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Long Yi was stunned, but he shrugged his shoulders. He didn't care whether they were siblings or husband and wife. In any case, it didn't matter to him. He only wanted this pair to guide them to Undersea City.

The rainstorm above the sea came fast but dissipated slowly. Only after a day and a night, did it gradually subside and the thick black clouds disperse, revealing a night sky filled with twinkling stars.

Long Yi lit a bonfire outside the tent and roasted a six-horned antelope. It was something he had hunted on Dragon Island and stored in his space ring as a reserve food.

Since Liuli didn't like to eat meat, she just ate some fruits and a kind of delicious seaweed found deep in the sea. At this moment, she was sitting to one side watching Long Yi flipping the grill above the bonfire. Just watching him concentrated on roasting meat while occasionally swallowing a mouthful of saliva and licking his lips and subconsciously revealing a warm smile, she felt that as long as she was able to see him, that would be a kind of lasting happiness.

"It's finally done!" Long Yi smeared the seasoning over the dish, and flipping it over, he tore off a roasted leg and bit it. He hadn't had the time to have a good meal in recent days.

"Little mermaid, why don't you come over and take a bite. Watching you becoming so thin hurts my heart." Long Yi said with a smile.

Liuli rolled her eyes and mockingly replied, "So hateful, I don't want to."

While Long Yi was teasing Liuli some more, his eyes flashed and he suddenly said, "They woke up. Let's go and see them." After saying this, he put down the roasted leg. Wiping his hands with a handkerchief, he entered the tent with Liuli.

That young man of the Clam Clan was already sitting on the bed, watching his big sister who still had her eyes closed. He looked sad and also happy, and hearing the noise of their approach, he suddenly turned over and alertly looked at Long Yi and Liuli.

"No need to be nervous. We saved your life; do you still fear that we will harm you?" Long Yi said with a smile.

Seeing Long Yi's smile, the young man believed him for an unknown reason and instantly relaxed. He said in somewhat astringent voice, "Thank you for saving me and my big sister. I will definitely repay you in the future." After speaking, his eyes remained on Liuli, and a hint of doubt appeared on his face, and he asked, "Mermaid Clan?"

Liuli nodded her head and said, "That's right, but I am from the Mermaid Clan that was exiled from the Undersea City."

The young man suddenly understood and said, "So it turns out that you are from the Mermaid imperial family that was banished several hundred years ago. Then, what about him? He doesn't have the smell of our Sea Race."

"I am a human, I came from the distant Blue Waves Continent," Long Yi said with a smile.

"Human!" The young man exclaimed in surprised and sized up Long Yi.

"Heh heh, is it strange? Do you want to touch me? Generally, I only let beauties touch me."  Long Yi smiled and stretched out his hand.

The young man hesitated for a bit before reaching out with his own ice-cold hand.

Long Yi grabbed the approaching hand and shook it, saying with a smile, "I am Long Yi. I am very glad to meet you; she is Liuli, my wife."

"My name is Sijiate, and she is my big sister Yamei." Sijiate nodded his head, and looking at his big sister who still hadn't woken up yet, a hint of pain flashed through his eyes.

"You can rest assured. Your big sister is fine; she should wake up tomorrow morning," Long Yi consoled.

Sajiate got off the bed and walked outside the tent with Long Yi and Liuli. Carefully regarding the antelope meat Long Yi had roasted, he hesitated for a bit at first, but after tasting it, he ate like a wolf and a tiger. He didn't dislike eating meat, unlike Liuli.

After drinking several mouthfuls of good wine Long Yi had given to him, Sijiate felt like his soul was fluttering, and his emotions gradually got out of control under the guidance of Long Yi. He shed tears and wailed while telling of the calamity that had exterminated his Clam Clan.

There were numerous clans among the Sea Race. Clam Clan was among those of the Sea Race who loved peace. They were not aggressive and always lived in one corner of Undersea City without provoking the other clans of the Sea Race. And generally, other sea clans also didn't come to provoke them. Because Clam Clan was good at digging treasures, they paid a good sum of tribute to Sea Emperor who commanded the entirety of the sea clans. The Sea Emperor had taken charge of the Deep Sea Dragon Clan. Although Deep Sea Dragon Clan was called a Dragon Clan, it was substantially different from both the Divine Dragon Clan and the Demonic Dragon Clan. Because they lived at the bottom of the sea, and they had a dragon horn, they were called the Deep Sea Dragon Clan. They were good at water magic and lived in the Dragon Palace located at the center of the Undersea City. The common ground between this Sea Emperor and the land Dragon Clans might only be that they immensely prized sparkling and shining treasures. And because Clam Clan had the special ability to find treasures, they were favored by the Sea Emperor, and this was also the reason the other sea clans didn't dare to bully them.

Merely, several hundred years ago, the dominance of the Sea Emperor over the sea clans began to weaken. Moreover, Shark Clan, Huge Whale Clan, and several other aggressive and powerful clans began to unite to encroach on the power of the Sea Emperor, making Sea Emperor practically a figurehead.

And not long ago, the Clam King had obtained a Purple Gold Soul Stone from somewhere. Hundreds of years ago, these kinds of energy stones had already vanished within the surrounding thousands of miles around the Undersea City. The King of Shark Clan had demanded it using the name of the Sea Emperor, but Clam King hadn't complied, thereby attracting the calamity of the extermination of the entire clan. Not only had Clam Clan that lived in that far corner of Undersea City been massacred, even all the other Clam Clans that lived outside Undersea City had suffered a fatal disaster.

After the prince of Clam Clan recounted his tale in tears, he collapsed. He was completely drunk. Only Long Yi and Liuli looked at each other in blank dismay, looking anxious.

"Purple Gold Soul Stone? Didn't Bifei have one?" Long Yi made a wry smile. Thinking about it, for this piece of Purple God Soul Stone, Liuli and Leguxiya had also gotten into a fight, and later, when Bifei and Xiaomi had left, they had taken this Purple Gold Soul Stone with them.

"Aunt Bifei and Xiaomi didn't meet an accident, did they?" Liuli was anxious and fearful in her heart. On one hand, she was worried about the safety of Aunt Bifei and Xiaomi, and on the other hand, she was also feeling guilty. If that Purple Gold Soul Stone that had arrived in the hands of the Clam King had truly come from the hands of Bifei, then wasn't the genocide of Clam Clan indirectly caused by her?

"Don't worry, you also know how cautious your aunt Bifei is. There should not have been an accident; that Purple Gold Soul Stone is not necessarily hers," Long Yi comforted.

"I hope so." Liuli sighed softly.

Long Yi looked at the twinkling stars in the sky and frowned. If that Purple Gold Soul Stone was truly the Purple Gold Soul Stone of Bifei, then how had it landed in the hands of the Clam King? If the Clam King hadn't taken it by force, then how had he obtained it? If this had all been the intentions of Bifei, then what was her purpose?

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