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Chapter 969 - supreme god's Fury

His voice was like thunder as it pressed down heavily.


Long Fei's body sank even deeper, his knees almost kneeled on the ground, his body bent like a bow, with each layer of power becoming stronger and stronger, crushing onto Long Fei's heart, it was extremely huge and painful.

"Ahh …"

Long Fei roared, resisting with all his might.

The power of the supreme god was simply too great.

Nox glared with both eyes, he also had a violent temper, seeing Long Fei being crushed, he was about to rush forward.


Long Fei moved and forcefully took Nox back into the system.

Nox also had time to fight.

He also had health point, he was very strong, but he was definitely not a match for the supreme god. If he was killed, with the card shattered, he would never be able to summon it.

This was a huge loss.

Nox was a growth type hero, as long as he was given time, enough gold coins, Long Fei would be able to create a wave of berserk attack on Nox.


Long Fei couldn't let anything happen to him.

supreme god floated in the air and stared coldly at Long Fei, and said: "You made god emperor academy into this state, Long Fei, there is a limit to my patience, don't take yourself too seriously, in my eyes, you are just a small ant!"

Eighteen principals were killed, pan sheng was killed, and eight fairy hall elder s were killed.

The supreme god's heart was filled with anger.

Long Fei's body trembled, his hands were tightly holding onto the dragon salyer. No matter how powerful the pressure was, he did not kneel down.

People of Long Family would not kneel to the heavens nor would they kneel to anyone.

Long Fei looked at the lofty supreme god in the sky and shouted, "Small ants? Hahaha... Since I'm just an ant, then kill me now! supreme god, if you have the guts, kill me now!

"Come on!"

"Come here for laozi!"

Arrogant beyond compare.

So what if you're a supreme god?

So what if they were from the palace question of god?

Long Fei just disdained them!

It was to not compromise!

"How dare you!"

A fairy hall elder suddenly roared, his anger rising.

"supreme god, this brat is too arrogant. If we don't kill him today, how would palace question of god deter the world?"

"How dare he be so arrogant! Let's see who he's up to!"

"Arrogant in front of us, kid, you're too arrogant."

Virtually all of the Elders refused to accept this outcome.

Long Fei is too arrogant!

Since he was so arrogant in front of them, if they still did not suppress him, palace question of god's face would have been stepped on by Long Fei.

The people from the martial-arts arena were also stunned.

"Long Fei is definitely crazy."

"That is the supreme god, the Sovereign King of immortal domain, he actually just spoke to him like that, he definitely doesn't want to live anymore."

"Too arrogant!"

"So arrogant!"

… ….

In the entire immortal domain, and even in the entire god's martial continent, who would dare to speak to supreme god like that?

This was definitely a rhythm that was sick of living.

At this moment.

The Fatmen Chen was a bit closer to Long Fei, and he was carefully guarding against the latter. If the supreme god were to make a move, he would need to use all of his strength to resist it. He had promised qiu wandao that he would definitely protect Long Fei's safety, and definitely not let anything happen to him.

supreme god's gaze turned cold. In that short few seconds, he had thought about many things.

"Could it be that Long Fei knows my plan?"

"It's good if he knows, it's good if he doesn't. He's too arrogant. If I don't teach him a lesson today, he wouldn't even know how high the sky is or how deep the earth is. "Also..."

What kind of lofty existence was the palace question of god?

He did not allow anyone to sully palace question of god!

Zhang Xuan's heart sank.

supreme god's power aura suddenly moved, "Boom!"

Space split apart.

"Everyone says that your Long Family's people will not kneel to the heavens, and will not kneel to the earth. Today, let's see how hard your knees are, let's see how long you, Long Fei, can remain crazy for!"


The power came crashing down.

Fatmen Chen's face darkened. Without the slightest hesitation, he activated all of the holy-armor fairy vein's defensive power, took a step forward, blocked, and shouted loudly, "Boss, run!"

At this moment.

Without waiting for Fatmen Chen to block the incoming force, Long Fei grabbed him and threw him back.


Chen Tianfei simply did not defend at all, and when Long Fei used his full strength, he was instantly thrown flying.

Long Fei was very clear about this in his heart.

Even if the fatty could resist it, Long Fei would not use his brother's life to take the risk. The brother was used to cherish him, and not used to be a bullet for him, Long Fei would rather die than see his brother die!


Long Fei also understood in his heart that no matter how strong the power of the supreme god was, it was impossible to kill him, because he still needed his help.

He was the prophet's son.

supreme god would never kill him.


"Long Fei!"

Everyone shouted.

Long Fei raised his head and looked at the falling power. Clenching his teeth, he looked at supreme god who had a complacent look on his face. Long Fei was still incomparably arrogant as he said, "You want me, Long Fei, to kneel? Not even your eight generations of ancestors were able to do it. "


A roar of power!

Long Fei's two forces heavily smashed into the ground and his feet fiercely stabbed into the ground, directly burying his legs within the ground. "You want this daddy to kneel? Hahaha... Even if the King of Heaven comes, it will be useless! "

"A mere supreme god?"

"Hahaha... Come on! "

Long Fei was crazy.

In order to not make himself kneel, he directly stabbed his body into the ground. This way, no matter how much pressure he endured, his knees would always be straight and would not bend even a little.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

At this moment.

The power shot down.

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Blast down from above Long Fei's head … …

"Boom, boom, boom …"

All of the bones in his body began to crack, and his tendons and veins were fractured. Intense pain spread throughout his entire body, and at this moment, his knees had cracked open, and his face was as pale as paper. He continuously spat out fresh blood.

This power!

The power of the supreme god was beyond compare.

His bun was scattered everywhere, and Long Fei's eyes were completely bloodshot. Raising his head to look at the supreme god in the sky, he roared out, "Come, come again, your supreme god is only so-so, hahaha …"

The entire hall was silent.

He was shocked by the craziness on Long Fei's body.

song qianqian's tears rolled down his face.

Man Tuoluo, Xiao Ying, Ling Long, Ao Ya, in the instant that the power was released, they rushed forward recklessly.

"Long Fei!"

"Yong Master Long!"

Their hearts felt as if they had died, and the pain was so intense that they couldn't even breathe.

"You're courting death!"

supreme god was also angry, no one had ever dared to be so arrogant in front of him, never had anyone dared to speak to him like that, the anger in his heart exploded, his eyes turned sinister, and he shouted, "Get down!"

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