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When Xu Youqing saw that Chen Xiang and her father suddenly appeared, and was even talking nonsense, she immediately understood that Chen Xiang had forcefully dragged his father here. She did not expect that Chen Xiang would arrive so quickly, and had only left for less than an hour.

"Father!" Seeing that his father had arrived, Xu Youqing stood up and greeted him.

"Girl, why did you get him to bring me here? Your father is already old, and can't bear the torment any longer, so don't make things difficult for me anymore. " Xu Dazhong laughed bitterly.

Xu Youqing glanced at Chen Xiang with a smile in his eyes, and shot him a meaningful glance.

"Senior Xu, actually, my real name is Chen Xiang, I am not Yun Fei." Chen Xiang said seriously.

"What?" Chen Xiang? is he the one who killed our previous Leader together with Dai Donggong? " Xu Dazhong was shocked: "You little bastard, I'll kill you right now!"

Even though Xu Dazhong said this, he did not make a move! Because he saw that Chen Xiang was extremely calm.

"Why didn't you run?" Xu Dazhong asked.

"Because I want to ask you, how did you know that I killed your former Leader?" Chen Xiang felt that this matter was pretty secretive and that the Purple Yuan Sect wouldn't know about it. At most, they only knew that it was Dai Donggong who did it.

"That guy's Power Jewel is a little special, and some images of him dying appeared in his Power Jewel. I saw them, and when I went to Everlasting Mountain to ask around, I knew it was you." Xu Dazhong replied seriously.

"I killed that guy, aren't you Leader now? Even though your previous Leader looked very old, he could still hold on for a while. If he didn't die, would you have reached where you are today? " Chen Xiang said.

"That's right. If he doesn't die, then it's not my turn to go up on stage." Xu Dazhong nodded.

"I really don't understand. Purple Yuan Sect is such a big sect, how did you manage to become a Leader?" Chen Xiang laughed: "You don't look like a Leader."

"That's because you don't understand me well enough to underestimate me!" Inside the Purple Yuan Sect, there are a few factions, but I am the strongest. Although those fellows are all Peak Divine Lord of the older generation, their overall strength is still inferior to mine. Xu Dazhong said proudly.

"Father... Didn't you just want to kill him? " Xu Youqing reminded.

"Yes!" As Xu Dazhong said this, he rolled up his sleeves, and then said: "This guy doesn't look that bad either? I'm quite satisfied with him. It's also not bad to be my son-in-law! Even though it's someone I want to kill! "

"I say, uncle, for you to be able to get to this kind of position, you definitely won't have such a short lifespan. Since I was able to kill your former Leader and even bring Dai Donggong down with me, what do you think of my potential?" Chen Xiang patted his shoulder and asked.

With his bad temper, it would be difficult for him to join other powers, not to mention that he had to give up his position as Leader, betray the Everlasting Mountain, and go against the sect his master created! It looks like I've been cursed! " Xu Dazhong said.

"This is my ability!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Uncle, since you have yet to form a deep hatred with me, you shouldn't think about me anymore! Cooperation is the way of development. Didn't you say that earlier? Your Purple Yuan Sect has a few factions, and the leaders of those factions are all the older ones, they can only fight you one on one, if they were to join hands, do you think you can handle them? "

As Xu Youqing listened from the side, he secretly praised Chen Xiang's methods. He actually wanted to rope in her father! Thinking about it, she also felt that Chen Xiang was very strong. To be able to defeat this arrogant Fang Zitian and even rope him in, she must have some kind of extraordinary place. If you offended such a person, then you must get rid of him as soon as possible. Otherwise, there would be endless troubles in the future. If you didn't offend him, then don't provoke him.

"You need an ally! If I marry your daughter, I will be your best ally! " Chen Xiang laughed.

"Sounds good! I'll spare your life! " After Xu Dazhong thought it through, he laughed out loud and patted Chen Xiang's shoulder: "Continue working hard. After you pass the test, my delicate daughter will be yours."

"I'm leaving, you guys continue!" Xu Dazhong walked very quickly, and after he walked out of the courtyard, he was still in a state of shock.

"The second test has been passed." Chen Xiang laughed: "What's the next one?"

"The last one is hard. You have to catch me!" Xu Youqing said.

"Simple!" Chen Xiang walked over, and just as she was about to grab onto Xu Youqing's clothes, she unexpectedly grabbed empty air, and Xu Youqing also turned into a cloud that scattered away.

"Yuqing, where are you? If you don't appear, how can I capture you? " Chen Xiang shouted. This Xu Youqing actually had such a powerful ability, wanting to capture her was not easy.

"This is a test. If you want to overcome the difficulty, do not worry. I will not run around in this courtyard." Her light voice echoed in Chen Xiang's ears, but he was unable to determine where Xu Youqing was.

Chen Xiang immediately used the Dao heart Eye, he felt that Xu Youqing must have grasped some powerful technique, if not he would not have allowed her to have the power of the curse as well as such a technique.

"She should not know that I have the Dao heart Eye!" Chen Xiang was overjoyed, because he saw Xu Youqing, who was currently in a patch of flowers in the courtyard.

After seeing Xu Youqing, Chen Xiang immediately used Counter Power and also suddenly disappeared!

Ever since he came back, this was the first time he used the Counter Power, he also wanted to see if anyone in this Star Law Divine Realm could see through him!

After Chen Xiang unleashed her Counter Power, Xu Youqing who was wandering in the flower bush was like a startled bird, suddenly flying up, she did not expect Chen Xiang to actually know such a technique that could make her disappear, it was rather similar to her ability first.

"I wonder if she can see me!" After Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye to catch Xu Youqing, he immediately chased after him.

Xu Youqing floated in midair, as if she was looking for Chen Xiang's trace. She was unable to see Chen Xiang, and she was currently using all kinds of abilities she possessed to check where Chen Xiang was.

"Space seal!" Using the power of space, Chen Xiang sealed the small space around Xu Youqing.

Just when Chen Xiang thought that he had succeeded, he realised that Xu Youqing, who had turned into a transparent mist, had actually escaped through his spatial seal!

Xu Youqing was secretly shocked in her heart, Chen Xiang's spatial energy was far stronger than she had expected.

"I understand!" Chen Xiang suddenly thought of something, and felt that he would have to grab onto Xu Youqing very soon, because he could see through the method that Xu Youqing had used.

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