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Chapter 201 - Charge out of the ancient town!

"This is bad!"

Upon hearing this voice, Gu Ying's face immediately changed, "The reason why these vengeful spirits are surrounding us and attacking us, is because of this voice."

Not only Gu Ying, even Shi Qian, Tang Chen and the others had faces full of bewilderment and bewilderment.

Tang Huan's mind moved slightly, and almost at the instant Gu Ying finished speaking, the surrounding vengeful spirits that did not dare to get too close, seemed to have received some kind of command that they could not resist, and actually rushed over one after another. They did not care in the slightest about the terrifying heat produced by the spear being swung around, and were in an extremely crazed state.


In the next moment, the Dragon and Phoenix Lance in Tang Huan's hand pierced through a vengeful spirit. It was not because Tang Huan wanted to do so, but because when he brandished the spear, the vengeful spirit unhesitatingly threw itself at the tip of the spear.

Even though Tang Huan was already prepared, he still entered into a momentary trance.

Tang Huan could block the physical attack of the Loathsome Evil, but this kind of invisible attack was extremely hard to defend against and could not be blocked at all. All he could do was forcibly endure it.

"Phew!" "Hu!" Taking the chance when Tang Huan's spear stabbed into one of the vengeful spirits, several of them pounced at Tang Huan at almost the same time.


The spear trembled, and then it swept out to the left and right like a dragon swinging its tail, immediately knocking away the incoming vengeful spirit, which was also flung away at the tip of the spear, its figure becoming even dimmer, but even so, the vengeful spirit did not fear death and continued screaming as it pounced forward.

Tang Huan and the rest of the Martial Warriors s started to be overwhelmed on the left and right, while Shi Qian and Tang Chen, who were leading the way, were in even more danger. In the blink of an eye, two people had their arms scratched.

This sudden turn of events caused everyone to feel as if they had fallen from their peak to the bottom of the earth.

"We're finished, we're doomed, we're really doomed this time!"

"I can't get out!"

"Crazy! These vengeful spirits have all gone mad!"


Everyone felt their bodies turn cold as quite a few of them cried out in fear. The fear and despair that had just disappeared once again spread through the crowd.

"Bro, thank you for coming to save us."

Gu Ying used all his might to send a vengeful spirit flying. In the blink of an eye, he looked at Tang Huan and shouted, "However, you should leave quickly. Without burden like us, you should be able to successfully escape."

Even until now, Gu Ying still did not call out Tang Huan's name, nor did he call out the alias he used in the past.

He was very clear that once Tang Huan's identity was exposed, it would bring her a lot of trouble. Even though the chances of everyone escaping was slim, no one could guarantee if there were any other Martial Warriors hiding in the area.

"Gu Ying is right."

The man called Li He, who had lost an arm, was already pale and extremely weak. He also agreed, "Brother, we died here because we asked for it, you don't have to be implicated by us, you should leave while the Genuine Qi is still intact. If you continue delaying, it will be too late."

Hearing the words of the two, the few young women in the group all had miserable expressions. However, they gritted their teeth and did not say anything.

On the other hand, Tang Chen was already swearing loudly, "Gu Ying, Li He, you two stop spouting nonsense. Brother, please don't listen to their nonsense, no matter what, we must charge out together, and must not give up until the last moment."

"Tang Chen, don't make things sound so good!"

Li He couldn't help but sneer when he heard this, "Do you think I don't know what you're thinking? Aren't you worried that if this brother leaves, we'll be torn apart by the vengeful spirits? "You are truly shameless. You are already at such a level, yet you still have this kind of idea."

"F * ck your mother!" Tang Chen gnashed his teeth as he cursed. If it weren't for the vengeful spirits pestering him, he probably would have pounced towards Li He.

"You guys sure are idle. If you have the strength to argue, then you might as well save some energy to deal with the vengeful spirits!"

Tang Huan sneered.

With that thought, Tang Huan immediately pushed the two stages of Spiritual Wheel and the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" to their limits. The "Nirvana Sacred Fire" rapidly fluctuated, and the heat wave violently surged outwards, and in the next moment, a ball of flame suddenly rose from the tip of the dragon and phoenix spear, where it was located. It was as if a phoenix was leisurely flapping its wings inside the flames, and an even more frightening heat wave screamed out.

Sensing this terrifying heat, the surrounding vengeful spirits suddenly stopped in their tracks as if they were afraid. However, in the next moment, they screamed out at the same time and charged toward the group with their claws bared. They were like moths flying into a flame, they were extremely crazy.


Tang Huan's eyes focused slightly, his movements not the slightest bit slow. The Dragon and Phoenix Spear shot out like lightning, the tip of the spear wrapped in flames easily piercing into the body of a vengeful spirit.


The expected scream came again.

After a moment of absent-mindedness, Tang Huan woke up from his stupor and realized that the vengeful spirit that was pierced by the dragon and phoenix spear had disappeared without a trace.

"The appearance of the 'Nirvana Sacred Fire' can actually completely incinerate vengeful spirits?"

Tang Huan couldn't help but feel surprised.

In the blink of an eye, the long spear began to tremble and circle after circle of spear shadows, and once the Flaming Rainbow Spear Art's "Prairie Blaze" was unleashed, as expected, several more vengeful spirits disappeared into nothingness. However, the screams of the several vengeful spirits right before their deaths made Tang Huan's head spin.

But this did not diminish the happiness in Tang Huan's heart.

The long spear spun quickly. Although the person's spear moved, the long spear followed the traces of the vengeful spirit. In just a short moment, there were already more than ten vengeful spirits that had been incinerated by the spearhead.

"The vengeful spirit is dead!" You can kill vengeful spirits? "

An alarmed cry suddenly rang out, and the scene of the vengeful spirits being burned by the flames was quickly discovered by a young man in the group.


"A vengeful spirit could actually be killed?"

"Is that the manifested 'True Fire'?"


It was like a stone that gave rise to a thousand ripples as the crowd cried out in alarm. Even Shi Qian, Tang Chen, and the others who were standing in front of the crowd couldn't help but turn their heads to look.

After a short moment of shock, everyone was overjoyed.

Even if their bodies were sliced into pieces, they would immediately gather together. Furthermore, the screams they let out when they were injured could even turn into sound waves, directly attacking the soul of Martial Warriors.

However, if he was to blame for his psionic power being killed, the current situation would quickly change.

It was just that after the pleasant surprise, many people had a trace of doubt in their hearts, at the beginning, there were not many Weapon Refiner in the team. Although those Weapon Refiner were not able to manifest the True Fire on weapons, they were able to manifest on both palms. However, they still didn't even kill a single vengeful spirit.

Could it be that the real thing was that gun?


Tang Huan's body moved like lightning, one circle at a time, causing the pressure on the group to decrease greatly.

One by one, the specters disappeared as the floating figures gradually became sparse. Their companions had been incinerated, causing the remaining specters to gradually gain the upper hand in terms of fear and their attacks to become slower and slower. Unknowingly, the number of specters that died to Tang Huan's dragon and phoenix spear had already increased to more than ten.


When the team passed through the decorated building at the entrance of Longquan town, those vengeful spirits seemed to have been relieved of a great burden as they screamed and retreated. In a few moments, they had already disappeared from the ancient town.

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