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As Anran mentioned Lyuyou, Tang Xia raised her eyebrows slightly.

"How is she doing now?" Tang Xia pretended to eat the pastry up unconcernedly, not looking at Anran.

"Lyuyou said," Anran raised her eyebrows as if she hated to say the following words, but said while grinding her teeth, "Lyuyou asked you to release her, or you will be in trouble."

Hearing Anran's words, Tang Xia squinted her beautiful eyes tightly, unfolding her coldness immediately, "Huh? Did she say so?"

Anran shivered her body slightly then knelt on the ground quickly, "Your Grace, there may be some misunderstandings between you and Lyuyou. She truly believes in you. Please give her a chance to hear her opinions."

Tang Xia took the celadon cup on the table up, "It is none of my business if she was misunderstood."

As she finished her sentence, Tang Xia took a sip of the tea. The fragrance of the tea filled the house.

Anran curled herself up with her slender fingers clawing the rosewood floor and her shoulder shaking up and down, "I see."

As it was night, the air in the imperial palace turned chilly. Tang Xia just let Anran light one white candle, then put it on the table in the cella.

When it was completely dark, the chilly air antagonized Tang Xia's delicate face. She tightened the tippet on her shoulder with her slender fingers looking at the moon, "Tell me, Shun Decai said yesterday that His Majesty punished me to read Woman Precepts, why does he change his mind today?"

Tang Xia raised her head fixing her eyes on the bright moon in the sky.

"Your Grace..." Anran hesitated as she thought that Tang Xia was worried about her being banned from going out, then wore an upset appearance unconsciously.

Tang Xia raised her head looking ahead seriously - there was a small place that only she herself could see.

Tang Xia wore a trace of a smile on her lips unconsciously, making Anran wear a worried appearance, "Your Grace, let it be. Let's go inside as it is too cold outside."

Tang Xia came to her senses slowly after Anran persuaded her twice, "Pardon?"

"Your Grace, please do not be upset. I am in pain to see you suffering. It is all good to stay in Jiaofeng hall. There is wintersweet in the winter and peach trees in the summer here. Do not let your health break down due to your worries."

"Huh? I... I am not upset."

"Your Grace, why bother showing your grief to the moon if you are not upset? Why did you talk about the decree given by His Majesty? Why were you only wearing a trace of a smile on your mouth? It is just because you thought of those sweet memories with His Majesty!" Anran could not help shedding tears on her delicate face.

Then Tang Xia's mouth convulsed.

"Anran... I... was just reading the messages on the bullet screen!"

[Fans] Konghao: Lol, I confess my love to Anran who achieves a new 'high' IQ of 250!

[Fans] Xusong: I'm just back from Honor of Kings (game), how is the plot going now?

[Fans] Red Fruit: Early warning for the supporting actress who framed the female leading role into the cold palace and made it more difficult for the female leading role to complete her task. Was it due to moral bankruptcy or distortion of human nature? Please look forward to the next season of Those Years When We Were in the Cold Palace.

[Fans] Xusong: Oh my god! You are such a genius, Red Fruit! I'm going to catch up to the live broadcast at high speed!

[Fans] Yunvxinjing: Are you feeling bored, anchor? I can deliver warmth to you~

[Fans] Konghao: Are you going to send money to the anchor? (looking forward to that)

[Fans] Yunvxinjing: Hot-water bags are sold in the front row.

Tang Xia was not too bad for the next few days, while Xiao Yuzi was probably put into prison by Helian Jue much earlier.

As the sun shined brightly in the sky, Tang Xia heard some noise outside the Jiaofang hall. One emaciated man was thrown into the hall before Tang Xia could check it out.

"Get in, behave yourself."

"Who is it? Although my Jiaofang hall has become a cold palace, it doesn't mean that everyone can get in at will." Tang Xia strode forward with her beautiful eyes half-closed.

"I'm instructed by His Majesty to put this dog-like slave back to your hall, Your Grace." The leader of the imperial bodyguards said in a cold voice with a serious appearance which made Tang Xia unhappy.

"Dog-like slave? How can you guards call my slave in this way..."

Then Tang Xia fixed her eyes on the emaciated man on the floor who was dressed in a dark-colored eunuch uniform with pale lips, covering his head tightly.

It was Xiao Yuzi.

"Oh, I don't know this guy. Just take him away." Tang Xia turned around unconcernedly.

"Please spare my life, spare my life, Your Grace... Please save my life. I'm willing to do everything for you. Please let me stay in Jiaofang hall, Your Grace. I'm a scoundrel! I'm a dog-like slave!" Xiao Yuzi clung onto Tang Xia's slender legs, weeping bitterly.

The imperial guards felt awkward, "Your Grace... It is His Majesty's order. Please do not hassle me."

"What does His Majesty mean? Put the slave who framed me in my Jiaofang hall? I'm not able to eat anything at the sight of him."

Tang Xia wore a trace of anger in her thin eyebrows, unfolding her coldness suddenly.

"We are just following orders, please have a good rest, Your Grace." The imperial guard bowed to her then left with the other servants, making Tang Xia quite angry.

"Your Grace... What do we do with Xiao Yuzi..." Anran said in a soft voice feeling timid.

"Lock him in the woodshed." Tang Xia said sourly.

Anran replied cowardly, "But... Lyuyou is also in the woodshed, Your Grace."

Tang Xia thought for a moment then frowned her eyebrows again, "Then bring Lyuyou out and lock Xiao Yuzi in."

As the moon shined alone in the sky, Tang Xia could not help feeling anxious and fixed her eyes on the garden because she had not got any news from outside for several days.

Although Lyuyou was released in the morning, Tang Xia did not talk with her and Anran would look after Lyuyou in the room when she was free.

"It is getting colder and colder in the palace. We cannot resist the coldness only in this flimsy dress." Tang Xia talked to herself with her peach blossom eyes glowing beautifully in the darkness.

"Ko Deng-" A slight voice attracted Tang Xia's eyes.

As Tang Xia looked around, she heard a series of slight movements. And before she could react, Tang Xia was held into one broad embrace.

"It is me." His deep voice was as sweet and melodious as a concerto lingering around Tang Xia's ears, which made her comfortable.

"Why are you here, Guard Chu?" Tang Xia turned around as the glow of Chu Tiankuo's shining silver armor flickered in her eyes.

She remembered that there were still some problems between them.

"I lost my washboard so I'm looking for that." Chu Tiankuo replied as the moonlight fell on his charismatic side profile, which was like the most exquisite painting of a painter.

"How could you lose your washb..." Tang Xia realized immediately that his washboard referred to her as her chest was as flat as a washboard, then her delicate face pouted like a bun.

"You are the washboard!"

Chu Tiankuo laughed gently in a deep voice as the curve of his chin was as perfect as the most transparent jade.

"I came to see her." Chu Tiankuo squinted his eyes then looked Tang Xia up and down with his charismatic eyes.

Tang Xia raised her eyebrows complacently, "Why are you looking for her?"

"To wash my clothes."

"..." Tang Xia felt that she could do nothing to Chu Tiankuo.

Scattered flames afar were highlighted in the darkness. At the sight of this, Tang Xia pondered for a while, "Why are there torches lit outside at this hour..."

Before she even finished the sentence, Chu Tiankuo held her to the cella with his broad palm.

Chu Tiankuo blew out the only candle then looked out through the paper window covering Tang Xia's lips.

"Your Grace, we are instructed by His Majesty to take you somewhere, please open the door for us."

A rough voice came from the outside, making Tang Xia frown as usual. As she wanted to open the door, Tang Xia's mouth was covered more tightly by Chu Tiankuo.

"As you are besieged on all sides, you still want to go out? You are truly a washboard who is a blockhead!"

As Chu Tiankuo reproached her in a deep voice by her ears, Tang Xia happened to raise her head then looked directly to his eyes, "What happened?"

Chu Tiankuo wore a heavy appearance, "You do not know?"

Tang Xia shook her head, "Of course not. How can I get information when I'm staying here all day long?"

"Southland has betrayed Helian Jue who is besieged on all sides now as the mutineers from Southland got together with people from other countries, and are now demanding someone from Helian Jue." Chu Tiankuo said in a deep voice going through Tang Xia's ears slowly.

"Who is demanded?" Tang Xia asked unconsciously as she was enchanted with his voice for a moment.

"You, of course." Chu Tiankuo gave Tang Xia a sideways glance with some traces of scorn in his eyes.

Tang Xia sorted out her thoughts, "You mean that people from several countries are waiting for me outside while Helian Jue is negotiating with them in order to protect me?"

"You are not that stupid." Chu Tiankuo smiled with a glow flickering in his eye, "But make it clear that you are saved by me, not by Helian Jue. You owe me this time."

Hearing Chu Tiankuo's words, Tang Xia looked him up and down carefully, "Childish."

The man outside with a rough voice shouted in a heavier tone, making Tang Xia bite the corners of the mouth, "So what do we do now? If Helian Jue cannot take much more of it, he will definitely hand me over to them."

Tang Xia paced back and forth with her slender fingers intertwining with her slight pink sleeves. As the moonlight shined through the window, her shiny eyes glowed like stars in the sky.

"Come here." Chu Tiankuo stretched his arms and held Tang Xia into in his arms then poked a thumb-sized hole through the paper window, "Do you see it clearly?"

Tang Xia watched carefully for a moment, "Yes, the flames outside glow as brightly as an incandescent light bulb. I would have to go out on my knees if I let them in."

"Don't be so terrified, you washboard." Chu Tiankuo scorned, "Who dares to hurt you as long as I'm here?"

Tang Xia kept her eyes open, "Are you going out instead of me?"

Chu Tiankuo wore a cold smile on his mouth as his silver armor appeared frostier in the moonlight, "Go by yourself."

"So why did you comfort me? Are you kidding me?" Tang Xia wore extreme despair in her delicate face. Chu Tiankuo had reasons to believe that Tang Xia would kowtow immediately if there was a Big Buddha statue in the cella.

"Do you believe me?"

Chu Tiankuo's cold voice came from above her head, making Tang Xia freeze for a while, "What does that have to do with this?"

Chu Tiankuo wore a smile with contempt again then dragged Tang Xia back in front of the thumb-sized hole, "You go with them later. Do whatever they demand. I assure you that no one will hurt you as long as I'm here."

Tang Xia choked on those words several times then nodded emphatically at sight of Chu Tiankuo's serious appearance.

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