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Long Fei said indifferently.


So what?

Even if it was for Jojo's sake, Long Fei would not refuse.

"Lord, this … Be careful of any conspiracy. " Jiang Chunqiu's expression changed.

Mind like them.

They were all old freaks who had lived for countless years, so they naturally saw through this Phoenix Clan Master with a single glance.

Now that he heard it, he couldn't help but try to persuade Long Fei to enter.

They had already guessed that there was a conspiracy.

"Yeah, my lord, there's no need to waste words with him. Just directly take care of them."

Wang Yun's temper flared as he erupted in a frenzy, his fighting spirit soaring to the heavens.

But Long Fei shook his head.


Just for Jojo's sake, Long Fei had to go in.

All for the sake of bringing Jojo away openly.

Let the heavens bear witness.

In Long Fei's heart, this was what he owed Jojo.

He owed a promise, owed a future.

Therefore, this time, Long Fei had already made up his mind. He would give Jojo an identity under the gaze of the heavens.

"Don't worry, he's just a Secret World. If I want to leave, even if all these pieces of trash add up, they will not be able to keep me here! " Long Fei said.

He raised his eyes to look at the void phoenix and sneered.

He stepped directly into it.

Seeing this scene, a meaningful smile immediately surfaced on the Phoenix Master's face, as if the scheme had succeeded.

Following that, the Divine Phoenix Grandmaster turned around and looked at the young masters of the six realms below him.

"Now, it's your turn."

Following that, the Phoenix Ancestor flapped his wings and a ray of fiery light surged, directly enveloping the six of them and throwing them into the sect.

It was also at this time that Wang Yun and Jiang Chunqiu also retreated to the side, coldly staring at the people of Phoenix Valley.

"Old thing, if anything happens to my master, I will have your Phoenix Valley accompany me in death." Wang Yun asked irritably.

Even though he knew in his heart that with Long Fei's capabilities, even if the entire Phoenix Valley were to move, it might not be possible to keep Long Fei here.

However, in this Phoenix Valley, he still did not have the slightest bit of good impression.

Not only that, they had long been yearning for a battle, so they could unleash their battle intent.

Hence, he didn't want Long Fei to enter.

How good would it be to be tough.

Only, he would never understand Long Fei's feelings towards him.

He could only shout out angrily to vent the anger in his heart.

Jiang Chun Qiu had a cold expression as well.

Unlike Wang Yun, his thoughts were much clearer.

"Calm down, since the lord has made his decision."

"Moreover, indulging in battle is only a matter of time. In the Star Demon World, since these people dared to treat the Mistress in such a way, do you think that the Lord would let them off? " Jiang Chunqiu said indifferently with a sneer on his face.

Upon hearing those words, the fighting intent in Wang Yun's eyes surged once more. The look in his eyes grew even more unfriendly as he stared at the crowd.

But at this moment, a flame suddenly ignited around the two of them.

"Did I give you face? "Two reckless fools."

"Since all of you want to see my skills so much, then today, I shall do as you wish."

"Divine Flame Blaze Realm."

The Phoenix Ancestor's eyes were filled with a dark ruthlessness. He suddenly raised both of his hands, without summoning the slightest bit of force.

"Old thing, a sneak attack!" Wang Yun was infuriated.

And then, it went even crazier as it punched out.

Rumble …


As the punch landed, endless flames began to spread.

"Is that all you've got? Phoenix Ancestor, is only so-so. " Wang Yun said.

He had an arrogant look on his face.

The fighting spirit in his eyes surged.

But just as he finished speaking, Jiang Chun Qiu's voice was heard:

"Old War, be careful!"

Jiang Chunqiu instantly spoke up.

Wang Yun still had an arrogant smile on his face. Hearing Jiang Chunqiu's voice, he suddenly turned around:

"F * ck your ancestors!"

He bellowed.

The smile on Wang Yun's face instantly vanished.

He suddenly punched again.

However, it was already too late.

Endless flames engulfed his body, engulfing him within in the blink of an eye.

It was also at this time that the Divine Phoenix Grandmaster in the air coldly snorted.

"You overestimate yourself. "So what if he's strong?"

"No one can stop my World Exterminating Flame."

"Also, you should go in as well. As for Long Fei, you guys don't need to think about it, I have already prepared a plan to kill the heavens, and it would be best if he died inside the Secret World. "

"Otherwise, once he comes out, I want him dead."

"Hahaha!" The Phoenix Grandmaster laughed madly as the flames in his hands suddenly soared, enveloping Jiang Chunqiu's figure within.

At this moment, Wang Yun and Jiang Chunqiu, who were enveloped within the endless fiery light, were constantly attacking.

One after another, violent forces wreaked havoc among them.

However, he was unable to break free from the restraints of the flames.

However, their powers were also very strong. Even though this flame was known as the world's destruction, it wouldn't be able to kill them in a short amount of time.

"Old witch, you are a thief if you don't die."

"However, stop dreaming. If my master comes out from there, it will be the time your Phoenix Valley will be annihilated." Wang Yun hollered, showing no mercy at all.

Even if he was trapped in a calamity, he would still go berserk.

"Humph, then we'll see. "Relax, with your strength, you can burn it for three days under my World Exterminating Flame."

"Three days from now, it will be the time when your souls are destroyed." If that little bastard Long Fei can come out within three days, you might be able to see him die a horrible death at my hands. "Hahaha!" The Divine Phoenix Grandmaster thought himself to be extremely arrogant and confident, as though everything was within her control.

He didn't seem to care at all.

At the same time, the people of Phoenix Valley also had wild looks on their faces.

Looking at the two people struggling in the flames, it was as if he was looking at a clown as he laughed maniacally.

But all of these, Long Fei did not know.

At this time, after Long Fei entered this door, his eyes immediately turned into a completely different world.

An unprecedented feeling of impact rushed into his eyes.

"Damn, the prehistoric world?"

"Is this really a prehistoric world?"

Long Fei's heart was also in turmoil, the scene in front of him, was something he had never seen before.

Compared to back then, when Long Batian had let him see the evolution of the ancient world, he felt that it was even stronger.

Here, the stars appeared, incomparably large.

Here, mountains reached the sky, and the sea and sky were one.

It was as if nothing had ever changed, and it had a primal aura to it.

There was no way to sense any power that could be refined here.

All of his auras were filled with an endless sense of desolation.

"No, the old thing from the Phoenix Clan definitely wouldn't be so kind as to let me take a look at the prehistoric world."

"There must be something unexpected here."

"But, what is it? And where exactly is it? " Muttering to himself, Long Fei suppressed the shock in his heart and started to think.

However, at this moment, the scales that had been silent the entire time began to tremble for no reason.

With a thought, the idea entered the system space: "Long Batian!"

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