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A few hours earlier:

"Dammit, I only have a week left to kill this kid or I will have to do it after my battle with that bastard… If not for Xiao's family head I would've been done with it already…" Thousand Blades cursed after he arrived back in the areas of Phoenix City.

He was still pissed off because he was forced to use his valuable teleportation artefact which cost him a lot to money but now, he was glad he bought a few of them. He was obsessed with killing as much as he was with the living. The more you kill, the higher the possibility to offend and anger someone more powerful just like his previous encounter.

He only found out about Xiao family's involvement right before he was about to strike. He could still resign from the mission but in the end, he proceeded with the plan. There were some risks that Xiao Feng would take revenge but he never expected he would actually be there on the spot and try to kill him.

After using his escape Spirit Artefact, Thousand Blades appeared far far away to the west of Aurora Country which happened to be the Sacred Sword Kingdom. Afraid that Xiao Feng would try chasing after him, he spent the first two days drinking with mountain bandits who after witnessing his strength, treated him as their ancestor.

Only after that did he slowly return to finish his job, but he still took the route which was safer to travel. If he flew with his flying ship high in the sky, he risked getting caught, so he decided to return by flying by himself close to the ground.

As Thousand Blades smoothly entered into the city, he noticed something was amiss. Confirming the lack of experts in the area, he cursed, "Fuck, I can't see any Xiao Family cultivators in the city anymore… Did they take that kid away with them to the Central Region?" The last thing he wanted was having his target moved away.

Without wasting time, Thousand Blades started investigating. He cut off his awareness of his surroundings just in case there was an expert left in the city that could sense him and started walking stealthily around the city. Thanks to one of his abilities, he could completely isolate his powers which would make him invisible even to other Fate Fragment Holders.

Normally, Fate Spirits can feel one another, but now he only appeared like a normal human who never started cultivating. Even if other cultivators senses say that he is a mortal, most would simply think that he was just in a higher stage than them, and that's why they can't tell.

Unfortunately, this ability had some drawbacks as well. If he didn't want to blow up his cover, he couldn't use any of his Qi or else his disguise would break. He also couldn't sense others as usual, as the range while hidden was much shorter.

Only after he asked out many Cultivators on the streets did he confirm that Xuefeng was still in the city as many have seen him visiting the tailor shop with his woman not long ago. He also learned that Xuefeng definitely had more than one as many have seen him walking with a black-haired beauty and today he was accompanied by a sexy blond one. He also had a relationship with his servant which everyone knew about.

"Heh, I see this kid knows how to play around. Now I understand. He must be a lover of Xiao Wen's sister, and that's why Xiao Feng was pissed. I'm after all trying to kill his son-in-law." Thousand Blades chuckled as he finally understood the connection.

"Unfortunately, they cannot compare to my beautiful fairy-like Xiao Wen…" Thousand Blades said as he imagined his ideal lady. His main reason to become powerful was to finally beat her in a fight, and show her who she had been rejecting all this time.

Thousand Blades knew that killing the lover of Xiao Wen's sister wouldn't bring him any merits at her side but that's not what he was after. He knew he had no chance with her at this point, but he swore that if not him, then he wouldn't allow her to be with anyone else. Many who tried to court Xiao Wen were all killed by him in secret.

The only thing that he couldn't understand was why didn't Xiao Feng leave any guards protecting his son-in-law if he cared so much about him? He stood in front of the Liu clan's entrance and pondered about it, but couldn't think of any good reason. The best one he thought of was that there must be some hidden expert strong enough to protect him by himself.

Just as Thousand Blades thought about it, he suddenly felt a wave of invisible pressure of a cultivator who was around his stage, appearing inside the Liu Clan.

'I knew there was someone hiding, Xiao Feng is not dumb enough to leave this kiddo without protection. Let's wait and see who it is...' Thousand Blades smiled knowing that his theory was confirmed but then his smile froze when he saw the person in question.

'Xiao Wen?!' He exclaimed in his mind as his eyes opened wide. He watched as Xuefeng flew into the sky on his milky white Air Qi Wings before another figure, which he would never forget, followed after him.

He was one hundred percent sure that it was her. Even if he only saw her back profile, her long red hair which flew everywhere with the wind, were enough for him to recognize her.

'Damn… I can't kill this kid in front of her. I'm still not ready…' Confirming it was Xiao Wen protecting his target, Thousand Blades felt depressed but also jealous of Xuefeng who could spend leisure time with his goddess. He would never be with her but still felt no one deserves her other than him.

The Thousand Blades watched closely while squinting his eyes and thought with his mood shifting, 'Wait… They seem to be close… She even touched him…' His obsession with Xiao Wen started to manifest in the flesh as his eyebrow started to twitch. When he saw them flying upwards, disappearing behind the clouds, he even almost cancelled his disguise to chase after them to see what they are doing there, but he stopped himself at the last moment.

Fortunately, they came back to the ground before he lost his mind, and they flew towards the Trade Union. Thousand Blades was already extremely irritated and curious about what they did up there. He didn't hesitate to follow them from a safe distance.

'Why is she so happy around him…' Thousand Blades thought as he started to get angry at how happily Xiao Wen acted around Xuefeng. Wasn't Xuefeng her sister's lover?

Just as he thought about that, he heard Xiao Wen saying, "Hubby, can we go back already? I promised to give you a massage… I know how much you like it when I touch your body, hehe."

Crack. From the strength Thousand Blades was clenching his fists, he broke one of his fingers just like that. He couldn't believe what he just heard. Xiao Wen broke his heart many times, but this time, he could feel the greatest pain out of all of those times. He watched as she was hugging onto Xuefeng's arm and look at him with her sweet eyes.

'Why…? How…?' Thousand Blades asked himself the questions he desperately wanted answers to and listened to how his heart started breaking one piece after another.

'She is mine… No one can have her…' Thousand Blades repeated in his mind until he saw Xuefeng pull Xiao Wen to the side and cried in his mind, 'BASTARD! I will kill him!'

He could swear he saw Xiao Wen kissing Xuefeng right under everyone's eyes as if it was nothing for them. He wanted to scream and launched an immediate attack but somehow stopped himself once again as a voice deep inside of his mind started calling out to him, 'Kill them both… She deserves death too…'

Thousand Blades' eyes started bulging with several veins appearing as he glanced at the pair and thought of what his mind was suggesting.

'It is her fault too… Fucking slut... I have to kill them both together… Yes, that's the only way to stop them…' Thousand Blades thought as he stared at them paranoically. He knew that it was impossible to kill them without any preparations, but his mind was already fixated on this idea, sucking it in like a sponge.

He thought of many ways to kill them, but then he overheard their conversation with Manager Wu and couldn't help but laugh maniacally in his mind. Knowing the perfect way to kill them and torture them afterwards, he left right after, grinning deviously.

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