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Fang Shen sat by Lingjing for a day and a night. The next evening, he came to the door of Miss Lui's room and knocked three times.

Miss Liu opened the door and was surprised to find Fang Shen.

After all, Fang Shen is a very cold person in her mind, but at the same time, he is a good person.

Miss Liu has seen Fang Shen twice. The first time is to save himself. The second time is to save a couple of mothers and daughters.

Such a person is a living Lei Feng in the new era.

Fang Shen smiled, “Thank you, Miss Liu.”

“Cough…” Miss Liu waved her hand in disgust. “Don’t thank me, I didn’t help at that time.”

She didn’t help, and Fang Shen didn’t blame her.

It is precious that she is a weak woman who can stand up for justice.

After all, Zhang Yong didn’t say exactly what she paid at that time.

But look at that brave look, I’m afraid the ghosts all know that the brave is coveted the body of Miss Liu.

It is normal for Miss Liu not to agree to such conditions.

As long as it is not those extremely dissolute women, I am afraid it will not be easy to agree to such conditions.

“Come in.” Miss Liu pushed the door open, and a look of embarrassment flashed across her face.

Just because her room is so messy. Shoes and socks are everywhere, woman's clothing were everywhere.

Fang Shen smiled helplessly, not to mention that the woman looked so bright but she was actually so untidy.

Miss Liu cleaned up and made way for Fang Shen.

Fang Shen sat down on the simple sofa and looked at Miss Liu for a while, and found that although she still looked so cheerful and optimistic, her eyes were somewhat haggard and her eyebrows were cloudy.

Fang Shen estimated that she was probably worried about Zhang Yong’s affairs.

Last night, she was threatened by Zhang Yong and others on her way home from work.

And that’s why Fang Shen came here.

“Miss Liu, are you going to work at night?” Fang Shen asked suddenly.

Miss Liu smiled a little unnaturally and explained, “Fang Shen, in fact, I used to work in the flower shop of Jianghai University, but later I saw that there was no development in that job, so…”

Miss Liu came out early and returned late, and Zhang Yong used to call her Dutch official.

The word “Dutch official” only appears in the casino, which reveals Miss Liu's profession.

Fang Shen is not disgusted. Although gambling is harmful, Fang Shen is not a policeman. He just wants to return Miss Liu's favor.

“I understand.” Fang Shen nodded: “Well, when you go to work in the evening, take me to see it, and let me rise to the world. I’m so old, but I haven’t entered the casino yet.”

Miss Liu waved eagerly: “Fang Shen, you don’t go to that place.”

“What’s wrong?”

Miss Liu hesitated for a moment and said, “There are too many traps in it. When you go in, one of them accidentally falls into their trap, and then you will be killed by them.”

“It’s all right.” Fang Shen laughed and said, “They dare not do that to me.”

“Well, Fang Shen, why don’t you understand? It’s not the age of fists now. They not only know many people, but also have guns in their hands. You can’t play with them.”

But Fang Shen, had a firm heart and would enter the casino no matter what. In the end Miss Liu had to agree, but she repeatedly told Fang Shen: “After the casino, you must not casually bet, once someone takes the initiative to talk to you, you do not listen, ask me before doing anything, just look at it and hurry out.”

Fang Shen nodded his head and agreed.

However, his purpose this time is not to gamble money, but to solve the problem for Miss Liu.

Fang Shen is a character who doesn’t want to bother others very much.

Since Miss Liu had trouble because of himself, Fang Shen was ashamed to turn a blind eye to it. And this kind of thing is extremely simple. Say that casino, no matter how many people on the other side pit themselves together, with perspective, this gambling is like playing.

Fang Shen waited outside while Miss Liu dressed herself up inside.

Shortly afterwards, Miss Liu came out with a white shirt and a black skirt, dressed as OL in the workplace.

They both went to the casino together, while Miss Liu repeated the situation of the casino on on the way. This casino, though remote, is not small in size. And the owner of the casino, it’s said, has a very complicated background.

Miss Liu is still trying to frighten Fang Shen away. She began to tell stories about the casino.
It’s just some bad gamblers who lose their eyes and borrow money in the casino.
When those guys lost all. Lights off, the cars gone, house taken away.Some were even so serious, even wives and children were pulled out to pay their debts.

Seeing Fang Shen’s relaxed face, Miss Liu said sadly, “Fang Shen, you can think that I am alarmist. The darkness hidden in this society is not what you can imagine at all.”

Seeing Fang Shen just gave a gentle hum, but did not mean to retreat at all. Miss Liu also gave up the idea of dissuading Fang Shen.

They came to this large-scale casino, even in the whole city of Jianghai, which is small and well-known. And the location of this casino is also quite interesting. It’s a rotten tail building.

It was said that this rotten tail building was invested by a Hong Kong owner, but the man was a bit ambitious, the yard was very big, and when the capital chain broke down, the owner committed suicide and left a mess.

One of them was converted into a casino.

When they arrived at the casino, even though there was no one living nearby, there were cars everywhere near the rotten tail building, and there were many luxury cars among them.
It seems that the casino is doing well. When entering the door, Fang Shen, a stranger, must be checked. However, with Miss Liu’s leadership, those people were not cautious and put him in directly.

It is said that the casino is still under modern management. After Liu Lan entered the casino, she was asked to sign in immediately and then assigned to tasks.

She had to warn Fang to be careful and left.

Fang Shen, on the other hand, watched with interest in this casino built to imitate Macau’s casino.

Seeing that one after another play of forgetful devotion, blushing neck thick people, listening to the noisy shouting inside. Looking at the Dutch officials dressed like Miss Liu, they are shuttling back and forth. Fang Shen, who came here for the first time, also found it very interesting.

But on the first level, it’s obvious that some of the bets are small. Fang Shen glanced at it with perspective, and basically found that there were no pitfalls on the tables on this floor. Winning or losing depended on luck.

This is normal, a large casino, in order to attract customers, it is impossible to do everything.
I’m afraid only some people who play on the first floor will send someone to invite them to play on the second floor if they want to win more.

I’m afraid those separate compartments are the real pitfalls.
Because of the freshness, Fang Shen also gave out a few gambles.
Of course without exception, Fang Shen won them all. Now there was no difference between Fang Shen and those Gambling Gods.

But using his left and death eyes to gamble is a real cheat. Fang Shen played for a while and then stopped.

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