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This cloud of doubt condensed in the hearts of both Murong Ye and Gong Yu. The best treatment plan for Niannian was bone marrow transplantation, but why was Yun Muxi unwilling to find the father of the child?

Gong Yu hesitated before saying, "Perhaps it's Mou Yichen. Niannian is close to him."

Murong Ye caught a glimpse of loneliness in Gong Yu's eyes. The investigation report on Yun Muxi flashed past his mind quickly. He had only glanced through it briefly to get an idea of her past. At this moment, he felt like something was amiss, but could not tell what it was.

Murong Ye asked, "Which year did you meet Xiao Xi?"

Gong Yu froze and turned to look at him. Which year did he meet Xiao Xi? He met her in the 36th Zhou Xi year, but he could not possibly tell Murong Ye that! They met in another world, that was the timing the country of Mu Xia went by.

Gong Yu remained silent for quite some time and Murong Ye could see that his gaze was so deep, as if he was thinking. Murong Ye thought that he might have forgotten or was trying to recall, so he asked, "Then do you know where Xiao Xi went five years ago?"

Gong Yu froze again. Of course he knew! But it seemed like he could not say it either.

Seeing Gong Yu not answering any of his questions, Murong Ye decided not to continue asking. He said casually, "You can go first if you have things to handle. I can stay here and take care of her!"

Gong Yu shook his head. He stood up and looked at Yun Muxi's drip bag. It was almost running out, so he pressed the pager.

Very quickly, a nurse came in and removed the drop bag. She could not stop staring at Murong Ye and Gong Yu and thought to herself, "This woman is so lucky to have two handsome men taking care of her! She must be really blessed."

Then, she looked at the two men with affectionately and said, "She's done with the IV drip. She's clear to go once she wakes up. All she needs is a good rest at home. Call me if there's anything you need. My name is Zhang Xiaoru."

The two men did not even look at her. One was colder than the other. They both placed their gaze on Yun Muxi intensely. The nurse felt awkward and was aware that she was not getting any attention. She left quietly and quickly.

The ward became dead silent. The two men were not talkers and also had nothing to talk about, so they just looked at Yun Muxi silently. The atmosphere became increasingly awkward. Seeing that Gong Yu was unwilling to leave, Murong Ye rose and said, "Since you're not leaving, I'll be heading back first. Call me when she wakes up. You're in charge of sending her home and making sure she rests."

After Murong Ye left, Yun Muxi slept for nearly a day and just like that, Gong Yu sat by her bed and stared at her for nearly a day. He could never get enough of her beauty. Before he knew it, the sky was starting to darken.

When Yun Muxi opened her eyes, she tilted her head and looked outside the window. There was a light downpour. It was silent but left circles of mist on the window. This serenity calmed her down and it was so peaceful that she did not feel like going back to the reality.

After she returned to reality, she turned her head and saw Gong Yu resting his cheek on one hand, looking at her with a faint smile on his face. Yun Muxi's gaze met with his gentle amber eyes. She could not help but fall into this affectionate whirlpool.

Gong Yu caressed her hair around her temper lovingly. He placed his hand on her pale cheek and said, "Get up if you're awake. I'll bring you to get some food; you haven't eaten in a day."

It was then that Yun Muxi finally realized that she was in a hospital. She asked in a low voice, "Why, why am I in the hospital?"

Yun Muxi's voice was dry and hoarse, and it accentuated her fatigueness.

Gong Yu narrowed his brows and picked up the cup on the bedside table. He helped her up to drink some water and explained with pity and guilt plastered all over his face, "You fainted on set. The doctor said that you overworked yourself and is malnourished. Why are you always making me worried? You never know how to take care of yourself!"

After emptying the cup, her throat recovered a little. She turned and looked outside the window again. "How long have I been sleeping? What time is it? Which hospital is this?"

Gong Yu also turned to look out of the window. The rain was getting heavier outside. The sound of rainwater hitting against the window could be heard clearly. The window was covered in mist and the scenery outside was now a blur.

"You've slept for nearly a whole day. It's 4 p.m. now. We are at Third Hospital. It's nearer to the set."

Yun Muxi immediately sat up and tried to get off the bed. "No, I haven't seen Niannian today, and she must be worried sick. I must go see her."

Gong Yu was unhappy. He single-handedly grabbed her legs. "Niannian is fine, don't worry. Murong Ye is watching her. He told Niannian that you've more scenes to do today and might not make it. Besides, you've not eaten for one whole day, so we have to get you some food. Afterward, we'll go home to rest. Director Zhao said that we have the next day off, and hence we can always go visit Niannian tomorrow!"

Yun Muxi finally compromised, even though she was still thinking about Niannian. Gong Yu had no choice but to find a restaurant near the hospital that Niannian was in.

The restaurant was not very big, but its decoration was very exquisite. There were not many people, probably due to the heavy rain. The duo found a seat by the window and sat down. Yun Muxi did not have much appetite and only ordered a soup noodle before passing Gong Yu the menu. He ordered several light dishes and handed the menu back to the waiter.

Gong Yu looked up and saw Yun Muxi looking out of the window silently. He said in a faint voice, "You used to say that you don't like the rain. You said that it makes people sad and you don't like the moist feeling."

Yun Muxi nodded. "Yea, this must be the first rain of the year. Seems like the rainy season is near."

Gong Yu fixed his gaze onto her cheek and said slowly, "I remember once in Mu Xia, there was a rain that continued for half a month. You did not come out of the house for the entire month and always complained that you were bored. Then you started to practice calligraphy and painting indoors. During that time, the whole room was filled with writing and painting. You even said that if the rain didn't stop you could do an exhibition."

As they spoke, the waiter brought the dishes to them. Yun Muxi returned to reality slowly. "Let's eat. We'll visit Niannian after."

Gong Yu saw that Yun Muxi was feeling low. While serving her, he tried to find other topics. "Director Zhao said that we have been making fast progress recently. We should be able to finish all filming after one more week."

At this moment, two women who were laughing to themselves walked past them. Just one step later, one of them turned and looked at Yun Muxi. "Oh my, isn't this the genius Yun Muxi?"

The woman beside her turned in surprise and cried out, "Eh? Gong Yu? Yun Muxi? Why are the two of you here?"

Yun Muxi and Gong Yu looked up at the duo and were shocked too. Yun Muxi was confused as to why Bai Nina and Xie Ning were together.

Bai Nina put on that disgusting feminine tone of hers and said to Yun Muxi, "Yun Muxi, it's been so long since I last saw you. I never imagined you to be picking up guys so easily. Why? You're done with Brother Chen and have moved on to another handsome lad?"

Xie Ning nudged her on the elbow and asked, "Why? You know her?"

Bai Nina snorted. "Hmph! I wish I didn't. This kind of woman makes me look down on them. This is the woman who clung onto Brother Chen and did not let him go!"

After hearing that, Xie Ning looked at the trio as if she was looking at a good show unfold.

Yun Muxi looked down and said in a cold voice, "Bai Nina, please watch your mouth. If you don't respect others, don't blame others for not respecting you!"

Bai Nina glared at her. "Hmph! You think you're worth being respected? You're the bitch that wouldn't let go of Brother Chen! Why, you didn't manage to get him so now you're changing target again?" She turned and looked at Gong Yu, who was already putting on a black face. "So, who's this handsome lad?"

Xie Ning added oil to the fire, "Nina, this is the male lead in my movie, Gong Yu. This Yun Muxi is our scriptwriter. God knows what she did to replace Ding Sisi's role! Who knows what is she after, leaving her playwright job to pursue acting."

After hearing, Bai Nina scoffed, "Haha, this is normal. Back then, she used her own method to hypnotize Brother Chen."

Xie Ning was surprised. "Eh? Perhaps you've been overseas for so many years, that's why you didn't know. She didn't cut ties with Mou Yichen. Just a while ago, he even brought a big bouquet of roses to visit her on set!"

Upon hearing that, Bai Nina's face turned green with jealousy. Since she did not see them together, she thought that Mou Yichen had given up on her. Who knew that he would still be tangled in this relationship.

Bai Nina turned and said to Gong Yu, "You're Gong Yu, right? Let me tell you, don't be fooled by this kind of woman. Her plans are not simple. She's holding onto Brother Chen while using you as a spare tire! You have to look where you're going!"

Gong Yu looked up and his gaze was cold. "I am very clear of how Xiao Xi is like! If you're not going to stop slandering her, don't blame me for hitting a woman!"

Bai Nina was just being kind to warn him. She did not expect that he would fail to recognize her kind gesture. Instantly, her temper shot up to the roof of her head. She glared at Yun Muxi and pretended to accidentally knock over the cup of water on the table towards Yun Muxi's direction!

Gong Yu's reflexes were fast. He stretched out his long arm and got hold of the cup. However, that did not prevent some water from spilling out of the cup and falling onto Yun Muxi's shirt.

Yun Muxi flared up instantly and stared at Bai Nina.

Although her plan was not completely successful, she still got a part of Yun Muxi's shirt wet. She exclaimed in a fake voice, "Oh no, I'm so sorry! It was an accident!"

Yun Muxi stood up suddenly, grabbed the half-full cup from Gong Yu's hands and poured the water onto her face.

The water splashed against her well-drawn makeup and dripped down her chin. Her makeup was smudged and she looked like a total mess, especially with all the extra work on her face. Her wavy hair was now wet and sticking onto her forehead. She was a complete clown.

Xie Ning was dumbfounded at the scene. She wanted to see how Yun Muxi would be played, but instead of that, Bai Nina happened to suffer even worse. She quickly stretched out her hand to wipe off the water on her face. However, this made the makeup smudge even more and Bai Nina looked worse than before.

Bai Nina was so mad, she was stomping her feet. Her 'Everyone's Bestie' and 'Rich Princess' vibe was no more. She then tried to send a slap across Yun Muxi's face, but was stopped by Gong Yu who stood up and grabbed hold of her wrist. He was so strong she felt like her bones were being crushed. Bai Nina furrowed her brows in pain and looked towards Gong Yu but was scared off by his furious look that made her forget her pain.

And at this moment, a crisp sound was heard!

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