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Chapter 829 - Killing the Disciples of Magic Tribe

The green dragon matrial hall was very strong.

Ouyang Jian's connections were wide, with a single word from him, groups and groups of people would work for him.

One of tu zhan's.

He believed in tu zhan's strength. He was an outstanding existence amongst the level 3 disciples.


He had promised tu zhan that as long as he could handle this matter well, he would be the only one who could train in outer space palace.

Relying on the influence of the green dragon matrial hall, he was now his father's principal. Knowing that the Academy's competition would decide a group of elite disciples to train in the outer space palace, it wouldn't be difficult for them to nurture devil slayer.

It could be said.

Basically, all the elders of the four matrial halls s knew about it.

If the disciples of their college of martial arts training could enter the outer space palace to cultivate, then this would be a huge opportunity. Whoever entered the outer space palace with more disciples would have the chance to become the new Dean.

… ….

Ten minutes later, the formation was over.


Long Fei and Ling Long landed.

This was a relatively secretive array, located deep within endless mountains s.


The instant the two of them landed.


"Swish …"

The eight spears circled around and pointed at their throats. One of them sneered, "We've waited half a year for one to arrive."

"Brat, you're lucky today, hahaha …"

"Finally, we didn't wait in vain. To intentionally leave behind a teleportation formation that didn't break is just for you to walk right into our trap, hahaha …" the trash of the god emperor academy. "

When the inner Master of Magic Tribe of endless mountains did not have the Breaking Through the Seal, there were many teleportation circle, but the gathering was destroyed.

Only the most secret!

It wasn't that they didn't want to destroy it, but that their abilities couldn't be destroyed at all.

Long Fei looked at the formation beneath his feet and his heart trembled slightly, "Dragon Clan's Outpost Teleportation Formation!"

It was the same as the Teleportation Formation he had seen in the Eternal Mountain Range, and perhaps a bit stronger.

After fusing with the head of the Yuan Long, the current Long Fei could clearly feel the aura of the dragon race within the array. Even though millions of years had passed, the array was still filled with dense energy.

The green dragon ancestor said, "The dragon race has set up many array formations in the god's martial continent. Although some of them have been destroyed due to the depletion of their energy, most of them have been preserved."

"When you truly become the master of the Dragon Domain, you will be able to reactivate all of the formations."

These magic formations were also one of the most powerful areas of the dragon clan.

Long Fei slightly pulled Linglong behind him and said, "Don't be afraid."

Linglong did not look afraid. Instead, her eyes narrowed, and she entered a battle state, saying, "I am not afraid."


"There's also a lively girl."

"Hahaha …"

"Brothers, today we will be able to eat meat. This little girl is so beautiful. Just one look at her will be enough to captivate people." A Magic Tribe man's eyes lit up.

His Adam's apple rolled along his saliva.

"Little beauty, come and play with us."

"Don't worry, we'll definitely make you want to die, hehe …."

"Hahaha …"

Everyone else laughed.

Long Fei's gaze tightened with killing intent, and the dragon salyer in his hand dropped, "You're courting death!"


The Qi in the air moved, a burst of slay's power immediately shot out, the blade moved, and cut!


The saber Qi that was like a thin slit came slicing down.


The wretched man from Magic Tribe was split into two, followed by the system's notification sound.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for getting 1300 experience points, 200 power of celestial points, and 10 Energy Values points."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'fairy stones 1'."

Instant kill.

The other seven didn't react immediately.

Long Fei pulled Linglong and suddenly rushed out of the encirclement, reminding her, "Follow behind me, don't run around!"

It was also at this time.

The other seven Disciples of Magic Tribe s rushed forward, "Brat, you're dead meat."

"Kill him."

"Don't let him live."

With his left hand, he protected Linglong and his right hand held the dragon salyer. Facing the seven of them, he was practically slashing them one after another, slashing six times in a row, instantly using slay.

The system kept beeping out notifications.

The last man fell to the ground in fright, both hands on the ground as he fell back, "Don't kill me, don't kill me …"

Long Fei said: "I don't mind not killing you, how many strongholds do you have in the endless mountains? "Tell me how many there are!"

I have to find out.

That person immediately said, "There are four strongholds with a total of 1000 people. We are only a small team. Please spare me. Don't kill me, I won't dare to do it again."

He continued to plead for mercy.

However …

The corner of Long Fei's mouth lifted as he laughed coldly and slashed the dragon salyer in his hand.

The man was so scared that his face turned pale. "I told you everything. Didn't you say you wouldn't kill me?"

Long Fei said: "Is that so? Did I say that? Why can't I remember? "

He had to be killed.

Not killing Linglong was a disaster, and their insults to Linglong were close to death.

Then again.

If he were to return alive, he would definitely contact the other Disciples of Magic Tribe to kill them. Right now, Long Fei had no interest to play with them.


As the knife landed, the man let out a miserable scream, "You will die too, just you wait."


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for getting 1200 EXP for defeating 'Magic Tribe Subordinate Luo', 100 power of celestial and 10 Energy Values."

He didn't have anything else for killing eight people consecutively, but he received 80 points of Striking Energy Value.

Only after encountering berserk attacks from the Boss did he feel good!

Long Fei looked at the eight corpses, then looked at Ling Long, and said: "You're not scared, right?"

Ling Long shook her head, and said: "Senior Brother, you clearly said that you won't kill him, but why did you kill him in the end?"

She couldn't understand.

Long Fei looked at Ling Long and said: "You're too naive."

He did not explain and said, "Let's go."

If you don't go through some things, you'll never understand them.

Growing up was like this.

Linglong didn't like to kill people, and she didn't like to kill anyone, no matter who it was.

Seeing Long Fei's back as he was walking further away, Ling Long immediately followed him.

A few minutes later.

A white light flashed on the formation.

Five people appeared on the formation.

tu zhan's small team was the group of five who had crushed Dao Feng in the morning.

Facing any enemy, tu zhan liked to crush them, it was an absolute crush, so when the opponent was sprawled on the ground, he would crush them until they couldn't stand up, thus he brought his recently formed team over.

He wanted Long Fei to lie on the ground and not be able to stand up!

tu zhan looked at the corpses around him, and laughed coldly: "Seems like you still have some strength."

At this time.

A disciple said, "Boss, two people in the southwest direction. Their speed is not fast."

tu zhan raised his gaze and said: "Chase!"

As soon as he finished.

The five of them were like a jungle cheetah as they swiftly made their way out.

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