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Chen Xiang felt that there must be something wrong with this Xue Yunxiong. He was no longer like how it was said in the legends, nor was he as good as Grandma Jiang had said!

There was definitely a problem with Xue Yunxiong still acting so well right now!

This made him think of the ancestor of the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa, Wang Long. When Wang Long came back, he injured the original owner of the manor and directly seized the position.

Chen Xiang then thought about what the Longhua Lion had said before. The people that came back from Myriad Tao Mausoleum were not good people, this made him believe all of them even more.

"How is Xue Qing, that brat, doing?" Wang Ge asked in a low voice.

"I've already successfully placed Ox Devil's soul inside. If nothing goes wrong, after tonight, Ox will successfully possess his body." Xue Yunxiong's words stunned Chen Xiang.

He had already thought of something!

The Xue Yunxiong in front of him, was not the Xue Yunxiong from back then!

"Would Old Demon Ox scold you?" After all, you are now his grandfather! " Wang Ge laughed.

"It's good enough that he has a body that can be found, but Xue Yunxiong doesn't have many bodies like this one. He had originally planned to give that brat Chen Xiang's body to him! But Chen Xiang is very useful, and he has a lot of secrets, we have to keep him for now. With him around, we will be able to get a large number of Dao crystal soon. " Xue Yunxiong said in a low voice.

"Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa is really a scoundrel. If you get too anxious, it will actually benefit us. As long as he comes back and is controlled by us, we can control him however we want. " Wang Ge laughed loudly.

"Don't be too happy too early! Just right now, the Flying Dragon Pagoda is a great disaster. Sooner or later, the existence of the Flying Dragon Pagoda will threaten us, and above us are ten ancient tablets, the secrets contained within them all relate to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. "

Xue Yunxiong said with a grave expression on her face, "We were previously trapped in the Myriad Tao Mausoleum, and if it wasn't for our good luck, we wouldn't be able to come out for the rest of our lives! Fortunately, these guys came. Even if we succeeded in seizing their bodies when our souls were about to be destroyed, with their bodies, we could survive for so many years. "

Brother Wang nodded his head: "That's right, we all know about their memories, it seems that if we continue to pretend to be them for a period of time, we will be able to successfully gather a lot of people, when that time comes, even if Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa and the other old devils reveal our identities, we can also say that they are purposely pouring dirty water on us."

"That's right, if that's the case, then we can have a good status here and control the Myriad Tao City." Xue Yunxiong laughed out loud.

"Boss, the Myriad Tao City's Myriad Tao Divine Stele won't be able to hold on for long. At that time, what are we going to do?" Brother Wang asked worriedly.

"Don't worry, the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele above the Flying Dragon Pagoda can be replaced, and the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele above us also requires an even smaller number of Dao crystal. The most important thing to do next is to gather a large number of Dao crystal before the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele runs out." Xue Yunxiong said: "Chen Xiang is the key, wait for him to come back, we will attack together!"

Hearing that, Chen Xiang's heart jumped, these people who just came back from the Myriad Tao Mausoleum were truly strange, he was extremely grateful to the Longhua Lion, if not he would really be screwed!

What frightened him the most was that these bastards from the Myriad Tao Mausoleum were all a group of old devils who brought along a large amount of souls to help them revive!

Brother Wang opened the door and left Xue Yunxiong's room. When Chen Xiang opened the door, he turned into sand and followed the wind and flew out.

When Brother Wang had walked far away, he floated into the air towards the Snowy Pavilion!

Chen Xiang had heard Feng Ruxue say that there was also an old fellow who had returned from the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. Now, within the Myriad Tao City, he felt that only Feng Ruxue could trust him!

And if he went now, he would have to make sure that Feng Ruxue had not been possessed. If he were to be possessed, his whereabouts would be known by Feng Ruxue.

At night, when looking from the outside, the Snow Pavilion was extremely quiet. After Chen Xiang flew in, he heard a few sounds.

"Vermillion Bird, why are you so late? What's the matter?" When I'm dressed, I'll go out! " Feng Ruxue shouted softly, "I'm bathing!"

"No need to wear it, I'll go in now." The cyan sparrow's lewd laughter came from outside.

"Bluebird, what's wrong with you..." Feng Ruxue shouted in panic, as he had already donned a red robe.

"What a tender little phoenix … To tell you the truth, I was an ugly and old Toad Demon before, but now that I have attached myself to this Cyan Sparrow's body, I can be considered a phoenix, and am extremely compatible with you, haha … " The cyan sparrow laughed sinisterly.

Feng Ruxue was shocked by the sudden turn of events. She couldn't understand what was going on but she was sure that the sparrow wasn't the original bluebird. She was related to the sparrow by blood, so something like that must not happen.

"Humph!" Feng Ruxue saw the sparrow pounce towards it, and kicked towards the sparrow's abdomen. She had a lot of strength, but when her leg kicked out, the power inside the Divine Sense Sea was unable to flow out.

"Hehe, you were poisoned by our toad poison just now … Although I have taken over the Cyan Bird's body, my soul has poison, so it is impossible for you to use the power of the Divine Sense Sea. "

In a moment of desperation, Feng Ruxue thought of Chen Xiang. When she tried to sense where Chen Xiang was, she found that Chen Xiang was in the room right next to her.

But she could not see Chen Xiang!

, who could not use the power of the Divine Sense Sea, simply could not move at all. Just as the Cyan Sparrow was about to kiss him, she suddenly felt a cold Qi approaching, bringing along a very scary killing intent.

This killing intent only lasted for a moment, a very short moment!

Just as the killing intent appeared, Feng Ruxue also felt the cyan sparrow's hands slowly loosen. She immediately broke free from the cyan sparrow, and at this moment, she saw that there was an additional bloody hole in the cyan sparrow's chest and throat!

"Chen Xiang... Is that you? " Feng Ruxue knew that Chen Xiang was in the room and shouted anxiously.

"It's me!" When Chen Xiang appeared, he took out the Chuangshi god furnace and put the cyan sparrow inside. He knew that this fellow's soul was extremely powerful and it was very likely that he would run away.

When Feng Ruxue saw Chen Xiang, he heaved a sigh of relief and walked into the room, hurriedly putting on his clothes.

"Thank you, that was close!" Feng Ruxue looked at Chen Xiang tenderly, she did not think that Chen Xiang would come in time, what made her most surprised was that Chen Xiang's cultivation was so low, to actually be able to kill the sparrow in an instant.

The Cyan Sparrow had the same strength as her, they both belonged to the Heaven realm, and Chen Xiang was only from the Tai Dao realm!

"There's no need to stand on ceremony. I came here immediately because I sensed that something was amiss!" Chen Xiang sighed, "I was almost attacked as well, I feel scared just thinking about it!"

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