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Long Kuangtian had comprehended the skill of Dragon Blade Unity, Slash!

The blade descended.

When the power was used, the sword Qi formed by the Dark Dragon God was as sharp as it could destroy the heavens and earth.


The golden light emanating from the body of the Yama King started to tremble before turning dim.

The life and death scroll was shaking.

This power was simply too ferocious.

At this moment.

A long number immediately floated up above Yama King's head, "!"

Ten million points of damage!


This wasn't even a critical hit.

"Sh * t, big shot." Long Fei felt excited in his heart. After saying one line, Long Fei did not stop at all, even if it was just for one thousandth of a second.

"Devil Snake Eyes of Destruction!"

"Swish …"

A strand of the power of the Petrification Demon Eye shot out and petrified the body of the enormous King Yama. At this moment, Long Fei roared out, "Magic Chop!"


Another slash landed, and the skill did not stop. "Rushing Thunder Palm!"

"Boundless Blood Sea!"

"Great Blood Refining Art!"

The skills continued to be released, and the attacks also continued to superimpose on each other. They did not stop for even half a second, nor did they give the King of Hell any chance to recover his energy.

He slaughtered wildly.

After releasing the abilities of the Sky Demon Physique, Long Fei instantly changed to his usual appearance, "Draw!"

"Dugu Jiu Dao!"


"Mountain-hit Fist, Mt. Tai strikes!"


"Splitting Fist …." dragon chop! "

It was a crazy heavy strike, without any intention of stopping.

After Long Fei finished unleashing all of his abilities, his mental energy and the true qi also sank into an extremely exhausted state.

The consumption of true qi was like a flood. It was too fast, too numerous, and with the activation of those skills, it was as if his body was drained of energy.


This was still not enough!

It was still not enough to kill the King of Hell, Long Fei continued to persevere.

The amount of blood on the head of the King of Hell was rapidly decreasing.

It was also at this time.

The King of Hell roared and burst out, "King of Hell, all spells are for me to absorb!"

At this moment …

Long Fei slightly stopped.

Now it all depended on the Sky Spirit. If he couldn't deal with the 'Yama's Ten Thousand Arts', then he would absolutely not be able to kill the King of Hell.

The King of Hell's recovery ability was simply too strong.

King Yama was covered in blood and looked extremely miserable, as if he had been trampled by Long Fei. He was extremely angry and also extremely arrogant, as he said proudly, "Have you used up most of his true qi?"

"Hahaha …"

"My Hades can help me recover quickly, but what about you?"

"Long Fei, do you still have any strength left? Are there any more true qi s? "

"Hahaha... I've said it before, I'm the heavens in the Underworld, I'm everything. You want to defy the heavens? You are not qualified at all, hahaha! "

King Yama was laughing maniacally.

In the Underworld, tens of millions of ghosts suddenly died and were absorbed by the ghost spirits released by the King of Hell.

The entire Underworld was instantly thrown into chaos as well.

It was chaotic beyond compare.

However, King Yama didn't care at all. He stared at Long Fei and laughed sinisterly: "Hahaha … Just watch as I recover. "

"Drink it!"

With a twitch of his forehead, the King of Hell madly started absorbing the energy.

It was also at this time.

The Ghost Vein Art had been cultivated to its peak by the Heaven's Spirit. The dark purple flame covering the sky grinned and said, "I want to see how you'll absorb it!"

"Ghost Vein Yin Sha, explode!"

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Hundreds of millions of black lights shot out from the purple black flames. Just like the little imps that King Yama released, the black lights charged out and directly collided with the ghost spirits.


"Bang, bang, bang …"

Those ghost spirits all exploded.

All the Ghost Souls were blocked by the Sky Spirit.

King Yama was instantly enraged, "Tianling, you bastard, you dare to stop my ghost. I will kill you …"

"Ahh …"

Since the ghost spirit could not enter his body, he could not recover.

King Yama was only half alive now.

He rushed towards the sky spirit like a madman. It was also at this time that Long Fei fell under the spell of the devil once more and roared in his heart, "Demonic Heart Sutra!"

"true qi!"


"Swoosh swoosh swoosh!"

The true qi was completely filled up in an instant, and Long Fei also jumped out to stand in front of the Yama King, asking with a grin: "There's no way to recover, right?"

"Now it's my turn."

"If one time doesn't work, then do it again!"

"Fourth level, peerless!"

"Heart Sutra, Dark Tri-Yuan Qi, god's bone taboo, Strength, all of you activate!"

Can't kill you once?

Then let's do it again!

Long Fei's idea linked to the Dark Dragon God once again and roared deeply, "Give me a little more power!"

"Dragon Saber Unity!"


Long Fei released Long Kuangtian's skill again, and slashed down.



It was a damage of almost 20 million points, but this time it was an absolute critical hit.

Long Fei withdrew his dragon salyer and fiercely jumped down, stepping on the head of the King of Hell's head and punching him in the face, "Fuck, go crazy again!"


With a single punch, the Yama King's teeth exploded.

The second punch landed heavily. "Continue your f * cking crazy!"

"Aren't you God?"

"Aren't you the Chief Sovereign?"

"F * ck you, you're going to go crazy later!"

"Boom, boom, boom …"

's kneeling, Xie Qin's tears, and the kind of high and mighty Yama King, the despicable and sinister mouth made Long Fei feel extremely displeased. Now, he wanted to vent as much as he could.

One punch after another.

King Yanluo was completely stomped on, there was no room for a counterattack.


This was not what he was most afraid of.

What they were most afraid of was the power of the Book of Life and Death and the judge pen disappearing crazily.

This meant …

He had reached the end of his life!

It was not that Long Fei wanted him dead, but it was another person … The person he was most afraid of in his life.

Long Fei also realized this point.

Yama Minamiya's defense was instantly reduced to the lowest point. He didn't care too much about it, he just kept firing and punching.

As for other things.

He did not care!

As his HP continued to decrease, Long Fei's attack continued to increase.

… ….

At this moment.

Imperceptibly, the golden light from the Judge's Brush and Book of Life and Death slowly flew into the void, being sucked into the palm of a man in the sky.

The man's body flashed with golden light.

It wasn't the type of golden light that would appear in a boss, but rather a golden light that shone like a god.

He was the person that King Yama feared the most!

… ….

The idea moved and transmitted the information to Long Fei's mind, saying: "There's someone in the sky, and he is swiftly absorbing the power of the Book of Life and Death and the Judge's Note."


"F * ck!" 36o search: (. "Half Floating///="

"Stealing the boss with laozi?"

"The Book of Life and Death, the judge pen belongs to this father. Do you want to steal it?"

"Have you asked me?"

Long Fei cupped his fists and struck out heavily, "Explode for me!"

Chapter II

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