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This material plane is yours!

GDK 668: This material plane is yours!

Donna's words made Han Shuo resolute on leaving for Elysium. However, there were some people on Profound Continent that he just couldn't leave behind - his women.

Although Emily, Phoebe, and others were considered to have outstanding strength on the Profound Continent, their strengths were unfortunately far below necessary to leave with him.

On the accounts of Donna and the others, Han Shuo learned that Elysium was a material plane packed with godly experts who were in possession of an uncountable number of material planes in this universe. Those with late-stage lowgod strengths like the Brook brothers and Li Wei were plenty to be found and were nothing extraordinary on Elysium. Therefore, if Emily, Phoebe, and the others were to venture there along with him, nothing could guarantee their safeties.

Han Shuo's ken had increased along with his vastly improved strength. At this point in time, Han Shuo had no opponent on the Profound Continent that could threaten his life. In addition to Han Shuo having no wish to silently guard the Profound Continent for the rest of his life as the Primordius Dragon did, naturally, Han Shuo would advance to a higher-level material plane.

While Han Shuo pondered over how he should tell his women about this issue, unwittingly, he found himself at the doorstep of Sunshine Valley.

Jasper, Hemanna, Sylph, and Sanguis had been waiting for Han Shuo at Sunshine Valley and were exceedingly excited about his arrival. They demanded that Han Shuo bring them sightseeing.

Han Shuo's heart ached when he saw Jasper and the others so excited. These people had traversed across material planes to come to Profound Continent with him but he had left them in this valley all along. And now, he would have to heartlessly leave them to venture to a higher-level material plane alone. It appeared that being in a relationship had its inconveniences.

I may only bring them along once I have gained a footing on Elysium. For now, I have no choice but to toughen my heart, Han Shuo thought to himself as he watched the beautiful smiles of his ladies.

Han Shuo spent a few days in Sunshine Valley and kept Jasper, Hemanna, and Sylph accompanied. He did not forget to attentively guide Sanguis in his cultivation of Bloodgod Mantra.

For several days, Han Shuo brought Jasper and the others around famous mountains and great rivers in Sunshine Valley. He also bought them large quantities of jewelry at Valen City.

Those days were the happiest days for Jasper, Hemanna, and Sylph. Han Shuo was soft and tender and fulfilled all their long-cherished wishes. Every day felt to them more beautiful than the last.

However, good days are always so brief and short. After allowing Jasper and the others to understand Profound Continent as much as did, on this fateful day, Han Shuo finally revealed his intentions to the Abyssians.

Jasper, Hemanna, and Sylph were terrified when they learned of Han Shuo's wish to leave the continent. They even thought that they had somehow made Han Shuo unhappy. But after a round of explanation, they finally understood the reason behind Han Shuo's decision.

After a moment of silence, while looking at Han Shuo with eyes of sorrowful bitterness, Jasper asked, "Then, after you leave, are you coming back?"

"Of course! Once I have stable footing there, I will come back to bring you all over!" Han Shuo pledged resolutely. He continued to console them softly, "Don't worry, I'm not abandoning you. If not for the fact that that world is just too dangerous, I wouldn't ask you to stay away from me a second longer than necessary!"

The sole interplanar transportation matrix on Profound Continent was in Han Shuo's possession. He could leave and return with ease if he wanted to.

With Han Shuo's assurance, Jasper grudgingly agreed, "Fine. I'll be waiting for you!" Hemanna and Sylph nodded despondently with Jasper.

Han Shuo spent more time to further comfort Jasper before he went to meet Trunks briefly and left Sunshine Valley.

As soon as he arrived at Ossen City, Han Shuo searched for Emily, Phoebe, and Fanny. The contents of their conversation was similar to what he said to the Abyssian ladies. 

The reactions of the three were just like Jasper and the others' when they heard that Han Shuo wanted to leave Profound Continent yet again. Han Shuo could do nothing but repeat the same persuasion, telling them that as soon as he established himself on the Elysium, he would return to Profound Continent and bring them with him.

After trying his very best to persuade the mournful, weeping ladies, although he too was feeling reluctant at heart, Han Shuo managed to make it past this barrier.

In Lancelot Empire, Emily, Phoebe, and Fanny were basically Han Shuo's spokespeople. His three ladies could convey the information to Lawrence instead of having to meet him personally.

Han Shuo spent the next couple of days in Ossen City. He did not forget to look for Lisa and talk to her about it. Just as with his other ladies, it took Han Shuo a bit of effort to convince her.

During those days, Han Shuo had carefully and detailedly explained and lectured once through his own understanding of becoming a god. He hoped that this would help grow stronger even faster.

On the day that Han Shuo was prepared to depart Ossen City and head to Brettel City, Olde, whom he had met at the third layer of the underground world just days prior, unexpectedly came to Han Shuo.

"How did you find me here?" Han Shuo was rather astonished at Olde. After meeting him again several days later, Olde seemed to have mostly recovered and looked to have great vitality. That miserable and battered appearance he was dealt in the underground world was nowhere to be seen.

"I just happened to pass by here. Your life signature is very strong and you did not deliberately conceal it. Ordinary persons may not have been able to discover your presence, but I knew it was you once we got close!" Olde explained in a warm voice while looking at Han Shuo with a subtle smile.

Olde was a cultivator of the edict of life. Han Shuo knew that Olde's words were true. Within a certain range, Olde could indeed sense the presence of other mighty life signatures.

This was especially so on this material plane. The only godly existence to be found, other than Donna and her Elysians, was Han Shuo. Such an abnormally strong life signature among the crowd of weak life signatures was just too conspicuous to Olde. Therefore, it wasn't surprising that Olde could find him through his senses.

"I see. What can I help you with?" Han Shuo creased his brows and asked. He wasn't quite sure about Olde's intentions.

"Congratulations, this material plane is yours!"

Han Shuo thought for a moment, then asked, "Did those on the high-level reach some kind of agreement?"

"Smart one!" Olde praised Han Shuo before explaining, "With that underground place destroyed, this material plane has basically lost its appeal. But still, our forces have played a not so honorable role by giving you a hand. Otherwise, those on the Church of Light and Shrine of Ice wouldn't have been so willing to back down."

"Why?" Han Shuo asked.

"Our Order has an agreement with Lancelot Empire in which we are free to practice and disseminate our teaching in its territories. Given the current trend, it's only a matter of time before Lancelot Empire becomes the mightiest nation on this material plane. We have our own interests to safeguard.

"I believe you will officially receive the information very soon. Consider this heads-up as a courtesy from me. The agreement also states that you may not further slaughter the followers of the Shrine of Ice and Church of Light, while they will stop recruiting more followers. After some time, following the natural death of their remaining followers, those two religions will completely disappear from the face of Profound Continent. As for those new lives that will be born, our Druidic Order and those on your side will just try to win them over through our own respective efforts."

Han Shuo thought for a while after listening to Olde's words. He understood that the Church of Light and Shrine of Ice were merely trying to preserve the lives of the followers they had left, who would eventually die of old age. With time, their influences would completely vanish from the face of Profound Continent. It appeared that the two religious organizations had basically given up on this material plane.

The reason that the Druidic Order had played the role as an arbitrator was likely because they had something to gain out of it, albeit small and insignificant.

"Well, I'm fine with that. Is there anything else I need to pay special attention to?" Han Shuo asked after keeping silent for a moment.

"Just one last thing, I hope that Lancelot Empire will avoid bloodshed as much as possible in its world conquest! The Church of Light and Shrine of Ice will no longer get involved in any more affairs on this continent. Lancelot Empire, with the support of our Druidic Order and your forces, will inevitably unify the entire Profound Continent under its rule. But we do not wish to see this world become filled with rivers of blood and hope to avoid casualties as much as possible," Olde shook his head and sighed before he said to Han Shuo.

Han Shuo silently nodded and agreed. He then looked at Olde in a puzzled manner and asked, "Is that all you have to say to me after taking the trouble to see me in person?"

"I heard from Kelly that you cultivate in a type of miraculous energy which he praises ceaselessly. May I have the honor to take a look at it in person?" Olde asked while he looked deeply into Han Shuo's eyes.

Han Shuo was startled. He thought, don't tell me that Olde has discovered something? He considered it for a while, but did not feel that he had revealed any smoking gun. His expression remained unchanged while a series of thoughts rapidly flashed through his mind. Suddenly, he shook his head and said, "Previously I did indeed develop a type of martial technique by accident. However, I had completely forgotten about the martial technique the moment I became a god. The twelve fundamental energies are the most promising and prevailing paths. If I were to distract myself with other martial arts, I will only end up getting nowhere. I'm very sorry!"

Olde stared blankly after hearing Han Shuo's explanation. He looked Han Shuo up and down and even secretly probed Han Shuo using his soul. 

Olde was foolish to think that Han Shuo had no way of detecting his secret probing because of his much more advanced realm, but not only did Han Shuo possess a most miraculous consciousness, he also had the Cauldron Spirit inside his body. Therefore, Han Shuo managed to clearly see and evade Olde's soul probing.

After the breakthrough of his main body to the Omen realm, he could transfer and allocate the energies of his avatars as he wished. On top of having the Cauldron Spirit's assistance, even as Olde spent half the day surveying Han Shuo's life signature using his soul, he couldn't find anything unusual on Han Shuo.

"I see. Nevermind then!" Olde gave up after he discovered nothing.

"Oh, by the way, at the depths of the Boundless Sea of this continent, someone had once seen a pile of miraculous remains underneath an island. Perhaps that might interest you?" Han Shuo suddenly said after thinking for a while. As there was a tacit agreement between the Druidic Order and the Calamity Church, Han Shuo was not afraid that Olde might discover the Cemetery of Death he hid over there. Besides, perhaps someday in the future, Olde might return this favor to Han Shuo.

"Is there anything particularly unique about it?" Olde asked casually.

"The plants that grew around the pile of bones are rather strange and unique. It was said that someone sank there after being seriously injured. But not only did the person not perish, but its wounded organs were also magically healed. Don't you find that somewhat baffling?" Han Shuo smilingly said.

"Where is that island located?" Olde's eyes widened and he anxiously asked.

Han Shuo smilingly informed him of its location. When Olde was about to depart in haste, Han Shuo hurriedly shouted, "If I find the thing you seek, don't forget that this will be a favor you will owe me! You will have to repay it someday in the future!"

"If what you say is true, I will make sure to return this favor to you in the future!" Olde promised Han Shuo without even turning his head.

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