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Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye to look at the Sky Ruins, and surprisingly, his body was covered with a kind of cyan colored Daoyuan immortal power. He did not know what type of energy it was, but it was extremely strange, and it was Chen Xiang's first time seeing it.

On the other hand, Li Bao's entire body was covered with blue Daoyuan immortal power, and from time to time he would flash with lightning, one look was enough to tell that he was from Thunder power, and at this moment, he could feel a trace of berserk Qi.

"Begin!" The beast-like middle-aged man riding the white tiger roared.

Li Bao appeared in front of Tian Rui in an instant, his quick fists shot out lightning bolts, as if ten streaks of lightning were striking Tian Rui crazily.

After being punched a few times, Tian Rui quickly dodged. He was punched a few times, but he looked fine, which made Chen Xiang feel that something was strange.

"Could it be?" Chen Xiang suddenly realized something, because the Daoyuan immortal power on Tian Rui's body became the same as Li Bao's.

It even had the exact same aura as Li Bao!

Li Bao also noticed it and was secretly surprised in his heart. Tian Rui looked like he did not change, but his strength and aura seemed to be the same as Li Bao's.

Indeed, Tian Rui also suddenly flashed, this was the same movement technique as Li Bao previously used, his speed was extremely fast, in the blink of an eye he was already in front of Li Bao, and then he used the same fist technique as Li Bao previously!

However, his punching technique was even more ferocious than his. In an instant, thousands and thousands of fist shadows appeared, and countless lightning enveloped Li Bao like a giant net. In the blink of an eye, a majority of the attacks landed on Li Bao's body.

Li Bao was simply unable to dodge it. Although he also cultivated the same type of lightning energy, being struck by such a heavy blow wasn't anything good for him either. He actually spat out a small mouthful of blood.

"Well done!" Kong Kong smiled and shouted.

Li Bao spat out the blood in his mouth and his eyes became sharp. He suddenly flashed again, but when he appeared again, he had turned into four, surrounding the Sky Ruins.

Tian Rui was shocked, because he felt that the Li Bao in four directions was real and not just an illusion.

"Which one is the real one?" Tian Rui did not have the time to differentiate between the two as the opponent had simultaneously attacked. An intense bolt of lightning shot out from his mouth and eyes, striking his body in the blink of an eye.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" After Tian Rui screamed in pain, the four Li Bao s immediately rushed up and waved their fists. They madly smashed onto Tian Rui's body, and continuously exploded outwards.

"We admit defeat!" stopped, he had also changed into a different person.

Tian Rui was covered in wounds. Xia Bailing used the power of teleportation to move him over and fed him a healing pellet.

"Tianli, you go!" Azure Sun shouted.

Tian Li nodded. His appearance was average, and he looked rather steady. Just now, when he was watching the fight from the side, he must have been able to see something. Xu Kong and Qingyang believed that he would definitely win.

However, Tian Li had only held for a short while before being defeated by Li Bao using another move. He was actually knocked out, but his injuries weren't really serious, and he woke up after being tormented by Qingyang for a while.

The two Dao Sovereigns of the Azure Skies had brought only one more disciple. Now, all of their hopes rested on Tianxi!

The enemy's beasts were jeering at them nonstop. Earlier, the Heavenly Jewel Masters had been too weak and had been defeated quickly, allowing the enemy to win with ease. This was why the beasts were ridiculing them so much.

At this time, Xu Kong and Qingyang couldn't blame Tian Rui and Tian Li for this. After all, this was the disciple they thought to be the best, and they could only blame the other party for being too strong.

Chen Xiang was also a little suspicious. Both Qingyang and void were Dao Sovereigns, so logically speaking, their disciples should not be weak.

Right now, Xu Que and Qingyang were repeatedly warning Tianxi about many things. They couldn't let Tianxi lose. They also hoped that Tianxi would win all the way to the end and defeat all the people she brought.

"Sister Bai Ling, do you have any disciples?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No!" Both Xu Kong and Qingyang originally had very strong disciples, but they all died because of accidents, alas! " Xia Bailing sighed helplessly, "Originally, the disciples that they were most proud of were all very strong. They were all good seedlings."

"Oh? What was the accident? " Chen Xiang asked again.

"These are all sudden calamities. When they were on their way out, they were suddenly injured by a bolt of lightning that descended from the sky … That lightning is very strange, even after severely injuring them, they were actually poisoned. When they returned, they were already on the verge of death, and before we could treat them, they had already died. "

Lightning that could poison people! This caused Chen Xiang to be shocked!

"Tianxi, it's all up to you!" Xu Que said with a serious expression. He was very confident in his abilities and he did it so that the pressure on Tianxi wouldn't be too great.

Although he had lost miserably to his two senior brothers, he was still full of fighting spirit and was not afraid at all. This made Chen Xiang feel a lot of respect.

As Tian Xi walked towards Li Bao, Li Bao crossed his hands over his chest, and looked at Tian Xi with disdain. In his eyes, Tian Xi was as weak as the two before him.

"Begin!" This time, it was from the void.

From the very beginning, Li Bao had turned into a bolt of lightning and charged into the sky!

At the same time, he released a very strong ice-cold Qi, turning it into a shield, and blocked the lightning that shot out of Li Bao's mouth.

After that, Tian Xi used his own cold Qi to condense a set of armor to protect his body. When Li Bao's lightning struck him, it wasn't able to do much damage to him.

Li Bao sneered, then attacked once again. Previously, he had always used his own Daoyuan immortal power to turn into lightning to strike, but this time, he used a close-combat attack, directly using his own fist to fuse with thunder and lightning, and rushed towards Tianxi's ice shield.

Although Tian Xi's ice shield could block the lightning strike before, facing Li Bao's berserk fist, it was unable to block it at all and shattered in an instant. Then, Li Bao's fist landed on his ice armor and shattered it!

"Tianxi, come back!" If they did not admit defeat, Tian Xi would definitely be severely injured, and right now, they had already seen that Tian Xi was unable to hurt Li Bao.

"Hehe, you've lost!" The man riding the tiger laughed.

The small White Lion descended from the sky and walked to the side of Tianxi, helping him to heal his injuries. It was obvious that he and Qingyang both cared deeply for their disciple. When they saw that their disciple was injured, they hurriedly called for them to stop.

Losing meant that the battle with the beasts would be brought forward! At this moment, Xu Kong and Qingyang had also experienced the strength of the young generation of beast-like creatures!

"I didn't lose, and me too!" He had broken through to the tenth level of the Dao Dan realm in a row, but even though he hadn't fought properly, he had only had a small fight with Jiang Xian previously. It wasn't fun at all, and it was even when he was at the first level of the Dao Dan realm.

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