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"Tang Huan, do you think we will meet in the competition?" In front of Arena Number 16, Gu Ying looked around and suddenly asked.

"That's hard to say."

Tang Huan could not help but smile.

Right now, there were only two hundred people competing in the martial arts competition. If no one lost, the chances of them becoming an opponent were higher.

"What a headache." Gu Ying scratched his head a few times and said in distress.

"What's there to worry about? If I meet Tang Huan, I'll admit defeat right away." Tang Si said with a smile.

"Admit defeat?"

After hearing his words, not only Gu Ying, Tang Huan and the others also looked at him in surprise.

"If Tang Huan didn't have that kind of miraculous movement skill that can make public loss and love unable to distinguish north, south, east and west, I could still fight against him. However, if he were to use that movement technique, he would definitely be able to restrain me to the point where he would lose without a doubt. Since I already know that I'm going to lose, why would I waste so much effort on it? It would be better to have Tang Huan leave some Genuine Qi s to take part in the next round. " Tang Si smiled slowly.

"Big Brother Tang Si is so nice." Gu Fei beamed, her beautiful eyes bent like crescent moons.

"And if you meet me?" Gu Ying rolled his eyes at Gu Fei, and could not help but ask this of Tang Si.

"Meet you? Let's just fight for a few dozen rounds first! " Tang Si laughed mischievously, "I am very clear what path you have in mind. I sparred five times in the past few days, but I have beaten you twice.

"Tang Si, to think that this daddy had always regarded you as my friend, to think that you would even say such a thing!" Gu Ying was stunned at first, but soon after, he angrily blew his nose and glared at her.


Seeing Gu Ying and Tang Si bickering again, Tang Huan and Gu Fei smiled. In regards to this, the two of them were already used to it and were not surprised.

"Tang Huan!"

A hundred meters away, Hong Tao's pair of venomous cold eyes quickly swept across the crowd and landed on Tang Huan who was standing beside Arena Number Sixteen.

, Tang Si, only by using the blood of you two rascal can you wash off the shame of my Tang Family, I will not allow you two to walk out of Feng Ming Mountain alive! "Su Yun said in a low voice.

In the resting area on the right side of the arena, Tang Long who was seated as still as a statue suddenly opened his eyes, a cold light filled with killing intent flashed in his eyes.

"The final outcome will be revealed today. Tang Huan, just how far can you go? I'm really looking forward to it." In the crowd, a red-clothed female with a picturesque appearance sweetly smiled. Her expression was indescribably enchanting, causing many Martial Warriors s at the side to be dazzled.

"I revealed Tang Huan's true identity yesterday, would this brat bear a grudge against me? If I were to meet him in the competition, it would not be much fun. " Gao Ling held the spear under his arm and rubbed his forehead helplessly.

"I guess this time, the chief of the Martial Competition must be among the four people, Hong Tao, Tang Long, Gu Ying and Gao Ling."

"That might not be the case, I think it might be that guy called Mo Shang, his ice flexible sword is truly superb, tsk-tsk, even a heavy weapon that weighs more than fifty kilograms could be easily sent flying, his strength is probably even stronger than the public loss that Tang Huan has beaten."


"The number of people is getting smaller and smaller. If Tang Huan meets with Hong Tao or Tang Long, it will be very interesting."

"If we really meet each other, Tang Huan is indeed in extreme danger. Hong Tao and Tang Long really want to kill him as soon as possible. If we meet him, they definitely won't show mercy."

"You are underestimating Tang Huan. Even public loss and love were not Tang Huan's match, it showed just how strong Tang Huan was. Even if Tang Huan can't compare to Hong Tao and Tang Long, preserving his life is definitely not a problem. It's impossible for him to not even be able to admit defeat, right? Once he admitted defeat of his own accord, it would mean that the battle was already over. The Star Ocean Commerce would definitely not allow them to pursue and kill someone who had already admitted defeat. At that time, if they want to kill Tang Huan, they can only wait until after Martial Competition. "


Outside the competition grounds, many of the Martial Warriors s were in high spirits, either speculating about the outcome of the competition, or discussing the grudges between the young experts.

After a long while, Lei Ming finally walked out of the wooden hut under the watchful eyes of tens of thousands of people. At this moment, the originally noisy space suddenly turned quiet.

"Everyone, the fourth round of Martial Competition is about to begin. Just a moment ago, another two heavily injured friends had retreated, so there were only two hundred and sixteen people participating in this round of Martial Competition. The method of choosing opponents was the same as in the previous two rounds. I shall now invite these thirty-two friends to come and draw lots. "

"Number one … Number thirty-one … One hundred and nine … Number 369! "

Lei Ming spoke very quickly, her voice sounding like thunder.

In an instant, only his voice resounded outside the Phoenix Spirit Valley.

Every time he announced a number, a figure would emerge from the crowd and head towards the wooden shed. There was a smile on his face, and he had confidence in himself, or a look of worry on his face.

"369? Just me? "

Suddenly, when he heard the number plate that Lei Ming had announced at the end, Tang Huan was stunned for a moment before realizing that it was his turn to draw the lots for the fourth round.

With that thought in mind, Tang Huan stopped thinking further. Taking a light breath, he quickly walked forward …

Not long after, Tang Huan and a youth dressed in black with the number plate "1717" walked into the arena at almost the same time.

The youngster was rather thin, not even 1.7 meters tall. His face was sallow and he looked like he was suffering from malnutrition. However, his eyes were so bright that they were dazzling.

"Tang Huan..."

The thin youth quickly licked his lips as his eyes became even brighter. "A thousand year old rare weapons crafting genius and martial arts genius is about to be defeated by this young master. What a pity!"

Even though he said that it was a pity, his expression did not contain the slightest bit of regret. Instead, he revealed a teasing expression, as though he was a lion baring his fangs and brandishing his claws at a fat antelope, "Tang Huan, why are you not asking me for my name? Don't you want to know who you're going to lose to? "

"Why should I know the name of a supporting role that is destined to be just a foil?" The corner of Tang Huan's mouth lifted as a ridiculing smile surfaced on his face.

"Tang Huan, you really boast too shamelessly. Very soon, you will pay an extremely heavy price for your words. " The skinny youth laughed coldly as a proud expression appeared on his face.

"You talk too much nonsense."

Tang Huan squinted his eyes, "The previous Tang Yu that spoke so much nonsense has already turned into a corpse yesterday, I hope you won't be the next one!"


Before his voice fell, the sharp whistling sound had already drifted out in a zigzag fashion. The Crimson Flame Spear in Tang Huan's hands howled forward with a wild and violent heat, and moved swiftly like lightning.

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