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A blazing silver and a purple divine light simultaneously emerged from Wei Suo and Ling Long Tian's bodies. Their entire bodies surged with Miasma, as if two furnaces had been ignited.

This was triggered by the divine light and aura emitted by the withered, wood gray corpse of the Divine Profound expert.

This Mysterious God must have died at least a thousand years ago, but at this moment, a dark divine light suddenly appeared. Moreover, a dark divine light was emitted from this ancient Mysterious God corpse, releasing an extremely terrifying aura.

This aura was extremely majestic and vast. It was like the aura of a living Mysterious God suddenly surging, pressuring Wei Suo and Ling Tian.

The sudden appearance of this aura frightened Wei Suo and Ling Long. At this moment, they were unable to use any techniques or magic treasures, and could only use the strength of their physical bodies. As a result, they were so shocked that the blood in their bodies surged to the limit, as if two ancient beasts had suddenly revived.

"How could such an aura suddenly burst out from this Mysterious God corpse!"

Wei Suo and Ling Tian couldn't help wanting to retreat at the same time, but at the same time, an impenetrable aura swept over the two of them.

"Could it be that the Divine Profound Realm expert is not dead?!"

Both Wei Suo and Ling Long Tian's scalp went completely numb. Jumping backwards at the same time, this was clearly the feeling of a huge divine intent sweeping past the two of them. Moreover, this huge divine intent seemed to have some sort of secret technique as it penetrated deep into their divine senses, as if it had discovered some of the consciousness within their hearts.

"So you want to pass through here and steal my Merit Sect's Great Sage Fruit!" The Mysterious God corpse, whose clothes and wooden hairpin had completely decayed, suddenly spoke. This voice didn't come from the cave, but rather directly from the minds of Wei Suo and Ling Long Tian. It was completely a telepathic connection.

"Since that's the case, I'll kill you all and guard the treasure of my sect …" This voice was incomparably old, as if it was on the verge of death. However, it also carried an extremely shocking pressure, as well as an overwhelming and terrifying will.


Horrifying waves of killing intent were suddenly emitted from the Mysterious God Ancient Corpse which had been sitting still for a thousand years. At the same time, a foot-long black dragon appeared from the skin of the Mysterious God Ancient Corpse. These tiny black dragons were all formed from divine inscriptions. They moved around the corpse as if they were creating a great dao.

The little black dragon's movement seemed slow, but in reality, it only lasted for an instant, completely exceeding the reaction of Wei Suo and Ling Long's divine senses.

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Just as Wei Suo and Ling Long Tian jumped backwards into the air, a dao diagram suddenly formed above the head of the Mysterious God Ancient Corpse. All the black dragons had disappeared. The entire dao diagram was only the size of a palm, and only a single ring-shaped ring-shaped rune was present.

However, the surrounding magnetic force was completely attracted by this dao diagram. The surrounding space began to rumble as waves of powerful force pressed down on the bodies of Wei Suo and Ling Long Tian.


The Exquisite Sky immediately let out a miserable scream. This time, it was a real scream, not just a scream.

She and Wei Suo were instantly pressed to the ground. Their bodies instantly became who knows how many times heavier. They were unable to move at all and couldn't even stand up straight. One could hear cracking sounds from her bones that were about to burst.

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The silver light around Wei Suo was boiling, and his body could still move. He pushed back the Exquisite Sky with all his might, causing the Exquisite Sky to be forcefully pushed back. His body was like silver glass, and even his bones, meridians, and blood vessels emitted a brilliant silver light.

Ling Long Tian was pushed back by Wei Suo with all her strength. She was only pushed back several dozen feet before she fell to the ground again. She was still suppressed by the pressure, but at least she wasn't in danger of her bones exploding.

In this place where there was natural annihilation, the heaven and earth origin energy Laws were completely distorted and unable to be displayed with any techniques or treasures. But, this Mysterious God corpse was actually able to reverse a part of the heaven and earth origin energy and draw out a powerful might!


Just as Wei Suo was about to send the Exquisite Spirit Beast flying backwards, a surprised voice rang out in Wei Suo's mind. Clearly, this Mysterious God Ancient Corpse was also surprised at the strength of Wei Suo's physical body.


Almost at the same time, a strong killing intent ruthlessly beheaded Wei Suo's skull.


The consciousness of this Mysterious God Corpse was much stronger than Wei Suo's. If not for Wei Suo having advanced to the fifth level of the Aurous Core stage, and if not for the fact that his consciousness was much stronger than the average Aurous Core stage cultivator, Wei Suo might have been severely injured in a single blow, which caused him to be as confused as Li Wen Yi.

"You dead merchant, how are you!" Seeing the twisted expression on Wei Suo's face, Ling Tian also cried out.


The Mysterious God aura on the Mysterious God corpse grew even stronger, as if it had activated its sacred art to its limit. The dao diagram above continued to emit an even more powerful aura, pressing down on Ling Tian, causing the ground beneath Wei Suo's feet to shatter.


A strong killing intent once again fiercely beheaded Wei Suo's consciousness.

This killing intent carried with it an unparalleled will of destruction. It would not rest until it had completely destroyed Wei Suo's consciousness.

"If you want to kill me, I'll kill you first!"

At this moment, Wei Suo couldn't even use the Great Dao spiritual sound from the spiritual altar. His head was in so much pain that it felt like it was splitting apart, like countless small black dragons were scurrying around inside, but he still took a step forward towards the Mysterious God corpse in the six jade pools.

The silver light surrounding his body was dazzling as his blood surged. A loud noise like the thunder of the nine heavens resonated from his body.

At this moment, he was very clear that this Divine Profound Supreme Elder had died at least a thousand years ago, but for some reason, the divine intent of this Divine Profound Supreme Elder did not dissipate. Moreover, this Divine Mystery Realm Supreme Elder had some sort of secret technique. He had touched upon a thread of his mind and knew that Ling Long Tian and him wanted to steal the sacred fruit from this place, so he unleashed everything he had in order to kill him and Ling Tian.

This Divine Profound Realm expert could only utilize a portion of his divine might and divine intent to kill, but this Divine Profound Realm expert's divine intent was extremely powerful, so after activating it at full power, the scope of the attack was astonishing, and he had no way of escaping. Only before this Divine Profound Realm expert could completely damage his divine sense, could he dissipate this Divine Profound Realm expert's divine intent, which could only be normal.

"Your body is extremely strong … If I had such a powerful method to temper my fleshly body like you, I wouldn't have perished … However, your consciousness is not a match for me … " This Mysterious God Ancient Corpse let out an extremely old, dying yet powerful willpower voice, and it once again rang out in Wei Suo's mind.


An extremely strong killing intent ruthlessly slashed into Wei Suo's head like a giant invisible blade, causing Wei Suo's body to tremble violently. It was difficult for him to take another step forward. At this moment, he was about thirty steps away from the Mysterious God Ancient Corpse, but this area was difficult to cross.

However, at this moment, a milky white light suddenly flashed on Wei Suo's chest.


Another wave of soul consciousness from the Mysterious God Ancient Corpse was suddenly blocked. At the same time, Wei Suo's soul consciousness issued out a scream; it was obvious that he had suffered some injuries.

It was the remaining milky white crystal core within that strange azure stone orb!

In the past, Li Zhi Yi had suffered a backlash from his soul consciousness, so this thing was seen by Ling Tian on the way back to the Cloud Spirit Continent from the Devil Tattooed Evil Veins. Ling Long Tian only felt that it was strange and couldn't see any clues, but now, this strange crystal unexpectedly burst forth with strange power, blocking the divine sense attack of this Mysterious God corpse!

The black dao diagram on top of the Mysterious God corpse's head suddenly shook. The black ring-shaped rune on it was a bit dim, and the magnetic force it generated was greatly reduced.

"Crack!" "Crack!" "Crack!"

Blood trickled down Wei Suo's nose, but he still took large strides forward. His entire body was wrapped in countless silver divine lights, just like a giant ancient beast. He left a trail of footprints as he rushed towards the Mysterious God corpse.


The head of the Mysterious God Ancient Corpse was smashed to smithereens by Wei Suo's fist.

The black light still emanated from the Mysterious God corpse's body, but the black dao diagram on top of it still hadn't disappeared. Wei Suo did not stop, he fiercely threw out another punch, hitting the Mysterious Ancient God corpse's right chest point.


The entire right chest of the Mysterious God Ancient Corpse had completely shattered, a black light shot out from it.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The cry of the Mysterious God corpse sounded out in Wei Suo's spiritual sense. The black light suddenly cracked and split into two pieces. The light from the corpse was completely extinguished as it fell to the ground.

"Bang!" The tremendous might instantly vanished. "Ahhh!" Ling Long Tian fell to the ground, gasping for air.

"Are you alright?" His Spiritual Sense had suffered some damage. Fortunately, he had obtained some elixirs from that group of ancient characters that could heal the damage to his Spiritual Sense, so he should be able to recover very quickly.

"Not bad, I almost broke all the bones in my body." Ling Long's face was ashen. To her, this encounter was even more dangerous than dealing with Huangpu Jue and the rest.

"This person is an almighty figure from the past of the Sect of Contributions. How could he have fallen here? He's already been in meditation for at least a thousand years, and yet his spiritual will is still not extinguished." Wei Suo shook his head, only to see that two pieces of black light had been released from the Mysterious God Corpse Sect, which were shaped like two pieces of black turtle armor. In the middle, there was a black rune in the shape of a circle, and if the two pieces were put together and intact, it would look almost exactly the same as the black dao diagram from before.

"That thing could be his life treasure, it might have the ability to entrust spiritual will, so his body turned into wood, but his spiritual will was able to maintain it until today." Ling Long Tian stood up and walked closer to Wei Suo as she spoke.

Wei Suo took a deep breath and rubbed his head. He didn't pick up the two pieces of black jade that had fallen to the ground. Instead, he carefully examined the Mysterious God corpse that had its head smashed off and a big hole in its chest.

This Mysterious God corpse's body had been completely woodified, it was completely like a piece of wood that emitted a sandalwood fragrance, but after receiving two heavy blows from Wei Suo, it was still sitting cross-legged on the ground, but its body was extremely heavy, and the parts that were broken were also extremely tough, it was obvious that this Mysterious God corpse's body was extremely strong before it was woodified. Even if there was no body tempering technique of a lower level, he had used elixirs to increase his physical body's cultivation level.

All the clothes and accessories on this Mysterious God corpse were all ordinary things. Just now, when the Yuan Qi vibrated, it had already turned into dust. Aside from the three dazzling Immortality Bestowal Gold Sands, there were no other magic items left behind.

"What's that?" Just as Wei Suo was about to collect the three Golden Immortal Ascension Grass, he and Ling Yaotian suddenly discovered that there was an extremely simple and crude stone table in the corner behind the jade pool. Clearly, there were jade bottles placed on the table.

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