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"You recognize these words?" Wei Suo's heart also started to beat intensely, but his face remained calm. "I saw this type of character in a sect's ancient book called Eastern Wasteland Sect."

"Impossible!" The little girl almost screamed out in excitement, "How can there be such characters in your human sect!"

"In that case, this is your Spirit Race's language? "It seems like you understand the meaning of these words?" Grand Shang Wei Suo noticed some clues, and probed further with his question.

"Tell me where did you see this writing!" The little girl didn't even answer Wei Suo's question. Instead, she moved towards him, as if she was about to attack him.

"Don't worry, if I'm speaking the truth, then I'll be hacked to death by the heavenly tribulation." Wei Suo glanced indifferently at the little girl, "Alright, I'll explain in more detail. I have read about this in an ancient book of the Eastern Wastelands Sect, and the founder of the Eastern Wastelands Sect is said to have obtained the inheritance of an inexplicable Supreme Elder in the depths of the Wilderness. "I saw a portrait of that mysterious almighty in the scriptures of the Eastern Wasteland sect. He shouldn't be an ordinary cultivator like us, could he be from your Spirit Race?"

"You really didn't lie to me?" The little girl suddenly stopped. Her body was slightly trembling. A golden light flashed in her eyes, but she was still unable to believe it.

"The founder of the Eastern Wasteland sect has amazing powers. The Void Penetration Steps and the Tathagata Divine Light are recorded in some legends that have to do with him. If you ask around, you'll be able to find out. I wouldn't be able to fool you even if I wanted to." Wei Suo said as he watched the little girl's reaction.

"You have seen the portrait of that almighty who imparted this spell. What does he look like?!" The little girl was still very excited, revealing her sharp canines as she asked.

Wei Suo first did not make a sound. He moved both of his hands and streams of true energy flowed out from his hands, condensing all the engravings he had seen in the Eastern Wasteland sect's scripture into one.

A cultivator knelt down and kowtowed. Above him was a tall figure with a face no different from an ordinary cultivator, but he was at least two cultivators tall. He had a pair of azure wings on his body and on his exposed skin were lines of tattoo-like flame stripes.

"Wu …" Seeing the drawing that Wei Suo made, the little girl became even more excited. Her eyes flashed with a golden light like stormy waves, "You … When did the founder of the Eastern Wastelands Sect encounter such a powerful technique? "

"A thousand years ago, I think." "Yes," said Vyeso.

"A thousand years ago!" At first, the little girl couldn't help but shriek. Then, an uncontrollable joyous expression was revealed on her face. At the same time, it was as if she couldn't believe it.

"So it seems that this mysterious almighty person who imparted the technique is really a member of your Spirit Race? Your friend? We, the cultivators of the Spirit Race, can also use the techniques and techniques of your Spirit Race? " From the looks of it, Wei Suo could tell that the little girl was pleasantly surprised and excited. It was clear that he had not expected that there was a spirit race here. It seemed that the lifespan of their Spirit Race was extremely long. Since they were still alive a thousand years ago, it meant that they might still be alive at this moment.

"Where is the Eastroad Sect located?" The little girl still did not answer Wei Suo's question and asked instead.

"Don't forget what we agreed upon earlier. You can ask me a question now. I won't reject it, but you must also answer my question." Wei Suo looked at the little girl and said.

"You!" The little girl's temper suddenly became extremely violent, revealing a vicious light, but she immediately controlled her emotions, and became slightly calmer. "That's right, this is a friend of mine from the Spirit Race. Cultivators cannot use the majority of our Spirit Race's cultivation techniques. However, there are two Spirit Race's meridians and the spirit energy that we cultivate are very similar to the cultivators' meridians and true essence. Cultivators can use them, but he is one of them. "

"It seems that the battle over sixty thousand years ago was extremely bitter. Basically, no Spirit Race or Heaven Shocking could survive; otherwise, she wouldn't have been so excited when she heard that there might be another Spirit Race survivor." This thought flashed across Wei Suo's mind as he said: "It's impossible for you to find the whereabouts of your friend from the Eastern Wasteland sect. "Because the ancestor of the Eastern Wastelands Sect had already fallen somewhere a thousand years ago, and the cultivators of the Eastern Wastelands Sect also didn't understand the meaning of the words. Without the inheritance, they wouldn't have been able to find out the whereabouts of their founder in the past thousand years, let alone that friend of yours."

"Don't know where he is … It's impossible to find out the whereabouts of them from the Eastroad Sect … " The little girl was dazed for a moment, as if she had fallen into a daze. But then, she seemed to have thought of something, and her eyes flashed with a vicious light, "You have that huge broken arm, and that Ancient Fragrance …" I have also seen such words, how could it be such a coincidence for you to bump into so many things! "

"No matter what, I am still a fourth level Aurous Core stage cultivator and one of the top figures in the Tianxuan Continent, alright?" At my level, there will always be a lot more things that happen. Maybe those Divine Profound experts might have more information about what you had tens of thousands of years ago. Furthermore, if not for the collapse of the sky, I would not have been in the Eastern Wasteland, nor would I have been in the depths of the Wilderness, where I would not have been able to come in contact with so many things. " As Wei Suo said this, he couldn't help but feel shocked in his heart. This was because he suddenly thought, not only himself, but the sky will collapse and the entire cultivation world will usher in a new era. Not only will there be a large number of demonic beasts, and the living environment of the cultivators will be very harsh, but there will also be an unknown number of cultivation materials, perhaps there will be many powerful cultivators that will emerge. And with the birth of some inexplicable demonic beasts, after the collapse of the sky, the footsteps of the cultivators will definitely go further, and many of the secrets within the Wilderness will also be touched by the cultivators. For tens of thousands of years, it had been hard to imagine, but the unknown would slowly spread out in front of the cultivators of today.

"There might be many cultivators who have more information about us, but I have no way of knowing …." Perhaps there are other spirit race existences here, but I do not know where they are … "Maybe I'm the only one left …" After the little girl heard Wei Suo's words, she slowly calmed down. It was as if she was extremely lonely, as if she had lost all her family members and wanted to cry.

Over sixty thousand years, for a creature like her that lived sixty thousand years ago, not only did all the people she knew no longer exist, but it was also possible that the world she knew of had completely melted into the river of time, leaving only the occasional remnant.

"Why did he pass this technique to the founder of the Eastroad Sect? He must have had a motive. Maybe he left some clues in the Eastern Wastelands Sect's ancient book. If any other spirit race survived, he could use the Eastern Wastelands Sect to find some useful information. This is because if someone from the Spirit Clan heard that the Eastern Wasteland Sect had a technique from your Spirit Clan, they would want to investigate the matter. Your first reaction was not to check out the Eastern Wastelands Sect. " The legendary Void Walk Technique and Tathagata Divine Light were extremely useful to Wei Suo. Wei Suo really wanted them, and in this ancient book of the East Barren Sect, there was a chance that these techniques were the key to making the little girl translate these words. Therefore, Wei Suo immediately racked his brains to find a reason to convince the little girl to help him translate this ancient book. Otherwise, based on the relationship between the little girl and him now, he would definitely not do something that would benefit his translation.

"You're right, leaving clues like this, even the Wasteland Race can still live … At most, we will only find the Eastern Wasteland Sect and not him. " The little girl instantly seemed to come to a realization as her eyes began to shine with golden light. "How much of that ancient book from the Eastern Wasteland sect do you remember?"

"I've written it all down." Wei Suo's face did not change but in his heart, he felt a sense of excitement that he was about to succeed.

"Ning, show me what you can do." The little girl immediately said.

"No, unless I say something, you tell me what it means." "Otherwise, if you don't tell me what you're looking at, I'll lose."

"You want me to help you translate this book, and see if there's any powerful magic inside." The little girl was not an idiot as she sneered.

"This was originally something that would benefit both sides. Without me, you wouldn't even know about the Eastern Wasteland Sect and you wouldn't even know about this ancient book. "Let me tell you, the Eastern Wastelands Sect has already been destroyed by the horde of beasts. Other than me, no one else knows about this ancient book." Wei Suo played the role of a businessman and deceived them.

"Then what if there is no information I want to know? It's all purely a cultivation technique. If it's recorded, then wouldn't I be letting you off for nothing?" The little girl began to bargain, "No way, at least give me that broken black tower."

"Then what if there's no magic I want in there, are you going to give it to me directly?"


Both sides negotiated and finally reached an agreement. The little girl helped Wei Suo translate the ancient texts one by one. If there were any useful techniques, Wei Suo would give half of the Eastern Wasteland Demonic Tower's gold to the little girl. If there weren't any useful techniques, the little girl would first give half of the black copper to Wei Suo.

"The sun and the moon shall guide us …" Divine Flame … "Body Transformation into Essence …"

Right now, Wei Suo had a large amount of top-grade gold. Even if he lost half of the gold from the Eastern Wastelands Demonic Tower, he could still refine a flying sword so that the flying sword would be slightly smaller and not lower in grade. This kind of business would still bring him great benefits. Following that, Wei Suo and the little girl continued to head towards the Northern Mang Ruins. At the same time, Wei Suo continued to form sentence after sentence of the Eastern Wasteland Sect. The little girl translated the words one by one.

"To break the void with my chant …"

The profundity of this classic from the Eastern Wastelands Sect was incomparable. When he casted it, he even needed to weave countless runes with his true essence to form a great momentum. And after a short while, Wei Suo's eyes were almost the same as the little girl's, emitting a golden light.

The Eastern Wastelands Grandmaster, Dong Tathagata, was a prodigy of the northern part of the Profound Sky Continent at the time. The Celestial King called him the Celestial King, and the Void Step Art and Tathagata Steps were unparalleled powerful techniques.

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