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Chapter 27 Although the iron sword is small, its bones still exist.

From Sword Shadow Villa to Kun Lun, Wu Chi and Zhou Boyan walked for half a month, but it only took five days to return to Iron Sword Group .

If we hadn’t thought about dealing with Luo Kun when we got back to the door, we might have fought fiercely. Finally, we had a night’s rest and adjustment, and it would have been quicker.

Although Deng Mao was assassinated and killed, Wu Chi knew very well that there was still a great gap between himself and Luo Kun, and that this trip was undoubtedly a return at the risk of his life.

All along, Wu Chi felt that he was a little man waiting to die. When things happened, he just put oil on his feet.

However, things always change unconsciously. Whether it is in Sword Shadow Villa to save lives or abandon Kun Lun and return to Iron Sword Group now seems to run counter to Wu Chi’s original idea.

People always change. Wu Chi has embarked on a completely different road since he refused to return to his ancestral family by drawing his sword from his elder brother.

He did not know whether it was right or not, but now that he had gone, he could not turn back.

Wu Chi did not return to the clan with impartiality, but changed into the clothes of a miscellaneous disciple and sneaked in…

Sitting in the main hall of the gate of the Iron Sword Gate, Luo Kun was not triumphant, but extremely impatient.

Just got the news, Deng Maozhe is under the Kun Lun Mountains, and Zhou Boyan has also worshiped into the Kun Lun Mountains. On the contrary, Deng Maozhe is accountable by Kunlun for his attempt to kill Zhou Boyan. When the news came back to Tianshan, the teacher who had already been attracted was angry and ordered him to return to Tianshan to explain.

The only good news is that Changchun’s real people are still closing down and there’s room for cushioning things.

If Wu Chi also worshiped in Kun Lun, that would be the real trouble. He could kill the Iron Sword Gate unconcerned, but he could not blatantly attack the Kun Lun disciples.

“Go and fetch me the master of the Iron Sword Gate.” The brow flicked suddenly, Luo Kun murmured.

Ten days ago, he had taken control of the Iron Sword Gate and paid a lot of money for it.

But in a short time, an old man slowly stepped into the hall.

“Master Li , it seems that this disciple of yours has not paid attention to the iron sword gate at all.” Luo Kun’s eyes were full of coldness at the opening of Yin Yin. “I just received the news that Wu Chi has gone to Kun Lun, and it seems that he wants to worship Kun Kun.”

Li Peiyuan snorted disdainfully, “My disciple, what do you want to do with gate? What is the reason why you deceived my disciples and put them under house arrest?

With a touch of impatience in his eyes, Luo Kun is really unwilling to see the old man of the iron sword gate, just an old stubborn man who can’t get in with oil and salt.

“Master Li , why did I come here? You should know! Wu Chi took the opportunity to attend the funeral of Zhou Yuanting and plotted to take the image of God’s sword. Everyone had to criticize such a despicable villain!

“So he killed all the people in Sword Shadow Villa?” With a sneer, Li Peiyuan murmured back.

With a slight delay, Luo Kun’s face became even more ugly. “Mster Li , you’d better make clear the current situation. I can let your iron sword door collapse when I think about it, do you understand?”

“You are a disciple of Tianshan Mountain, far from being comparable to a small iron sword gate, but you should also understand that the sword builder would rather not bend! Although the iron sword is small, the sword bone still exists! Li Peiyuan opens the tunnel firmly.

Luo Kun was choking on the head of the blue veins, almost can not help but want to kill the old man in front of him.

“Master Li, I have no doubt to be against Iron Sword Group . These days, they are just some misunderstandings! I’m here to catch Wu Chi, help Iron Sword Group clean up the door and recapture the image of The Shadow. Do you understand?

A glance at Luo Kun, the old man immediately understood a few points, “I understand, since Wu Chi has arrived in Kun Lun, I think Miss Zhou Jia has arrived in Kun Lun, right?” Tianshan is reluctant to commit crimes with Kun Lun. You are afraid to give Kun Lun an account.

Despite the limited knowledge, the old man was still wise and understood Luo Kun’s intention in a few words.

Luo Kun did not deny it, but stared at the old man and said, “Master Li is a smart man. When things get to this point, someone must come out and take responsibility!” Wu Chi has betrayed Iron Sword Group and is a discard! The people of Sword Shadow Villa were also killed for the sake of seizing the divine sword. On the contrary, Miss Zhou was deceived by him. She let the shadow of Shengjianying fall into his hands in plain terms and thought he was a good man.

“Wu Chi is my disciple.” Looking at Luo Kun calmly, the old man said slowly.

“Not now.” Luo Kunfen did not let him look at the old man, slowly said: “Such a small man, but also want to deceive Changchun real people, mixed into Kun Lun. It’s time you went to Kun Lun and cleaned up the door yourself.


The old man suddenly changed colour and pointed at Luo Kun and scolded him relentlessly. What kind of ancestral gate do you belong to? Reverse black and white, frame up your disciples! I’m afraid you can think of it.”

“What is black and white?” With a sneer, Luo Kun answered disdainfully, “Only the living are entitled to consider black and white questions. The dead don’t know anything.”

“Threaten the old man with death? The old man is 93 this year. Although he died, he is not premature.” Li Peiyuan stared and snapped.

“Should Master Li be one step short of stepping on the stage? If there are enough resources to support it, there may not be a chance to break through Shouyuan. As long as Master Li cleans up the portal, maybe I can help Master Li collect some valuable materials.

Threats are naturally good temptations.

Breaking through the Taoist and Taiwanese frontiers will bring about 500 years of life. For all practitioners, it is absolutely the greatest temptation.

If you want to break through the Taoist and Taiwanese territory, besides your own talent, you must also accumulate innumerable talents and treasures, otherwise you can’t condense the lotus terrace at all. Iron Sword Group is a small school. It is very difficult to obtain resources, but Luo Kun is a disciple of Tianshan Mountain. It is not impossible to bring out some things.

“Get out!”

This time the old man simply disdained the answer.

Li Peiyuan’s oil and salt did not go in, and Luo Kun had already killed him. If he could not let Li Peiyuan come out in person, then let him be angry, and then other disciples came out to clean up the door is the same.

In a moment, all Li Peiyuan’s disciples were brought in.


Seeing Li Peiyuan, several disciples were excited and began to speak in chorus.

After glancing at all the disciples, Li Peiyuan said slowly, “You are all my disciples. No matter what you do, you are all my children!” Nowadays, there is only one word to say to you as a teacher! ”

“Although the iron sword is small, its bones still exist!”

Eight decisive words, like a heavy hammer, hit every disciple’s heart.

With a slight jump in his eyebrows, Luo Kun opened his mouth lightly. “What do you think of Wu Chi, a traitor of Iron Sword Group, who colluded with outsiders to destroy Sword Shadow Villa to cover up Miss Zhou’s robbery of The Shadow?”

A little startled, people immediately reacted to it, shouting abuse.

“Fart-farting, young teachers and younger brothers were framed by you, almost alive, now you even attempt to reverse black and white, the charge is pushed to the head of young teachers and younger brothers can not?”

“You’d better think clearly before you speak,” Luo Kun said word by word.

“Think of your grandpa, to kill, to be obedient, to want us to trap young teachers and younger brothers, there’s no way!”


Almost speaking at the same time, the sharp edge of the sword suddenly penetrated, Luo Kun slowly pulled out the sword, calmly opened his mouth and said, “Now, are you ready?”

“Six Teachers and Brothers!”

The rest of them all cried out in pain, hugged the man’s body, and stared at Luo Kun with red eyes.

Around them, there had been a cold sword, surrounded by people. Anyone who was unusual would be slaughtered immediately.


The chair beside him was crushed by Li Peiyuan, so he got up suddenly and stared at Luo Kun : “How dare animals do that?!”

“One, two, three, four, five!” Pointing fingers one by one from several people, Luo Kun slowly said, “You still have five people! Do you only have feelings for Wu Chi, and nobody else cares about his life or death?

“I can tell you clearly that Wu Chi is dead this time anyway! If you cooperate, then he is the only one who dies. Otherwise, none of you will want to live!

Luo Kun has lost his patience completely! Wu Chi has gone to Kun Lun, embraced Kun Lun’s thighs, where will he come back? Obviously, his plan has failed.

What we really need to do now is to recover. Only by putting all the things on Wu Chi’s head can we pick ourselves out smoothly and give Kun Lun an account.

As for the truth, it doesn’t matter at all. He is a disciple of Tianshan Mountain. As long as there is a plausible reason, it will be enough to expose the matter.

There is no doubt that these people in Iron Sword Group are the most suitable ones for Wuchi to carry the black pot to death.

“Dream!” With a spat, one of the women scolded, “The younger brother is our relative. Even if he died, we would not stigmatize him!” Are you a disciple of Tianshan? Can we only use this mean and dirty means to be called human beings?

“Sister , good scolding! Livestock, don’t dream, we’re all dead and won’t give in! The younger brother is still alive, and will revenge us in the future!

The result was something Luo Kun never thought of.

If the old man is stubborn, his disciples are all so stubborn. Even if he has killed one person, he still can’t let everyone bow his head.

“Do you know the end of such stubbornness?” Luo Kun took back his sword and murmured, “If you insist on that, the whole gate will be completely destroyed. You will be sold to the dark auction house. The men will dig until they die. The women will be turned into playthings, or even sold into the green house!” Did you really think about it?”

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