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Chapter 846: A Sudden, Unusual Phenomenon

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As time passed, it had been more than a month since Lin Huang entered the Fallen God Land.

A few days ago, since the number of human explorers was constantly growing, Bai and the rest did not have any place to hunt. Aside from Bloody, the rest of the summoning monsters had been recalled back into their card forms.

More than 200 Nephilic Angels from Kylie’s army had completed their triple mutation. Despite the fact that all the Nephilic Judges had completed the upgrade, her army was still incapable of fighting a yellow gold-rank.

However, there were not only yellow gold-ranks but also white gold and purple gold-ranks.

Although Kylie was unwilling to do so, she still accepted Lin Huang’s arrangement.

Lin Huang promised her that she would be summoned again when the time was right.

He had never stopped hunting for those who majored in swordsmanship from the underworld. The number of inheritances he obtained increased as well.

The number of legendary-level sword skills he used to have was less than 80 and there were more than 180 of them now after they had been multiplied.

He even obtained pseudo-mythical-level sword skills: the Void Sword and the Instantaneous Slash.

The Void Sword was a very powerful skill, but it was rather different from Killer. Killer leaned more towards a close-range attack whereas the Void Sword tended to be a Life Power attack. Of course, it would not be weak if one were to use it for a close-range attack.

As for the Instantaneous Slash, it was a completely different kind of sword skill as there was only one hit for the skill. It was an extremely fast attack.

Lin Huang had practiced sword skills of such speed before. He had even derived many legendary-level sword skills from Thunder Sting. The sword skill that he recently used to kill the crimson gold-rank was the new version of Thunder Sting.

However, be it the speed of the sword, its cutting ability or its speed when the attack was launched, it was more than 10 times faster than the new version of Thunder Sting.

Despite the fact that the skill consisted of only one single hit, its power was tremendously terrifying. Even Lin Huang dared not fight such an attack.

Lin Huang felt that the Instantaneous Slash would be on par with the mythical-level skill. The one who created this skill was definitely on god-level.

The scariest part of Golden Cicada was that not only did it allow others to learn the skill, but it could be directly inherited and the memory could be retained.

In the past 10 days, each time when Lin Huang killed a person who mastered swordsmanship, he was able to completely obtain their experience in sword training. He could even get the hang of the skill.

Lin Huang’s Sword Dao was improving by the day.

Aside from taking a good rest, he basically did only three things every day which were to proceed with his journey, kill sword majors, and go for sword training.

As for Bloody, it had stopped hunting for the Parasitic Puppet.

Its responsibility was to provide Lin Huang with a hunting target and parasitize the sword majors that had been killed by Lin Huang. Also, it had to look for the God Figurine which nobody had any idea about.

Lin Huang practiced his sword skills as usual tonight.

Before midnight, a silver glow lit up abruptly in the sky as if there was an explosion.

The silver cloud lingered in the air and did not clear away even after a long while.

Seeing what just happened, Lin Huang stopped his sword training and asked, “Bloody, can you see what’s happening out there?”

“A beam of light was released from the foggy area which I’ve no way of exploring. However, there are no changes in the fog.” Bloody’s Leech Pods could immediately identify where the silver glow originated from. “Hey, it’s kind of weird.”

“What happened?” Lin Huang immediately asked.

“There are people heading over there right now. It seems like even the people that are tens of thousands of kilometers away from the ruins have witnessed this phenomenon,” Bloody explained.

“If it’s bright enough, there’s nothing unusual about everyone seeing it. Just like how we’re able to see the sun and the moon.”

“However, it seems like only immortal- and holy fire-levels can see it. The imperial-levels can’t seem to see the strange phenomenon at all,” Bloody said, projecting a few of the imperial-levels. “The three imperial-levels are less than 100 kilometers away from the fog. The one who’s farthest away is only 300 kilometers away. Look at their reactions.”

From the projection, the three of them ignored the strange phenomenon above them. It seemed like they could not see it at all and they were busy getting their work done.

One of them ran in the opposite direction while another one was setting up a tent, getting ready to sleep. The third one got into an intense fight with the imperial-level monster.

“Aside from the three of them, it seems like all the imperial-levels are unable to see this phenomenon. They’re busy with their own work and none of them even bother to look in the direction where the strange phenomenon occurred.” Bloody projected more than 10 of the imperial-levels being monitored.

Lin Huang frowned. “Only those who’re below imperial-level are able to see it? That’s really strange.”

“Do we need to go and have a look?” Bloody asked. It was feeling worried because its Leech Pods were unable to explore that area.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Huang nodded his head without a moment of hesitation. “Chan Dou mentioned that the God Figurine is in the ruins. I guess he’s not bluffing as he won’t tell such a joke. You haven’t been able to find anything regarding the God Figurine for the past month. That being said, the God Figurine might be in an area that you’re unable to detect. If we don’t go and have a look, it’s a waste coming to the Fallen God Land.”

“However, I think it’s too risky as it’s an area that can distract the imperial-levels.” Bloody tended to avoid those unknown areas.

“The rest of the immortal-levels have the courage to go. Why don’t we give it a try? We’re capable of fighting a white gold-rank. Even if we encounter any danger, I guess our survival rate will be higher than the immortal-levels’.” Lin Huang was quite confident in his abilities. “In addition to having so many God Crashers in our hands, even if we happen to bump into demigod-levels, we can fight them. If we’re in really great trouble, we can even hide in Kylie’s mini world.”

After listening to what he said, Bloody frowned. It knew that Lin Huang had made up his mind and very unlikely that it could do anything to change his decision.

The foggy area was at the northwest of the ruins. It was an extremely huge stretch and was approximately half the area of Earth.

It had attempted to explore this region with its Leech Pods previously. However, once the Leech Pods entered the foggy area, they would completely lose connection. This was the reason it wanted to stay away from this region all the time.

However, the appearance of the phenomenon indicated that there might be hidden danger lurking there. It could be an opportunity for Lin Huang as opportunities were often accompanied by risks and it was inevitable.

If Lin Huang managed to obtain the God Figurine, he would level up to immortal-level rank-4 and advance to the intermediate level of an immortal-level. Its combat strength would be upgraded to black gold-rank as well. It would not be a problem to parasitize a yellow gold-rank by then. The upgrade in its abilities could even surpass more than that.

As it thought of this, Bloody no longer stopped Lin Huang from entering the area. However, it made a request. “We can go, but you have to promise me that you’ll quit if one of your clones dies.”

“Sure,” Lin Huang promised.

If it was so dangerous to the point that his crimson gold-rank clone died, he would probably perish there.

After coming to an agreement, the two of them departed.

Lin Huang then summoned Thunder and headed towards the fog.

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