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【Taiki's POV】

Since we arrived at the capital city of the Blau Empire, I activated the camera. I choose the close view camera while thinking 'If I want to see it, I might as well see it in detail'.

The scene is divided into multiple screens, the image of the ground is getting closer slowly.

Looking at one of the screen, I tilted my head.

「Hmm? A person?」

What was being displayed was a human who floating in the sky while his robe was fluttering. His long blond hair caught my eye.

「Ooh, he's flying! Ah, his ears are long? A long eared tribe?」

When I'm being excited about the mysterious person displayed on the screen, Ayla who looks at another screen knitted her brows and became stiff.

「…… No way, the Emperor ……?」

「The Emperor? That Emperor is the 'Emperor', right?」

I switched to look at the person Ayla mentioned while asking that reflexively.

In the screen, there were several people flying in the sky and in the middle, there was a figure of an old man who sat in the big chair.

He doesn't wear anything similar to a crown, but I know that he is a great person by his atmosphere.

That old man is thin and he is looking at the camera while laughing innocently like a child. Other people who are holding the chair are panicking but he doesn't seem to care that the chair is shaking.

And, the long eared person with blond hair earlier came down below the old man and started descending with everyone.

「The, there's no doubt……」

Seeing Ayla who was looking at the figure of the old man as if she was scared, I nod while thinking 'I see'.

Certainly, it was an old man, though he did have a look of madness in his eyes. The way he laugh was similar to a child, laughing without a care in this world.

If the ruler of the kingdom is that sort of man, I can somewhat understand where Ayla's fear comes from.

Innocently and mercilessly, there's no doubt that he will take away all the things he wishes for.

「Alright. Then, so that Ayla will not be afraid, should we turn back now? Was it Azul Kingdom? Why don't we go over there?」

Saying that, I put my finger on the touch panel.

「Eh, ah, are we going to Azul kingdom?」

「Yeah, I think your parents will worry if you don't go home soon, right?」

Ah, I've said it. Seeing such an uneasy look on her face, it came out of my mouth reflexively.

But, if Ayla goes home, I will become alone again. I might die of loneliness.

However, it would be the same situation for Ayla's family. They must be worried to death right now.

I forcibly make a smile and open my mouth.

「Well, shall we go?」

I muttered that in order to persuade myself and selected the southeast direction. I also raise the speed from 20 kilometers to 100 kilometers per hour.

「We will be there tomorrow.」

I stood up while saying that. When I headed to the elevator, Ayla followed obediently.

While riding in the elevator silently, beside Ayla who looks downward, A1 and I look at each other.

No, is A1 looking at Ayla? What a guy. Really, he's a hopeless gentleman.

Going to the cafeteria, I started preparing as usual. The atmosphere felt really awkward, so I thought to ask Ayla to give it a try in cooking in hope that she will cheer up.

「Cooking, why don't you try it just a little?」

When I asked her, Ayla who was sitting on the chair unconsciously stood up in panic.

When she comes next to me with an embarrassed face, she nods while looking up at me.

「Ah, ye, yes! Please!」

「Then, let's start with how to hold the kitchen knife.」

Saying that, we started cooking side by side.

【Blau Empire】

「Castle within the island…… Island that flies in the sky……! Ooh, how could that be?! I haven't gotten excited to this extent for a very long time.」

Aifa nods with a grave expression to see excited Konigs.

「The civilization looks advanced and there are unknown facilities at the bottom of the island where that black object first appeared.」

Hearing Aifa's report, Riggan who was listening to the story in silence, mumbles while stroking his chin.

「Advanced magical technology that you can't even imagine…… Either way, there's nothing we can do from here with that height. Moreover, it moved away with a considerable speed. We will not be able to do research either.」

「Nonsense. If it's Aifa, isn't there a possibility that he can manage to get on that island? Prepare a letter and a horse right away. Ah, no, take this.」

Konigs who was rapidly talking on and on have personally removed a ring from his right hand. It is a ring which he worn on his middle finger. It's a white ring with a texture that completely similar to a shaved bone.

「It's the Grand Dragon's ring」

「Grand Dragon's … ….」

「Isn't that a national treasure?」

Aifa who received the ring stares in wonder and Riggan looked at the ring with a grim face.

「Umu. It was the most terrible and mighty opponent in amongst all of the opponents this empire had faced. In the end, it was impossible to subdue that monster, and it could only be repelled. It is a ring made from the raw materials at that time. It has an effect to improve your magical power and physical ability, it is a top-ranked item」

While watching Aifa's surprised face, Konigs laughs and said 「If I wanted to make something genuine, I would use the heart or an eyeball of the Grand Dragon.」

「…… I will be borrowing it.」

Accepting it, Aifa immediately wore the ring on his middle finger of his right hand.

「You may also bring a companion. Do you need a knight who's accustomed in riding a horse efficiently?」

「In that case, I will need two young people with stamina.」

「Understood. If you have my letter, you would be able to receive as much support as you wish within the empire. However, be careful outside the country.」

「Yes, my lord.」

Suddenly as he finished his instructions, Konigs narrowed his eyes sharply.

「I think you know it, but it is an important task that you should give priority more than anything else. Should you be successful in getting me to the island, not only your family, but also all the elves would become first-class citizens.」

Telling him that, Konigs hit Aifa's arm lightly from the side.

「And, I will guarantee that you will not only be a noble magician, but also a high class noble in this kingdom.」

There's a subtle flutter around Konigs' words, and Aifa tightens his expression and draws his chin in.

「…… Affirmative」

Hearing Aifa said that, Konigs made a sound with his throat and laughed. He ordered Rigan to prepare the letter.

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