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Long Fei's group of ten were escorted by several hundred Demon Soldier Warrior out of the Dark Canyon.

Peace returned to the canyon.

Xiao Bai, Li Yuanba and the rest walked out of the crack in the canyon.

wang shiyun asked: "What do we do now?"

Xiao Bai replied, "To Demon Sea City."

Li Yuanba immediately walked out, and said: "Then what are we waiting for, hurry up, boss is still waiting for us to save you."

Xiao Bai slightly said: "You guys go first, I'll catch up shortly!"

I have to gather some brothers first!

Li Yuanba looked at Xiao Bai, then said: "Let's go!"

Without any hesitation, they all rushed in the direction of Sea Demon King City.

Half an hour later.

The two elders landed.

Two elders from the Heaven Demon Sect, Gu Hun, Wild ghost.

"Here... and also retained the aura of the god's devil ancestor. " Gu Hun said lightly.

Wild ghost looked at the messy surroundings with a hidden lock between his brows, and said softly. "Could it be that these eight great demon sects are trying to snatch the god's devil token s from us?"

They had been travelling around the world and did not know about the god's devil ancient case.

In their eyes, there was only one reason for the battle here: snatch the god's devil token!

Gu Hun's eyes turned cold and he said in a low voice, "If anyone wants to harm god's devil token, I will immediately kill him. After obtaining the god's devil token, he will be the reincarnation of our god's devil ancestor and the supreme existence of our South Horizon Region Demon Sect!"

Demon Sovereign!

Wild ghost also followed up: "These are the last words that the ancestor left behind when he fell, and were passed down from our ancestors as well. If anyone dares to go against us, I'll be the first to take their life!"

Possessing the god's devil token, he was the demon king.

Only they knew.

Not long later.

Gu Hun looked at the exit of the crevice and said, "There's only one place that Dark Crack can go to, they should have gone to Sea Demon City, that place … …"

The two of them looked at each other and frowned.

And then …

The two of them turned into two balls of light and sped towards Sea Demon King City.

… ….

Sea Demon King City, Imperial Palace.

In the secret room.

Huang Wuji sat with his knees crossed and his face red, as if he was on fire.

Not too far away from him stood a red-browed old man. This old man emitted a dense demonic energy that didn't belong to the Demon race of the South Horizon Region.

His voice was low and deep as he faintly said, "The Crimson Flame Devil Scripture relies on the demon heart in your heart. As long as I continuously break through your demon heart, you will be able to continuously break through."

"Limitless, you have to remember that the heart of a demon is the foundation of the path of demon."

Huang Wuji's expression did not change, but a voice came out from his stomach, "Master, I will remember."

The forefather nodded slightly, and said: "When you obtain the god's devil blood, your cultivation will definitely increase by another level. When that time comes, with the power of the Buddha Magic Relic, you will definitely become the supreme expert of the demon race and become one of the eight great demon sects."

He was very satisfied with this disciple of his.

The years of nurturing had not been in vain.


Immediately … The god's devil blood s would be sent over, and Huang Wuji's cultivation would be raised to another level when the time comes to unify the demons in the South Horizon Region.

As for him …

Hehe... The old man's mouth curved into a strange sneer.

… ….

Ten days later.

Lie You sent Yin Mo, the eight war emperor Realm Warriors and Long Fei all to Sea Demon Royal City.

"What a strong country!"

"I never thought that there would be such a powerful dynasty in our demon territory."

"He is not weaker than any of our eight great demon sects."

… ….

The eight war emperor Rankers were all amazed.

In these past few years, they had been suppressing and fighting each other, so they didn't care about when such a powerful dynasty had appeared in the demon territory.

It was also because they were not paying attention here that Sea Devil Emperor was so powerful.

And then again.

This was the border of the South Horizon Region, and beyond it was the Demon Sea. Where did the Demon Sea lead to?

No one knew.

Even more so, no one would pay attention to this kind of border area.

In a huge plaza of the palace.

Lie You's voice sunk as he shouted, "All of you are here, no one is allowed to move about carelessly.

The devil rider stood up and shouted.

Lie You looked at Yin Mo and said: "Sir Yin Mo, please follow me into the Imperial Palace to meet his majesty. I believe that his majesty will definitely be happy with your arrival."

Yin Mo was an esteemed guest of the Sea Devil Emperor, and he and the emperor of the Sea Devil Emperor were old friends.

Yin Mo smiled and said: "You guys wait here for me, I will come over later. At that time, the matter regarding the Heavenly Demon Relic will definitely give you an answer."

While they were talking …

Yin Mo looked at Xiang Longfei and the idea sank. He sent a sound transmission to him, "If I don't come out … Then, then, then I should already be dead. If you can escape, then run. "

He didn't know why.

He had a nagging feeling that something was wrong.

He had always thought that Huang Wuji had the Heavenly Demon blood vein, and that he was the god's devil successor, but now … This feeling was shaken because of Long Fei's appearance.

If Huang Wuji wasn't god's devil successor, then... It could only be Long Fei, at that time, Sea Devil Emperor would definitely give his all to chase after Long Fei.

At that time, I'm afraid!

Yin Mo secretly tensed up, and said to himself: "Everything depends on the heavens' will."

Long Fei's mind moved, he did not have any expression.

Because …

Lie You glared at him.

Yin Mo and Lie You walked into the Ocean Demon Palace.

Huang Haitu came over with a face full of smiles, and said: "Brother Yin Mo, how have you been?"

Yin Mo was also full of smiles as he said, "Big Brother Haitou, I have been safe and sound throughout our journey, so you have to worry about me."

"Ai, what are you saying?"

"The last time I received your secret order, I immediately ordered Lie You to lead the Demon Cavalry to wait at Dark Canyon. Luckily nothing happened to you, otherwise, I would be feeling guilty for the rest of my life." Huang Haitu pulled Yin Mo's hand, his face full of excitement.

At this moment.

Huang Wuji also replied respectfully: "Uncle Yin Mo."

Yin Mo looked at Huang Wuji, the aura being emitted from his body was the aura of a Heavenly Demon blood vein, his cultivation had become a lot stronger compared to the last time he saw Huang Wuji.

How much time had passed?

His cultivation had broken through so fast, I'm afraid only the god's devil successor would be able to do that, right?

All of a sudden.

Yin Mo was conflicted.

"Who exactly is the god's devil successor?" Yin Mo's heart was in chaos.

"Is that the Heavenly Demon blood vein?"

"Or is it that brat's Heavenly Demon appearance?"

At this moment.

He felt as if his shoulders were filled with a heavy weight. Everything in the Heavenly Demon Sect was placed on his shoulders. It was too heavy, and he could barely carry it.

Huang Haitu asked: "Yin Mo, did you bring that out?"

Yin Mo clenched his teeth. No matter what, this object could only be unraveled by the god's devil successor and was known to him immediately. He said, "According to the treasure map that you gave me, I have brought it out." = semi--/floating-life +)

Huang Haitu said excitedly: "Hahaha … The heavens have blessed my Sea Devil Emperor, Limitless, why aren't you kowtowing and thanking Uncle Yin Mo? "

Huang Wuji knelt down on one knee, and said: "Thank you, Uncle Yin Mo."

Yin Mo flipped his right hand and took out the 'god's devil ancient case'.

Huang Wuji was excited!

Chapter I

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