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"If I win …" "It's very simple..."

Ye Feng had a wide smile on his face. He continued to say, "Leave the points outside of me." I want you, Zhao Shucheng. "You will never be able to exact revenge on me again for the rest of your life."

"This …"

When Zhao Shucheng heard this, he was stunned. He was stunned on the spot. Only after a long time did he regain his senses. Following that, he let out a hearty laugh.

"... I thought you, Ye Feng, wanted to make some shocking request. Originally. "You are afraid that I will take revenge …"

"I'm not afraid of you."

Ye Feng chuckled, "I did that. It was just because there had been one before. No matter how many times he was defeated … Every time he comes looking for trouble with me... It was truly annoying. Therefore, this time … I just want to be in the beginning. "Just to eliminate this kind of situation …"

It was good to get some benefits from the other side. However … If this led to endless future troubles … If so, the gains would not make up for the losses.

Wang Tianzhi. is a good example of this.

Zhao Shu Geng laughed. Nodding his head, he said, "Good, good, good. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] No matter what reason you have... I'll promise you. If you win … The points are yours. Furthermore … No matter what happened during the war for the Successor Disciple position … I will never seek revenge again. What happened between you and me... "When that happens, it will be over."

"Feels good." Ye Feng laughed. His expression was one of pleasure.

"Then it's a deal. "I'm waiting for you to kowtow …" Zhao Shucheng chuckled as he looked at Ye Feng. Some started to rub their hands together.

Ye Feng glanced at him with a smile. No comment.

Right at this moment …

In the sky … Suddenly, there was a strange sound of something tearing through the air.

Under the rays of the morning sunlight, the rainbow clouds appeared one after another. It was transparent. It was like a curtain of light. The light shone onto everyone present. It began to emit a strange light.

"This... "This is …"

Seeing this, everyone present was stunned. They all looked up … However. The dazzling golden light in the sky was incomparably dazzling. They could barely keep their eyes open.

"Oh my god …" Look. Except for Master Yang who was at the front. Outside of the Ancient Grand Master. One, two, three, four, five... The seven Masters of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. "Everyone's here." Some people forcefully squinted their eyes. He tried so hard to see. Only then was he able to clearly see the situation in the sky.

"All seven Masters have arrived. It can't be … He remembered that the previous competition for the Successor Disciple Succession was already grand enough. At that time, there were only five High Scholars. What was going on this time? "So many have actually come."

"It seems like this struggle between the true inheritors … Not necessarily. "That's for sure."

After the dazzling light screen was magnified for a while, it finally started to shine again. The seven of them slowly walked over.

"Bang! Bang!" A few arrays of sounds of people landing on the ground.

An earth-shattering cyclone appeared. The wind and sand swirled in the sky.

The seven Masters were still in the air a moment ago. The next moment. They had already fallen into the crowd's line of sight. Standing in the wind. His eyes sparkled. He looked around at every single student in the room.

It could be said that … It didn't matter which one of the seven stood there. There was an aura that was enough to intimidate all the students.

However, today … The seven of them acted as if they had agreed beforehand. They gathered in front of the Gate of Heaven. The aura it exuded was like that of the vast heavens. It was obvious.

"Junior Shen Lang. "We prostrate ourselves and pay our respects to the teachers."

"My daughter Jing Ning." "We prostrate ourselves and pay our respects to the teachers."


"Putong, putong" waves of kowtowing sounds rang out. One after another.

If today. If only Master Yang was present, then … Then they might not even kneel down.

However … The seven Masters had gathered together. The heavy pressure was like a heavy stone. In the hearts of most of the ordinary students, this made their hearts tremble. He couldn't help but feel a sense of reverence and worship. Therefore, at this moment … That was why they couldn't help but kneel down.

"I am Ye Feng. "Greetings, Masters."

Ye Feng smiled calmly. His tone was neither humble nor arrogant. He just stood there. He greeted the teachers in a very ordinary manner.

Normally … This was understandable.

However, under the scene where everyone was kneeling down. He just stood there and spoke. It was hard to avoid feeling that it was a bit sudden.

It was arrogance. He was still confident.

No matter what … Under the might of the heavens … A person capable of standing. There weren't that many in the first place.

The seven Masters stared at Ye Feng with burning eyes. There are contemptuous ones, indifferent ones, indifferent ones. All sorts of expressions. All of them.

Although they did not answer … However, in his heart … However, he took note of the leaf in front of him. It left a deep impression on me.

As the atmosphere turned awkward. Ye Xue Yi giggled. Her mouth slightly opened.

"Brother Zifeng." Let me introduce you. The one on the far left was the High Scholar. The one with the beard. His name was Ren Xingtian. and he's also my future master. "

Ye Xueyi pointed at the table with her slender fingers. He saw that the man was dressed in a bright red brocade robe. There was a tiger striped belt tied around his waist. His beard pulled the dregs. It gave off a feeling of sloppiness.

"Snowy." "Be careful when you speak." At this moment. Hearing this, Liu Ming was speechless. She raised her head and glared at Ye Xue Yi. He seemed to be angry.

"Uncle Xing Tian." "I was wrong." Ye Xueyi lightly said. Ye Zichen chuckled.

Ren Xingtian was the result of Ye Xueyi's Wind King martial spirit awakening. The Mysterious Gate had arranged for a High Scholar for her. This was a struggle between true disciples. Just let her go through the motions. It's just a formality.

Ye Xueyi was adorable and quick-witted. Very pleasing. Therefore … Ren Xingtian communicated with her several times. He also liked this little girl more. They were already familiar with each other. You can joke with me...

Who would have thought that … This time in public. Ye Xueyi actually didn't give him face as a master. This caused him to feel extremely depressed in his heart.

Ye Feng chuckled, "So that's how it is …" Snow machine. Listen. About your being a Successor Disciple … Although it was basically confirmed. However, this competition between the true inheritors … Never let your guard down. Do better in the presence of your master. Otherwise, others would be too embarrassed to accept you. You still have a chance of losing. "Do you understand?"

"Got it." "Brother Zifeng." Ye Xueyi understood that her brother was concerned about her. He chuckled softly. He agreed.

Ye Feng smiled and nodded. Then, he turned his head to look at Liu Bingqian. There was concern in his eyes …

"Oh right, Bing Qian. Why don't you say anything? His expression did not look too good either. "Are you alright?"

"Big Brother Boorish …" "I …"

Liu Bingqian's brows did not relax. Along the way. She seemed to be thinking about something. She ran her slender fingers through her hair.

However. She had not really spoken. Suddenly. Ye Feng only felt a gust of wind whistling by his ear.

In midair. A dazzling red figure flashed past.

A beautiful woman in red clothes. Her long, black hair fluttered in the wind. Flying black hair. Under the reflection of the sunlight … It was incomparably gorgeous. It was so dazzling that people couldn't even open their eyes.

Her long sleeves fluttered. Directly facing the tip of the leaf. She pulled Liu Bingqian over. He stood in front of her, blocking her way. There was a cold smile on his face. Subsequently. With a gaze like an ancient well. He looked him up and down.

"Since you are uninterested in my Bing Qian." Then I'll leave it to you. Don't make her cry so hot. Call her by her full name. "Liu Bingqian is …"

The woman in red turned around. He frowned and said, "There's more." Bing Qian, you too. From now on. You've come under my tutelage. I forbid you to call him a boorish brother. I feel sick to my stomach. You have to call him Ye Feng. "

"Master." "I …" Liu Bing Qian gritted her teeth. Her beautiful eyes twinkled.

"What …" What you call your determination. "Could it be that they are all just talking about it?"

"Of course I am. "I've made up my mind." Liu Bingqian answered with certainty. He bit his lips. He lowered his head. He didn't dare to look at Ye ZIfeng.

In Ye Wen's dark eyes. Finally, there was a slight change. His smile disappeared.

"May I know who you are..."

"Nameless. "Qin Jue Xin is me."

The woman in red's gaze was cold. It was like the rippling of spring water.

Qing Xuan saw that Ye Feng actually dared to speak to the High Scholar in such a manner. He didn't even care about the etiquette of his elders and juniors. She felt anxious. She quickly pulled him aside.

"Ye Feng. Tell me honestly … "Have you offended Master Heartless?"

"This …"

Ye Feng frowned. He shook his head, "It's impossible to get into trouble with her. It's only the first time I've seen her today. Even this name … This was the first time he had heard of it. "Unless..."

His voice faltered. Ye Zichen raised his head in a daze. Ye Zichen looked at Liu Bingqian in shock.

"Bing Qian …"

Right at this moment …

"All right. "Everyone, calm down for a moment."

Master Yang cleared his throat. He took a step forward. His gaze was deep. He would show his might if he wasn't angry.

"The opening of the Gate of Heaven is about to begin. What personal matters? "It will not be too late to settle this later."

Upon hearing the words "Gate of Heaven has opened". Everyone looked at each other. Everyone quieted down.

"Be quiet. Listen to the master. "Don't waste my time."

[Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] It was not under the order of the High Master. Rather, it was the Heaven Gate itself.

Every five years. This was the Gate of Heaven that was connected to the outside world. It would open once, of its own accord. After a while. It then closed itself again. It will not open again until a week later. Return the person who enters.

As time passed … The members of the Celestial Sect of Wonders discovered this rule. He then set up it as a forbidden area of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. For elite disciples, it was held once every five years. He would use it to retrieve a treasure.

Master Yang glanced at the crowd. Finally, his gaze landed on a young man wearing a snow-white school shirt.

"Ye Feng. Don't you ever want to go astray again. "Listen carefully."

"... Yes. "Master Yang."

Ye Feng forced a smile. His facial expression finally returned to normal. However, there were still some fluctuations in his eyes. He seemed to be thinking about what just happened.

"The forbidden land of the Heaven Gate trial. What was connected to the outside world of the Heavenly Dao City. As for where he would go … I don't know. I hope you will be more careful. I'm here. "Let's talk about the two big rules."

The expression in his eyes gradually turned solemn and solemn. Ye Zichen swept his gaze over everyone. He continued, "First place. The Heaven Gate sect allowed fellow disciples to fight. But killing is not allowed. Homicide. Immediately, all rewards and the rights to the Successor Disciple were revoked. He had been locked up for three months. Second. The magic treasure that the Heaven Gate had obtained. There would be a special person to evaluate the corresponding points. "Top ten in points." He had the chance to obtain the qualifications of a true disciple. As for the highest position … He could even have the opportunity to choose a High Scholar. To this end. "Do you have any questions?"

"If there's no problem..."

He saw the Heaven Gate in the distance. Suddenly, there was a violent tremor. Jadeite barriers rose from the bottom to the top. He slowly withdrew it.

A huge bell sound echoed throughout the world …

This book came from the 17K web page, the first thing I did was to look at the original content!

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