test, I must enter the tower question of god!"

"I don't know if your power has awakened or not, but your father once told me before your death that there is something he left for you in the tower question of god, something that can activate the power in your body!"

"Remember, you must survive no matter what!"

As soon as he finished.

Xiao Yao president suddenly roared, "Come, come with me!"

"Let me experience the power of your Immortal Body!"

As the sound of his voice faded.

The sword intent released by the Xiao Yao president instantly smashed down …

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