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Interestingly, Dong Wushang went to Law-Enforcement City to do the robbery.

As the name suggested, Law-Enforcement City was the closest place to the headquarters of the law-enforcement officers, and 70% of the residents here were family members of law-enforcement officers.

Dong Wushang chose a splendid house. He was lucky that he didn't meet any difficult opponents. After some efforts, he managed to demand from the family members where the treasure-house was. Then, he successfully got a huge parcel of crystals.

The next day, the entire Law-Enforcement City was stirred up.

After Dong Wushang knew who he had robbed, he took a gasp of cold air: It was the family of a Monarch-level law-enforcement officer…

Ever since the advent of Law-Enforcement City, there had been no records of bold crimes that were committed here. It could be said that it was the safest city in the entire Nine Heavens. Because anyone who had brains wouldn't commit crimes here: This would be equivalent to provoking a whole lot of law-enforcement officers!

Who would be so silly?

But this was precisely the reason that the people in Law-Enforcement City had become less vigilant…

After Dong Wushang successfully did the robbery, he even brought his brothers and wife to squander big sums of purple crystals within the Law-Enforcement City, getting some enjoyment from being moneybags…

However, the law-enforcement officers were scattered outside the city. Thus, the three escaped once again.

It was only after a few days did they slip out of the Law-Enforcement City.

But within these few days, the three also carefully inquired the events that had happened in this period of time.

It turned out that all the passageways in the Nine Heavens were locked. Even Supreme Martial Artists couldn't pass! This made the three feel bad.

Dong Wushang and Rui Butong were very miserable. Big Brother Chu and Second Brother Gu couldn't come up. So, Dong Wushang, Rui Butong and Mo Lei'er would have to fight by themselves in the Upper Three Heavens. This was completely different from what they had planned originally.

Thus, the Dong Wushang and Rui Butong sighed deeply, at a loss of what to do.

"What to do? They can't come up and we can't go down. It's a bit terrible this time," Rui Butong squatted on a stone. His posture looked like a shitting monkey.

"What are you saying? The three of us also carry huge responsibility here! How can we always depend on Big Brother and Second Brother?" Although Dong Wushang also had no idea, he was very dissatisfied with Rui Butong, "I'm also here!"

The duo had completely different personalities. Dong Wushang was staid and energetic, while Rui Butong was jumpy and liked to be stealthy. Dong Wushang really wanted to teach this monkey a lesson.

But Rui Butong was very alert, so Dong Wushang always couldn't find the chance.

"Then I shall depend on you now. You shall have the final say," Rui Butong squinted his eyes and said, "I'll listen to whatever you say."

Dong Wushang stared at Rui Butong speechlessly.

He's good at fighting, but he didn't have good wits.

The duo stared at each other. Rui Butong looked calm: Anyway, Dong Wushang was older than him, so Dong Wushang should make the final decisions. Dong Wushang gasped heavily. The more he looked at this creature, the more he felt that this creature was unpleasing to his eyes.

"Go to think yourself!" Dong Wushang said rudely.

"I'll listen to you on everything. I'll dance only to the horse's tune," Rui Butong said as he slanted his head: I've guessed correctly. You're miserable and wanted to vent your anger on me… How can I fall into your trap? You want me to say 'I can't think of anything', then beat me afterward… I'll just not say it…

"What? Dance to the horse's tune?!" Dong Wushang responded and was immediately raged for seemingly no reason. His stout body hurled towards Rui Butong, and began to punch and kick him, "You actually said that I'm a horse!"

"What?…" Rui Butong's brain was directly short-circuited as he was beaten.

Dong Wushang immediately felt refreshed after venting his stomachful of frustration to his own content. He said calmly, "Let's come out with a way of what to do next…"

Rui Butong lay sprawling on the ground. He was bruised all over his body and he wanted to cry… I want to go back. I'd rather have Ji Mo or Luo Kedi to beat me…

"How about being blood payers," Mo Lei'er suggested excitedly.

Mo Lei'er was born from a killer family, which also claimed remunerations by killing people. Blood payers did the same thing. So, Mo Lei'er had always been very interested in this profession.

What most excited Mo Lei'er was that this profession was actually under a legal organization, and there were law-enforcement officers that took care of the interests of blood payers. Furthermore, there would never be deadbeats here as there would, for a small number, in the Middle Three Heavens…

This made Mo Lei'er think, Wasn't this a heaven…

"Blood payers?" Dong Wushang frowned and said, "That's fine, we should, after all, find something to do. But, even if we become blood payers, we should also do it well, and at least set a goal. This way, we could make it easier for our other brothers to look for us when they arrive here, and at the same time, set up a base for our Heavenly Armament Pavilion."

"What name should it be called?" Rui Butong blinked his eyes and asked, "How about 'Butong Blood-Payers Hall'?"

"Piss off!" Dong Wushang straightened his brows and snorted as he said, "I'd rather call it 'Wushang Blood-Payers Hall'."

Rui Butong loudly protested against this.

Mo Lei'er covered her face speechlessly.

I really wonder how Chu Yang and Mo Tianji, who are such clever people, didn't break down after staying with these two guys for such a long time… I really admire them.

After negotiating for a long time, Mo Lei'er finally lost the battle.

Dong Wushang had set the tune with one beat of a gong: Four Six Three People Hall!

This name made Mo Lei'er twitch for a long time. Finally, her face was awash with tears.

Rui Butong didn't want it to be called 'Wushang Hall', while Dong Wushang resisted against 'Butong Hall'. This was a matter of principle. Although Rui Butong couldn't fight over Dong Wushang, Rui Butong had no intentions of yielding to Dong Wushang: Everyone had come up here together. In the name of what do you use your own name?

The duo reached a stalemate. After a long time, they arrived at such a name: Dong Wushang was the Fourth Elder in the Heavenly Armament Pavilion, while Rui Butong, Sixth Elder.

This formed Four Six.

As for Three People Hall… wasn't there still Mo Lei'er? Although Mo Lei'er didn't belong to the Heavenly Armament Pavilion, she was still Dong Wushang's wife. So altogether, there are three people.

Dong Wushang argued eloquently. Rui Butong was overjoyed as this was the first time that they had reached a consensus.

Only Mo Lei'er argued with Dong Wushang on this name for many days. It's so unpleasant to hear…

Such a name didn't make any sense at all…

Such a shi*ty name made Mo Lei'er feel ashamed…

While Dong Wushang and Rui Butong praised this name highly and were very satisfied with it, only she was against it. But one who stood alone had no power. As such, this matter was settled by the two men.

Then, the three went to register at the Blood Payers Hall and receive their tasks there; Dong Wushang and Rui Butong looked energetic as they prepared themselves to work hard in the Upper Three Heavens and create a reputation for their Four Six Three People Hall!

Since then, the Four Six Three People Hall was established in the Upper Three Heavens.

As the cultivations of the three people were limited, their first task was a small one. But Dong Wushang and Rui Butong embraced it with great enthusiasm.

The duo knew that they had to open a new prospect of the Upper Three Heavens by themselves as their other brothers weren't here! They had to put in their utmost effort into whatever they did!

And at the same time, they couldn't lag behind practicing their martial arts!

No one knew then how this 'Four Six Three People Hall', whose name made no sense at all, would eventually create an uproar in the Upper Three Heavens…

But finally, they had started working that day.

Rui Butong only raised out a worry, yet he was so badly beaten by Mo Lei'er that he fled helter-skelter…

Rui Butong seemed to be very worried for some matter and he kept sighing. Dong Wushang asked him what he was worried about. Rui Butong said: I'm only worried about the both of you. Now, there're many things waiting for both of you to be done, and you carry huge responsibilities. Both of you must take note that when things get tougher, the Three People Hall would become Two People Hall, then it would become Four People Hall. Although there's one more person…

Before he finished saying, the raged Mo Lei'er had already started to chase after him…

The Middle Three Heavens was a world of silver.

Two people stood on the mountain top.

"Where's this place?" Although Xie Danfeng had wrapped herself firmly with a bearskin coat, she still felt cold.

"This is a land for the exiles, and the extreme Southern region of the Nine Heavens!" Tan Tan gazed at the full stretch of snow in front of him and said softly.

"Why did we come here?" Xie Danfeng was a little surprised. After being fainted for several days, she had found himself in a completely strange place. This feeling was very weird.

"I brought you here," Tan Tan was silent for a while before he answered. He wanted to say: 'He' had brought us here. But after thinking for a long time, he swallowed this sentence back.

"When shall we go back?"

"We shan't go back anymore! We'll just cultivate here. We can promote our cultivation levels at the quickest pace here," Tan Tan suggested as he took out his Divine Spirit Gathering Fish. After shaking it in his hands, he threw it into the snow.

The snow beneath the Divine Spirit Gathering Fish suddenly melted. The spiritual qi in the air gradually formed a storm, and then transformed into some tangible matter. At last, it became water which dripped down continuously. A pool actually appeared in the snow.

A pond that was made up of water transformed by spiritual qi.

Its length, width and depth were all ten feet long.

"We shall drink or bath with water from this pond. "

"Then what do we eat?"

"There are plenty of spirit beasts here. And, there are also green vegetables beneath the snow. Although the living species here are not as varied as compared to the mainland, it still has a distinctive flavor."

"Oh… "

"Furthermore, the cores of the spirit beasts are very condensed here due to the cold weather here. This makes it conducive for my cultivation."

"Tan Tan, where do we live?"


In a moment's time, an ice palace rose from the ground.

It actually felt warm within it.

"I'll get some more beast furs here to cover the palace. It would make this place warmer."

"Tan Tan, are the present you really Tan Tan?"

Tan Tan finally became silent. After a long while, he said, "No matter what I become, I'll always be your Tan Tan." He said a little heavily, "I've just accepted some memories, and it is a great blow to me. But I'm still who I am… Do you understand?"

Xie Danfeng nodded her head somehow ignorantly. She pondered and asked tentatively, "Don't you… worry about your brothers?"

Tan Tan was silent.

But finally, he raised up his head miserably, saying, "Danfeng, I know that you're thinking that I'm a bit abnormal… But, I had a very clear instinct when I was at the Lake of Despair."

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