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Chapter 1577: The Method of Owner Authentication

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As Yun Zhongzi introduced it, the two boas gave out brilliant lights in the sky while their bodies constantly shrunk.

Zhang Tie was a bit curious about such a wonderful scene. Although Zhang Tie had seen the world and a myriad of animals on the earth, underground and in water, it was his first time to see two boas changing their sizes casually.

It appeared that the two boas were completely made of metal. Besides their abilities of flight and changing size, Zhang Tie even felt the rocking four elements. When they expanded, the four elements in the void started to gather up like solid silver secret items; when they shrunk, a part of their bodies would disperse in terms of four elements.

That was too marvelous. The secrets of life were really endless.

"Have the two boas been guarding the Dongtian of Great Wilderness Sect since the beginning?'

"Yes, they have!"

"If so, before they were discovered in the Dongtian, what did they eat over the past tens of thousands of years? I don't think any living being could live without supplementing any energy."

When Zhang Tie said, gold sage and silver sage had already turned as small as ordinary snakes as they were flying around Yun Zhongzi. Zhang Tie just watched them with strong interest without any fear. Even though he knew that the two snakes could kill a heavenly knight in a split second, Zhang Tie still didn't feel anxious at all when he saw the two snakes moving on his side. Since he started to cultivate King Roc Sutra, Zhang Tie had found that he didn't fear any snake or insect anymore.

"Head, before you entered this Dongtian, did you notice Centralpillar Mountain which was highly magnetic within 600 miles?"

"Yes, I did. Why?"

"It sounds a bit strange that gold sage and silver sage eat a kind of extremely high magnetic core in the hinterland of Centralpillar Mountain. The entire Centralpillar Mountain is equal to a huge piece of magnet while this kind of magnetic core was a highly magnetic crystal, especially in Centralpillar Mountain. Its magnetic power is over 1,000 times higher than that of an ordinary magnet. Gold sage and silver sage like to eat them. After so many years, they almost eat up the core of the entire Centralpillar Mountain!"

As Yun Zhongzi said, he waved his hand while two black grape-sized crystals appeared in his hand. At the sight of the two pieces of magnetic crystals, the two snakes instantly sped up as they waved their tails in a way as if they were waiting for Yun Zhongzi to feed them.

However, Yun Zhongzi gave the two pieces of magnetic crystals to Zhang Tie so that Zhang Tie could observe it carefully.

They felt as heavy as mithril, even heavier than gold. Being similar to black crystal in appearance, they were slightly transparent. Additionally, there were many beautiful spiral grains inside the magnetic crystals.

"How many magnetic crystals would the two snakes eat per year?" Zhang Tie asked Yun Zhongzi.

"Gold sage and silver sage only need to eat one piece of magnetic crystal per three months respectively. Of course, they would not refuse it if you feed them more; instead, they would be happier about that!"

"How many magnetic crystals are left in the Centralpillar Mountain? Haven't they eaten up all of them over so many years?"

"It's hard to describe. The point is that the entire Centralpillar Mountain could produce magnetic crystals each year in the hinterland like how shells could produce pearls in the ocean. It's enough to feed them. You could try to feed them so that they could be familiar with you!"

"Haha, fine, I will have a try…" Zhang Tie opened his palm with two magnetic cores on it as he prepared to feed them. The two snakes then flew towards Zhang Tie from Yun Zhongzi's side. Strangely, when they were about 3 cm away from Zhang Tie's palm, they flew backward abruptly as if they were startled.

Such a situation stunned Zhang Tie slightly. Yun Zhongzi also goggled as he murmured, "Yi, that's strange. Head, gold sage and silver sage appeared to be a bit afraid of you. Gold sage and silver sage have bizarre and sensitive sensing capability which could even match that of heavenly knights. In some apsects, they're even greater than heavenly knights. Head, do you carry some rarity with you? I think that thing could scare away snakes or insects. That's why the two snakes are so afraid of you. Such situation has not happened before!"

As Yun Zhongzi asked, Zhang Tie instantly realized that it was not because of some rarity, but because that the two snakes sensed the qi of King Roc Sutra , which could scare off dragons or snakes like how slaves felt in front of their owner. Therefore, the two snakes moved backward.

"All right, you'd better do that on behalf of me!" Zhang Tie said with a smile as he gave the two magnetic cores back to Yun Zhongzi.

"Head, I'm afraid that they have not identified you as their owner. After identifying you as their owner, they would not be scared of you!"

"How do they identify their owner?"

"Head, as long as you release the fundamental seal of your All-spirits Tower in the method of bloody seal and have gold sage and silver sage eat it, they would identify you as their owner. From then on, they would understand you. Head could also control the entire Dongtian through them!"

"They could be used to control the Dongtian?"

"Yes, gold sage and silver sage are closely related to the Dongtian like a unity. They're the highest control center of Dongtian. Only by controlling them could you really manipulate the entire Dongtian. However, I'm afraid that nobody else could imagine that it's two mutated snakes who control this Dongtian!" Yun Zhongzi said as he made a hand gesture according to Great Wilderness Sutra, continuing, "Gold sage and silver sage still carry my fundamental bloody seal. After a while, I will withdraw my fundamental bloody seal from them. By then, head, you could plant your fundamental bloody seal in…"

"Good!" Zhang Tie nodded as he let out a sigh inside. 'Thankfully, the execution of fundamental bloody seal wouldn't cost him too much spiritual energy. Actually, the fundamental bloody seal has already existed when he formed his All-spirits Tower in mind sea. As for those who cultivate Great Wilderness Sect, each person has different fundamental bloody seal in their All-spirits Tower, just like individual fingerprints and DNA. Although the method of bloody seal transfer would consume a bit of his fresh blood, it's not a big deal compared to the benefits it would bring to me…'

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