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Huang Xiaotian who was standing on the stage and sparring with the others heard Chen Xiang's voice and immediately looked over. He did not expect Chen Xiang to also be able to enter Eternal Life City and even had a purple jade token.

Everyone knew that the purple jade tablet required five hundred million Jade money, so ordinary people would not hand it over so much. Five hundred million Jade money was a very large sum to many people, and back then, the Fang family's Fang Heng and his son, who had only lost to Chen Xiang two hundred million Jade money, were scolded for many days by the Fang family.

Chen Xiang walked to the first row, and then sat down on a comfortable chair. At this time, a young woman wearing a blue dress walked over quickly.

"Young master, little girl Yang Xiangyin is the pavilion master of the Eternal Fragrance Pavilion, I am truly sorry for what I have done, because the two young masters on the stage wanted to compete in pill refining, so I could not do anything to them." Yang Xiangyin lowered her head slightly, her gentle voice carried an apology.

Chen Xiang originally wanted to touch this beauty with his hands, but when he felt the strong power on Yang Xiangyin's body, he did not make a move. Not only was this Instant Fragrance Pavilion's pavilion master beautiful, she was also very strong.

Of course, Chen Xiang was the boss, and it didn't matter if he was strong or weak, because he had a lot of Jade money.

"Whatever, I want to see who's stronger anyway." Chen Xiang laughed: "Then can the Fragrant Pavilion Master please sit here with me and watch them refine pills?"

"Very much so." Seeing that Chen Xiang was easy to talk to, Yang Xiangyin raised his head and looked at his handsome face as he smiled sweetly at him.

Yang Xiangyin was indeed very beautiful. For many people, seeing her for the first time would cause their hearts to tremble, and even move a little. However, Chen Xiang appeared to be very calm, because he had seen many beauties at Yang Xiangyin's level.

When Yang Xiangyin saw this, Yang Xiangyin secretly guessed at Chen Xiang's background. She had read countless people and had seen all kinds of men with such reactions, it was usually those kind of extremely powerful elders. Many young men would more or less want to take her for themselves when they see her.

For example, Huang Xiaotian and the other man on the stage were competing in pill refining because they wanted to show off their skills in front of her.

"May I know how to address you, young master?" Yang Xiangyin asked.

"Chen Xiang." Chen Xiang laughed: "Sect Leader, they are refining pills up there, and you are playing the zither here, so it will not affect them at all. I really want to listen to you play the zither right now."

"Young Master Shen... This isn't good, I'm worried that they will be affected if they were to try to concoct pills on top. To tell you the truth, the reason why they wanted to compete in pill forging is because of me as well. " Yang Xiangyin sighed, there were many men who would often fight loudly for her, so she was not surprised, but she would usually let them be.

"They are all outstanding Alchemist s, they won't be affected. If they can't even handle this, then they are too useless." Chen Xiang laughed.

Huang Xiaotian said angrily: "Chen Xiang, don't think that you can continue being so arrogant just by entering Eternal Life City, this place is much more terrifying than what you can imagine."

"Sun Jun, this guy is making a racket at me. Is there any way to punish him?" Chen Xiang said to Sun Jun who was standing beside him.

"Not at the moment, but you can ask the Pavilion Master to chase them out because they are preventing you from listening to the Pavilion Master play the zither." Sun Jun said.

"Throw them out and we'll see what they can refine." Chen Xiang laughed, he had the time now.

Yang Xiangyin suddenly brought over a cup of tea, causing many people to feel that this was the treatment given to him by the lord. Huang Xiaotian and the other Alchemist on the stage fought just to make Yang Xiangyin look at them once more.

Now, when they saw that Chen Xiang had treated them like this the moment he had just arrived, they were extremely envious.

At this time, Yang Xiangyin also took out a jade zither, playing a beautiful and comfortable tune, Chen Xiang praised repeatedly while tasting the tea.

"Xiang Yin, the song you're playing sounds very fragrant." Chen Xiang laughed. Yang Xiangyin had also finished playing a song.

"This is the song Xiang Yin wrote for Young Master Shen just now. Young Master Shen is satisfied, Xiang Yin is very happy." Yang Xiangyin laughed lightly, then poured Chen Xiang a cup of tea.

"I won." Huang Xiaotian opened the furnace and took out two pellets. It was actually two pellets of low levelled king level Yaoge Dan.

"Hmph, I'll definitely beat you next time. Let's wait and see." The man who was sparring with Huang Xiaotian snorted coldly, then left hastily.

"Lady Xiang Yin, these two Yaoge Dan s are for you." Huang Xiaotian walked down, coldly glanced at Chen Xiang, and then smiled at him.

How could Yang Xiangyin not see that Chen Xiang had a grudge with Huang Xiaotian? In her eyes, an elder with a purple jade medallion was more powerful than Huang Xiaotian, the Alchemist.

"I appreciate Young Noble Huang's kindness, many thanks." Yang Xiangyin did not accept it. She was worried that Chen Xiang would be unhappy.

"Huang Xiaotian, did your father come in? I was almost killed by you two last time, if he was here, I would like to curse him right in his face." Chen Xiang sat on the chair, crossed his legs and laughed.

"Your life is so tough that you actually didn't die. But don't be complacent." Huang Xiaotian naturally knew the reason why Yang Xiangyin had confiscated his Yaoge Dan.

There were about a thousand people sitting here, they did not expect Huang Xiaotian and his father to be so powerful, to actually almost kill this master outside.

Huang Xiaotian could not do anything now, he was very clear about the rules here, so he could only say it out loud.

"Huang Xiaotian, how about we compete as well?" Chen Xiang laughed: "Seems like you have concocted quite a good low rank king level pill."

"Then let's skip the competition. How about gambling?" Huang Xiaotian was not afraid of Chen Xiang now, he felt that he had become stronger after refining the Yaoge Dan, because he had already defeated two young Alchemist s here.

"Young Master Shen, please consider carefully." Yang Xiangyin had a good impression of Chen Xiang, she immediately warned him, she knew that Huang Xiaotian had done pretty well in pill refining, because this was Huang Xiaotian's second victory here.

"This guy is my defeated opponent. There's nothing to be afraid of." Chen Xiang laughed: "You don't know, when we fought, he cheated, but he still lost to me."

After that, Chen Xiang continued to speak of all of his shameless deeds, angering Huang Xiaotian to the point of wanting to beat him up.

"Don't talk so much nonsense. Just agree to let me bet, right? Let's bet ten million Jade money." Huang Xiaotian shouted in anger.

"Ten million Jade money, what a pity, I am not interested in gambling matches below one hundred million. Your father is a Leader, but you can only take out this little Jade money, it's so pathetic." Chen Xiang mocked.

Everyone was shocked, 10 million Jade money was already a lot, but Chen Xiang actually thought that it was too little, and wanted to bet more than 100 million.

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