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Chapter 809 - Have you sent out your vote yet?

"Since Qin Chao has arrived, the others can leave."

Liu Chang made some arrangements, "Including you, Mr. Smith."

"This …"

Smith slightly hesitated. To be honest, he couldn't be at ease if he completely handed over the Princess's safety to China.

And at this time, Liu Chang walked to his side and said this softly.

"We can just move into the shadows now and protect ourselves."

"Alright, I agree."

Smith knew that with so many people following her highness, she would still be angry. Thus, he agreed to this request. As long as the little princess was safe, everything else was fine. That Chinese security guard, he didn't know what kind of practice it was, but it was really amazing! He had heard before that there was a kind of chivalrous hero in Chinese novels who could fly and injure people. In the past, he would never have believed it. And today, Qin Chao gave him this kind of feeling.

"No wonder it is said that there are hidden dragons and crouching tigers in China. All of them are experts. I have my eyes opened wide today."

Smith was a gentleman, walking to Qin Chao and extending his hand, "Your highness' safety, I leave it to you."

"Don't worry."

Qin Chao nodded his head, "I won't let anyone touch a single hair on the little princess' head."

"That's good."

Only then did Smith wave his hand, leading his subordinates, and turned to disappear in front of everyone. The Little Princess seemed to have completely become a spectator. She was not worried at Smith's departure and instead looked at Qin Chao with admiration.

This man was so strong.

"I'm leaving too, you have to be careful."

Liu Chang instructed Qin Chao, "This time's mission was really not for you to come and play. Just treat it as helping me, and stay with the little princess for two more days. Her temper may be a bit bad, so just take her as a child and don't put her too much in your heart. "

"Actually, I was very unhappy before."

Qin Chao looked at the beauty in front of him and said, "But seeing you now, my mood is much better. However, there was no such thing as a free lunch. Liu Chang, Liu Chang, if I complete the mission well, what are you planning to do? "

"Why does it sound like I'm trying to harm you!" Liu Chang rolled her beautiful eyes, "This is clearly a win-win situation alright! Once you finish this task, Blue Shield Co. will become the leader of the security in China! You, Qin Chao, took such a great benefit from me, and instead followed me to take advantage of me and act good! "

"You can't say that!"

Qin Chao shook his finger, "I, Qin Chao, have never begged you to do something like this. You should know that's not what I want. Let's do it this way, our old tradition. Do you still remember, last time, how you let me deal with the demon dwellers? "

Qin Chao's eyes revealed a hateful smile, which made him grind his teeth in anger.

This girl suddenly remembered that when she was in the villa last time, she kissed Qin Chao as compensation.

"You, what are you trying to do?"

"Of course not. Oh my god, where are you going? Your thoughts are too dirty!"

Qin Chao was so surprised that he looked at Liu Chang like he was looking at a pervert.

"You, you, are full of nonsense!"

Liu Chang immediately understood what she meant and used this to flirt with her. This made her feel extremely unhappy.

She was never someone who just sat there and waited for death. If you tease me, then I'll tease you back!

"If you can complete the mission, I can give you the same reward from last time!"

Liu Chang bit his lips, as if his face was about to bleed.

"Haha, this is good, this is good."

Qin Chao seemed to be happier than if he could get a few million as he stood there clapping his hands, "Then we have a deal!"


Every time Liu Chang saw Qin Chao, Liu Chang felt that he was short of breath. The training he had received from the base was now useless.

If Qin Chao was his enemy, then he would very quickly die at his hands.

Fortunately, this guy wasn't a bad guy, he was just a pervert.

"Then let's leave it like this for now. I'm leaving, take good care of the little princess."

"I'll be in charge of her safety."

Qin Chao laughed, "You can all go ahead and relax."


With Qin Chao's words, Liu Chang felt at ease. She turned and waved without hesitation. All of the secret services gathered and followed Liu Chang as they left Qin Chao and the others' sight.

Looking at Liu Chang's beautiful back, Qin Chao sighed, took out her lighter, lit up a cigarette for herself, and took a sip.

"What's your name?"

He turned around and saw the little princess standing in front of him, staring at him.

Qin Chao sized up the little princess and found that she had an outstanding figure. Her face was as delicate as a doll's, her hair was blonde, and her eyes were blue. She was also a very beautiful woman. To be able to reach such a stage at the age of 15, the Yang Horse was indeed extraordinary.

"Qin Chao."

Qin Chao blew out a smoke ring, and said.

"Hello, Qin, my name is Eliza!"

The little princess spoke with Chinese language and stretched out her white hands towards Qin Chao.

Qin Chao grabbed onto her small hand and felt that it was extremely soft.

But no matter how beautiful she was, Qin Chao didn't want to provoke her. Therefore, his attitude was very cold, and he gently pulled her away.

"Princess, where are you going to eat?"

"I don't know what to eat either. Qin, what do you want to eat?"

The Little Princess looked at Qin Chao with a passionate gaze.

"Whatever." Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders. Actually he was not hungry at all, he just did not know what to do.

"Then let's go for a walk."

Eliza was very interested in the man in front of him, as if he wanted to dig out something from his body.


Qin Chao didn't care, as long as the little princess was safe.

This time, it was only the two of them walking down the road. The amount of people coming and going was much less, except for those who admired the handsome brothers and beautiful women.

The little princess was very satisfied with this result. She didn't want to be stared at by a group of people like a monkey.

"Qin, I want to eat the egg …"

This season was getting hotter. After walking a few steps, the little princess was drenched in sweat. She saw that there were people selling ice cream by the side of the road, and immediately said this to Qin Chao.

"Go buy it yourself."

Qin Chao said indifferently as he had a cigarette in his mouth.


The little princess was somewhat stunned. "I'm a princess after all. You want me to queue up to buy an egg?"

"If you want to eat it, of course you have to buy it yourself." Qin Chao looked at the sky, his hand in his pocket, and said slowly, "In China, there is an old saying. "I'll do it myself and eat until my clothes are plentiful."

"I won't!"

At this time, the little princess had to defend her own rights, or else where was the prestige of the royal family?

"You're my bodyguard, go buy for me!"

"Like you said, I'm just your bodyguard, not your nanny, and definitely not your servant."

Qin Chao was not moved, "If you want to eat, then buy it yourself. As for me, I'm only responsible for your safety. As long as you don't name over, I don't care about anything else. "

"You, you!"

The little princess was so angry that her entire body was trembling. This was the first time she had met such a flippant fellow! When people from the past heard that she wanted to eat the eggshell, they immediately lined up to buy it for her. Yet, this fellow didn't treat him as a princess at all.

Even if he didn't care about his identity, did he not know that he was a beauty?

"Qin, aren't you a gentleman?"

"Gentleman? Was that a godly horse? "Can you eat it?"

Qin Chao's act of playing dumb had pissed the little princess off, so she just sat on the side of the road and didn't leave. She made up her mind to sit still to express her anger and discontent.

Qin Chao looked at her and surprisingly, contrary to Little Princess's expectations, he bent down and sat beside her.

The two of them sat side by side on the side of the road. People who came and went looked at the pair of handsome men and beautiful women in surprise.

Could it be that the current beggars were all of such high quality?

"Qin, if you won't buy it for me, then I'll just sit here and not leave!"


Qin Chao nodded. "The scenery here is also not bad. Look, there are so many beauties coming and going, so many thighs.


The little princess was fuming with anger.

"Thank you for your praise." Qin Chao was not ashamed, but felt proud. As the saying goes, ten men and nine colors. If he wasn't perverted, then he wasn't a man.

Some even said that he was an idiot with well-developed limbs and a simple-minded mind, only knowing how to pick up girls. He smiled faintly towards these people and didn't take them to heart.

If his strength equaled to his four limbs being developed, then he really had nothing to say.

He had never felt that he was very clever, but he could tell the difference between right and wrong. Unlike those who think they are smart, right or wrong, they have a good mouth and bite everywhere.

"Are you willing to help me buy it or not!"

The two of them sat there for a while, enjoying the gaze of many passers-by. Finally, the little princess couldn't bear it anymore and asked.


Qin Chao rejected her bluntly. Using Japanese as a translation, he would become Ya Lai Die.

The Little Princess was so thirsty that she was about to smoke. She glared at Qin Chao fiercely and tried to use her gaze to kill this bastard who didn't look like a gentleman at all.

In the end, he had to stand up and run to the front of the line to buy a cone.

Qin Chao laughed.

This girl was actually quite interesting. As a princess, to be able to queue up and buy an eggshell, one could tell that she was merely a little stubborn, but her thoughts were not bad.

I've heard that a certain king abroad, because the restaurant did not have an appointment, was full of people, so he and his wife ended up eating pizza by the roadside.

At this moment, Qin Chao was a little far from the Little Princess. However, he could guarantee that if someone tried to harm the Little Princess, he would be able to get rid of the source of the danger as soon as possible.

These were all habits left behind to protect Su Fei.

"I want an eggshell!"

The Little Princess originally wanted to buy one for Qin Chao as well, but when she thought about how heartless that fellow was, she clenched her teeth and decided to buy one for him.

The peddler quickly finished preparing the eggshell and then extended his other hand towards the little princess. The meaning was obvious. Pay up.

The Little Princess was startled for a moment, then turned her head and forced a smile towards Qin Chao.

"Qin... "I didn't bring any money …"

With Qin Chao's helplessness, he could only pat his butt and stand up. Then he walked in front of the hawker and paid for the goods.

"Is there?"

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