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Inside the rolling darkness, a shadow came and roared furiously.

Roars and howls reverberated like the bell of death, pounding on everybody's soul. The souls of the ordinary people living on the surrounding star areas exploded instantly as if they were struck by lightning.

It was the enraged roar Edgar had sounded as he had to bear the agony of his son's death. His roar had shattered souls and blasted soul altars.

Hiro and Montecie had confined Devour, but they didn't expect that Devour in this situation could bring Edgar here to destroy their plan. As soon as Edgar appeared, his thundering bellow had smashed Montecie's Time Seal to rescue Devour.

Hiro hadn't reacted when Edgar shouted at Labitte, asking why Pu Tai was dead.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The bell of death echoed unceasingly in Gay, Mei Ji, and Emperor Sea Shark's heads. They changed their countenances while attacking Labitte. The stream of their energy was interrupted, and they couldn't maintain their attacks anymore.

Labitte seized the chance and turned into a jet of black light, returning to the Dark Abyss. From a distance, he pointed at Shi Yan while talking, "Edgar, brother, Shi Yan killed Pu Tai. He's the heir Bloodthirsty had chosen! He killed Pu Tai and got all of his power Upanishads. He wants to kill our Ancestor too!"

Edgar had a dark green skin, his face twitching. He pulled the void, and the blood of the dead creatures on those planets was drawn instantly.

A blood pond congregated in front of Edgar, the dazzling red hue looking like some bizarre but magnificent gemstone. Edgar panted like an enraged beast while pointing his finger at Shi Yan.

The blood pond generated a hoarse scream then turned into a massive, gory serpent with the power of death and destruction. It crawled as the mysterious patterns on its body gathered the negative emotions, including fear, wild, and brutality in this world.


Xuan He, Frederick, and Ming Hao clutched their chest while groaning, their faces ashen,

As the serpent gazed at them, they were immediately flooded with thick negative energy. Shortly, they felt their souls occupied. It was similar to the time their Master Bloodthirsty had taught them lessons.

Edgar, the expert that had suddenly appeared, had the Death, Destruction, and Chaos power Upanishads that were even stronger than Bloodthirsty!

Strictly speaking, Edgar was the high-level creature Devour had created directly. If Desolate had exerted a lot of efforts to create Bloodthirsty, Devour had used his blood as the foundation to give life to Edgar, imparting him the power Upanishads and making him the Chief of the Devouring Clan.

Edgar wasn't the first generation of the Devouring Clan, but he was the one who had boosted the Devouring Clan to the equal position with the other six big clans. As he had reached the Territory Ancestor Realm without the Devouring power Upanishad, it was enough to show how fierce he was!

In the Sea Domain of Nihility, Edgar was known as the "God of Death," the appearance of evil in this world. Wherever he passed, the life stars were destroyed, and lives were reaped. He didn't even leave a single tuft of grass. He was Death as he absorbed the energy of all living things.

He had fused the Death, Destruction, and Chaos together, cultivating them to the profound level. In the Sea Domain of Nihility, Edgar was a fearsome character. Even Montecie and Hiro, his peers, didn't want to provoke this man, because Edgar was a real mad dog! When he got his nerves stimulated, he didn't have a bit of consciousness left in him.

It was the side effect of the Rampage power Upanishad.

The bloody, massive serpent carried the three power Upanishads. It opened the red-blood mouth on the several thousand meters long body that looked like a massive tree trunk. While moving, the serpent continually released the power of brutality, evil, and destruction. Xuan He, Frederick, and Ming Hao were baffled for seconds, then they had to retreat.

They couldn't endure it!

DeCarlos and the others also recognized that they couldn't stand such negative attacks. They had to retreat, not standing next to Shi Yan anymore.

After seconds, only one person stood by Shi Yan.

It was Audrey; although she was only at the First Sky of Immortal Realm, she looked at the serpent, her eyes cold and clear while shooting a cold light.

The Soul Refining Cauldron arose from the crown of her head. The cauldron turned as big as the sky, shielding her. Billions of Absolute Beginning symbols wiggled on the cauldron. Those symbols were like ghosts swimming in a river, emitting a cold vibe,

Shi Yan looked surprised as he lifted his head to see the Absolute Beginning symbols moving around the Soul Refining Cauldron. They were the soul and spirit symbols which created the magical and mysterious formations.


Billions of Absolute Beginning symbols created by the brutal soul, ghosts, and departed souls had become one like the young birds returning to the nest, and attacked the giant serpent.


Pieces of souls shattered in the rumbling, earth-shaking explosions. The brutal souls turned into gray smoke. However, the serpent's head was smashed flat, and the meandering patterns on its skin dimmed.

"Soul Refining Cauldron! It's Neptune's Soul Refining Cauldron!" Edgar screamed furiously. "The Soul Refining Cauldron, so what? Neptune didn't dare to fight me even if he had the cauldron! You're just a small warrior at the First Sky of Immortal Realm. You think you can use the Soul Refining Cauldron to resist me? Ridiculous!"

"Right, I'm not his opponent." Audrey muttered.

Shi Yan turned to her, seeing two trickles of blood running down the corners of her mouth. The blood trickles ran like snakes on her snow-white neck, which was somehow horrible to see.

Audrey's eyes dimmed; this attack had hurt her badly. She couldn't fight anymore.

"Rest well…Don't force yourself." Shi Yan comforted her. He rose one hand, sending an ivory-white seal, which then turned into an ancient Life symbol, to Audrey's body. It was his vitality to recover her wounds. 

"Stars break!" He turned back to Edgar while grinning. Right next to the serpent, a barren planet responded to him. Its nucleus cracked, blasting frantically.

The massive serpent was covered in the energy of the star's explosion. It was shattered instantly into pieces in front of everyone, beams of energy shooting everywhere.

Edgar shook, his crazy face fearful. "You've fused with Desolate's will to become the temporary master of this territory! That's how you can control the stars here!"

"Stars move!"

Shi Yan slightly closed his eyes, focusing on urging the Star power Upanishad and using the soul to control the world and the stars within this territory.

Many planets with living creatures quickly left this place while the barren planets without lives came one after another. Dozens of stars aligned behind him like a massive, shining lantern.

Then, he began to speak, "If it were another arena and not this Desolate Territory, I would have no chance of surviving in a fight with you."

Edgar's eyes became lucid as he tried to press his flame of anger due to Pu Tai's death. He had to solve this seriously.

"But, we're in Desolate Territory…This is my territory. I can move the stars and control the natural powers. I can even change the principle in a short time." Shi Yan wore a cold and calm face while talking, "It's not easy to kill me here! You can try. Let's see whether you can break the principle in another's territory or not at the Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm!"

"You little devil, since when have you mastered a lying skill like that?" A charming voice came from a light dot which was just as big as a fingernail. However, afterward, it swelled rapidly until it was the size of a room.

A magnificent seven-colored crystal lotus throne arose. Zi Yao wore an amethyst long dress, sitting on the lotus throne, her eyes radiant with bright light.

Tian Xie, the chiefs of many clans, the Elders of the God Clan's Elder Committee, Lena of the Heavenly River Temple, and Gu Lian of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, along with many experts emerged behind her. There was one warrior whose appearance surprised Shi Yan the most.

It was Cecilia!

Cecilia had accompanied him while they were on Desolate. They used to have some romantic moments too. She stood by her teacher Lena, her face upset. She looked both sorrowful and reluctant.

Cecilia also had a small, dark green snake on her forehead…Zi Yao's crest!

All the warriors under Zi Yao's commands had this mark. It was the proof of sending her the Soul Seal and becoming her slaves. All of them had submitted to Zi Yao. Their lives and souls were tied to Zi Yao. Once she was dead, they wouldn't survive either.

Zi Yao brought her subordinates from the Ancient God Star Area here. As soon as she emerged, Hiro and Montecie looked shocked. They exchanged looks and stopped confining Devour, returning to Shi Yan's side.

"The energy on her body is…stronger than Devour. If I'm not wrong, she must be the other Absolute Beginning creature you've mentioned, right?" Montecie said, her ice stern.

Shi Yan sighed inwardly, giving her a slight nod.

Hiro, Montecie, Gay, Mei Ji, and Emperor Sea Shark returned to Shi Yan's sides, separating them from Edgar in the Dark Abyss and Zi Yao's team. The air of this area suddenly became quite strange.

"You, after all…are you her?" Shi Yan turned to Zi Yao. After a while, he suddenly shouted.

Zi Yao smiled, her glamor being no less than Mei Ji. Perhaps she could defeat the other when talking about charming demeanor. Her bright eyes had ripples of light. "I'm sure she's me. And I, I can be her…but I perhaps am not her. It depends on your actions."

"What do you want?"

"I don't want anything but my power. I want my things back. Ah, right! The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower you got belongs to me. You should return it to me too. I brought Brian and Ming Hao there in the hope that they could bring it back to me. Unexpectedly, you got it instead." Zi Yao smiled, extending one of her fulgent, jade-like hands. "Give it back to me."


Shi Yan felt thunderclaps booming hard in his head as billions of light rays bloomed. The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was stimulated, trying to escape from his brain and return to Zi Yao's hand.

Everybody turned aghast.

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