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"An Lanxiu!"

Ye Xuan was startled too.

He had heard of this name before. It could be said that no one in Jiang Country didn't know An Lanxiu, because she had a great reputation.

The first genius of Jiang Country!

She had achieved the Qi Harnessing Realm before she was 18. Not only that, but she also became the youngest spearwoman in the history of Jiang Country. It was no big deal for her because the most terrifying thing was that she also comprehended the Art of Spear!

What did this mean?

It meant that she had a ninety-nine percent chance of becoming a great master in the Tao of Spear.

This kind of genius had never been seen in the five hundred years history of Jiang Country!

Moreover, there were many records and legends about An Lanxiu... For example, she was the first student who was invited to Cangmu College by the Dean of Cangmu College himself, she was the youngest National Warrior in Jiang Country and she was the first in the younger generation of Jiang Country who achieved the ascending realm...

In her eyes, the chosen one or the vision of heaven and earth were really not worthy of mentioning!

Ye Xuan had never thought that she actually came to this little Qing City.

On horseback, An Lanxiu held her long spear and pointed it straight at Ye Xuan. There was no contempt in her eyes, nor was there pride or haughtiness. Her eyes were very calm.

Ye Xuan drew back his thoughts and shook his head. "You have the wrong person."

An Lanxiu's dark eyebrows slightly frowned, "What do you mean?"

Ye Xuan answered, "I am not the Ye Lang who attracted the vision of heaven and earth. Ye Lang is in Ye's Manor, and you can find him there!"

An Lanxiu's eyebrows slightly lifted, "You are not Ye Lang?"

Ye Xuan nodded.

At this moment, Ye Ling who was next to Ye Xuan suddenly said, "Sister, my brother is also very awesome!"

Ye Xuan smiled and patted Ye Ling's small head. Ye Ling smiled sweetly at him and held Ye Xuan's arm tightly.

An Lanxiu sized up Ye Xuan with her eyes and said, "It never occurred to me that this small Qing City would not just have Ye Lang who attracted the vision of heaven and earth, but also someone like you who has achieved the Hidden Realm. This has indeed surprised me."

Ye Xuan smiled but said nothing.

An Lanxiu said, "Whether you are Ye Lang or not, you are qualified to take my one strike of my spear, will you take it?"

Ye Xuan was silent.

"Take it?"

"If I take it, I will become famous. Although I do not care about my reputation, I know clearly that it will definitely be helpful. However, once I take it, I will reveal my strength. If I expose my strength now, the Great Elder and the others might be eager to get rid of me at all costs, and they may even start from my sister."

"But if I don't take it, that will simply not be me!"

"How can I be such a coward?"

Thinking about this, Ye Xuan looked up at An Lanxiu. "Two days later, I will fight you, is that okay?"

"Two days later?"

An Lanxiu shook her head slightly. "With all due respect, you are not qualified to make me wait for two days."

After that, she was ready to ride off.

At this point, Ye Xuan quickly took a wooden sword from a stall next to him. He plucked out one of his hairs and then lifted his sword to cut it sideways.

The hair was cut into two pieces without a sound!

An Lanxiu stopped, and her eyes fell on Ye Xuan again. There was a strange look in her eyes. "I actually didn't see it. You have not only achieved the Hidden Realm, but also have become a Sword Cultivator. Such a young Sword Cultivator is rare in Jiang Country."

Ye Xuan looked directly at An Xixiu. "Two days later, you and I will fight, is that okay?"

A meaningful smile appeared on An Lanxiu's beautiful face, "This man in front of me just said that he was going to fight with me, instead of taking one strike from me!"

An Lanxiu once again sized up Ye Xuan, and then said, "Then I will wait for you for two days. Now, I am going to meet that Ye Lang, do you know where Ye's Manor is?"

At this time, Ye Ling smiled, "Sister, we are from Ye's Manor, you can go there with us!"

An Zhenxiu looked at Ye Xuan, "Are you a Childe of Ye's Manor?"

Ye Xuan nodded, "Sort of!"

An Lanxiu nodded slightly. "Ye's Manor is of great fortune to have two geniuses. It seems that Ye's Manor is not far from becoming a second-class aristocratic family."

Ye Xuan smiled and said nothing.

Just like this, the siblings returned to Ye's Manor with An Lanxiu. The arrival of An Lanxiu shook the entire clan of Ye's Manor. The Great Elder came out in person with the elders to greet her.

The Ye Family was full of conceit and looked down on everyone at present. However, this An Lanxiu was from the imperial capital. Besides, even a hundred Ye Families couldn't match the power behind her. Therefore, the great elder and the others were almost delirious with joy when they knew that An Lanxiu was going to challenge Ye Lang in Ye's Manor!

When Ye Xuan and the other two arrived at the gate of Ye's Manor, the Great Elder and the others came right out to welcome her. The Great Elder's eyebrows suddenly wrinkled when he saw Ye Xuan and his sister, but he ignored them and hurriedly walked toward An Lanxiu. He saluted and said, "Here Miss An comes, we are greatly honored by your gracious presence. Please come into Ye's Manor and take a seat."

An Lanxiu shook her head slightly. "I'll pass on that. Is Ye Lang here?"

The Great Elder quickly said, "He is here, he is here."

After he said that, he looked at an elder at the side and ordered, "Go and get Ye Lang to come out!"

The elder quickly turned away.

At this time, the Great Elder looked at Ye Xuan, and his face suddenly cooled down. "Don't make a fool of yourself here! Hurry up and go in!"

Hearing his words, An Lanxiu's blackened eyebrows frowned all of a sudden.

Ye Xuan glanced at the Great Elder, "It's none of your business!"

He and the Great Elder were now as incompatible as fire and water, so he naturally would not respect the Great Elder's feelings.

The Great Elder's face suddenly became gloomy. When he was about to talk, An Lanxiu beside him suddenly said, "What is going on?"

The Great Elder looked at An Lanxiu and his look softened. "There are things that Miss An doesn't know. This Ye Xuan was originally the Heir Apparent of Ye's Manor. However, this person is overbearing and unbridled. Besides, his talent is only up to the average. He can't bear great responsibilities at all. Therefore, his Heir Apparent title was deposed. But I did not expect that this person would actually hold a grudge against me and still resents us, he wants..."

At this moment, An Lanxiu suddenly said, "You said that he is arrogant, I personally will make no comment on this. But you said that his talent is average?"

The Great Elder was stunned for a little, then said, "Of course he is. He is already eighteen, but still remains in the fifth Self-Striving Realm. Such a talent is naturally very poor."

An Lanxiu looked a little odd.

"A Sword Cultivator! The Hidden Realm!"

"Are these still poor talents?"

An Lanxiu glanced at Ye Xuan and said nothing. Obviously, she had already found out that there seemed to be something strange between Ye's Manor and Ye Xuan.

At this time, the Great Elder said again, "Miss An doesn't know that this person hates to see Ye Lang as the Heir Apparent. He was so conceited that he made a life and death appointment with Ye Lang in a month. Speaking of which, it is only two days away. If Miss An is free, you can stay two more days in Qing City and be a witness for their appointment!"

An Lanxiu glanced at the Great Elder, then looked at Ye Xuan on one side, her expression was very strange!

Right at this time, Ye Lang came out. He went to An Lanxiu and cupped his fists to salute, "Miss An!"

An Lanxiu's eyes fell on Ye Lang, and soon her brows wrinkled!

"The chosen one?"

The so-called chosen ones were those who had cultivated to a certain extent, but must reincarnate to continue their cultivation because their lifetime was up. However, the real talented ones disdained these kinds of people very much.

Only incompetent people would reincarnate to recultivate and live on in degradation.

She came to this Qing City because someone here had attracted the vision of heaven and earth, not because Ye Lang was the chosen one.

Someone who could attract the vision of heaven and earth, that was what made her a little interested!

However, when she saw Ye Lang, she was disappointed!

Ye Lang had already hidden his realm which was a superficial one, like a bubble illusion. Though it was also very great, she just didn't care.

By contrast, she favored Ye Xuan whose solid foundation was not much worse than hers. Moreover, he had achieved the Hidden Realm and was a Sword Cultivator.

At this point, An Lanxiu glanced at Ye Xuan, "I will come to you two days later!"

After she said that, she jumped on the horse and was about to leave.

Seeing this scene, all the people in Ye's Manor were stunned.

"What's going on?"

Even Ye Lang was shocked.

"Is she leaving just like this?"

At this point, the Great Elder came to his senses. He hurriedly went behind An Lanxiu and saluted slightly. "Miss An, aren't you going to compete with Ye Lang?"

On horseback, An Lanxiu said without looking back, "He is not qualified!"

After that, she spurred her horse and disappeared from everyone's view.

Behind An Lanxiu, everyone in Ye's Manor was stupified. The look of Ye Lang turned extremely ugly as if he had eaten shit!

Being ignored!

Since he became famous, this was the first time he had been disregarded!

"I can't endure it!"

In the eyes of everyone, Ye Lang rushed out all of a sudden. The Great Elder's expression changed dramatically, but it was too late for him to stop Ye Lang. At this moment, An Lanxiu stopped all of a sudden. The next moment, she turned with her long spear pointed directly at Ye Lang.

An invisible pressure forced Ye Lang to stop!

Ye Lang's expression changed greatly, "It's the Art of Spear!"

"The Art of Spear!"

Ye Lang looked at An Lanxiu with horror. His eyes were full of disbelief. "Did she understand the Art of Spear at such a young age?"

Seeing Ye Lang stop, An Lanxiu put away her spear. "If you didn't stop, I would think a little bit more highly of you. But unfortunately, you stopped. No wonder you reincarnated to recultivate, you are indeed very poor."

After that, she cast her eyes at Ye's Manor, as well as Ye Xuan and his sister who were left isolated. She shook her head slightly. "The higher-ups of Ye's Manor are truly stupid!"

As soon as she stopped, she spurred away.

Ye Lang clenched his fists and his face was extremely ugly.

Ye Xuan returned to his courtyard with Ye Ling. As for Ye Lang, the Great Elder, and the others, he did not care at all. Now he only wanted to practice well and accompany his sister well. Then he would quietly wait for the competition two days later, after which he could take his sister to the imperial capital!

"Brother, the sister that we saw just now was so beautiful!"

In the room, Ye Ling abruptly said.

Ye Xuan glanced at Ye Ling and smiled, "My sister must be very beautiful too in the future!"

It was true. Ye Xuan was not bad looking and his sister was even more so a lovely little girl. So she should be an exceedingly beautiful woman when she grew up.

Ye Ling smiled sweetly and she felt quite pleased.

After Ye Ling fell asleep, Ye Xuan entered the Prison World Tower.

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice, "Predecessor, the woman just now could see my Hidden Realm! Didn't you say that no one had practiced the Hidden Realm before?"

After a little while of silence, the mysterious woman said, "Your Hidden Realm is different from others."

Ye Xuan blanked out a little and asked quickly, "What's the difference?"

The mysterious woman said, "It's very easy for others to cultivate the Hidden Realm. But for you, there will only be suffering!"

Ye Xuan was very puzzled. "Why is this?"

The mysterious woman said, "Because what they cultivate is the realm, but you are cultivating your muscles, bones, your limbs, and your whole body, do you understand?"

Ye Xuan, "..."

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