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Chapter 925 - This Fatty is Not a Human

"Arrogant Dragon Squad has changed."

"Change that rosefinch blood vessel's little Junior Sister into a fatty."

"I think it's very strange, why didn't Long Fei go in?"

"Yeah, his strength is so strong, why would he participate in the team competition s? Is he afraid? "

"The blood skeleton Battle Team, they are not ordinary teams, it is not that I say, the Arrogant Dragon Squad will be smashed to the ground after a minute of attack."

"Open, open …"

… ….

The spectators were all discussing how Arrogant Dragon Squad could hold on for a few seconds.

Their abilities were not as good as the blood skeleton Battle Team's, they were only beaten, and these five members of the blood skeleton Battle Team were all battle-hardened people.


Some of them already had the qualifications to be promoted to the academy's elders.

Ning Xie, leader of the blood skeleton Battle Team, nickname: Skeleton!

His methods were cruel and incomparably sinister.

Ning Xie stared at song qianqian and laughed, saying: "What a beautiful woman, if there were two more scars on her face, she would definitely be even more beautiful."

Fatmen Chen shouted, "Aren't you blood skeleton? If you twist your head off, it will really turn into a skull. "

"You're courting death!"

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Ning Xie moved and clenched his fist. The power of the Blood Immortal Stage erupted, and before Fatmen Chen could react, he punched out.


His speed was too fast, and he had launched a sneak attack.

Fatmen Chen's body was sent flying, instantly colliding with Boundary who was more than ten meters away.

Boundary was agitated and he fell down from the Boundary.

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

A roar of laughter came from the stands. "An existence that can instantly kill someone."

"This fatty is a joke, right?"

"Is he here to be funny? If you can't even block one move, and are still participating in team competition like this, it's really funny. It seems like no one in Arrogant Dragon Squad can use it, and you have even sent out a piece of trash. "

"Arrogant Dragon Squad is definitely going to lose."

… ….

After being sent flying with a single strike, Ning Xie also began to sneer disdainfully, "He's so weak that he couldn't even withstand a single blow."

The other four blood skeleton s all laughed in disdain.

"A trash like him is still participating in the team competition? Get lost and go back home to eat sh * t."

song qianqian did not understand the power of the Fatmen Chen. After being sent flying with just one move, her heart sank as she muttered to herself: "Oh no, I can't block his attack at all."

"If that's the case..."

song qianqian's mind was frantically thinking of a countermeasure.

Long Fei's tactical plans were not working out at all. The fatty was sent flying with just one move, how could he withstand all the attacks? He couldn't take it at all.

Just when everyone was laughing at him.

Fatty got up from the ground and patted off the dust on his body. His mouth twitched as he said with disdain, "You only have this little strength? Too weak. "

As soon as he finished.

The entire audience went silent.

Fatty walked over slowly. There was not a single wound on his body. He looked like a monster.

Chen Tianfei stared at Ning Xie, and said: "I had thought that blood skeleton was very strong, with just that amount of power, even a wild dog on the street would be stronger than you guys."

Incomparable arrogance.

Ning Xie's eyes turned sinister, his expression fierce, and he shouted: "Brat, you're courting death."

Fatmen Chen sneered: "I'm just looking to die, come bite me, come on, come on, come on, come on, quick, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on!"

"All five of you, attack together!"

The Fatmen Chen was rampant, his finger moved, pointing towards the five members of Ning Xie's blood skeleton Battle Team, "Five wild dogs, come and bite this fatty."

He looked like a lunatic.

Long Fei's heart relaxed, and he laughed lightly: "This fatty …. So what if you don't act arrogantly? "

"Is he crazy?"

"To dare to provoke the blood skeleton Battle Team, is this not courting death?"

"Just now, he was sent flying with a single punch, but now he still dares to come up and make a ruckus. Does he think he is a cat with nine lives?"

… ….

Ning Xie was furious.

He stared at the Fatmen Chen and said sinisterly: "No one dares to act arrogantly in front of me, Ning Xie, and still live on, prepare to die."


A demon beast's roar came from his body.


He threw out his arms, and the power of the Immortal Foundation Battle Beast burst out. He took a step forward. "Sou!"

It tore through the skies.

The two fists of heavy cannon shot towards Fatmen Chen's chest.


The moment he came into contact with the Fatmen Chen's chest, power burst out and visible lines of power exploded out bit by bit. Chen Tianfei's body was instantly sent flying.

He hit Boundary.

Slipping down from Boundary.


Ning Xie retracted both of his fists, and let out a cold laugh.

The spectators all sucked in a breath of cold air. Fatmen Chen would definitely die from this fairy beast explosive punch.

However …

Just when everyone thought that Fatty had been killed in an instant, he once again patted the dirt off his body. With a look of disdain, he said, "The power to tickle is not even equal to it."

"Too weak!"

The surrounding crowd went into an uproar.

"Holy sh * t!"

"Is he even human?"

"This fatty has the holy artifact Armour."

"He must have holy artifact armor on him, otherwise it would be impossible for him to withstand such a powerful attack."

… ….

Ning Xie thought so too.

If he did not have the holy artifact Armour, a fatty from the virtual immortals stage would not be able to withstand his attacks.

The corner of Ning Xie's mouth lifted slightly, and said: "You have holy artifact Armour right?"


Chen Tianfei disdainfully snorted. He used both hands to grab onto the clothes at his chest and ripped it off, revealing his upper body: "Do you have holy artifact Armour?"

This move was very eye-catching.


Fatty's entire body was covered in fat, and his belly felt like it was being pregnant for ten months. If it were all the muscles on his body, it would definitely cause countless girls to scream out in fear.

However …

The truth proved that he did not have any defensive armour on him.

Ning Xie's gaze darkened, and he shouted: "Let me see how many moves you can endure!"

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The clothes on his arms instantly burst apart, revealing the beast arm. Taking a step forward, the sound disappeared, and returned to Fatmen Chen's side.


A punch flew out.

Chen Tianfei was sent flying but he said with disdain, "Didn't you eat this morning? "Too weak."


Another punch.

Fatty scratched his back and said, "It's not even as strong as my scratching."

"Ahh …"

Ning Xie was going crazy, his upper body immediately transforming into a beast, with his dense energy exploding out crazily, punching towards Fatmen Chen.

Shoot from the sky to the ground.

They hit back into the air from the ground.

Five minutes passed.

Hu hu hu hu …. Ning Xie panted like an ox. Looking at the Fatmen Chen who was lying motionlessly on the ground in the distance, he roared out and said: "Brat, you're dead already."


Fatmen Chen rubbed his eyes and got up from the ground, saying, "Are you done fighting? Why don't we fight for a while longer, I'm also having a lot of sleep. "

"Hualala …"

Everyone in the audience was stunned.

"This fatty isn't even human!"

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