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Chapter 973 - Skill, Void Walk!

How fierce was the supreme god?

Long Fei was very clear of how strong his power was. With a single move, he did not send them flying, but rather, instantly crushed them into fine powder.

Long Fei thought that they were all dead!

It was all because of him that he died, and it was also because of the incomparable pain in Long Fei's heart.

He was not afraid of the supreme god.

With his personality, even if he didn't want to win, he still had to do it.

A man dies in the sky, but never dies for tens of thousands of years.

They were already dead, so what was there to be afraid of?

Thus …

All along, whether it was the Transue emperor, the western devil lord or the supreme god, Long Fei had never cowered before them.

His heart had collapsed not because of the supreme god's power, but because he was the one who had caused the death of his brother.

Let song qianqian, Fatmen Chen and the others die.

He could not forgive himself.

This was the reason for his collapse.

When Long Fei heard the words' they're not dead yet ', it was as if his nerves had received some sort of stimulation. It was as if he had come alive in an instant.

The Star Goddess continued, "Like you, they have been sent into a special space. They are still waiting for you to save them."

"Nantian Region is still waiting for you to save him."

"Dragon Domain is still waiting for you to save him."

"god's martial continent is still waiting for you to save him."

"You still want me … I was waiting for you too. "

Her words slowly spread around Long Fei's mind.

The last sentence was very light.

It was so light that he couldn't even hear himself.

Long Fei became excited. "They didn't die, they didn't die, hahaha … They are not dead! "

The goddess looked at Long Fei's excited expression and laughed lightly. "So you have to pull yourself together again, you have to take back everything."

"Wake up, Long Fei!"

"Wake up, Long Fei!"

"Hurry up and wake up..."

"Huff …"

Long Fei gasped for breath heavily, his face was pale white, his breathing was hurried, and he opened his eyes, "Were you dreaming just now? That's not right... It's the Goddess Tear, she's guiding me, she won't lie to me, Ling Long and the others are still alive, they aren't dead! "

"Then I can't die!"

"I absolutely cannot die!"

Long Fei's eyes became determined.

The system was still ringing.


"Red Alert: player's health point is too low, please immediately add it!"

"Red Alert: player's health point is too low, please immediately add it!"

Other than the system beep, there was no other sound in Long Fei's mind.

Long Fei glanced at the Goddess Tear among the Space Ring and said faintly, "Thank you!"


Long Fei stood up with great difficulty, the idea linked to 'XianBao spirit stones' let out a heavy breath, and said: "supreme god, just based on what you can do, I will die. Just you wait, on the day I return to god emperor academy, I will definitely ask you to go to the underworld!"



"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for triggering 'XianBao spirit stones' for obtaining 1 million power of celestial Points. There are still seven uses left!"

"Huff …"

Long Fei sucked in a cold breath. With his current condition, he was completely unable to use the 'turn Yan Long into God', and his body would directly explode from the immense force. He did not release the turn Yan Long into God, because even if he used it, it would be difficult for him to instantly charge out of the sunshine array.

"It's time to activate the second Hero ability!"

Long Fei moved his idea and a stream of power of celestial appeared.



"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for activating the 'Void Walk' skill. You have received 100 experience points, 100 power of celestial, and a special reward of 100 points."

This set of skills was not exchanged by Long Fei.

His Skill Redemption Point of 108,000 points could only be exchanged for a single skill, he had exchanged it for the 'Nox Sas Decapitator'!

This was a skill that allowed him to escape and kill. Following the sound of the system beep, Long Fei roared in his heart, "supreme god, you want to trap me?"

"Just you wait!"

"Ahh …"

Long Fei moved his idea, releasing 'Void Walk'. The void door opened its mouth for a moment, and Long Fei also went through it in a split-second.


A huge sound echoed in Long Fei's mind as he flew out from the sunshine array.

At the same time.

All of the crushing pressure on Long Fei's body completely disappeared.

It was as if his eardrums had exploded.

green dragon ancestor: "Boss, boss, wake up quickly, you can't sleep, you can't sleep, wait for your Open Dragon Domain, wait for you to obtain all the power of the Yuan Long, a mere supreme god can crush anything you want."

Sea Dragon King replied, "Boss, nothing must happen to you. You are the last hope of our Nantian Region's Dragon Clan. You must hold on."

Golden Dragon Master: "It's all my fault. It's all because my defense is not strong enough and I didn't protect you well."

Poisonous Ancestor: "Boss, if you don't wake up soon I'm going to shoot poison bullets. Hurry up and wake up, hurry up, all the brothers are waiting for you. The Dragon Domain is waiting for your return, hurry up and wake up."

… ….

fourteenth dragon ancestor was anxiously shouting.

They were extremely worried.

Yan Huang ancestor anxiously asked: "Brat, what are you doing? Nantian Region would probably be overturned by you if you did not rush over. What do you mean by not waking up now? Are you going to abandon me? Didn't I just eat some of your holy artifact? Was there a need for this? Brat, I have bet everything on you, you can't be like this, at worst, I will just not eat your holy artifact. "


Unspeakable worry.

As Long Fei listened to these voices, his heart felt warm.

At the same time.

His idea moved, and said lightly: "Don't worry, I won't fall down that easily."

"I, Long Fei, am back!"

As soon as he finished speaking.

fourteenth dragon ancestor cried tears of joy, unable to say a single word.

Yan Huang ancestor smiled, he also had the urge to cry and muttered: "You brat!"

The boulder in their hearts was finally lifted.

They could also tell that Long Fei had survived.

They didn't know what had happened, but they all knew in their hearts that after experiencing this incident, Long Fei's heart would become firmer and braver. No matter how big of a setback he faced, he would forcefully ascend.


"Ancestor, what did you say just now?"

"You said you won't devour my holy artifact?" Long Fei smiled slightly.

Yan Huang ancestor was immediately surprised and played dumb: "Did I say that? How come I don't remember, you definitely heard wrong. "

"F * ck!"

"Can you not be so shameless?" Long Fei disdained.

At this moment.

Yan Huang ancestor suddenly said: "Below, there are so many powerful auras. Kid, where are you?"

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